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Task Name:Greasy adventures Chapter 3: Meeting El Niño
Location:Pirate's den
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:While jimbob was preoccupied with the letters concerning his recent contact with cyrus kincaid, someone started to make trouble on the den. Using the name of the Daffodils, a man named El Niño has begun to make trouble for his landlord and his dock. Jimbob though, finds this to be a perfect opportunity to look into this mysterious scientist inventor, while looking like a hero. Being a hero ain't all its cracked up to be though as he finds out that his family friend was also kidnapped as well.
Enemy Details:
10 Tier 2 robots with a tier 2 forcefield as strong as iron. energy rifles
20 tier 2 grunts armed with rifles
5 tier 3 guard cyborgs armed with energy rifles

Boss Name:El Niño
Tier: 3
Devil Fruit: None
Haki: -
Equipment:Lazer weapons, tier 2 forcefield insanity potion that gives him +1 speed and strength but -1 perception
Strength: 3(4 with potion)
Durability: 2
Speed: 2

Just the DEETS

Note: I'm leaving my pet out of this one until its stamped. Sad

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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A man known as El Niño was holed up in his lab for the fifth day in a row, eyes blood shot as he works tirelessly on his machine before him. It's the prototype of his his automated robot whose skeleton is sound,but it's sparking due to an uneven distribution of power which lead it to be fried. He scoffed and tossed his blow torch aside, " God damnit, what's with this damned thing. Did those mutherfuckers screw with me by sending bad materials"? As he panted a grunt came barging in, posture instantly straightened as he saluted the scientist. " Sir, I've something important to report to you"! Niño didn't respond, his eyes trained on the failed robot lying on his table. " s-s-sir"?

The scientist with no hesitation whipped out a pistol and fired into the grunt's leg. The grunt grit his teeth and began to convulse, now kneeling on one knee he strove to maintain his posture. " What have I told you about barging in like that, boy"? The grunt started to sweat as he held back the screams of agony, " My apologies sir,but its news about the daffodils". The scientist's brow raised ever so slightly, his gun lowered cautiously. " Depending on the news, I might let you live". For a moment there was only silence, with the exception of grunt's own struggle to stay composed. " Word is appollo has gone missing. We may be able to take advantage of the situation before the pirate queen arrives....".

El Niño slowly walked up to the grunt with his gun still in hand, his thumb nonchalantly cocking his pistol as he raised it to the man's forehead. Its barrel flirting with the surface of the distressed grunt's forearm. " Thanks", was all he said to the grunt. It braced itself, face scrunched and teeth grit for the inevitable shot in his mind. But the gun merely spout out air, for it was empty. " Get yourself cleaned up,boy". The grunt just sat there as his employer bore his right arm. Exposing his protruding varicose vein, he punctured it with a grisly needle and injected himself with a clear liquid. The only different between it and water, was a small tinge of orange when it was held up to light.The withered and exhausted scientist now seemed to be more lively, with the color returning to his face and a grim smile forming over his face. " guess I'll get a few new test subjects"...


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob awoke to the snarling of Dog with an extra G, but it was a low cautious one at that. His hairs were all standing on end,but he was not moving from his spot like he normally would. " What's up boi, something wrong?" jimbob asked as he started to scratch the wolf's head. The sound of footsteps could be heard outside of his garage,but they were frantic...nay running. Jimbob put his punchit on and made his way to his door. As his wolf dog started to growl, jimbob hushed it with a shhhh and threw it a bone.

Jim was met by an empty dock as far as he could tell. Generally the ship yard was popping off by sunrise with the usual overnighters arriving while previous lot was slowly conveyed out of the port. Today was somewhat chaotic with the ships at sea either making a conscious effort to stay away or struggle to not get tangled up with others. Jimbob proceeded with caution as he searched for any sign of life. That is until he spotted someone from the peripheal of his eye. Not wanting to be caught in a bad situation, he hugged the wall, planting his back firmly against it. Now focusing on what he heard closer he actually heard a whole bunch of people all crowded at the main land entrance into the dock. Unlike the sea port, there was only one choke point

Jimbob crouched low and slowly approached the crowd to find they were all armed, guns trained on on a group of men located at the dirty road leading into the harbor. Like the king on a chess board his landlord and the owner of said dock went to meet the group at what one may have called no man's land, leaving only a few meters between the two. As jimbob approached someone in the crowd pulled him closer, " ey stay low, yer unarmed". Jimbob pulled his arm away but stayed on one knee as he peered out to see what was going on. " Who's that"?

