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1 Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:29 am

Task Name: Where Am I?
Tier: 1
Location: Yotsuba
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team or Personal
Description: Stygian has just woken up and needs to find out where he is. If he doesn't he may be lost from the world forever.
Enemy Details: 10T0 Grunts
Boss: No

Her head was pounding. Her heart was beating fast. The only thing she had remembered was thunder and lighting and people screaming as the burning of ropes were around her wrists. Her eyes would shoot open as she would look around the room that she was in. Looking around she would see shelves of books here and there. The walls of the building seemed to be carved out of wood. The wood that was becoming quite pricey within the world. What was it called again? Adam’s World Tree Wood? No, it was something of the sorts though. The Kuja would rise slowly, but would realize that her legs could barely move. Looking down she would see that thick ropes were wrapped around them. Dammit, it was quite dumb of her for getting captured like this. She would sigh as she looked around. Hoping someone would come up here in this room and find her.

Her wishes would seem to come true as she would hear a voice say “You need help mommy?” Looking around quickly she would come to see a large black blob of death behind her, looking down on her. Her heart would begin to race even faster as she scooched away as quickly as she could away from the blob. Though, it would walk towards her. Beads of sweat would come down Aurum’s face as she had no way to defend herself. As the thing got closer Aurum would close her eyes and turn her head. Holding it as far away as she could from the blob of death. Though, she wouldn’t feel pain. She would only feel the ropes around her legs loosen. Opening one eye she would look at the blob as it untied the ropes that were holding her hostage.

Looking at it she would realize that it wasn’t a foe, but what in the hell was it. Staring at it as it untied all of the ropes she would stand. “Urm thank you...but what exactly are your?” asked the Kuja as there would be a long pause. The blob would only stare at her as it would say “I am your soul.” Yerp, that was it. The Kuja would only walk pass it. Ignoring it as she realized she was going crazy. Then the taste of poison would erupt in her mouth. Like an aftertaste of something that she had eaten before she had went to sleep. Training with the Revs she had learned a lot of things. And the poison that wasn’t poison was something that everyone knew. A Devil Fruit? Why was the taste of the devil in her mouth? She had never eaten one before? Was it forced in her mouth when she had been captured. And if so what Devil Fruit was it. She would look back at the thing that said it was her soul.

It did seem to add up, but was creating a blob of death the only thing the devil fruit gave her or was there more to it? And if it was what was it? She would sigh as she would say “Ok, whatever. Follow me. Whatever comes our way besides myself kill them. Only if they are a threat ok?” said the Kuja as the blob would nod and follow Aurum as she went towards the door, but before she would open it she would hear to bodies outside saying they heard voices from the inside. Aurum would nod as she kicked down the door with her feet. Knocking the one who was in front of the door down the stairs outside the door. As the second voice would charge forth. The blob would move in front of Aurum and quickly place its hand on the head of the man and all life would seem to come from the man as he fell to the floor dead. Aurum would look on in surprise as she said “What the hell did you do?” The blob would reply and say “I took his soul. Now it is yours mommy.” said the blob as a sticky substance would shoot from its body and into Aurum’s.

The Kuja would only nod realizing that this fruit might have more to it after all. Waving the blob to follow her she would run down the stairs. Jumping over the guy who had been knocked out cold by the door. She would come to encounter 8 other man who would stare at her in the blob. Their weapons in their hands as they would stop talking. Staring at her they would scream. Aurum would realize they were outnumbered and wondered if she could create more of the blobs. In an instant 9 blobs would appear around her not including the one that had already came. Now she outnumbered them. Looking at the blobs she would think of a name for them as she would say “Incarnates...Charge.” They would follow her orders as they would begin absorbing the souls of everyone they touched. Aurum would only fight with her hands as she didn’t know if she could absorb souls like the Incarnates or not. In a matter of minutes their job was done and each and everyone of them would seem to disappear. “Now, to find out where I am at.”

