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Task Name:Greasy adventures Chapter 2: Pirate's den huh?
Location:Pirate's den
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Jimbob explores his indefinite home for the time being. It was liberty he sought out when choosing a place such as pirate's den.But the question is, was it too much liberty?  
Enemy Details: 1 tier 3 wolf dog, 5 tier 2 wolf dogs. 10 tier 2 pirates, 3 tier 3 pirates
Boss: Yes

Boss Name:Big bubba
Tier: 3
Devil Fruit: no
Haki: None
Equipment:A giant mechanical boomerang
Strength: 4
Durability: 3
Perception: 2

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Days later
Jimbob awoke in a daze,his body burned like a brick and his mind hazy. As he sat up in his dingy stained cot, he held his ears for each movement was like a drum banging in his ears. He winced and looked around. There was no sign of the ship or the harbor's frigid breeze. There were no angry pirates or a rickety ship to struggle just to stand on. All of it was gone and he was holed up in a dark room. The oppressive blackness enveloped everything, hiding its faded wall paper or the creaky splintered floor boards. He held his arm out and twisted it to and fro, half expecting it to be chopped off or burdened by his invention. His first few steps were labored and unsteady,but he managed to leave the room and was bathed in a bright sterile light.

Sitting at a dingy window was a lone man dressed in plain attire, white long sleeve shirt, slacks and a lab coat which nearly reached the floor. He was sitting alone in what looked like a lab, which reeked of blood and other bodily fluids. His viles and beakers were charred by his misguided experiments. The man himself reeked of cigarette smoke, a strong lingering scent which pervaded the entire chamber.

He looked up Jim from his book and tilted his head toward his invention. It still had signs of damage from his previous fight, chipped and in some placed dent as if it were hit by a truck. On the inside he still smelled his blood which stained its insides. " I'm surprised you're up so soon kid. I figured you'd be out fer another week". Jimbob scooped up his belongings and chuckled, " Arm's still a bit off. But I'll live". He didn't respond, content with reading his book. Jimbob waited a few more moments, wondering if perhaps he owed him something for what he guessed was saving his life and his arm. Alas nothing, it was as if he didn't exist anymore. As Jimbob left the man said, " I'm doctor fritz. Don't do anything stupid, kid". Jimbob nodded and headed off and out of the run down ship.

Yes Jimbob was finding this out just now, that he was inside a rundown ship or rather, the interior of one anyways. As he stepped out, he was greeted by a cloudy overhead sky. All around him he could see the hustle and bustle of a city for the first time. Jaya itself was relatively busy in that pirates from all around the Grandline stopped by there before heading to jaya,but this was different. He had to weave in and out of numerous people, occasionally having to sit out in an alleyway or some roadside stand to avoid blowing up out of frustration in the busy mid day crowd. But when he had a moment to look back at the towering mountain of ships behind him, he could see thousands of ships. He didn't really believe it,but this city was build from an amalgam of other ships. Marine ships and various pirate ships of all shapes and sizes formed the streets, walkways and builds of shipwreck cove.

After paying his tab at the burger stand he settled on for lunch, he ended up at a dock where they had all sorts of power tools and what not. The owner agreed to let him use their equipment for a small fee, one which he gladly forked over. Alone in his little garage set aside from him, he began to work on his Punchit V-121.


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Jimbob surveyed his surroundings, taking a look at what was probably going to be his home for a while. Using some of the funds he had left over, he managed to find a perfect place to hole up. It certainly wasn't pretty as it was rather dusty with most of its tools which grown rusty from disuse. The floor was dingy, splattered with oil and littered with debris. Light struggling to peep through the one lone window caked with a thick later of dust and dirt. He stepped forth and began to inspect his tools, finding them to be rather adequate. Those that required power such as an automatic drill seemed to be in working order. The buzz saw whirred and his automatic drill spun. Perhaps it was a slight struggle,but nothing seemed to be inoperable. He also examined his tools that were readily available to him, several having a hint of orange indicating rust. He tapped the brick wall, expecting it to splinter with just a little force applied to it. However again, it seemed like most of his tools were in fact in working order. He nodded his head and headed out to the courtyard from there.

