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1 The First Of Many Adventures on Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:54 pm

12:15 PM
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Ecstatic. That would be the appropriate way to describe Chasity as she disembarked from the boat that had transported her from Orange Town to Logue Town with nothing but a big smile on her face and a hop in her step. It was understandable considering this town was the first of many she was visiting on her tour of the four blues and this was her first time in a place not named Orange Town. Though she had never been in the town before now, she had heard stories from her father and so, she wasn’t completely ignorant about the place. She even had a short list of places she wished to visit whilst she wondered the town and with a plan to stick around for at least three days, there was no doubt in her mind that she would be able to see all the tourist attractions.

After she spent a moment to admire the town and take a deep breath, Chasity entered the town. Though looking for a place to stay for the next three days was on her list of things to do, it was sort of in the middle. At the top? Visiting the exact location where Kenzo was executed. She had heard a lot about the location, the stories of Logue Town her father told her usually circle back to that event, so she was naturally intrigued. She’d make finding a place to stay for the night a priority after lunch, if she could remember to do that.

First, she needed to get directions to where the execution was held and for that she would need to ask one of the locals. Luckily for her, Chasity was far from quiet and shy, so finding someone to talk to wouldn’t be hard and perhaps she’ll make a friend while she was at it. It took no more than a minute for her to find somebody that looked knowledgeable of the area and she approached them from the side with no hesitation.

“Neh, can ya point me towards Kenzo’s execution spot.”

She said as she waved her hand, stopping just out of arms reach of the stranger.

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2 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:00 pm




Logue Town, the island famous for the execution of one of the former Yonko, was one of the many destinations that the medical samurai, Marcel had on his list of the East Blue. Law looked up to the wooden sign at the entrance with little to no interest on his face. He had his katana, Master's Will safety sheathed and attached to his left hip and his iron chest plate hidden underneath his shirt.

Marcel walked into the town as a small breeze picked up, causing his cloak to sway a little in the rhythm of the wind. Marcel looked around at his surroundings as well as the different kinds of people who called this island their home. He may have been in the Blues for a while now, but Marcel still couldn't help but feel out of place in these new waters. Perhaps his Wano blood still hasn't gotten use to this new world. Some of the citizens gave Marcel dirty and suspicious looks while others whispered amongst each other. "Hmph." Marcel mumbled to himself in a low voice as he turned his head to the front.

This was his first time getting these kinds of reactions but didn't care much of it. He did look pretty suspicious due to his attire so it was to be expected. As he continued walking, Marcel noticed a blonde girl who appeared to be in her teens standing by, looking around. Law simply kept looking straight as he was about to walk past her until he was stopped by that very girl.

He turned his head to face her, a bit surprised that she wasn't giving him any dirty look or trying to shy away from him. He shook his head slowly and crossed his arms as he continued looking to the front saying, "I am also looking for it as well." He then dropped his arms to the side and continued walking, holding one of his arms up as if he were waving her goodbye while saying, "I apologize if I wasn't much help."

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3 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:08 am

To say she didn’t know what she had expected from asking a complete stranger directions to an execution spot would be a lie. But saying she hadn’t expected the man to say he was also in search of it in wave her off would be true. With nothing but assumptions tucked under her belt, Chasity had thought he would know and point her in the direction, she would ask if he could her there personally since she didn’t want to get lost and he would oblige. Him walking off was definitely not a part of any plans she had whipped up in her head, so she was a little taken back.

She watched him for a solid seven seconds before snapping out of her stupor and running after him. Now, she may have left him alone if he hadn’t said he was looking for the exact same place she was, but then again Chasity had a knack of forcing social interactions with people regardless of their feelings. This dark-haired man, whatever his name may be, would be no different.

“Hey, wait!”

She said loudly as she arrived to the left of him. She was no longer running, but she was walking briskly, taking three steps for every one he made. Chasity looked up at him, paying little attention to the road up ahead.

“Why don’t we look for the execution spot together, mister? I am Chasity, by the way.”

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4 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:30 pm



Marcel placed his arm back down to his side, hiding it within his cloak with the other as he continued to walk. Why was that little girl not afraid of him or giving him a dirty look? It may have been possible that she wasn't native to these blues as well considering that she didn't seem to know her way around this island. The samurai simply shrugged it off and continued his walk. The smell of salt in the air was pretty annoying, but Marcel had to bare with it. To think being on these islands for years would have made him use to this, it sure hasn't.

Marcel sighed and continues his pace until he heard a familiar voice call out to him, telling him to wait. Marcel glanced over his shoulder to see that the girl was running up to him. He sighed and faced forehead as the girl attempted to keep up with him. He couldn't see it, but he felt the girl's eyes gazing up to him. She then suggested that they should look for the execution spot together before introducing herself. Marcel glanced down to her, a bit surprised that she wanted to tag along with him. Sure, they were going to the same destination, but given how everyone else on this island was giving him the cold shoulder and avoiding him like the plague, he'd think that the girl would be no different.