WC: 882

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2 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 10:46 am

Task 2:
Task Name: Escape from the Great Tree
Tier: 2
Location: Yotsuba
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal or Team
Description: After taking out the grunts Stygian must escape the grand tree where he is being kept hostage. Hopefully, he isn't seen...
Enemy Details: 20T0 Grunts 10T1 Grunts
Boss: (Yes or No)

As she ran around the huge tree Aurum would realize where she was located. It was a place that was famous for both its history and smarts. The Island of Yotsuba where the Tree of Knowledge was located. It was a shame she wasn’t here under better circumstances. But maybe after she took out her captures she could explore the island. And it might even come easy with her newly discovered Devil Fruit Powers. Smiling as she ran down the hallway into a magnificent library. She would see guards at every exit. And some standing around. Did a pirate crew come and take over the island? Thought Aurum as she hid on a wall peeking around the corner. As she peered around the corner she would see her steel bladed katana laying on one of the table tops. She needed to get it seeing as she could fight more smoothly with it.

Looking at it she realized that she was probably going to have to make a beeline for it. Taing in a deep breath she would run around the corner. Jumping over to tables into a somersault as her hand would come to grip the handle of the katana. As she came into view everyone would look at her. It seemed to be at least 30 Guards waiting for her to try them. If only she could get help. At the moment she was tired from summoning the Incarnates. She would stare them down as she got into her Weapon Attack Stance. It was a fighting style that she had come up with as a child.

WC: 267

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3 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:40 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa had recently lost the ability to swim having accidentally eaten a devil fruit though she wasn't aware of her new found powers nor that what she had ate was indeed a devil fruit and thus she had made her way to this library seeking answers. Elisa picks up the book *Depths of the Ocean* a book relating to hidden secrets, myths and truths of the ocean. The Library was surprisingly well guarded considering its location but alas Elisa had no reason to be concerned she was her for knowledge and had no intentions of getting into trouble.

As Elisa was making her way to find a quiet table in order to read her selected book while making notes of anything important the place had started to grow louder as if someone had started making a fuss; 4 guards would run passed Elisa before she stopped one in order to have a question answered “Excuse me sir; why all the fuss”. After getting her answer Elisa would become curious and thus would follow the guards making sure to keep her distance.
Thinking to herself “Do not get involved, do not start trouble,you only want to take a look”.

After a little distance traveled, a few more guards here and there not to mention the civilians who seemed to be vacating the Area to avoid the unfolding conflict. Elisa saw her, she Saw Aurum Seito armed and ready for combat *Elisa raises her hand to her forehead shakes her head side to side* whispering to herself “So much for not getting involved”.

One of the guards would shout at Aurum “Surrender or Else”.

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4 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:49 am

Surrender or Else? To be honest, Aurum didn't like either. Smiling with her Katana in hand she would feel that her stamina had already came back. Which meant her souls or whatever could come back and fight. Looking around she would say "I will surrender as long as you tell me what you have done to me." said Aurum as she looked around. Waiting for one of them to tell her what fruit they forced her to eat, but neither of them would let out a single word. She would nod as she used almost all of her energy to summon the 7ft black blobs. They would appear all around her. Some even standing on the tables. "Mommy do you want us to kill the little men?" asked one of them. Which would cause Aurum to become annoyed. Why the hell did they keep calling her mommy.

Sighing, she would say "No, just knock all of them out." They would laugh and scream yes as they would begin to fight the men. As Aurum looked around the area she would see a familiar face. Elisa the Revolutionary was just sitting there reading a book. Damn, her Incarnates could try to hurt her as well. Screaming Aurum would say "Do not touch the girl with the book." After saying this she would take off into fight as she randomly chose someone and would begin to stab at them with her katana. With brutal stabs and slices she had quickly ended the man's life. She didn't want her Incarnates to kill them as when they absorbed someone's soul it seemed to deplete the Kuja's stamina.

