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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:23 pm

Island Description: Zerene is a summer island at the start of the grand line, and often a place of relief for those first entering Paradise. It's days are long and hot, it's savannas expansive and growth is sparse yet resilient. One of the larger islands in the Grandline, it is hard to see why it has not been the subject of heavy population at first.

Sailors often end up here when they have lost their way, praising the heavens for their luck to find such a forgiving land. They will leave their ships and head inland, attempting to find food and water and maybe a civilisation to help them out. Unfortunately, even in this docile land, food and water is scarce. After a day of wandering, they may be able to find enough to keep themselves alive, but in doing so, forgotten which way they had come. Staying here a week leads to people forgetting how they had ended up on Zerene. After a month, those still on Zerene will have forgotten their entire lives outside of the island.

There are numerous small tribes dotted around the landmass, each one comprised of people that have forgotten about the world beyond, struggling singularly to survive. These tribes often go to war, feuding over natural resources. Travelers who happen upon these people will likely be assumed just another tribe coming to take what is theirs. Likewise, there is a population of numerous species of safari animals, from large cats to elephants to ostriches, these animals too fight for survival here.

But why is there such competition? Why is there not plentiful food due to farming and cooperation? Why do people forget? The answer is in the grasses of Zerene. The pollen that the savanna grasses release cause a decay of memory and mess with hormones within animals, driving them toward aggressive behavior. The earth of Zerene is unfarmable due to these same grasses, laying chemicals into the earth so that only inedible breeds of flora are able to grow. All of these factors keep the population of people and animals at a steady rate. And when there is fighting between men and between beast, the blood of the dead leaks into the earth, sucked up by the roots of the grasses. The minerals of decaying corpses are added to the soil, which are necessary for the plants. Yes, here on Zerene, the food chain is swapped. On Zirene, the plants farm you.

Species: Various safari species t1-t2
Influence: N/A
Status: Unclaimed
Log Pose Point Requirement: 26

Population: 3

Housing: 1

Army: 2

Weaponry: 1

Technology: 0

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