However, Marcel may be quiet and keeps to himself, he still isn't a rude person. "Mar..." before he could finish telling Chasity his name, from the corner of his eye, Marcel noticed an incoming runaway horse carriage coming towards the girl as people nearby screamed. Without a second thought, the samurai quickly grabbed Chasity by the arm and pulled her out of harm's way, but then fell on his back in the process.

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5 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:19 pm

Chasity was pleased. Anyone with half a brain would be able to infer that from the obnoxiously large smile on her face and for a good reasons. She got a name out of the tall, darkly dressed man that had so rudely waved her off earlier without a fight or needing to ask twice. Sure, Mar didn’t sound like a complete name, but it was good enough for her and she would not press him any further than she had already on that specific subject.

She was oblivious to her surroundings, her attention glued to Mar and so she didn’t hear the sound of a runaway horse drawn carriage or the screams of a few people until it was too late. Time seemed to slow down for Chasity has she turned her head towards the threat, her eyes growing wide as she stood frozen, her mind frozen in shock. She would’ve, no doubt, been seriously harmed or killed because she gawked instead of moving out of the way, but Mar’s saved her from what could’ve been a lengthy stay at the local hospital or an early death.

With the force used to yank her out of the way, Mar ended up falling onto his back with Chasity on top of him. It took her a moment for her mind to catch up and determine she wasn’t one with the dirt road. It also took it a moment to register that she was on top of her companion for the day. She perked up immediately, pushing her hands against Mar’s chest as she looked into his eyes and blurted out, “thanks.”

She got on her feet pretty quickly, offering Mar’s assistance. Now, one may feel a little sheepish in this situation, avoiding eye contact with their savior due to embarrassment, but not Chasity. No, she was more worried about rather or not Mar’s hurt himself, totally forgetting she almost died since she wasn’t injured in any way.

“Are you okay?”

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6 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:32 pm



Marcel watched as the carriage kept on going until it was out of distance. He then sighed in relief as he turned his head to face back up, just now noticing that Chasity was on top of him. "No problem." he responded to Chasity's gratitude as looked her back in the eyes. As soon as she got off him, he sat up and looked up to Chasity who was offering him assistance. "I'm fine." he said as he got up by himself. Thankfully, he was wearing his chest plate underneath his attire, so he didn't really feel anything, but he was a bit concerned about Chasity since she landed on his chest plate.

Marcel looked in the direction of where the carriage went. People around the area were just as confused and talking amongst themselves about what just happened. Somebody then came running in from the direction of where the carriage came from. It was no doubt that he was the driver of that runaway death machine. The samurai watched him run past and shook his head. "How someone like that was able to acquire a carriage is beyond me." Marcel said in a low, annoyed tone before looking towards Chasity.

"I believe I didn't finish my introduction." Marcel said to her as he inspected her body, looking for any bruises, scrapes or signs of pain. "It's Marcel." he said as he continued looking around her. He was very concerned about her well being most likely due to him being a doctor. "You should really be more careful."

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7 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:47 pm

She’d probably feel the effects of landing on a chest plate tomorrow, but for now, Mar’s concerned glances were just confusing to Chasity. She wasn’t the one who had one hundred and six pounds of girl fall on him. She didn’t say anything though, chalking it up to an adult being concerned for the safety of a child as they were prone to do.

To her credit, she didn’t feel slighted when Mar’s decided that he could get back on his feet without her assistance. She knew she wouldn’t have been of much help to begin with thanks to her small fram, but it was the gesture that mattered. She didn’t bother commenting on his comment on the irresponsible carriage owner, simply nodding her in agreement then shaking it as if she couldn’t fathom who would hand such a person a license to own anything. It was a good thing she didn’t butt in since Mar’s finished his introduction, fully introducing himself as Marcel - which proved Chasity’s theory that Mar’s wasn’t his full name.

“Nice to meet you, Marcel.”

She said, a grin on her face and a chipper tone to her voice. A tone of voice that would vanish in favour of a more serious one, her smile falling from her face as she stood at attention saluted Marcel. But she would only be able to hold it long enough to say, “yes sir,” before the smile was back on her face. Now that the danger that was the carriage was gone and her stern talking out of the way, Chasity thought it was high time the two got back to their original objective - play where’s Waldo in Logue Town.

She hopped to his left side, looking up at him with that big smile for a second before turning her eyes on the road. Sure, she was very excited right now, but one close call with death was all she was going to have today and to make sure she didn’t have another brush with the entity, she thought paying attention would be a good start. That and staying on the other side of Marcel, closer to the buildings, so he didn’t have to yank her out of harms way again.

