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Task Name:Greasy adventures Chapter 1: Arrival at Pirate's den
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Through a series of investigations and favors, Jimbob finally made it pirate's den. A free island without the influence of vega, he felt like it'd be a cool place to start his own lab and do cool sciencey stuff. Life however, had different plans for him. Things don't always go your way and jimmy was about to find that out the hard way. Stupid wolfdogs and some drunk pirates make for a good day ruinerer. Very Happy
Enemy Details:30 Tier 1 pirates with iron swords. 20 Tier 2 pirates with iron swords, 4 tier 3 pirates with flintlock pistols, steel swords. Wild wolf pack
Boss: No sir ee

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Jimbob is a simple man, with a simple ambition: To make the coolest things ever. If someone made a flying airship, he strived to invent a flying city. If someone made a cannon that could level a city, he wanted to create a cannon that can level a country. Ever since he was a lad, machinery and the thrill of invention always made him excited to wake up in the morning. But living on Jaya he had to spend just as much time learning to protect himself from the pirates who visited the island. Sure the place was freer than an island governed by the marines,but at the same time it was just as dangerous to match its lawlessness. For the past few weeks he was doing all sorts of odd jobs and favors for the big wigs on the island, so that he might be able to go to pirate's den. A place said to be surrounded by mountainous terrain and a city made completely out of ships. The notion was as cool as it was unbelievable to jimbob,but he also knew from the rumors it was not as dubious as Jaya was. There he imagined he could escape the grip of the government without dealing with Vega.

For you see, Vega wasn't necessarily bad to the people on Jaya. He views them akin to koi in a pond. Precious enough to protect,but not important enough to really look after. He was a man that was too busy with his dealing in the new world to deal with what he considered kiddy business in paradise. But everyone who has ever made a name for themselves has at some point, had to go through his lackeys to do so. The prospect of having to turn down "employment" by Vega's men, was more dangerous than dealing with the man himself. Thus Jimbob was deadset on finding a new place to set up shop. A place that was a happy medium between all out fuckery such as Batigo, but not constrained by the government's watchful eye like on Alabasta. To his surprise, he happened to come across information about Pirate's den after receiving pay from one of the island's big shots. The woman who was more like an Aunt to Jimbob than an employer promised to give him passage at his own risk, should he do some jobs for her.

Mio hashida is her name and she's one of the last vestiges of Nobility on Jaya, leftover from before it became a haven for Pirates. She was allowed to persist because most of the island respected her as a wealthy ojou that would often save them in a tight pinch. In exchange for some labor, most of which was benign, she would often employ people down on their luck. As such she had both a fanbase on the island, that was loyal to their unofficial queen. Jimbob was an orphan with a fiery look in his eyes, so she raised him herself. It was through her he would learn to fight when he was forced to deal with various wildlife issues, such as bears prowling around dumpsters at the end of a workweek. Other times she was having him perform what might be construed as slave labor lifting and lugging around steel beams and other materials for construction. Most importantly when he had downtime, she was baptizing him in the art of construction and more importantly, invention. These last few weeks, she's been like a slave driver.

Jimbob grunted, one by one he was lugging eight foot long steel beams on his shoulders up the treacherous path to Mio's mansion. Mio was sitting on top of said beam, legs criss crossed and arms folded as she slouched over as he walked. " hey Jimmy". No response though, just the sound of his labored steps and the ocean's breeze filled the air. " Jimmmehhh", she said with a long exasperated tone. " Yes ojou"? He was answered with a Hmph, a slight stirring on top of him let him know she was moved a bit. He guess she turned to look the other way, as if that mattered. To symbolize her looking away from him or something along those lines. " Yes Aunt Mio...". Again the stirring occured once again, here she was leaning over the side looking at him as he walked. " Do you really wanna go"? Jimmy didn't answer, his eyes serious and expression stern. " Jimmehhhh why you wanna leave me. Do I smell"?

Jimbob paused for a moment and stopped to catch his breath, without disturbing the steel beam or Mio. " You've done nothing wrong. I just need to see more of the world. Pirate's den sounds amazing o--Aunt Mio". Mio stared at him for a few moments and then took her place back on top of the beam. As they reached the extravagant gates of her mansion, adorned by gold and fire breathing dragons. She hopped off as her butlers opened the gate for her. She turned back to him with a bitter sweet smile, " alright jimmeh boy, you win. Get some rest, you're heading out at Dawn". Jimmy smiled, placing one hand at the end of the beam and tossing it toward the pile in the courtyard behind her. He embraced his aunt with a big grin. "Thanks Aunt Mio"! She simply patted his back and headed back home.

