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1 Den Take over part One on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:04 am



Task Name: Gathering Intel on the beast
NPC or PC:npc
Location: Pirates den
Crew, Team, or Personal: solo
Description: Zanji and his crew have arrived on pirates Den and its time he and his crew mates went out and did some investigating about the mysterious beast they have heard rumors about. He must gather information and report back to the crew about the findings. But beware there are some people in the employ of yukino out there who wish to silence any and all interlopers..
Enemy Details:11 tier one Pirates
Boss: None

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2 Re: Den Take over part One on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:29 am



He sat within the confines of his room, His appearance barely changing except now he was a little taller. reaching a Height now of Six foot four inches, his hair remained the same but his body was a little more toned out. It had only felt like yesterday when he had been back to this place. He sat on his bead his hand over his pistol in the other a handkerchief. He sat polishing his favorite pistol judgement when a knock came at his door. He narrowed his eyes he could feel it the ship had stopped moving. he licked hiss lips and tossed the handkerchief onto the bed side table.

The light of the sun coming through his window bouncing off his freshly polished weapon. he smiled and loaded it to its fullest capacity. there would only be one reason why the ship would stop moving. He smirked and looked out the window and saw the port. Finally they had arrived back to this desolate place. He quickly holstered his weapon and took off his sling and moved towards his closet. He smiled as he pulled out his newest and possibly greatest weapon in his arsenal besides from his devil fruit of course. Striping off his trademark white coat he put on the garment of his suit.

He smiled as he pulled the clothing over his own and he attached the metal belt around his waist. He smiled as he pulled his coat back on over him. His exosuit would be nicely concealed beneath his coat. All he had to do was touch near his heart and the armor would retract from the arms and legs and would activate. Oh yes indeed this was going to be a marvelous day. A day for remembrance, as he would soon be the one who claimed this island as his own.

After all a budding pirate such as himself requires a source of income, however he really didn't want to conquer it at all to be honest. He would take over the island but not run it himself he would let it run as it always had just with his pirate flag presenting over the city as a testament of his protection. He walked towards his door and pulled it open nd the grunt moved to the side saluting his captain. He walked out onto the deck and looked around him and all his men. " All right boys you know the drill stay and guard the ship till you hear the fireworks start then move in, this town will be ours by sunset if everything goes to plan Now who are we!?" His men raised there arm and shouted in unison "We are the tekken pirates!" Zanji smiled and disembarked his ship and began walking into town from the docks, the look of adventure blazing in his eyes like a inferno. This would be the first island he ever captured and he was going to make sure no one innocent got hurt.

Wc 501

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3 Re: Den Take over part One on Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:48 am



He walked into town relatively easily, as he strolled through the streets. His attention focused solely on gathering information at this point. He had heard rumors of a Beast upon this island, a strong beast that was not made naturally. His curiosity was perked as he  made his way through the crowds of people. The best way to gather information would be in the center of town where all the trade and bars were held. Townspeople like to gossip, and of course drunkards have loose lips with enough alcohol. He smirked and licked his lips and proceeded towards the center of town.

He walked into a inn called the ol jolly and took up residence at the bar. He would sit and relax for a little while, eaves drop on conversations as well. although it would be quite difficult for it seemed today the pub was more rowdy than usual. His ear perked as he heard "I dunno why the boss keeps that damn thing beast around its a menace, completely uncontrollable to anyone." His ear twitched happily as he listened  sipping on a mug of beer quietly trying his best to remain discreet. He set his mug down and he heard the men in the group  he counted each head quietly, there were five men all together.

Or so he hoped he didn't really want to sully his hands all to much then again he always loved a good fight, although that would give the opposition a good chance to call in reinforcements. He sighed as he finished his beer and got up and moved towards the group of men. He smiled as he stopped in front of them "Good evening gentlemen, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, I do apologize for just barging right in but I am curious what is this beast your talking about i am a zoologist and would very much like to perhaps study this creature in it's natural environment. I can make it worth your while."