“Off to see the wizard!”

She proclaimed before confidently marching down the street.

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8 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:41 pm



This girl seemed a bit too upbeat. Marcel couldn't help but to smirk as he watched her salute him. At least she wasn't injured or worse which the medical samurai believed matter the most. He watched as she hoped to his side, indicating that they should begin their search once again. He then raised an eyebrow at the teen's last comment before she began to march with Marcel simply walking next to her.

Marcel continued to look forward as his arms were once again hidden in his cloak. The people looking towards the two, mainly Marcel grew even more suspicious of the samurai while others became confused by the sudden companionship of the cheerful girl. Marcel ignored their glares and looks of fear as they kept walking. As they continued to walk, the samurai noticed a bakery coming up and slowly changed his direction to there, hoping that they could find directions there. He opened the door and allowed Chasity to go in first before walking in behind her.

It seemed pretty cheerful in this establishment. People were sitting around in tables, sharing conversations, laughs, and sweets, but as soon as the door closed, most of the people turn towards the pirate and just watched him. The bakery went from joyful to dead silent in a heartbeat. Marcel didn't make eye contact with any of the customers and just simply walked up to the counter, the footsteps being easily heard due to the complete silence. "Y-Yes, may I help you two?" the cashier asked, hesitantly.

Marcel was about to ask for information, but glanced down at the sweets on display before looking towards Chasity. He then looked back to the cashier as his stomach growled a little. Marcel sighed before turning his attention back towards Chasity. "Would you like anything from here?" the samurai asked as his stomach growled again, causing one of his eyes to twitch a little in embarrassment.

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9 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:11 pm

Slow. That was probably what the people of Logue Town thought of Chasity as she merrily skipped at Marcel’s side. And they would be correct for the fourteen-year-old had never been good at reading the atmosphere or people in general, at least not as quickly as everyone else was able to. So, whilst the people had been giving her companion looks that would set any normal person’s alarm bells off, she wouldn’t realize until the encounter with the cashier.

Though visiting a local shop hadn’t been on Chasity’s agenda, she walked into the quaint shop. Her reason for being there? Absolutely unknown to the blonde, her companion having failed to mention he believed someone in the establishment may know of the place they both sought. Yet, she was very happy that he had taken them on this detour for the sweets on display made her mouth water and though she was not hungry, she could definitely consume something. One problem, she really hadn’t the money to spend on delicacy. She had money for boat fare, lodging, and food.

Lucky for her, Marcel pretty much offered to buy her something and since she wasn’t the sort of person to look a gifted horse in the mouth, she immediately pointed at a slice of chocolate cake. Now, she didn’t know the specifics of the cake, but it looked like chocolate and that was enough for Chasity.

She grinned at Marcel before glancing over at the cashier, who was, oddly enough, acting weird. Now that she thought about it, the shop had grown eerily quiet since the two walked in and she couldn’t help but check why. Their attention seemed to be on her companion, but the reason was lost on her. So, Chasity decided to ignore them, turning her attention back to Marcel with a smile on her face. She had intentions of asking him why everyone was staring at him so weirdly once they left, but for now…

“All the chocolate in the world. Don’t you agree, Marcel?”

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10 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:24 am



Marcel smiled a little at the girl with a small nod before looking back to the nervous cashier without saying anything because he knew that he heard her. The cashier looked at Marcel for a moment before ducking down to get the chocolate cake as well as other types of chocolates, placing them neatly in a bag. The cashier handed Marcel the bag with his visibly shaking hand in which the samurai took before gently giving it to Chasity.

"Before I pay you, I need some information on a specific location." Marcel demanded in a soft but stern tone as he crossed his arms. The cashier slowly nodded as the other customers looked on in silence. Where might this little girl and I find the execution sight of a former yonko?" the samurai said which caused some of the customers to gasp a little. It is as if the gravity of this situation grew even heavier than before.

The cashier looked at the two with a bit of shock before giving them the directions. It seemed rather simple with the only problem being that they would have to go past a marine base which caused Marcel to take a deep breathe before passing the cashier some beli. He then turned around and gestured to Chasity that they were leaving. A marine base? Giving how the citizens were giving him a shady look, who knows how the marines will react.

Suddenly, the sound of grumbling broke his conversation. The grumbling sound, was his stomach. Marcel sighed a little as he just now remembered that he didn't buy himself anything but there was no turning back, Marcel just had to see the sight.

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11 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:13 pm

She was definitely watching now. The cashier’s fear of her companion was clear for everyone as slow to notice stuff as Chasity to see. The only thing that stumped her was why the cashier was being, dare she say, obnoxiously afraid of Marcel. If he was a bad person that terrorized these blues, surely she would’ve heard about him in one of her father’s many stories. Perhaps it was his family people seemed afraid of, though she couldn’t be certain of that since she only got a first name. But, she guessed it could explain the irrational fear the residents had towards Marcel.