WC: 278

Used 100 Stamina

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5 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:35 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa watches events start to unfold as her friend and fellow Revolutionary had engaged in combat with the 30 armed guards who apparently had done something to her; coming to the conclusion that she had became some sort of lab rate for these folks Elisa would come to the conclusion she had no choice but to get involved. A group of black blobs had rallied to Aurum aid; Elisa eyebrows raise “G..G..G Ghosts?”. A sudden silence would take fold within Elisa mind while she was processing a certain thought “Aurum is a mother of dead kids, who became her army of black ghosts?” during this moment of silence there would be a single sound in Elisa mind [An owl of the night “Hoo Hoo Hoo”] as if her subconscious was calling Elisa herself stupid.

One of the guards would take command of his forces as he somewhat knew what he was facing; “Right men form up in triangle formations, yes that's RIGHT TRIANGLES” The mean would forum into several groups of three with 2 sabre swords in front of every spear held with a reverse grip on the right, a standard hold on the left while the spear-man would be using an high double handed grip as they closed in on Aurum and her army of blobs.

Elisa would turn the page in her book “This is quite an interesting turn of events” Elisa said casually as she could be head. The leader of the group would turn to face Elisa as to address her slay comment “oh I hope it's really interesting when we collect your witness statement!”

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6 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:14 pm

Hearing Elisa talk Aurum wondered if she was going to fight as well. Though, she could dwell on others as she finished off her opponent. Hitting him on the top of the head with the bottom of her sword's handle. Knocking him out due to the force of it. Looking around she would see that her Incarnates had also finished off their opponents. Smiling she would see that there was only around 19 Guards left who would get into triangle formations. She would nod as she would say "Guys finish them off." her voice controlling the Incarnates as she once again found someone to fight.

Finding her target she would lock onto him as her Katana would come down to strike his hand, but it wasn't quick enough as the man would dodge. As the man dodged she would see a sticky substance cover his body. The same sticky substance the Incarnate had given her. Then she would slowly realize what it was. It was his soul. So that was what human souls looked like? She thought they were more of a intangible white paper like thing that floated out of the body. She would guess that she was wronging. Seeing as she didn't really want to spend all they fighting she would swipe at the substance. Grabbing it as she extracted all of it at a single time. Taking the man's life away in an instance. Now onto the nexxt one.

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7 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:52 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


The guards engaging Aurum were still starting to fall one by one as the clash between the two sides was transferring time though Elisa had decided to make her move as she had no intention in filling out paperwork for an event she had no part of and thus Elisa rapidly kicks of the ground 10 times a second as she rapidly appeared behind the rear triangle group with the guard who had taken it upon himself to lead the group in this conflict; with an aggressive battle stance. A whisper would echo slightly through the air as Elisa spoke her attack during her movement to her current location “Shottopanchi”.

Elisa Impacts the skull of the gears face with a forward thrusted punch ,creating a compressed air cannonball with a 2cm radius in the process. The guards would be knocked back with a force as a large bullet wound had been inflicted into his face causing a large flow of blood to come squirting out, additionally the two swordsman in front would be forced to the ground “I AM NOT, DOING PAPERWORK!”. With this act Elisa was now committed to this fight and thus follows up her assault with a fast punt to the heads of the two swordsman part of the leaders group who had fallen to the ground as a result of Elisa initial attack.

Meanwhile 2 groups of triangles near Aurum would decided to charge her rapidly as fear had started to build with the one leading them drop to the ground dead.

Stamina used = 70
abbilties used:

Skill Name: - Shottopanchi [Shigan+Rankyaku]
Tier: - 2
Type - Martial Arts
Range: - 15m
Speed: - Own
Description: - Pushes their fist towards a certain target at a very high speed, creating a compressed air cannonball with a 2cm radius. Capable of creating large bullet wound greatly damage a human body.  Shottopanchi is purely used when launching a trusted punch motion.  

Skill Name: - Soru
Tier: - 3
Type - Speed
Range: - 15m
Speed: - Own + 1
Description: - The Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye. Speed increases by 1 Tier.