The dock he was located at was at the far end of the business district. It was not a pretty place,but it was full of lively chitter chatter and had plenty of business despite its appearance. The owner's main garage was professionally equipped and up to date,but those small spaces he rented out were merely his old gear back when he was first starting out. Though Jimbob wasn't a shipwright, the owner wanted to see what he could do with his inventions. Thus as a temporary conditional requirement, he needed to provide results or skiddaddle as he put it. Thus he set out to acquire some iron for his next idea which he drew up mostly in his head,but was inspired by his sudden desire for a grunt worker. He figured the easiest way to get the old man's favor was to make him a grunt that could lessen the load off his workers.

Upon arriving at scrap yard for dubious materials, he ended up in a massive line. As he waited he noticed there were plenty of fliers around looking for people to take on some odd jobs. Some jobs were weird, as they were described as companionship offers. While others were more legitimate, such as being a dock worker or being a hired arm if you could win a local tournament. Jim ripped that flier off for safe keeping,but also saw one concerning a pack of wolf dogs. He shook his head though, remembering his annoying days with handling animals. The last thing he wanted was to deal with a job like that, even if he was sure it would be no big deal.Upon reaching the front of the line he was met by grouchy salty looking bastard.

Scruffy mustache, strained eyes and wrinkly skin. He glared at jimbob who was taken aback for just a brief moment as he stepped up to make his request. " Uh yea, can I get iron and perhaps some scraps of steel"? The old man scratched his chin and snapped his fingers, " Aye you heard the man ya god dman freeloader! Get a moving before I shove my boot up yer candy asses"! His workers timidly nodded their heads, four to five teens pulled out 2 beams of iron and steel. Jim nervously took them off the kid's shoulders quite literally and slung down on his own. " Thanks kiddos", he mummured. They smiled and nodded, but were brought back to the moment because of their boss and his slave driving tone.

Jimbob nodded and headed off with his goods when he suddenly had a chill run up is spine. instinctively turning around, he was greeted by an endless crowd of shoppers and dock workers coming and going, nothing out of the ordinary as far as he could tell. " uhh huha ha guess it was nothing" he said out loud as he headed back.


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Back in his den, Jimbob tossed aside his materials for his new projects. Some of it was the materials he formally bought at a near by shop. Others were things he found lying in the street or from nearby junkyards. Much of his materials were actually coming from stuff people didn't want at the dock and would require manpower to get rid of. So naturally Jimbob took advantage of whatever he could get his hands on. But back in his little garage he sort of felt his breathing become erratic from excitement. His head was flowing with ideas as he equipped the necessary safety gear and started to shape his materials.

For hours on end the sound of metal being cut,seared and pounded into oblivion filled the yard. It was something most workers around there didn't expect from a fellow with a limp, someone who just came out of nowhere as he postulated himself for a work area.But there he was in his little room working tirelessly for god knows how long as some put it. For slight moments the working would stop as jimbob grabbed more material lying outside of his shop. But only for that moment as he began to shape the body of his imagined robot. It wasn't what he expected,but the general design was there. After a night's worth of work he was starting to see the humanoid body was starting to form. Being someone who has issues with focusing on one project, he often switched to his others as well.

For his Punchit invention, he was starting to find that reducing the size of the invention was growing to be some what of a hassle. He never anticipated reducing the size of his machines would be such a burden. Although he was able to change the shape of his machines and even improve upon them, there still was a sense of frustration lingering. As he shaped the pistons and carved out custom made gears, many of them turned out to be too big or too small. Getting exact measurements on a machine he was building from scratch with no other point of reference often drove him to the point of insanity. But then he remembered the words of his aunt, " Your job isn't to worry about what's happening out there. Your purpose isn't to linger on these feelings of inadequacy Jimmyboi. If there's a wall, you surmount it. If there's a problem with your machine, nothing else matters. NOT-HING". Her words resounded in his mind as he picked himself back up and ignored everything else to continue forward. Again he began to pound down upon heated metals, continuing to forge the necessary components for punchit. From the small gears to newer efficient water holding tanks made of whale bone. He didn't stop for anything, even his own fatigue, hunger or thirst.