The man gulped,but spoke as quickly as he could while retraining his iron sights on the hostile group. " There's a rumor on pirate's den", the man paused and fidgeted for a few moments before steadying his gun once more. " They say man with crimson red eyes lurks at the den, a man who predated the pirate queen. Lurking beneath the surface, an El Niño. Plenty of folks have claimed to lose their children when they slept...but he's actually here right now according to the boss".

Jimbob trained his gaze on the one he claimed to be El Niño. Just the man I was looking for


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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El Niño started to slowly approach the dock which caused everyone at the dock to freeze momentarily, before simultaneously readying their guns. Numerous clicks from many different types of firearms filled the air. When jimbob took a look at the people around him, he didn't see the security one might imagine in a situation like this. Nor did he see the confidence he expected either. They all had looked as if they were waking up from a nightmare, a vibe of disbelief. The man who explained the situation to him was barely able to stand, his legs shaking and sweating beading down his forehead.

"my my hitch, what has it been? 20, no 30 years since we've met face to face? How've you been old chap"? The dock boss did not respond, but instead trying to calm his people down with a sterm gesture with his hand. It was as if he was telling them to steady themselves, this was the easy part. " So you've finally crawled out of your hole? What's the occasion"? El Niño gave him a big toothy smile, revealing teeth which were almost too perfect to be natural. " A man's gotta step out of his cave every once in a while. So ho--", before he could continue a bullet flew through the air and struck a wall of light just inches from his head. " I said hold!" yelled the dock boss.

El Niño shook his head, " hitchy, thats 3 now. bring 3 and I'll leave you alone". The dock boss did not move, his body seemingly frozen. The sound of gears turning and rolling came from behind El Niño, it was a giant ball of metal with grooves built into them and when its body came apart, it stood upright with two cannon for arms trained on the crowd. " c'mon hitchy, don't make me beg", he said with a shakey, excited expression. "1...2..."

" GET THE BOSS OUTA HURRE", cried a voice from the rooftop. The men who accompanied him wrenched their arms around his biceps and pulled him back as the rest acted as shields for him. The dock workers in that instant fired upon El Niño and his cohorts. He however stood calmly as the bullets broke upon his forcefields, ending up as stubs on the ground before him.

Jimbob's eyes widened as he stared at the scene before him. He wracked his brain to come up with something, anything. But he didn't know what was stopping the bullets before him. That's when one of the robots came careening in on the dock boss after smooshing the men who stayed behind. The voice rang out once more, " Focus everything on that one, don't let it near the boss"! His voice had power, Everyone in the crowd turned their sights on the lone robot and opened fire.

Its forcefield started to ripple like water before faltering. A loud thunderous clank reverberated before the robot spun out of control and crashed into a building. It exploded, setting the warehouse it land into ablaze. El Niño snapped his fingers, signalling the robots he had left over to aim at the rooftops. A torrent of lights ripped from the lone of robots, turning everything in their wake into swiss cheese. The line broke and what was left of their solidarity dissolved.

Jimbob ran away from the firing line, rushing over toward anywhere he could hide. The sound of the robots rolling could be heard and they were fast approaching. During the chaos jimbob stowed away into a garage that was left open and slammed the rolling garage door shut. He lied low where he could hear the gunfire, where he could hear the desperate screams of a mother he had made an acquaintance of just days before. Someone else was also in the garage though, they reached for the door when they heard the scream. Jimbob could tell it was a little girl and grabbed her immediately.

She squishy and struggled, eyes welling up in tears as she heard the the woman scream. He held a hand over her mouth and pulled her away from the door as the fighting continued. She squiggled and squirmed, making jimbob struggle just to keep her from crying out. When it got to be too much, he popped her belly as softly as he good. She felt to the ground, gasping for breath as she lied there limp.For several minutes many people cried similarly. The rolling and sound of gunfire filled the streets, until randomly it stopped.

