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1Bravery Arc (Part 2) Empty Bravery Arc (Part 2) on Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:32 am

Task Name: Failure
Tier: 1
Location: Sea around Yotsuba
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team or Personal
Description: After coming out on a loss when going up against the pirate crew. Stygian has been recaptured and transferred to their very large vessel that has many secret rooms and prison cells. There he talks with the prisoners about the people who have captured him. Though, even talking and you will be punished.
Enemy Details: 10T1
Boss: No

The Kuja ran as fast as she coulf towarda the ship, but as soon as she had taken about 3 steps before being hit across the head with a blunt object that had caused her to fall onto the ground, going into a deep sleep.

What seem to be seconds later she would wake up in what seemed to be a prison cell made out of metallic bars. Her head would search around frantically as she would see other people in the room within in different cells. "There is no use girly. Once you come within here there is no coming out" said the deep voice of a man as Aurum looked towards him. Her heart would pound as she would say "What do you mean. Where the hell am I?" asked Aurum as her heart continued to pound. There would seem to bd a long pause of silence as another voice would say "This Is Hell." The prison cells would seem to get quieter. Only the heartbeat of the Kuja being heard throughout the air.

She needed to get out of bere and she didn't know why. Hopefully Elisa hadn't been captured. She needed someone to bust her out of here. Though maybe she could summon her Incarnates once again. But with her stamina still being low she could not at the moment.

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2Bravery Arc (Part 2) Empty Re: Bravery Arc (Part 2) on Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:48 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
After successfully defeating the pirate invasion on Yotsuba Island Elisa would be struck in the back of the head with something that would drain her strength and again to knock her out, potentially something made of sea prism stone. Some time would pass by as her body along with Aurum’s was moved of land and into the belly of a ship, Elisa would be placed into her cell after Aurum had woken up “It’s not every day we get a couple of well groomed girls, you think the captain would let us play?” “Unlikely when has he ever done such a thing “Come on son, have some hope” Shut up”.

While Elisa had somewhat regained consciousness within her cell she found herself quite compatible leaning against the metal bars and thus simply remained as if she was unconscious as she listened to those around her and the events unfolding. Once the men were gone and the mention of hell had been brought up nothing but beating hearts would explore the area around the cells. Thinking to herself as Elisa leaned against the metal bar “Have I been captured by the marines?, I know Aurum is here and a few others? What are the chances of our escape and how…” Another voice within Elisa mind would speak “Stay calm, relaxed and wait for the moments of opportunity”.

Cracking sounds would ripple in as groups of people above, were starting to pace across the upper floor of this vessel. While it would be unclear that Elisa was in fact awake Aurum would be able to tell.


Occ; soz for bad post had a bit of blanked mind.

Bravery Arc (Part 2) Rzw76K1
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3Bravery Arc (Part 2) Empty Re: Bravery Arc (Part 2) on Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:29 am

As Aurum waited patiently on an idea to form in her head she would hear a door open. The raspy sound of a voice would say "So the new prisoner is talking. I guess we have to deal with that." said the man as he had what seemed to be a bat in his hand. The room was dimly lit with cages everywhere. A plan had easily formed in her head. She would summon 10 I carnates as they appeared everywhere in random places, hiding in the shadows.

Just as the man would come to open her cell she would extend her arms forward. Grasping at the sticky silver liquid that was around his body. Pulling all of it out at once. Instantly killing the man. That was the cue for Aurum as sje would say "Incarnates help free the other prisoners." listening to her orders her kiddies would go and open the other cells with the keys of the man.

The prisoners would scream in happiness as all of them ran out of their cells one by one. Gathering around Aurum waiting for her orders as she was trying to escape the ship. Smiling Aurum would begin looking around slowly at them.

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4Bravery Arc (Part 2) Empty Re: Bravery Arc (Part 2) on Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:15 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
"Hey Aurum what a pleasant surpise seeing you here, so were out of the cages got a plan?, or just real havoc till we got a way to escape fully...oh and these kids of yours very usefull" Elisa would be fine with what ever plan Aurum would come up with; Elisa stretches out her arms as she releases a yawnnnnn "That feels a bit better indeed, well either-way we can't stand here". Elisa starts walking to what seemed to be the nearest door in relation to their current position, and her arms was reaching towards the handle when suddenly..... The story freezes in this moment as a beautiful silo-wet pauses events.

Elsewhere on the ship the Captain had been informed of their escaping; in a deep British accent the captain would speak "Arm yourself men and lock-down the ship; I will deal with these people myself in time". The ocean would be under a bed of darkness lit only by the moon above and the candle lights railing on the shop, the waves waving a tad roughly but nothing major but alas the ship was rocking side to side slightly creating a pleasant sound of the ocean tide, something allot of the men on this ship and came to find comfort in.

In the same cell as Elisa their would be hard wooden box, a box constructed of solid oak wood and painted black. what could be inside the box the black box no one knew and no one cared it was the black box.

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Bravery Arc (Part 2) Rzw76K1
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5Bravery Arc (Part 2) Empty Re: Bravery Arc (Part 2) on Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:07 am

As Elisa's hand would touch the handle. Something would hit the door. Opening it quickly as the full forcw of the door would knock Elisa back into Aurum who wouls go flying backwards into one of the cages. Hee baxk hitting the metal bars causing a light grunt to escape her hard pink lips. She wouls grow angry as 9 man stood at the door armed with sharp weapons. Something would seem to spark in the mind of fhe Kuja as she shot forth at an unimaginable speed. Her hand gripping the throat of the one that slung the door open and would begin to squeeze sown around it. Rather quicklt hos throat would burst from all of the pressure. His suchafagus or however the hell you say it woudl spill from his mouth all over the Kuja's hand.

Just as she did that someone would attempt to swing a sword at her, but she would react quicker as her elbow would hit the flat part of the blade. Pushing it into the air as her free hand would grab the man's wrist and crush it as he would let out a scream. Letting go of the sword. The blade would fall into the hand of the Kuja as she would shove it through the eye of the next man. Making tne sword come from out of tbe back of his head.

She would smile and laugh hard as blood was now all over her body. Her Incarnates seemed to be fueles by her bloodlust as they would go and finish the other man. Crushing them with bear hugs. Thw Kuja would run out of the door. Mind only filled with the thought of killing.


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6Bravery Arc (Part 2) Empty Re: Bravery Arc (Part 2) on Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:29 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
After successfully escaping their poorly guarded cells it was time to proceed to the rest of the ship; after regaining her stance as Aurum cleaned house with the guards Elisa tummy would let out a somewhat large rumble "Bleh I'm Hungry, can we go to their kitchen first". Some of the prisoners who were finding it difficult to handle the situation would laugh as it made the situation allot less series as if Elisa had no real worries about this ship; and in fact she did not. The group who kidnapped them did not seem to be marines nor any group of important, like from Elisa perspective they had been in these cells for less than five minutes and they had freed themselves, and not with sneaky antics but sheer force.

One of the guys among them, with red hair and a blonde beard would come to speak "Em you two really think you can, escape help in one day?, your both out of your dammed mind and going get us killed "Nah i was thinking within the hour" another smaller man with the same facial features "Dude the other one can call on the soldiers of hell them selves" "SOOOO, if they were so strong they wouldn't of got caught in the first place" "Did it ever auger to you two that we got caught in the first place" "Well Did you?" "Nope, i got sucker bricked but hey, hold that thought as we move forward with these events"


Bravery Arc (Part 2) Rzw76K1
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