It was around mid day on the second day in which he finally finished his punchit's upgrades when a familiar voice entered his room. " Hey  jimmy, how's it going"? Jimbob didn't respond as he stood hunched over his newest invention idea, but couldn't quite figure out what was wrong.She even stood on his shoulders, squating over to see the machine jimbob was so fixated on creating. She looked toward its torso's cavity and pointed, " Jimmy open yer eyes and take a look at storage compartment. It's too narrow, you should take extra time to make it conform to the very edges of its chest to give it enough room for storage. Oh and the hinges are all wrong". She reached down and picked up one of the gears that interlocked to make them work, " See they're all different sizes. It'd be much easier if you standardized them first. You could even save some material if you made the edges rounded so they don't get stuck together".

Jimbob stared for a second, noticing these flaws he hand't even noticed due to complacency and being too familiar with his machines. He punched the table, making everything rattle. Akane startled by this leapt off and took a defensive stance by the door. He began to power up his blow torch once more while drawing up revised schmatics. " Thanks Akane, appreciate the help". Is all he managed to say before delving back into his work. She giggled under her breath and left him alone, leaning against the door glad to see he hadn't the slightest clue for what was going on at jaya. Suddenly his not knowing anything from their initial voyage made sense. But she was relieved he was able to also grab the food she set on the table when lecturing him, taking that first bite of the sandwich was a relief.

It was around the third day of working when Jimbob was approaching the completion of his robot when he smiled cracked a smile. The machine he creaked and its movements stiff and unruly. Its eyes were like black holes, deep and dark with the exception of the steam billowing from them. The little robot sat there, motionless and still as it stared toward its master. Jimbob went to pat its head when the heat just inches before it was starting to sear his skin. " Ahaha little guy, let's get you turned off. I think...I'll call you humanity...water--baby---uh erm, bot". That's when a knock beat against his door.

As jimbob answered his door he was met by the dock owner and an angry mob behind him. Jimbob shielded his eyes as the light flooded in, to find them coming closer. The boss man with his eccentric straw hat and beard held out a hand toward the crowd. A crowd that moments before looked as if they'd try to tear jimbob apart, stood back and even took a few paces away just for good measure. Boss man peered under jimbob's arm to see a mess of charred metal, smoke and the robot sitting at his desk with its eery gaze. " jimbob...".

Upgrade for punchit complete
Humanity water baby bot halfway done

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" Listen uhh, jim please try to not work like a frantic lunatic. These folks here were going to storm your place if I didn't stop em". Jimbob didn't know how to respond exactly,but he scratched his head and nodded trying not to let it get to him. " We like hardworkers here boy,but you've been in here for nearly three days. There days of work that was starting to spook customers and workers alike". Jimbob peered out to find that the crowd was in fact a bunch of normal people and not a bunch of crazies with pitchforks and torches. " Sorry if I disturbed any of ya. Was just excited about my stuff and all that jazz". From the crowd a bunch of others bowed their heads and other insisted on apologizing too. " Yea 1 day of work is fine. Not like 5 in a row guy"! Several others in the crowd nodded their heads and agreed, leaving jimbob with no other choice but to nod his head and happily agree. With that being said, he was left alone again and the sunset was hanging low in the sky. He solemnly lit a cigarette and headed out for the night.

As he looked out toward the mountainous city that stood before him, he saw a mess that only seemed to come out at night. Just like Jaya it was probably frowned upon to fight within city limits despite it being an island of pirates,but he could still hear the sounds of fighting on the wind. The sounds of screams, the muffled sound of flesh being battered in the dark. He could only imagine what types of things went on in the dark of lawful areas. So he shuttered to think what would happen in a pirate controlled island. He did his best to keep his head down in the crowd still up even at night and headed for the biggest source of light in the city.