With nothing more but the clothes on his back and a napsack of schematics and a change of clothes, Jimbob set out for the harbor at the crack of dawn. Just as the sun greeted the world over the horizon, he saw a small scuttler with a girl standing with a triumphant expression on her face. There beside her was Mio, who was without warning hugging her and practically thrashing her about. Jimbob paused before them, coughing into his hand to break the ice. " so uh, who's this little girl"? The girl's face suddenly became stern, breaking Mio's grasp easily as she stamped toward him. " I'm akane. For your IN-FOR-MA-TION, I am a woman"! She gestured to herself proudly with a grin. Jimbob scratched his head, looking to Mio who did confirm this was girl was indeed a woman. " And you jimmyboy, better not give me trouble? YA here"?

WC: around 1106(Dem pictures)

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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The night before
Mio sauntered into her usually empty home, to be greeted by Akane who was seated at the bottom of her dreary staircase lined with a equally drab crimson carpet. Before the mistress of the manor could speak, her guest shot her a glare of disapproval. " Why do I have to save that kid? If I'm going to risk my neck, it should be for no one else but you Mio". Mio gave a soft but rather resigned smile as she approached the woman, " He's like a so, you know this. You've never questioned my wishes before akane. Why the sudden defiance"? Akane crossed her arms, not letting up on the scowl etched into her face. " If we leave now, we can safely escape their line of detection"! The red head shook her head and placed a hand on her short guest's shoulder. "That doesn't answer my question akane, why the sudden defiance"?

Akane slumped her shoulders slightly, but she didn't reply back. As Mio let her hand slide off the girl's shoulders, she spoke in a magnanimous tone. " I have to try to save someone from the buster call tomorrow. Jimmyboy is one,but it's my duty to try to save others as well". Akane stamped back at her, fists clenched and teeth grit. " So then try to save him tomorrow". Mio didn't turn about face to meet her gaze. " This is the last request I'll ever make aki. If you're not up to the task, there are others who can. You're just the one I trust most with my beloved nephew's life".
Akane grinned at Mio one last time, who met hers with an equally cheerful look. " Jimmyboy, try not to be too big of a pain in the ass for mio. Y'hear"? Jimbob who was lifting beams of steel onto the ship turned and gave her a thumb's. " Aye mam"! Akane whose chest wrenched with pain sprinted toward jimbob and landed on his beam, perched upon him with as much ease as Mio would have. " Well now mister free loader. If'n yer gonna be rollin with me, you best beleive there's gonna be some work in it for ya". Jimmy sighed and continued up the plank, ignoring the little lady. Akane who was slightly annoy when to grab his hair when she saw the ship's poop deck was in fact loaded already. In the time she was speaking to Mio most of supplies for the rest of her crew were already loaded and the ship itself, ready to leave at a moment's notice. She knocked on his head with her knuckles. Jimmy growled at her as she bore her thin knuckles into his skull. " Now bring em down lughead"! Jimmy spat into the spitoon and gently placed the steel beam to the side with her still on it. He had a look of exasperation, as if he were already somewhat annoyed with her. " Aye aye mam".


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Within minutes the onwater/hybrid ship, aka onhybrip as Akane put it, was ready to go. With no time to waste she was barking orders at her crew with a zeal that almost seemed impossible for someone of her stature. The crew of fifteen or so men and women had the mast wrapped up and the deck cleared quicker than before Jimbob could get back to the deck for more boxes to load. A load siren went off, practically roaring so load that he couldn't help but wince and struggle to keep his composure as everyone scrambled even more.

He felt a pair of hands pushing on his back as he headed down under. " Alright you guys know the drill! We gotta lock the pressure valves and offset the ballasts!". Standing on top of a crate was a angry sounding guy. Scowl written on his face and a sense of urgency in his eyes that seemed to make everyone else on the ship move with a zeal, the likes of which he'd never seen before. " Hey, is there anything I can do"?