“Thank you!”

She chirped as she took the bag from Marcel. She peeked inside for no more than five seconds and she was tempted to consume her treat right then and there, but she managed to exercise self-control. Besides, she would just eat her cake when they were on the road again. In-between mouthfuls of chocolate, she would interrogate him. It was a sound plan to Chasity, she just needed to avoid getting distracted. It was easier said than done. Her father had told her she always had the attention span of a gold fish and not much has changed through the years.

It was time to go. Chasity waved goodbye to the occupants before stepping back onto the streets of Logue Town only to hear one thing as they walked away from the shop. The sound of a very upset stomach, courtesy of Marcel. She didn’t resist the urge to giggle. There was really no point in doing so. Since he was kind enough to buy her cake, she would be kind enough to share it. She held the bag up.

“We can share, but…”

She trailed off, a devilish smile spread across her face.

“After you tell me why the cashier was scared. Deal?”

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12 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:31 pm



Marcel rubbed his stomach a little as they walked. You'd think he wouldn't be the type of person to forget to get food for himself but I suppose he is the type of person to put the needs of someone younger than him over his own. Chasity saying, “We can share, but…” suddenly got the samurai's attention, causing him to turn around and look down at the girl.

He then saw the devilish smile and knew that whatever the catch was, wasn't going to be so good. She would then make a deal with him, saying that she will share if he explains to her why the cashier was scared. "Hmm.." Marcel hummed a little as he continued to face forward. "Perhaps he saw a ghost?" Marcel replied in an unsure tone. He honestly wasn't too sure why anyone was looking at him like a monster. The only conclusion he could come up with was that he looked very out of place here. He is from another country after all.

His facial expression appeared that he was in deep thought but didn't get distracted. He was still maneuvering around people and objects as if he were paying full attention to his surroundings but his face would say otherwise. He didn't even care about the food anymore, he wanted to know himself. Why do people like at him so differently. The two passed under a bridge which was in their route to finding the sight then a market district that sold all sorts of things which the samurai would normally do some window shopping and occasionally buy something, but not now. He even forgot about the marine base that he was somewhat worried about passing which was coming up real soon.

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13 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:21 pm

Chasity narrowed her eyes. It was clear that she didn’t trust him initially, the girl feeling like her companion should be fully aware of why everyone treated him poorly. Annoyance at this fact would’ve been the emotion she jumped, but something told her he genuinely didn’t know. So, she decided that she would assist him in figuring that out as she took a bite out of the cake, quickly handing it to Marcel.

She inspected him closely. She determined she hadn’t seen him on any recent wanted posters nor heard of him, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t done something deemed wrong in the eyes of the people. Chasity wouldn’t immediately jump to him being a bad person, maybe somebody who made a mistake whilst on the island and just didn’t realize it. Pirate was out of the question since the stories she had heard about them made them out to be the worst people to ever walk the earth and Marcel was the opposite of that.

There was a chance he was simply acting, but she didn’t want to think ill of her companion. She’ll ask him, she hadn’t made her dislike for all things pirate known, or at least she didn’t, and that could definitely be used to her advantage if he didn’t catch on.

“Hm. Are you a loan shark?”

She asked nonchalantly. She stared at him for a moment before grinning.

“People don’t like those.”

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14 Re: The First Of Many Adventures on Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:58 am



Marcel began to look towards some of the buildings as he continued to think, unaware of Chasity's suspicious looks. He would then begin to look forward before something at the corner of his eyes caught his attention. He looked down to see that Chasity was giving him some of her cake which he nearly forgot about. He looked at it then to the girl. "No, no it's fi-" the samurai said before being interrupted by his stomach yet again.

He glanced away in embarrassment and took a piece of the cake, and began to eat it. He then watched as Chasity inspected him while also getting some cake crumbs around his mouth. He wasn't too surprised at it considering how he didn't give the girl a good answer to her question. She then asked the samurai if he were a loan shark before giving him a grin. "Hmm?" was all he could say due to his mouth being full of cake.

"People don't like those." was what she said next. Marcel swallowed his piece of cake and said, "I'm more of a lone wolf." jokingly but with a stern look on his face. Suddenly, a loud "HEY" caused the samurai to pause. He glanced behind him to see two regular marine officers walking up towards him before shifting his eyes to see that they are right in front of the marine base they were suppose to pass. Marcel turned his head to face forward again but remained still. He slowly placed one of his hands on the hilt of his sheathed katana but stopped himself from unsheathing it as he glanced over to Chasity. He took a deep breathe and let go of the hilt, waiting to see what the marines had to say.

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