Jimbob was tempted to leave as soon as he could,but wasn't too sure what to do. He pulled the door up ever so slightly, to find blood slowly pouring in. He was greeted by charred corpses with gaping holes seemingly burning into them. After shutting the door and stumbling out over the dead, he found the dock he once loved in ruin. He ran around and everywhere he went fire and debris blocked his way. Nothing was left untouched, no person left alive unscathed by the attack. That's when he looked out on the horizon, to see a looming shadow in the distance. The slow hum of the robot's cannon even audible from many many yards away were accompanied by a shining light, before the lazer cannon rip across the sky and rained down upon the dock.

Jimbob did the only thing he knew he could, he dove behind the biggest building. Lying as close to the floor as possible while covering the nape of his neck as the explosions let loose. The fire purfuse, the docks skies engulfed in a layer of smoke, the smell of corpses and burning materials overpowered everything. By the time it was complete, nothing was left standing. Jimbob arose from a pile of rubble, beaten down like a dog but still breathing. Others emerged from as soon as they were sure the worst had passed.

WC: 1010

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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After catching his breath and gathering his composure, jimbob set out to find his dog, only to find it running after him. It too had survived, probably luck or perhaps it had left long before jim knew what was going on. He felt a slight pain in his chest whenever he breathed and his leg had a slight limp to it. Still he left the dock with the others. Any man strong enough was gathered at the entrance of the dock, all of them beaten and distraught. None of them spoke because everyone knew where they were going. The tracks were still fresh enough to follow, that of the robots which sped away just hours before.

People from all walks of life showed up at a fork in the road leading to the wilderness,but that didn't mean many came. The majority were poor people and perhaps one or two better off peeps who heard the commotion and came to do something. Overall it was actually a small group. Even fewer people from the group actually committed to the crossing. Most of them stared out at the bridge with an overwhelming sense of dread, numb but unable to put their lives on the line. Most were too afraid to even speak, to say that it's okay. El Niño only comes down once in a life time...To say everything was going to be okay regardless  of what happened today.

Jimbob was the first to make the crossing, he was followed by a few others who eventually trailed off to the side, slowly ducking out. It seemed as if they really were content to rebuilding without taking action. One of the only ones to stay was the person who was barking orders during the initial clash. His head was held low and his gaze set on the ground as they made their way into the mountainous terrain. He was beaten down and weary,but still possessed a look in his eyes that was akin to a fire still raging within." I remember you from earlier...the way you commanded the dock's people was admirable".

The man looked back,but looked as if he was struggling to find the words he wanted to say. " In the end I still failed. I lost many friends today and others have gone missing. but if there's a shred of hope, I gotta take it". Jimbob considered the reasons he was going up into this death trap. He wasn't necessarily there because it affected him all too much, other than it being an attack on his life. No he knew even a part of him wanted to get some sort of noteriety and glory for even coming. A reckless abandon within him, he truthfully didn't care about what happened to him if he could also take a gander at those robots. He looked back at the man and said, " I wish my reasons were as strong as yers. Best I can come up with is that bastard attacked me...but don't worry. If there's survivors, I'll make sure they get out of there alive"!

As jimbob brandished his gauntlet, the other fellow gave a weak laugh. Before turning back to the ground. Back to trail leading them into the mountains and possibly to their ends. " So stranger, do you know who you're going up against"? Jimbob looked up at the shimmering stars above him, at the full moon guiding their way from the forest canopy. " can't say that I have. You know something about him"? His traveling partner nodded, " He hasn't aged a day since I last saw him. He was mysteriously here when I was a lad". Jimbob stratched his armed after hearing that, kind of agitated at the thought. " Did he do something like this back then"?