The man turned about face and shook his head. Go find something to do, but don't get in our way kid". Jimbob stopped dead in his tracks as the sound of water and air releasing filled the air. He sighed for a second as the tension started to die down,but the focus of the crew was unhuman nevertheless. He stepped about, peering into rooms filled with busy bees and feeling rather shitty about not really knowing what to do. But after a few minutes of stumbling about he found a workshop of sorts. It was filled with tools he didn't really have access to back on jaya and a bunch of other equipment such as soldering tools and other materials he could use to work. Seeing as no one on the ship was exactly waiting on him, he simply grabbed his things and headed inside while others were hard at work.

Meanwhile at the Ship's head
Akane stormed in on his first mate, who was hard at work navigating through the darkening waters. It didn't take long for them to reach a depth where they could not see the light above. " How far are we currently?", asked Akane in a stern hollow tone. A young man chimed in at that moment, probably an adolescent. "We're around 70 meters below the surface mam. How far do we descend"? Akane scratched her chin for a moment, eyes closed and deep in thought.

Suddenly her eyes burst open, brows furrowed as she proclaimed her order. "100 meters". The room fell silent, but none dared protest against her. This was the first time they'd ever tried diving that far,but it was not without reason. Right now there were warships headed in their direction. Even then, she bit her lip and scowled. Silently cursing her ship for not being able to descend further.


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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At the surface
The captain manning one of the many warships headed toward Jaya was straight like a plank, but he was rocking back and forth like a teeter totter over a custom made set of railings. Back and forth he bobbed to the current of the ocean and rotated to the wind, never breaking his board-like state. The others on the ship worked frantically, trying to contain their energy as they worked to prepare for the operation at Jaya. Some were terrified  and rightfully so for the acts they will eventually commit. While others were excited to be apart of what they considered the hammer of justice being brought down upon an island of traitors. That is until he stopped. Their captain slid down to the ground where he stood up like a normal human being, leaving the air dead silent.

Compared to the clamoring and commotion that was abuzz only moments before their captain broke his stiff state, now only the whistle of the wind, the roar of the ocean and their flag flying above could be heard. " Corporal", he said in a low raspy tone. As the now skittish adolescent scurried over to his superior officer, he could hear labored breathing. " There's a ship traveling below us, headed straight from Jaya...take care of it". As the youngster saluted the captain, he stiffened back up like a board and continued to bob and weave as the ship sailed along. The man pointed in the direction of sub he had detected, bobbing around 20 inches before returning to his previous position.

The Corporal jotted down notes frantically and ran to the near by den den mushi as the ship's crew returned to normal, boisterous and frantic. " Alpha niner, 23 charly!", the youngster yelled into his den den. There was no response, no time for confirmation. Half a dozen ships broke momentarily from the fleet as their guns emerged from their shutters. On deck of another ship stood a woman with one finger held toward the sky. A self contained orb of light started to hum just above her head. Once the coordinates were given, she let loose a flurry of shots toward the sub which were followed by a flurry of cannon balls.

Back at the sub
Jimbob unpacked his tools to begin working on his newest idea. People came in and out of the room he holed himself up in to get out of the way,but no one ever asked for his help. He was on more than one occasion shoo'd aside as the crew was preparing to dive.  he shook his head and began working on his next invention dubbed, Punch-it V121. If he was going to be a sitting duck, it might as well be a inventing duck.

In his mind he imagined smashing entire ships with the swung of his fist. He imagined punching holes in steel and creating earthquakes from his creation. But in reality all he had was an idea that he wasn't entirely sure about. He used a combination of heat from a torch that was already aboard the ship. He painstakingly carved the pieces he needed from the beam of steel he brought aboard the sub. Using his strength he'd mold the steel, flatten it out and give it shape while taking any unnecessary bulk off once it was heated.

The most annoying part of the process he thought to himself, was the chamber that needed to be built into the device from top to bottom. He needed a chamber to hold the water and a reliable tubing to run it through the devices pistons and mechanations that would allow it to actually operate. Time and time again he'd curse under his breath, nearly grinding the enamel of his teeth when he found the small chambers he planned to let the water course through were either too large, which lead to leaks. Or they were too small and not enough water could go through to allow the gadget's core functions to operate.