It was the bar at the base of the pirate's den, aptly named "The den". The closer he got to the bar, the more scanks he found at street corners. The closer he got to the bar, the more attractive some of them seemed he thought, but so too did the people hanging around there. Hobo looking fellas swarmed the place asking for change, rather aggressively. Fights were plenty around this knack of the woods, so to were the more unsavory pirates.


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Jimbob was met with a cloud of smoke that filled his nostrils and immediately overpowered his senses. He waved his hands around to clear the way as he entered the den, which was filled with chaos. Loud music complemented the cheers of dunken joy and the simultaneous sobbing and distraught of the den's less hospitable patrons. However despite anyone's demeanor the waitresses were all beautiful and cheerful, greeting everyone with a smile and cheering up even the most haggard of drunks. A couple of them greeted jimbob with a few customer's orders and pouts, wondering where he'd been the whole night. " uhh haha I don't work here ladies, excuse me", he said, backing away.

They saw him back off and grabbed the edge of his collars, " Ahh 'mon mister won't you have one drink, pwease"? Jimbob never being good at saying no to a relatively cute girl, nodded his head and took a seat at main bar waiting for his drink.He slouched a bit and ended up catching the drink sliding toward him. The barkeep winked oddly at him, with an offputting amount of enthusiasm. He just waved back and started to down his drink. One drink became two and two became four before he found himself peering into his mug, wondering what the hell he was ingesting. The pungent smell coupled with the awful taste made him sick to his stomach. That's when a fellow came barging in the den, frantic and panicked. " P--p-please someone, anyone. someone help"

His words fell mostly on deaf ears as the crowd continue to enjoy themselves unabated for the most part. A few more aggressive ones shoved him away. He slid across the floor ending up right in front of jimbob who was ignoring the situation. He was a middle aged fellow with bags under his eyes and aged features beyond his years. " won't you help me mister"? Jimbob's eyes peered at him before returning forward into nothing. " Please sir". he gripped jimbob's stool weakly before slouching on the ground limply. He was never a cold person,but rather he developed a natural inclination for suspicion for these types of people. The sort who prey on you after tugging at your heart strings were always the most dangerous bunch.He knew from his experience on jaya that many people both saved themselves by ignoring the pleas of a stranger,but on the flip side, many have gotten hurt because some people really needed help. He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol or if he needed to harden his heart. But something in that guy's eyes made him listen to his story. A story concerning wolves.


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It wasn't long before Jimbob was heading back home to pick up a few things. As he walked the fellow had a grateful demeanor,but against his better judgement, jim decided to help him. According to the man's story there was pack of wolves which attacked his lifestock on the outskirts of town. His young son armed with the family gun ran after them into the night and hasn't come back since. The two of them not too long after meeting eachother were crossing a rickety suspension bridge leading out of the main city. Jim fiddled with his newly upgraded toy, the punchit v-1.3-1.

Truth be told, he wasn't entirely sure how it'd work. But when he clasped his fingers, so too did the gloves'. It still rumbled like an idle lawnmower and was in many ways like handling a brick strapped to his arm. However he did outfit it with a bunch of upgrades, including one where it fit more comfortably around his arm and didn't need to be gripped in an perpetual fist to not fall off.

The two of them walked for a short while beyond the city limits, leading into a dark forest only only bits of moonlight shining through the canopy to light the way. " So how much further, where's yer ranch"? The once nervous wreck had an occupied expression, one jim couldn't make out in the dim moonlight. " Oh ahh yes we're almost there, almost... there", he said as his voice started to trail off. " huh, hey where are ya"?

Left alone in the dark he looked around, scanning the area for the one who brought him out there. " Hey where are you...damn" he muttered under his breath as someone came into view as the clouds overhead moved out of the moon's light, to reveal a band of men who had him surrounded. The slight click of a gun being cocked filled the air, causing jim to freeze. There were four or five as far as he could tell, perhaps more as they closed in on him with sloppy aggressive stances. Even to the untrained eye, they were like a pack of hyenas with the exception of what could be described as their leader. Bearing a massive scar across his face, he grinned as his eyes narrowed on jimbob. " haha oi you really must be stupid. Drop the freakish glove and keep yer hands where I can see em".