The man shook his head, " Not at first. No one believed my father at first, they thought he was crazy. El Niño mocked me. He mocked the former pirate king and everyone who has been here in the past 35 ot years. one year after settling here he destroyed half the place and by the time anyone who could stop him arrived, he was no where to be found...All because we were too afraid to follow him while the tracks were fresh". Jimbob made a fist and lightly jabbed his arm, " Eyy don't worry about it. We've got this now. Time to put an end to this creep". He grinned back with the shred of confidence that he actually had. But in truth, he was unnerved.


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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As the two continued on, they came to castle in the middle of nowhere. It looked as if the mountain itself had eaten its back end leaving a crumbled ruin in its wake. Jimbob and his partner ducked in the shadows, peering at the rolling robots making their way in and out of the castle. The only way in, at least for the robots was the draw bridge which open and closed in the wee hours of the night. Toward the open field one could barely make out the guards patrolling in the moonlight. Their savagery shown when wild animals wander into their midst, lazer guns ripping things bears and antelopes apart before they have time to react.

"It seems as if the robots don't actually have enhanced detection, so we can probably get inside with the next wave.", jimbob said under his breath. His partner nodded his head and nervously looked toward the dirty road leading into the castle. Jimbob tapped his shoulder when he was nodding too much and gestured for him to follow. The two made their way through the under brush, following the path up to the castle. Two bots came steaming forward and stopped before the draw bridge.

Jimbob watched closely as the fellow beside him started to shake a bit, but he only responded with a shh. The robots flashed red lights that caught the attention of something within the castle that make the bridge lower. The first night Jimbob tested the waters by tossing a rock at the robots before they entered. It broke upon their mysterious forcefields, however none of the machines responded to his stimuli. Which confirmed one thing to him, that these robots were controlled directly by their creator. " What are you fucking crazy, why did you do that"?

Although the man who accompanied jimbob was scared shitless,he was also somewhat hysterical. His whispering voice was only a whisper in tone,but anything but a whisper in volume. " They only reacted to the people at the dock when El Niño gave them orders. Beyond that, they seem to be rather stupid. We can get in next round". He wasn't too convinced, but after a few actual trials they found that their voices and actual appearance drew their attention,but anything beyond their immediate field of vision was a non factor.

Night three jimbob stood at the mouth of a canyon he discovered to be part of their patrol. It was located at the mouth of the valley leading to the castle. Jimbob tightened his muscles and squeezed his fists tightly as they approached him. A tinge of crimson in his eyes, he leapt from a ledge overlooking the robots and pounced onto them with a battle cry. As he hit the ground, he lunged forward arms held out, his roar more animal than human as the pair of robots started to transform. But as the first was half way through he cocked his right arm back as a whirring sounding filled the air. Steam erupting from his gauntlet as he tore into the robot's forcefield and smashed into its skull. The machine whirred as it tried to retreat, but jimbob grasped its sensors with his gauntlet hand and laid into again, with his left arm. As the punch broke the mahcine's body, its partner's cannons were warming up. " Get down jimbob"!

During that same day while jimbob surveyed the area, his partner went back for munitions and what not. Dropping a grenade on it from the ledge, jim dove to the side of the road and behind a tree as the bomb exploded on top of it. The machine was conflicted,but not helpless. It quickly trained its sights on man on the ledge but long enough for jimbob to come from behind and nail it. He raised his hands over his head, muscles bulging as he smashed his fists into the machine. Breaking the shield instantly and abnormally bending it on their way down. The sound of metal creaking and gears being forcefully bent and ripped apart. It tried to turn to face jimbob, his gears hard at work,but they were grinding against air.

It felt to the ground and starting to whir, making both of em nervous. " It sounds like the first one at the old man's dock! RUN"! As he shouted that, both of them dove for cover as it exploded. Drawing the attention of El Niño's other goons.

Stamina: 210/250
-15 for bear stance
-25 for pulverize
-1 charge on punchit

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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The two rushed into the forest, seeing a pair of guards being accompanied by 3 robots. Jimbob lied low underneath a bush, peering out at their investigation. He watched intently as they knelled down to examine the wreckage. Jimbob noticing the tree beside him. It was a tall gaunt tree stripped of its leaves in the autumn season they were in. He scooted backward ever so slight and powered his glove's new feature. Silent, it whirred softly as he placed his open palm against the tree trunk. He took a deep breath as the guards at the scene noticed him, but it was too late. His gauntlet roar as a lone piston shot into the trunk and annihilated in an instant.