The men began to murmer and cuddle together closely each one of them chuckled and shook there heads. "Not as sorry as your gonna be mate, fork over all your berri and maybe just maybe we will let you live." Zanji bowed his head and let out a long disappointed sigh "his tone changed from his carefree demeanor to a annoyed deep tone his eyes narrowed and focused. "You had to go the hard route didn't you?" He shook his head and pulled out his pistol at his full speed and shoot three men directly into there hearts. He twirled his pistol and blew on the smoking barrel.  He emptied the rounds onto the floor and placed it back in its holster.

The three men's eyes rolled into the back of there heads  and fell down blood spewing from there wounds. "Now then you were saying something about forking over all my money." the  two men looked at each other and then grinned widely as the bar filled with screams and evacuating people.  He held his ground true and firm and so did the men, they didn't seem all to shaken up about the loss of the men and he now knew why, the only remaining people in the bar were him and group of men now formed a ring around him. In total now there were eleven people 3 dead eight remaining grunts. He would need to remeber to keep one alive. He cracked his neck to the side and drew his sword. And with a flash of his speed he quickly did a quick spinning reverse cut, five of the grunts grasped there throats as blood began to pool out of there throats and mouth as one by one they all fell to the ground.  

Sounds of gurgling filled the bar as the men tired to speak but after a few seconds they began to quiet down. He looked at the remiaining three  his blade dripping with blood as he began to move towards them at full speed he impaled one through  the liver and quickly pulled the blade out and watched him fall to the ground screaming in pain, He looked towards the other two and suddenly his face was splattered in there blood ans he quickly cut them down. He grabbed the man he had stabbed in the liver by his throat and picked him off the ground with little to no effort.

he smiled wickedly as he placed the tip of the blade against the mans stomach and slowly began to push it in. "Now your going to tell me everything I want to know and I promise you a quick death." The man screamed as the blade slowly began to pierce through his stomach  struggling in vain as he let out  "The woods  Go to the woods!" zanji smiled and thrust his sword through the grunts stomach all the way and whispered into his ear "thank you." He tossed the man onto the ground still barely alive as he began to rob the 11 dead men of all there berri and he then began proceeding out the bar with of course making a withdrawl from the cash register with all of its contents. Leaving a trail of bloody footsteps he stopped for a moment and turned his head and opened his mouth and let out a blast of fire from his mouth setting the building ablaze along with the corpses, a honorable funeral in his standards they would be cleansed by fire. He smirked and sheathed his sword and proceeded out of the burning building making his procession to the woods as he had been so inclined to do by the grunt. This would send a message to the boss he believed basting them in fear telling them he was coming for them. He shot out a small blast of flames from his hand into the sky and the flames took the shape of a jolley Roger  with flames as it hung above the tavern announcing that the tekken pirates had returned after two years.

Wc 1004
Techniques used:
Tier 1 Skill Name: Reverse Cut
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee weapon
Tier 1 Skill Range: Close
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:1 post duration/2 post cooldown
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user does a powerful spin, generating the momentum needed to slash at any opponents behind them. The user can also utilize this spinning motion to trick an enemy that's in front of them. into thinking he is attacking them but in actuality he is going to be slashing behind him.

Skill Name: Dragons breath
Tier: T2
Type: DF
Range:15 meters
Description: Zanji quickly gathers fire in His mouth and then releases a a stream of fire from his mouth which he can either choose to be shot out in a direct attack. Or he can choose to move his head and cause the flame stream to be mobile and be used for a multiple directions.  Anyone hit by this attack will suffer burn damage including friend or foe.
Stamina pool:440
Stamina used:40
Stamina remaining:400 remaining
(Zanji exit task complete)

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4 Re: Den Take over part One on Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:33 pm

Ehhh dont really see the point of u gettinf beli
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