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Jimbob reached for the strap on his glove as the fellow drew closer with his gun. " Alright take it off boi", he said with a sneering grin. With his gun he gestured to one of his partners to take the punchit from him. The scruffy fellow took it in both hands as jimbob carefully let it fall into his hands. The fellow's face became strained as the weight of the punchit encumbered him. In that split second Jimbob grabbed him by the nape of his neck and held him in front of himself as a human shield. Taken aback he hesitated to fire, letting Jim ram his assailants into a tree trunk. The tree shook violently, giving  Jim's clothing a new coat of red. He hastily grabbed his gadget and ran for the tree line, leaving the others who were inn momentary shock stunned. Another took charge, " What the fuck y'all doing, get to it"! His voice roared through the silent forest, where only the sound of his labored breathing and heavy footsteps could be heard for miles.

One fellow popped out of nowhere armed with a curved blade. Jim quickly strapped the gadget to his arm and parried the overhead slash, sending the man flying into a wall with a loud audible crack. He heard a gunshot, followed by the sound of heavy breathing from his pursuers. Jimbob was no stranger to dealing with these types of people,but he was all alone in a place he was unfamiliar with.  

After a short chase he found himself cornered in a rocky hill terrain, his back against the wall and surrounded by shadow. There were seven men emerging from the shadows including the weasel who lured him out there. They were brandishing their swords, tossing their guns aside when they found they were out of ammo. " You little punk, you think you can do this kind of shit to our guys and get away with it"? Looking closer he also found scars on most of these people, grisly scars as if they were carved with a rusted and splintered blade. " hah ahha haha, was worth a shot considering my circumstances...". Sweat dripping from his forehead jimbob raised his fists as his would be attackers closed in upon him. Without much thought one ran to jim with his sword held at his sides, thrusting towards his body. Another leaping through the air horizontally slashing toward him.

With no choice he flicked a switch on the side of his gauntlet, which revved to full in the blink of an eye and ducked below the second guy while meeting the other head on. He swung hard, breaking the man's weapon and his armed in the process, while filling the area with a cloud of steam in the process. Before any of them could process the situation through the man's screams Jimbob rushed forth with his loud thunderous weapon revved to full.

All the while, something else stirred in the background. Something no one was the wiser as the sounds of their own fighting drowned out the wolf pack's approach.


-1 use on punchit

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As jimbob swung, the air whirred and the thunderous crash of his punch toppled a tree over instantly. As he turned to face them, they trailed back in horror. " Wahh what the fuck are you", was all one had time to utter before a loud growl filled the air. In an instant they were brought back into the moment as a pair of feral wolves tore the man apart. Everyone else left was left on gaurd, as the wolves all surrounded them. Their grisly teeth were bore, a low growl escaping what seemed to be the alpha of the group. " Stand together, shoulders back and head held high. Don't back down, dont run", jimbob said under his breath. His attackers however, were too frightened each running for their lives without a care for his advice. That is with the exception of the man jimbob was nearest, the rest ran. He held his arm out to warn him as the half the pack pursued the fleeing men.

" Why would you help me? What are ya stupid"? he said with a low snarl. He and jim were now peddaling backwards ever so slowly, letting the wolves close in to avoid setting them off. " Two's better than one, well one and a half is better than one". As the first wolf leapt forward, jimbob swung at it, sending it into the rocks behind it. As it yelped another caught him as he was trying to recover, its maw biting down upon forearm with a vengeance. The other fellow wasn't holding up too either either,but managed to stab one more two started bite down on him. Quickly Jimbob swung the dog still on his arm and flexed, lifting it up and swinging it accross the other wolves. Their bones cracked and they were all sent flying to the side.

There was a desperation in the wolves now, they all snarled at the couple of cornered fellowed. Knowing one was bleeding out as jimbob tried to reposition him behind him. " Tch, what cha doing. How do ya know I won't stab yer leg and take you with me huh"? Jim kneeled down to him and gave him a toothy grinned, " Because you wanna live still". Just as he was gonna curse at his protector, his eyes widened and his mouth gaped. Startled by the sudden change jim turned to find the real alpha.