The sound of crackling wood filled the air as the tree splintered in half and fell upon the robots and the guards. Their screams muffled by the sound of the crash, at its devastated the immediate area. Jimbob approached the scene of his handywork, seeing both the robots entangled underneath the trunk. Both were operational as in they turned on,but were out of commission in that they were no longer able to move. The guards on the other hand were all but destroyed. One was a mess and the other pinned down at his legs. He tried to wiggle free,but this tree was the size of a redwood and it fell upon him and his patrol just now. He grunted for a second more before relaxing his body and lying his face flat on the ground.

" Do yer worst chump, others will be after ya within the hour". Jimbob was punching his palm with a big grin on his face. " That's what I intend on doing hehehehe". With ease jimbob freed the man and dragged him by his ankle. He tried to attack jimbob by leaning up using his stomach muscles alone,but was stopped dead in his tracks when jimbob flung his body over his head and face first into the ground. This knocking the man out as the now trio made their way deeper into the forest.

Jimbob placed his gauntlet hand on the captive's crown and squeezed slightly. At first the captive tried to be strong, gritting his teeth despite the pain. But as blood and the slight sound of bone cracking filled the air, he started to lose his composure. First shouting obscenities, then pleading for his life as blood and tears streamed down his cheeks. " You'll tell us everything you know. At the first hint of betrayal, I'll break your skull", said jimbob in a cold calculating voice. The man was heaving breaths trying to hold back the pain, but vaguely moving his head up and down.

Auxillary piston used: 0/1

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Using his vest, Jimbob tied his captive's hands behind his back and marched forward under the cover of darkness. He held the man at his side, making sure he was facing forward to guide them. " Alright, take a right at the river bank. There should be a passage way underneath around a quarter mile that way", he said with a nod of his head. Jimbob paused, tightening his hold on the injured gaurd. " Why are we going this way"? The gaurd winced, trying to hold back his screams. " The lab where our boss is, underneath the castle. Going through the draw bridge is suicide". Jimbob peered at him with skeptical eyes, but reluctantly trudged forward. " And you old man, you'll be taking a left at the first passage way. That's where the prisoners would be hel---". Jimbob violently made his head whip back, with a scowl on his face. " We're sticking together or you're dead". He nodded back and the older man from the docks looked away, his gaze upon the rocky cliff side.

The trio were met by a dark tunnel, silent and dimly lit. The sound of a weak trail of running water being the only thing echoing throughout. The water itself though, would be more correctly called liquid or ooze instead. It flowed slower, undulating in a rhythmic manner. Though it was unnatural, perhaps disgusting enough to be called the devil's elixir, the ooze has no odor. The captive still in pain looked up at jimbob, whose face was stiff. He fought back a smirk as he assumed this was his captor trying to act tough. " Alright, we're here. take this corridor to find the jail cells".

Jimbob stared down at him long and hard,but there was an ounce of trepidation. Not a single sign of lying, no tell, no wrinkles or even the slightest of eye twitches. The trio thus continue forth down the corridor surrounded by a dancing shadows flickering around them. Out of the darkness came a bright light at the end of a tunnel where jimbob continue down with not a single ounce of hesitation." hey blondie, make sure ya careful. There's usually more than one gaurd po---sted", said the man as he was dropped to the ground. A lone guard fell back after seeing the trio pop out of nowhere. He fumbled for his gun and attempted to fire upon jim,but was twarted when he shoved the barrel out of the way and into nowhere. Without remorse he wrung the man's neck and slammed his head into the concrete wall. Over and over until it ran red with his blood.


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob shook for a moment, standing over the lifeless corpse as it slid to the ground. He breathing was labored and a bead of sweat was coursing down his viens. His hand was a mix of red and pink, blood streaming from the palm as it smoked just a tad. The older dock worker hesistated, back pedaling a few steps from his place. " Are you alright"? Jimbob did not respond right away,but he put on the best smile he could muster and nodded. " Aye I guess. Watching the life of someone leave their bodies right be--fore yer eyes is vexing. like...its sudden and the romanticism I remembered from my books...its nowhere to be seen". He kneeled down and rummaged through the gaurd's pockets, searching for the keys to the cells before him. It wasn't long before he found a set though, within moments the cell door of the captives was unlocked.

