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1 All by myself - Part 1 [TSK/NPC] on Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:09 am

Task Name: All by myself - Part 1
Tier: T1
Location: Orange Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: William/Clint just received a letter that his parents had died and he decides to change his name. Not only that but he slowly takes his anger on the citizens of Orange Town, killing them.
Enemy Details: 5xT0 Marine Grunts + 5xT0 Citizens
Boss: No.

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2 Re: All by myself - Part 1 [TSK/NPC] on Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:01 am

As Clint reached Orange town, he couldn't help but smile. The last time he had come, he looked very different. He currently had blonde hair, instead of the red he use to have. While he looked a bit similar, most people wouldn't recognize him so easily. After all, the last time he was here he didn't cause much of a havoc; and he didn't plan to now.

While he walked through the busy docks of the little down he heard his name being called. "CLINT D. SAGLANDO? ANYONE HERE BY THAT NAME? I HAVE A LETTER FOR WHOM EVER THAT MIGHT BE." Clint smiled and walked up to the man. He grinned and said, "Yes, I am Clint. If you mind giving me that letter that would be great." Clint took the letter from the man's hand and began to read it.

- "Dear Clint,

It is your mother writing you this letter now and I would like to inform you of a tragedy that has happened. As pirates, we were captured by Marines right while we were entering the Paradise. Your father, as the brave and courageous man he was, saved us and gave his life for our well-being. We ran away, but he stayed and died while fending off all the marines. It has been a week since his death, and I regret to inform you of it. Please be safe Clint... Please..

- Signed, Your Mother."

What could Clint do... nothing... He loved his father. Even though he never took his last name, instead he was born with his mothers. Saglando, was his mother's last name and she was the one that named him Clint at birth. He loved his mother, but not as much as his father. Clint looked up to his father, not only did he look up to him but he aspired to be like him.

As Clint stood there, in the middle of the docks of Orange Town. Many different emotions flowed through him. Anger, hatred, regret... All things that made him want to go berserk. Clint could never really control himself, and he couldn't at a time like this... While Clint was thinking, the man who gave him the letter responded.

"Umm... what was your name again?" Clint eyes began to water as he said the name, "William D. Young..."

WC: 398

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3 Re: All by myself - Part 1 [TSK/NPC] on Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:30 am

Immediately after William said that name, he realized what he did was for his father. His father always wanted him to be called William, but his mother didn't want that. His father's last name was Young and after all, shouldn't his child have the same last name. This moment finally sparked a period in William's life where he would change forever.

He smiled and walked away from the messenger that gave him the letter. William enraged by the death of his father walked towards the bar. His blood-lust began to grow by every step he took. Once he entered the bar he saw that there were 10 people in total, including the bartender. He saw 5 marines and 5 citizens. At the sight of those marines, he began to envision his father's death. His tension, as well as anger, began to rise the longer he looked at them. Then one line from the grunts triggered him. That line was, "What you looking at Dumb-Shit."

William jumped in the air, while he had limited space it was enough, channeling all the momentum into his right leg. Once his leg got in contact with one of the marines, it sent him flying to the others; resulting in all of them to become most likely dead. That easily took most of the Marines down and boy William wasn't satisfied yet. They hadn't put a fight or anything, he felt like they were just too easy. His blood-lust was yet to be fulfilled.

WC: 263
TWC: 661


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4 Re: All by myself - Part 1 [TSK/NPC] on Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:53 am

Right after he killed all the Marines, the citizens were all in shock. One of them, who wanted to take initiative, began to run at William trying to fight him. Yet, that was the worst thing for him to do. William's blood-lust was far from being fulfilled and with this man running at him, he was just making the process of killing him easier for Will. He gave out an evil grin as he raised his foot over the citizen's head. Once the citizen was in the right place, William's foot flew downwards on the man's head. This resulted in, not only his death but he was stuck in the ground as well. William gave the other four citizens the same evil grin and said, "Who's next..."

He walked up to the four that were left and held two up by the neck. William was chocking them, and the other two were just staring at him kill their friends. As the citizens he was choking were becoming a dark purple, William laughed as they gasped for air. It seemed like he was mad, but he was really just slowly becoming much more evil than he ever was. He let go of the two he was choking once they finally died, and moved to the citizens; that pretty much couldn't move due to the shock. He picked them both up to use the same chocking technique on them both. The darker the color their skin was the happier William got. By the time they both died, he was the only one in the bar, and he still hadn't satisfied his blood-lust. He still desired to kill, and cause pain in the world after the pain that was caused to him.

~~[Exit Thread]~~

WC: 301
TWC: 962


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