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8 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:33 pm

Aurum would once again as her incarnates finished off their opponents. Smiling, each of them would go to take out the rest. Leaving 1 for Aurum, 1 for Elisa, and the rest for the Incarnates. Running towards her opponent Aurum would say "Now, this is what happens when you kidnap someone who isn't dumb and put them on a island where people are located." said Aurum as she would begin to get into a blade fight with her opponent who had a large broad sword, but do to his slow movements. Aurum was able to maneuver around his slow attacks. Giving him quick stabs in the legs and abdomen. Slowly he would begin to die of blood lost, but he was not finish as he continued to try and hit the Kuja. To be honest, due to the Kuja's quick and nimble body the fight wasn't rather fair.

Deciding that she would end the man's misery. She would run up his Sword and stab him in the eye. Her katana stabbing his brain. Sending the man into his death. She could have just taken his soul and ended him quickly, but she rather not seeing as it was tiring her greatly. She would go sit on one of the desks as one of the grunts would begin to approach Elisa.

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9 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:00 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


With one grunt remaining as far as Elisa was concerned it was time to end this battle, though underestimating her attack Elisa place her hand on his forehead as she stares into his eyes with murderous intent, unknowingly that her book just taken a sword strike for Elisa stead. As the grunts sword pierced through the pages a crinkly sound wound reach into the air making those around aware, Elisa eyes would open wide “YOU DIDN'T”.

With the man's weapon stuck inside of Elisa’s book she rapidly twists it to disarm him before, bringing her knee straight into his face, breaking the grunts nose in the process. Rotating herself around the grunts left arm applying a small amount of pressure at his elbow to straighten it out before twisting and punching down directly on the joint in order break another part of the grunts body.

Elisa would pick up the man's sword in order to end the grunts Life with a swift cut to one's throat. So what do i call this army of blobs you got running with yah?Elisa was generally interested in these strange things though a little disappointed  as she wasn’t exactly looking for trouble and yet. “From what I heard initially, they did something to you?”. While awaiting a response Elisa would simply turn to her book in order to address the damage, and if it was repairable  “Arrgh it's too far gone to reliably recover the information”.  

The hall of the library would now be covered in blood and corpses not to mention some stains on Elisa clothes that would be nearly impossible to get out, events continue to unfold.

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10 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:43 am

Looking at Elisa and the dead and unconscious bodies around the library she would say "Well to be honest. I really don't know what they did to me besides force feeding me a devil fruit when I was asleep. Maybe it was for the greater good. And thosw black little blobs are called Incarnates. A power of my devil fruit it seems. Now, this island has probably been taken over by pirates. So will you help me take them out. The island isn't quite that big so me and you both should have the power to do so." said the Kuja as she sheated her Katana and called off the Incarnates.

Still looking at Elisa she would say "If so, follow me outside where the action will begin" Aurum would nod at Elisa before leaving out of the building into thw sunlight outside.


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11 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:20 am

Elisa DarkWalker


With Aurum leading the way outside the library using a somewhat less public means than Elisa originally had used to enter the building, Elisa would in fact follow while remaining somewhat silent as she was currently thinking back to her recent events where she herself had eaten a strange fruit. With nothing better to do Elisa figured stopping some sort of Pirate raid could be entertaining to say the least not to mention an opportunity to actually try a few combat moves she had been meaning to try out. Elisa had already decided that soon she would leave this island not only because of her commitments to a gal called syndra but she had things to learn, actions to make and to become someone of significance.  

On Elisa way out she would, grab five books that had caught her eyes *Devils thi Swim*, *Fruits of the Depths*, *The greatest Lier of Laboon*, *The abilities of the Unknown* and *How to make a hot chocolate on the go, book for dummies*. “Wait, so you're saying some random things kidnapped you stuff a fruit in your mouth, now you have powers that call you mummy? And now to battle a pirate raid well your life is filled with quite the adventures aren't they”. Thus Elisa Exist the Library with Aurum to face the adventures ahead.