All the while he could hear the sound of panic within the sub and explosions outside of it. As he turned his wrench, he could feel the cold sweat coursing down his temples. " It's none of my concern. Twist. tighten. turn." Over and over he'd chant his mantra to block out what he considered to be unnecessary noise. Through the rumbling of the sub and the ear shattering explosions which came too close for comfort, he chanted his mantra while using his strength to put his invention together. With each click he found another part of his invention fastened together, with each click they somehow drowned out the commotion aboard the ship. A few times he messed up ofcourse, the shock waves and ear pounding attacks from above felt like they were sundering his ear drums. Nevertheless he molded his pistons and molded the latches needed to hold his machine together.

After a few minutes the attacks actually ceased and the sun shone brightly through his cracked window. Still he worked without paying any mind to his surroundings. Even as the cheers from the ship erupted into a frenzy, he continued to work. Their voices akin to muffled mumbling and the steps above him like deep echos in an empty chamber.

1 gadget made

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After some time Jimbob did complete his gadget and began to head to the deck. All around him was a cheery crew that was both hard at work to repair the sub as they sailed the rest of the voyage on water. See it was one of those fancy ships which could either operate as a normal ship or dive below. Fortunately for them only half the ballasts were busted, so the sub could surface for repairs. As Jimbob lowered his weapon into the water, he could see the not so subtle damaged hulled. With crew members with ropes around their waist, rappelling down to solder the gaping holes. Jim yawned nonchalantly as the bubbles from below the surface ceased, signalling to him that the punch-it was full and ready for testing.

That is until he felt a sharp pain at his shin. Turning he found akane with an annoyed look on her face, her finger tapping her arm as she glared at jimbob. " Where were you during the attack"? Jimbob smiled back, trying to hide his frustration as his fingers and hands burned from almost letting his gadget drop into the ocean. With one last heave ho, he set the soaked device on the ground and capped it. " What's the matter short stuff", he said with his teeth still gritted together. " You know well you lanky dumbass! Why didn't you do anything when we were under attack"? Jim glared back, but then sort of scratched his head and broke eye contact. " Ehh I asked and was sort of ignored. So I just dove into my inventing and stuff".

Akane looked back to her subordinates who started whistling, confirming what he had said. " Well regardless this isn't a luxury cruise. You're gonna be working while you're on my ship"! She said as she grabbed his tie and pulled him down below deck once more. From there jimbob worked like packmule, moving things. Learning bits and pieces about the inner machinations of the ship as he assisted the crew in fixing the sub. And above all else, mopping. So much mopping, once all the major work on the ship was completed. In the distance on the fourth day he looked out to see a giant mountain looming in the fog ridden distance. Even several clicks out, he could see the massive jagged mountains towering into the clouds. " Well jimmyboy, what cha think of Pirate's den"?


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Jimbob stared onward, his gaze all over the place as they neared the face of a mountain at sea. In either direction the rock sprawled for as far as the eye could see, before disappearing into the oppressive fog. Looking upwards as the boat rocked as it fought as the waves thrashing it about, he could see the giant rock formation reach into the heavens which were engulfed in storm clouds. Akane sprinted toward the steering wheel, frantically taking speak den den mushi. " Alright you lilly livered land lubbers, prepare for Devil's Throat"! Her usually tiny roar roared over the intercom, both frightening and stirring her crew into a frenzied mad dash. One of crew's attendants pulled a line to him,practically skating along the soaked deck as Jim was lost. " Alright mister strong guy. ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS PULL WHEN INSTRUCTED"!

Jimbob nodded as he heard a simultaneous, Heave. All 15 members of the crew, more or less were on one side. Pulling on him as he nearly was pulled from where he stood. His grip tightening on the rope, he could feel the burn as a thin layer of red decorated the rope. With all his might he stepped forth, stomping his foot into deck to gain leverage as he pulled back. This is when the mast above them opened up, giving the hybrid vessel its motion as it started to glide through the rough waters toward the mountain. One girl slid next to him, making a u-turn before returning to the other group. " Hey blondey! Just do the opposite! If we pull right, you pull toward the left, GODDIT"?

