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1 Island Description on Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:11 pm

The Pirate’s Den is the only true safe haven for pirates. After its somewhat destruction by the marines it has gone by new rules and a new name. No longer are the annual games a thing to claim leadership of the island. Due to the new leadership of Apollo D. Daffodil and the protection of the island claimed by the Pirate Queen herself. The Den is in even more order.

Its new appearance being that of a thousand ships piled on top of one another in a unique fashion. The ships somehow being molded together as if it was one large building with many rooms and places. The ships are said to stretch hundreds of meters into the air and looks as if it is a miniature island. The Shipwreck Cove as it is now called is located in the middle of the island called now called Shipwreck Island due to the many pirate ships being destroyed by the marines upon waging war on them. The inner part of the island was remade as if someone punched a new appearance to it. The only way in is by climbing the steep mountain to get to the inside of the island or by going through the passage known as the Devil’s Throat. Though even getting over the mountain is a kill on site order due to the leader of the island wanting the only entrance to be a challenge for all pirates.

The Devil's Throat is the only way into the center of the island that houses Shipwreck City and Shipwreck Cove. Upon its making many have died making it deep enough for a ship's draw. Even now, its treacherous passage, which was known to be a trick to navigate, claimed several vessels that dared sail through. These wrecks were subsequently added to the assembly of derelict ships that comprised the ship-wrecked city itself. So, the smaller the ship, the easier it is to get within the island. Large battleships such as those used by the marines during a uster call just won’t fit!

The main ship that use to hold most of the pirates has been renovated and turned into a bar of sorts and is found at the base of Shipwreck City. It is to wish bad luck upon your soul and your crews Jolly Roger to start a dispute within the ship. Basic brawling and violence not concerning who runs the island is perfectly fine outside city and makes for a good show to crews all around. However despite this being the main part of the island. Outside of the inner part is a forestry place where animals of all kind tend to roam as well as civilians. Here anyone is welcomed.

Though, certain laws have been placed due to the pirates wanting to keep the island a secret from mostly everyone. However most of the big names still know that it still exist.

Anyone who doesn’t enter through the Devil’s Throat shall be killed immediately. No trying to fly over the mountain and it is impossible to try and go under the island with a submarine due to it being solid. Or through the Devil throat with a sub due to the structure under water being enclosed and rigged. The only legal entrance being the throat.

No killing or fighting will be permitted unless stolen from or provoked in a horrible manner.

Marines are kill on sight.

You must pay 1 Million Beli if you wish to enter the Shipwreck Bar, all beli being given to the leader. If beli not be payed you shall be punished.
If you destroy property you will die. The only property allowed to be destroyed is outside of the city.
The Patron of the Island if the Pirate Queen herself so beaware!

Influence: Pirate
Log Pose Point Requirement: 18

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