Elsewhere a strange mysterious figure who was fully aware of events that had unfolded, and the unfolding was speaking to a blank book as she wrote a few words down in a strange ink; a blackish blood substance but not blood “.Oh oh oh you got secrets oh oh and a way to go oh oh”>


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12 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:05 pm



Task 1
Aurum: 30,000 Beli 60,000 Bounty 4,500 EP

Task 2
Aurum: 120,000 Beli 300,000 Bounty 8,000 EP +1 SP
Elisa: 100,000 Beli 280,000 Bounty 8,000 EP + 1 SP

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13 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 3:54 am

Task Name: Dammit!!
Tier: 2
Location: Yotsuba
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal or Team
Description: The Prince has been cornered. He is going to have to use his Devil Fruit abilities for this one. Hopefully he uses the teachings of the world most refined trainers and defeat the people who are holding him.
Enemy Details: 30T0, 15T, and 1 Boss
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Kuson Nosihawa
Tier: 2
Description: 5'7, brown skinned, wears a black tuxedo, brown hair.
Devil Fruit: Doa Doa no Mi
Haki: None
Equipment: T1 Steel Sword
Strength: 1
Durability: 2
Speed: 3
Perception: 1

As the Kuja ran out the door of the huge library she would see something that she wasn't really expecting. In the water near the docks was a very large ship. Near the ship were many pirates ordering people around. In the town and around the great tree were mamy pirates who were staring at the duo. Dammit, it was stupid of her to rush out of the library without checking the situation first.

Her heart would almost thrust out of her chest as she looked at all of the people that her and Elisa had to fight. Not even attempting to look at Elisa she would say "Elisa, this fight will be for life or death. So fight with everything you got. We don't know what this fight may lead to." saod Aurum as she would inhale then exhale the breath from her body.

Staring at the groups of pirates she would say "Die!" running towards them as she took out her Katana and summoned ten of the Incarnates. They already knew ths orders and woulf begin to fight random pirates. Herself would take on two as she would use both ber katana and right hand. Punch, slice, kick, slice. Was her order of taking out the men. In a matter of seconds she had eadily taken them out and moved on to the next batch.

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14 Re: Bravery (ARC) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:24 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa fist would be meeting a pirates adam apple as she pushed her arm upwards punching him into the chin launching upwards, Elbow to the nose of another, sweeps three more coming to reinforce the group Elisa was fighting. Elisa had engaged a group slightly off from Aurum as both traveled in the same general direction.  Two sword wielding Pirates would jump down from a extend branch of the grand tree in an attempt to surprise attack Elisa and the plan would of work if the branch itself didn't make a large creaking sound as it broke from the weight of three more pirates deciding to make use.

Elisa dashes forward to avoid the attacks rotating herself to face her attackers, her eyes widened in shock as she had just got extremely lucky in this conflict. “Shottopanchi “Punching the air in front of herself with quite a speed she sends two air cannonball with a 2cm radius inflicting murderous blows on her the two targets, killing them instantly. Elisa starts generally moving closer to Aurum as she catches one more stray Pirate with an upwards kicking strike to his jaw causing him to bite his tongue; moments before Elisa had thrown a feint to distract her foe.

Trumpets begin to blare in the distance and pirates yell enthusiastically. “WE HAVE A FIGHT LADS”. Elisa and Aurum position had been spread among the entire group of pirates attacking the island, along with their threat level and thus a small army had started making their way to fight the two women engaged in combat.

Stamina used = 20
skill used:

Skill Name: - Shottopanchi [Shigan+Rankyaku]
Tier: - 2
Type - Martial Arts
Range: - 15m
Speed: - Own
Description: - Pushes their fist towards a certain target at a very high speed, creating a compressed air cannonball with a 2cm radius. Capable of creating large bullet wound greatly damage a human body.  Shottopanchi is purely used when launching a trusted punch motion.  

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