Jim swerved as she ducked under him, causing the boat to sharply turn from the mountain as it traveled along side its face. Although it was getting increasingly hard to stay focused, he did his best to not mess this up. As the wind blowed into his face, and rain made it hard to keep his grip on his line. He stayed the course and focused only on doing the opposite of the rest of the crew manning the other line. Staring straight ahead, all Jimbob could do to keep up was try not to lose focus on the other group. Even as they sped alongside the interior of a tsunami or even flew from wave to the next, he simply grit his teeth and focused on not letting go. That is until he looked forward, to see their last jump. There were three levels at Devil's mouth, each with its own dangers. Most ships entered from the bottom level since they were the easiest to traverse,but akane never went for anything less than the second level.

" Ayeeee jimmy how ya doing over there?" asked the gruff man heading the opposite line. Fighting the urge to let go, he tightened his grip and roared back, " FINE, what do ya think"? The man bellowed loudly, practically letting go as he laughed at jimmy's struggle. " Aye laddy don't be bent outta shape! we be almost done"! Before jimbob could respond, he pointed toward the mountain with an excited look on his face. Jimbob looked to forth to find a 50 foot hole barely visible behind the waterfall from the mountain and the storm. From over the intercom came Akane's voice, " aye Jimmyboy, this'll be yer final order! Pull back when the rest of the crew does for maximum speed"!

His short life flashed before his eyes, as tears sprung forth. " my life...", he said as he steeled himself. Mind blank and target acquired, he instinctively pulled as the other group did. Burying the soles of his boots into the slippery deck as their craft sped up the tsunami's body like a ramp. He couldn't scream. He simply looked forth awestruck as they flew through the air and into the maw of the mountain.


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Several minutes later akane walked up to Jimbob who was still holding onto his line. A slight trickle of blood still flowing from his palms as he stiffly stood there, never letting go of his rope. He looked as if he were frozen in time. A madman who'd pop out of a trance and fly into a frenzy if disturbed too soon. She put one of her hands on his own and tried to calm him down. He could hear her muffled voice, so close yet so far away in his mind. His body was screaming for relief,but he couldn't loosen up. The soft touch of her hand brought him out of his trance. Scowl scaring Akane half to death as she fell back when he finally moved. " I'm a--alive"?

That's when the rest of the crew crowded jimbob, slapping his back and pushing him back to and fro. Akane turned away, pouting at him for scaring her. " laddy you be a natural! Ev'r thought about doing this fer a livin"? Jimbob laughed for a moment and let himself collapse into a sitting position, criss crossed and hunched over if not for his arms propping him up. He looked about to see the cavern's jagged walls and ceiling. The slight breeze of the ship as it traveled along the current that pulled up and down, into valleys and somehow up inclines. Once Jimbob got his bearings he slowly rose to his feet and headed under the deck to wash up. Akane had a cocky grin waving back at him while they were swerving through what would be to him, a frantic maze of spikes made of rocks jutting from the cavern floor.

He waved back with an arm akin to a wet noodle and promptly made his way to the latrine. Splashing cold water in his face, he didn't think he'd be doing something so crazy the minute he left jaya. Suddenly that pirate filled rat hole suddenly seemed like a walk in the park compared to getting to pirate's den or sailing the grand line. " Damn the weather. Damn the other boats. Damn that strawberry short cake of a captain"! His voice reverberated from the stall and the ship became quiet for a moment, but then suddenly sprung back to life.Still feeling a bit woozy he contented himself to collapsing on the floor, back pressed against the wall as he let his sand bag eyes drift into lala land.


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob was disturbed from his slumber rather abruptly. His head banged against wall as the ship started to rumble and twist to and fro like its navigator had gone mad. Promptly leaving the bathroom he found everyone holding on for dear life. The world around him was almost like a blur as he found himself going down a large downward slope. Even if he was going much to fast to navigate through what seemed to be a forest of these damned jagged spikes, he could see several ships wrecked all along the way down. But there was one other ship flying at almost the same speed as akane. The other ship was dingy, bearing a coarse black flag with skull and crossbones. Its portside revealed 3 grisly cannons trained on Akane's ship. Twice as big, it would or rather should have a harder time navigating the devil's mouth.