They looked up at him from their cells, seemingly more afraid of him than the guard he just killed. His eyes out of habit scanned the cell to see a bunch of people he recognized from the old dock,but others he has never seen either. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his friend Akane, eyes widened for just a moment before returning to normal. Without turning back he passed the old dock worker and scooped his guide up with one swift movement, " Alright you get them out of here. lead them out to the forest. I'll take care of El Niño".

The dock worker stared wide eyed for a moment before realizing this was his chance to save the hostages. He nodded and went to organize the survivors who all immediately recognized him and threw themselves at the old guy. He's a community figure, a person most look up to along side their boss. Down the corridor jimbob left without a worry, knowing he at least got them free. Now he needed to deal with the root of the problem, " I'm a coming El Niño"...

Another set of footsteps accompanied him however, light and dainty. Ones he could never forget and could recognize without having to look back at. " Go with them akane". She raced in front of him and stuck her tongue out at him, " Only if you come back with us, dummy"!


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob didn't immediately acknowledge her, instead focusing on his captive guide. " So how much longer"? The captive gaurd explained it was only a short distance longer before they reached El Niño's lair. Akane stopped before him, barring his passage any further with her arms held outward. " Go back with the others", he said with his eyes narrowed on her. She shook her head, " Not without you jimmyboi! Look at you, you're a mess and in way over yer head"! Although jimbob was conscious of his own shakeyness, the insinuation made him more stubborn.

Akane: Come back with me!
Jim: No, gotta finish this
Akane: Gotta? no you don't gotta do anything
Jim: He already attacked once. What's to stop him from repeating history?
Akane: Be that as it may, why does it have to be you!?

Jimbob shook his head and continued moving forth, brushing her arm aside, which went limp when he insisted on going ahead. " At first I came to meet him. Then I came to be a hero. Now it's personal. He took you once, then he can do it again". Akane grit her teeth and scoffed at him, following him regardless of what he said. Jimbob wasn't surprised,but he also knew if he went on with not a care in the world. Then she'd obviously do the same. It was the same as when they were growing up,but every other time he let go of the conflict and let his aunt and her cohorts handle it. This time he felt compelled to go deeper and not falter no matter what. The selfish need to fish for his enemies technology was a big factor. To him it was a chance he couldn't pass up. One he'd see through to the end, with his childhood friend being icing on the cake. These were the things he told himself to quell the uneasiness. To quell the memories of what he's had to do recently in order to survive.

As his guide said, they really weren't too far from the main lab. It was almost anti climatic to jimbob as he entered to a lab up in smoke. There the confident El Niño he knew and from the other day, was now a mess. Covered in soot and screaming obscenities at his failed machinery, he ended up killing his own guard out of frustration. He lowered his gun, ignoring the crimson stained wall before him. When he realized he had guests he hurredly cleaned himself off with a nervous smile. " hue huie hue sorry about that.. dont mind the place. Welcome, it's been ages since I had company"!


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob surveyed El Niño closer as the man approached them, Much akin to the castle, his lab too was in disrepair. Dozens of failed inventions, ranging from weaponry to robotic like machines lied about. The scientist was clearing his table and pour tea into dirty cups beaten cups, shaking slightly. Jimbob approached him cautiously with his captive guard, who for a lack of better terms, was sobbing at this point. " My my billy what have you brought papa today"? The captive gaurd responded, his name apparently was billy, thought jim whose brow was raised. " Ahh its nothing papa. Just a tough guy with a neat invention. He's nice and sturdy though".

El Niño shook with glee, " Ahh yes indeed what a wonderful son!" he said, while maintaining his distance to jim who now stood just a few meters from him. On his way up he noticed rotting decaying corpses in a room toward the opposite side of the lab, they were all women. As he drew nearer he noticed all the failures up close. They seemed structurally sound,but clearly didn't belong in that lab. Akane stood by the door, rather frightened. Jimbob noticed her body language leaning toward the door,but her determination to stay in the same rotting room showed through her tear filled eyes.

