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1 Island Description on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:08 pm


Skypiea is an island located in the sky above the Grandline near Jaya Island. The people that are native to Skypiea have wings on their backs and are known as Skypieans or Winged. High in the sky and away from the affairs of the Wingless people, one would think there wouldn't be many issues in Skypiea, but its popularity and population has grown making it a large tourist attraction despite how dangerous it is to get there. These tourist aren't all too friendly however as a large sum of people have banded together and have birthed a war between those who are Winged and Wingless. While Skypiea still accepts visitors a toll of 5,000,000 Beli must be paid to enter and even then, those who are Wingless are not trusted and experience amounts of racism that often lead to the death of majority of the tourist.

Where this toll is paid is at Heaven's Gate located in the White Sea and serves as an entrance to Skypiea. Paying the toll a giant Speedy Shrimp will grasp the immigrant's, or tourists, ship and lift it along a Milky Road, which goes up to the White-White Sea. Finally the guests will arrive in Skypiea. One does not have to pay this toll though, but they will be labeled criminals for not doing so. As the Speedy shrimp will always grasp onto a ship when it get to a certain spot in front of the Milky Road. There is usually one person here to take the toll, or take a picture of the criminals.

Angel Island and Angel Beach is the original part of Skypiea. The island is formed of the Island Clouds, like all other Sky Islands. It houses the majority of Skypieans  as well as Tourist and is home to the famous Lovely Street. There exists a dock as well as houses, shops and the White Berets, Angel Island's police force. Lovely Street  is a rather well-known and well-traveled part of Angel Island. It is the main marketplace. The road has many shops, and is a sort of Skypiean main street. Shops of all kinds line the road of Lovely Street, including many Dial and food shops. Here many wingless and winged live in harmony.

In Skypiea there are two factions, Birkans and Shandians. While they both get along the Birkans are more modernized and live in towns like one would see anywhere else, while the Shandians have begun to move away from their ancestors ways, though they still try to live off of the land. The Majority of Shandians, and those within Skypiea that hold High status reside within Upper Yard. The Shandians do this because, unlike the Birkans, they are far more aggressive towards Wingless and are the ones that mainly fight in the current war, while Birkans that agree with their cause fight along side them.

One must transverse the White-White Sea to head to Upper yard. It isn't a tricky or complicated path, just heading south of Angel Island will led them there.

Upper Yard is the other half of Jaya, blasted up by Knock Up Stream 100 years ago. It is much larger than Angel Island. As a great amount of Vearth it is of high value for the sky inhabitants, being called "holy land". It had become residence for rulers of Skypiea. The trees and Animals on Upper Yard have grown to huge sizes, due to the decrease in the atmosphere. A giant beanstalk, called Giant Jack, towers up in the center of the island, piercing through the city Golden City Shandora and the God's Shrine. The Shandorian Golden Belfry in the center of the golden city. An Sacrificial Altar is also located in Upper Yard, west of the golden city. Within Upper yard wingless are targeted by the inhabitants, the Shandians, and forced into slavery or outright killed.

What has caused the war that rages within Upper yard is the Shandians never forgiven Wingless from robbing from the Golden City. Feeling only disdain for any wingless, or Winged that care for the wingless. For this there is only racism and slavery within the Golden City of Shandora. A Band of Wingless though have formed and rage war against those Wingless, but not only for noble reasons. Some wish to free their brethren enslaved whilst others wish to steal more gold from the city. Their numbers increase as they plant the thoughts of riches into the minds of tourist.

Influence Marine
Species Large Predatory Birds T3-4, Predatory Jungle Felines T3-4, Overgrown Tigers and Snakes T5, Poisonous Reptiles T3-4, Common Jungle Species
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25

Housing: Tier 5
Army: Tier 5
Weaponry: Tier 4
Population: Tier 5
Technology: Tier 2
Miscellaneous: The island is in the sky


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