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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:35 pm

Island Description: The island of Cupula is a dense, tropical spring island situated in the New World. There is not one inch of land that is not covered by growth. The plants suffocate the air, if one was to look upwards from the ground, they would not be able to see even a crack of sky. The largest trees stretch up to one hundred metres into the sky, dwarfing modern day man made structures.

The air here is thick with moisture and pollen, and is home to many bugs which remain the same size as they had been millions of years ago. The birds who hunt them are even bigger, some getting to four metres in height. The morning chirps and songs creates a deafening cacophony. Many large beasts live on the ground floor of Cupula, such as pythons that stretch out to twenty metres in length and can easily swallow the largest of cattle. Panthers here have learned to be fantastic climbers and hunt their prey by navigating tree to tree.

There is quite a large population that lives here, in a treetop city named Eirulian. A few different species have made their way here over time but the majority consist of the native Kuja. The people of Eirulian live in harmony with nature, having a symbiotic partnership with the bird species there. Smaller birds work as messengers, able to intelligently seek out individuals while navigating the island. Larger ones are taken as mounts by the most honoured members of it's society. In return, the people defend their nests from predators and share food supplies.

In recent times, the revolutionaries have found that the natural fortifications made for the city as well as the independent culture of the dryads a good place for a base. Having brokered a deal with the natives, they offer protection and outside goods in return for refuge and a base of operations.

Species: Bugs t1-t2, birds t2-t3, reptiles t2-t4, large cats t3-t4.
Influence: Revolutionaries
Status: Claimed
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25

Population: 5

Housing: 2

Army: 3

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 1

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