It's snout was pointed and features far more pronounced than the rest as it towered over the rest. Standing around 6 feet tall, it was an anomaly his aunt had always lectured him about on the grand line. The only thing more dangerous than a hungry hungry unusual bear..


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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" So this is what you meant auntie? Not just bears, but everything unusual..", he trailed off in thought. He took a defensive stance with his arms held closer to his chest. He stared into the eyes of the beast,but it didn't seem to falter in the slightest. " This wasn't a wolf problem...ha no it's a wolf emergency". The beast dug its claws into the stone and charged at the duo. Jim met it head on, lowering his stance and powering up his gauntlet. He sent an uppercut aiming for the monster's snout,but it turned its head in and took the blow head on. Blood splattered against his fist,but it was only slight as the desperate wolf with blood shot eyes tackled jim and started to bite down upon his gauntlet. It pinned him down, foot shoved into his should and claws ripping into him.

The sound of cracking came from his gauntlet. There wasn't much time and he wasn't sure if the monster's teeth would give out before his own weapon did. He frantically looked side to side, hoping to find something, anything. All he saw were the wolves  closing in and the guy missing. " this is i---".  Just then he heard someone cry out, the salty ignored fella. He drove his sword into the monster's eye, causing it to falter as its head threw him aside. In that one moment Jim grabbed the monster's throat and clamped down upon it. It growled back, but was taken aback as he turned the tables on it and pulled his own weapon from its maw. With one good swing, he punched the wolf's stomach, sending the audible sound of its ribs cracking throughout the area. The wolf struggled, but jim sent another punch. This one shattering the stone beside its head, sending dust and debris flying. The remaining wolves ran off with their tails between its legs.

The remaining wolf stopped struggling. It lied there, exhausted and delirious from blood loss. Jim looked at the mangled monster,but holding his fist over his head and was poised to strike. It still had a fire in its eyes,but it did not wimper. It snarled at him with a palpable bloodlust. If jim did not finish it, the wolf would. He stared into his furious eye and lowered his hand. As the thing tried to snap he used his arm to bar its neck and pinned it to the ground once more. He stared at it once more, growling slowly as if it was an ungrateful mutt. " Yer name is dog, with two g's. Yer mine".

He stood up and hoisted the animal by its gullet and approached the lone pirate. " ha so its yer pet now...well what about me"? Jimbob grinned and lifted him by the neck. "we're gonna pay yer boss a visit. I'm gonna put him 6 feet under".


-3 uses on punchit
1 tamed animal. If it needs to be downgraded, then that's fine!

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Upon reaching home Jimbob wrapped Dog with a two g's wounds and put some antiseptic on its eye. It snapped back,but slowly retreated when jimbob glared at it. It lied on the cold concrete floor, beside the fresh fish and bowl of dingy water he left for it. As for his captive, he kept him alive but tied up in the corner, head facing the wall. Jim left some explosives on the ground as he began working on finishing water baby bot. For hours he soldered away at the bot in silence, safe for the sound of his working on the bot. Using the tips he got from akane, he was able to speed the process up and carefully craft its necessary mechanisms. The first of its kind, he wasn't sure if it'd work out or not. But with each hour the bot would move a little smoother, until finally it could walk unabated around the room for 5 minutes. It was paltry,but that was all he needed to make this work.

The first version of this bot first needed water to flow throughout its system, the heat giving it power. This required jim to make somewhat of a psuedo circulatory system. Something he wished he studied more of as a lad,but this would have to do. Its body wasn't really resilient,but it was sturdy and operational. The second challenge though,was its gears. He's still struggling with the joints for the most part. Each step was actually beyond his earliest expectations as he didn't expect it to even function. The movements were stiff and during the last few hours before night he tried to improve upon them. Each joint had two interlocked gears that needed to turn in tandem with another to make it all go around. Much like a bad curcuit, if one failed the whole bot's body would fail.