Jimbob however, did not answer any of the fledging man's words. He didn't believe it was completely an act,but there was a disingenuous ring to his tone. " You're going to pay El Niño, I'm going to bring you in dead or alive. Drop the charade, I'd rather not take down someone out of their mind". He paused half way through taking a sip of his tea, still pipping hot and steaming. " I was once a genius. A man marveled for his inventions. But I stopped producing results, my last true success in science was perhaps my pursuit to lengthen my life. But everything fell apart despite my extra years"...

It took everything jimbob had in him to not pounce him there. " Lengthen your life"? he asked, in a half curious tone. His nerves still on end,but his curiosity getting the better of him. El Niño sighed and pointed toward his temple, showing a grisly scar. Transfering my brain from one body to the next". Jimbob froze for a moment, letting that sink in as he began to grind his teeth. El Niño on the other hand dropped his cup, but he was rather bewildered. As if he hand't meant to. He gave the same toothy grin to jimbob, the same one he had given to the dock workers the day of the attack. Pulling out a concoction in a vial of blue liquid with a tinge of black swirling within, he popped it cork screw off with just his thumb. " Young man, None of my sacrifices were ever worth using,but you are a natural born scientist. You shall be my new vessel"!


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob tried to move to stop him,but the old man shoved the vial into his mouth and bit down on it, swallowing the serum and shards. Mouth bloody and eyes agape, his fledging muscles bulked up with renewed life. No longer the feeble man putting on a show, what stood before him was a man with false youth, eyes which looked like voids. He had a slack jaw with blood coursing from his mouth. His gaurd billy was shaken, no longer gleeful. " Kill me", he said in a low voice. Jimbob looked down to see a petrified countenance on his guide, he was manically staring back at jimbob with a look of desperation. " please".

A feeling of repulsion coursed through jim who tossed the man aside while readying his punchit. Steam coursed from his, letting out a loud roaring jet sound. " Run akane, please", he said in a low solemn tone as the ghoul slowly approached him. Akane let out a loud yelp, making jimbob's heart race. He tried to turn to see what happened to her,but the ghoul that was now El Niño was charging at him and taking a swipe at his head. Jimbob crossed his arms and grit his teeth as the aura of a blackened turtle momentarily showed itself engulfing jimbob. Using his gauntlet he took most of the blow while simultaneously taking a shot to the face as he was sent flying back into the junk inventions. He straightened up, revving his gauntlet as the ghoul practically flew through the air. He caught it mid flight by sending an empowered shot back at him. His body was surrounded by a momentarily by the same forcefield that was protecting his bots. Ultimately absorbing most of the swing, leaving the ghoul slightly winded while its chest sunk around his punchit. It clawed at jimbob, who was fidgeting himself and knocking certain attacks away.

With one deep breath he closed his eyes, ignoring the pain from the monsters swiped and slammed him into the iron table in front of him. He turned about face to see akane was not there,but the doors were closed. The sounds of moans came from outside and the faint dainty pitter patter which could only be akane could be heard getting fainter and fainter as the moans got less frequent. " Damnit Akane! WHERE ARE YOU"? Suddenly he got what he wanted and was more terrified than he had ever been. His heart racing as the ghoul arose from the dented lab table he was slammed into.  Jimbob turned back and put his dukes back up, a maelstrom of emotion flowing through him. Disgust at himself for losing track of his family friend
Anger toward the sham of a scientist which stood before him
Fear of the unknown
resentment to himself for faltering in the middle of a fight

Jimbob revved his machine up once more,cocking his arm for another punch. But this time it failed. The sound of a belt snapping and sent the pain of burning into his flesh as he through a dud of a punch at the ghoul. It almost broke upon its forcefield like water on a damn, sending light around it rippling. But the monster was already once step ahead of him. It threw an unabated punch into the chest of jimbob and sent him flying across the room. His head spun as he gasped for breath. The monster was atop of him, snarling and snapping at him. Its bloodly saliva dripping on his face as he struggled to not throw up. He immediately tossed the guantlet aside and wrung the creature that was El Niño's neck and tossed it back across the room. It giggled, thinking it had the advantage. But before it could activate its shield Jimbob threw a hard right into its jaw, once again sending it tumbling over. " Get up you bastard", he said fighting back pangs of pain coursing throughout his body.

