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1 Island Description on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:54 pm

Beyond the Calm Belt lies a secluded chain of islands to the East. They are home to many one of a kind smells, and come with several unique perks. The main island, being more off to the east, is the only populated island, well vastly populated. There lies a large city inhabited by people from all walks of life. It is likely one of the few places in the world that holds both Marines and Pirates in the same place. A place where dreams supposedly came true, that is this island. It is a port town and to enter naturally one must sail between two high cliff landmasses. This port harbors a large marketing district and several other important places of mention such as carnivals, live theaters, taverns, etcetera. It stays very lively, despite not getting many outsiders aside from the recent stream of tourist due to recent events.

Beyond this town is a large body of water where most of the fresh water for the citizens is gathered and forestry including dangerous wildlife and things of that nature. The forestry actually embodies all of the island save for the town and an arc of mountains formed due to volcanic activity.

Said volcanic activity stems from two other islands that are apart of this area known as the Island of Dreams. One directly west of the main island and one south west of the main island. They are about 50 miles away from the main island and have a small ring of forestry surrounding them about 1 mile thick. To the north west is another fresh water basin surrounded by a circle of mountains. To access this the people have made a series of stairs in the mountain side.

To each of these islands are a length of Sea-Train tracks, that can move one to each landmass in a whooping forty-five minutes. The catch is the Sea-Train only runs during high tide. This being a Grandline island, the Island of Dreams is no exception to the unrealistic and other worldly climate changes and terrain changes. During low tide it is revealed why these four seemingly different land masses are regarded as one area. That is because the sea level harmlessly drops low enough for them to all lead to the main island via a large path of sand. Said path is about 50m wide and usually when the tide drops, yields many fresh fish from the sea.

Size of Island(s): Within description
Influence: Free - Noble - Ziro Z. Zeal
Log Pose Point Requirement: 18

Housing: Tier 2
Army: Tier 1
Weaponry: Tier 1
Population: Tier 2
Technology: No Tier
Miscellaneous: Bubble Coat protects island from water pressure.

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