The final and most important issues was really its intelligence and its energy system. His ai wasn't something he knew how to handle yet,but was hoping to find examples in other labs someday. The small intricate nodes on its motherboard. Each node was delicate and seemed to short with just the static from his own body. He must have went through a dozen or so, trying to flip the right switches and solder the right components into it without issue. In the end all he could do was isolate it in a make shirt plastic dome to keep the water out,but the heat still remained an issue.

As for it power, the thing used way too much steam to even perform the simplest of tasks. He had to constantly strip down his original engine and practically had to forge 3 different engines with different engines. In the end he settled for the smallest he could make,but it was also the most inefficient and loud piece of crap he had ever seen.

water baby bot complete

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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im go and let by gones be by gones. If he lied, dog with an extra g would eat him for supper. Dog tailing the two was finally able to stand, its eye trained on the captive.  They reached a hill just before hideout. It was a small little warehouse which was probably abandoned. It was in disrepair, broken windows and rusted steel walls.
He placed him down and began to set up water baby in the dark. " Alright water baby, I want you to set walk inside and pull this pin, k"? The bot didn't respond,but it stared at jimbob like it was recognizing him. He was a bit sad,but decided to go ahead with his plan. The bot creaked and let out tons of steam. The pirates immediately recognized something was wrong,but they were taken aback by what they saw. " El it el nino"? Jim listened in to their cries, to the sound of their terror, wondering who this el nino was.

Just as the bot was about to enter the doorway a giant boomerang, slow and powerful whirred through it and flew out the door. The bot was splintered and its bomb exploded. Cries of agony could be heard from the warehouse as a giant blubberous man walked out, surveying the area. " El nino? More like El NINA. Where are you, show yourself". He beat his chest like a war drum and instinctively held his hand out, catching the boomerang by its tip.

Dog with an extra g growled,but its master hushed it ever so slightly, " shhh not yet". The giant stepped forth, screaming more obscenities and was followed by a small entourage of timid henchmen. Jim's wolf lunged out from a low crouch, and sprung for the nearest fellow's leg. A weak fellow, he fell instantly and his cries started to alert the others. The big blubberish guy was about to launch his own weapon when jimbob sprinted out at his blindspot, his weapon expending steam as it roared like a lion. He quickly moved around, using his boomerang's sheer size to keep jimbob's punch away.

They locked together for a moment, steel weapons clashing and stunning everyone by the sheer sound and force of the clash. " Who the hell are you, squirt"? Jimbob was no small man,but to someone who dwarfed him in girth and stature, he could see why. " Tch, you're the small one here, wideload. The name's jimbob, yer gonna remember this name"! He shoved back, making the earth beneath his opponent falter. Mounds of dirt accumulated behind his heels as he pushed back as well, finally pushing down with both hands. " Not bad for a squirt, but I'm big bubba. You'll remember this in yer final moments"!

With force he handn't shown before, he shoved jim off and spun with his arm cocked and at the ready. " This is it kid"! He roared, stamping his foot into the ground as he unleashed his boomerang. It whirred furiously toward jim,but it was slow. It was slow but powerful. His glove roared once more as he stepped forward himself to gain as much leverage as he could and sent an overhead slam into the boomerang. It didn't break,but it falter and sputtered out of control. Bubbah rushed forth, brandishing one of his henchman's swords. Jimbob grinned, the tubes in his punchit glowing with a crimson hue. " I outta refill this stupid thing before a fight".

As the disarmed and manic bubba lunged forth, jimbob threw a low to the ground punch into his gut, sending ripples throughout his body. The pain sung a horrible song throughout his own,but he powered up once more. The smell of blood throughout the air as he threw a second uppercut into the mans jaw, sending him tumbling to the ground.

The earth splintered beneath him,but the tub of lard persisted even after a shot to the head. But he only persisted in spirit, as he was now babbling. His teeth were a bloody mess and his eyes rolled back into his head. Jimbob felt the tension in his arm give way as he could finally rest. The henchmen were in tatters thanks to dog with an extra g. And the pirate was down, almost....

He lifted his gauntlet one last time, looking down on the defenseless tub of lard. They were on pirate's den, so there was likely no jail for such folk. His hand held high as he hesistated for just a moment. " Why couldn't you just die the first time, fatass"?


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