Turtle stance -15
Punchit broken, but had 1 more charge had it not been damaged
Natural defense down

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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The ghoul hissed, balling its grisly fists in a similar manner to jimbob. Jimbob on the otherhand threw his arms back and let out a feral roar at the ghoul. His body momentarily being engulfed in the aura of a raging bear. His eyes had a tinge of crimson as he lunged at El Niño with his arms held close to his body. The monster tried to throw a blow at him,but he caught hit it first to the gut, sending it reeling back. It in turn growled and struck jimbob, who even with his guard up staggered a bit. Thoughts of akane flowed back into the forefront of his mind. He took another blow this time nearly falling to the ground. With a sudden zeal he tripped over himself once or twice and threw a punch right back at the ghoul.

The ghoul didn't recoil this time,but this let jimbob strike his stomach while its arms covered its head and chest. It fell forward as he threw a grisly elbow into his spine, sending a loud audible crack resounding through the room. The ghoul did not fall as he wrapped its arms around jimbob and slammed him into the wall. Its grip was powerful, tightening unhindered despite jimbobs fledging efforts. He felts his breath escaping him and his heart race. The thought of the people he left behind, the thought of akane surging to the forefront. He bent over slightly and grabbed its sides. Practically ripping it from its vicehold grip on him, he lifted it over his head and threw it outside of the lab.

The monster took only a moment to regain its composure as jimbob felt a wave of pain coursing from his ribcage. As the monster punched he fought through his doubts and pain, cocked his right arm and met the monster blow for blow. " Get out of my way"! He roared at it. Each blow making him more desperate, his arms feeling as they were going to splinter any moment as the monstrous scientist fought back unphased by its own efforts. Pushed to the brink jimbob felt his world melt away, everyone fading at that very moment.

Why do they matter?

The next blow was going to break his arm and leave him defenseless, this jimbob was sure of.

Is this it?

As the ghoul raced forward, mouth still salivating and eyes widening as if it believed this was the end instinctively, jimbob clenched his fist tighter.

No! Fuck this monster! Fuck this island! Fuck those people! I need to find akane and move on!

Just then jimbob motioned for what he beleived to be his last swing. As he threw the punch he noticed a jetblack rapidly climbing up his arm through his torn sleeve. With no time to comprehend the situation the blow met El Niño's, but did not falter. Instead of his arm breaking, the ghoulish scientist's had broken. His fist still moving unabated connected with his opponent's jaw. The monster for the first time fell backwards, howling in agony as jimbob raised his own armed over his head and slammed the beast overhead with both arms with all his might. The thunderous crash resulting from the blood sent debris flying in all directions, the sound of cracking stone reverberated throughout the empty corridor.

For a moment jimbob stood frozen over the scientist, expecting him to lunge back at him at any moment. But it didn't move, El Niño lied motionless on the ground in a crater of his own blood and dirt. The monster was down and a wave of relieve washed over him as he fell to his knees, ignoring the corpse. That's when a looming shadow approached him, billy was standing over him with armed with the energy pistol.

The face was different,but the cold expression El Niño had at the dock was written on his face. That's when jimbob noticed the scar on his temple and a messed up toothy grin formed on his face. " I'm not going to kill you boy. I want to see what exactly you can achieve before taking my prize". Jimbob tried to rise,but his body wouldn't move. " Don't get up. The townsfolk will be here soon jimmyboi. hue hue heuk huek khjek", the man formly known as billy said as he coughed and left the scene. Out from the shadows was akane followed by a few others, covered in blood. " HEY STUPID"!

Even in the dim light he could see the tears streaking down her face as wore an expression riddled with grief and relief at the same time. " help---me".

Bear stance -15
Pulverize -25

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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