However despite its size, it kept up with her small scuttler hybrid and began to fire at them. As if akane could sense the impending danger, she managed to use the jagged rocks to protect the ship in a manner more accurate than just intuition. Jimbob stared in awe at akane as her normally warm eyes expressed a fierce fire and determination. As he keeled down holding onto the wall, he could only curse himself for being so useless. That's when a crash could be heard from the ship's stern, followed by a creaking noise. Akane's ship was losing speed and from Jim's vantage point he could see a black metallic line coming from her ship. At the other end was a rather large,but portly man reeling her ship in as their encroaching upon them. The man was powerful, able to hold on without ease despite the stone spikes breaking upon his line.

Jim sprinted beneath the deck where he assumed it'd be, taking his new gadget with him. From a different room he heard cheering and a slight speeding up before he could do anything. He looked out to see they actually broke the ship's walls with sledge hammers to dislodge the spike. Full on destroying the wall to dislodge it. But that small victory was broken by a second crash. Followed by a third. Jim ran up to where akane was, who was standing before a gaggle of pirates boarding after the sound of gunfire.

They were gruffy with a putrid stench that seemed to pollute the air. " Now then, little miss'll be coming with ussssss". The freak hunched over, elongating his S sharply as if he was trying to make a hissing sound. he rubbed the muzzle of his pistol up to her cheek and let it caress the nape of her neck. A dreadful click made her eyes water as she stood frozen at helm." Now now poppet, ignoring me won't change anything".


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Just as he was about to lean in closer to instill the final dose of fear before capturing her alive a chair came flying out of nowhere, nailing him on the torso. The wooden chair broke upon him, sending the fella back into his goons. He tried to recover, looking about to see who threw the chair, but was met with a mechanical fist. It rev'd liked a lawnmower and created a trail of steam in its wake as he nearly destroyed the planks beneath him to deliver a strong right that would send the slithery fella off the ship. The fella's teeth caved in and his face contorted as he spun off the stern, followed by a few of his compatriots who were backhanded over the railing. " You fucking brat"! Yelled one of the old scruffy bastards from the other ship.

Jimbob without thinking crossed the plank the others used to board his ship without a moment's hesitation. " Jimmy you idiot! Get back here"! Jimbob gave her a thumbs up with his metallic glove, quickly ducking under the swing of one of the pirates that charged him.He wrapped his arm around the man's thigh and used the extra leverage he had to toss him over board. " You get the hell out of here! Come back for me if you want"! Before she could protest his glove began to rev once more as she smashed his fist into the iron line tethering the two ships together.

Standing before Jimbob was the fairly fat fellow with a swarm of his pests at the ready.Without hesitation Jimbob closed the gap between them instantly while protecting himself with his steel gauntlet. Just as he came face to face with the pack,their bullets missing their marks except one that tagged his leg. As he came within striking distance, his glove started to roar once more. He used his third and final safe charge to swing into them and swat many of the peons into the air and off the ship as it still traveled down the sharp slope. The big fella with both hands wrapped around the hilt of his blade swung down upon jimmy before he could move away. Jimbob caught the blade as it fell upon him, grasping it with his gadget and releasing its controls to leave its fingers wrapped around it. The pig roared at jimbob, who took a step forward after cocking his right arm for another punch.


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob's fist collided with the fat man's belly, sending ripples of fat flying about as his punch made the big guy stagger back a few steps. before he could roar again, jim through punch after punch at him, breaking upon his arms and belly as the fatso tried to recover. After several blows, he landed an upper cut to his jaw, sending a few teeth and his flabby body falling to the deck with a rather loud thud. The ship at this point was rather impressive as it managed to actually start mowing down several of the jadded protruding rocks in its path like it was nothing. Despite its appearance, it was a steady powerful vessel. The same could be said for his adversary, who rubbed his jaw with a few tears in his eyes.

As if jimbob had awakened the fatman's inner beast, he began beating his chest like it was a drum and charged forth. His fists began to pelt jimbob like a truck. Each blow no matter how easily telegraphed sent pain coursing through jimbob everytime he tried block them. The two were evenly matched, each blow being met tit for tat. A hard right from jim was met with an overhead slam from the fat man.

Each blow sent the other stumbling back and forth. After a few minutes both were beaten and bloodied,but the tides were turning on jimbob. Who was starting to get tossed around like a ragdoll. Despite both of them being pelt by debris from the cave and exchanging punches, the fat man was winning. Jimbob feeling hopeless noticed he still had his gadget that was rolling back and forth on deck. his leg feeling as if it was about to be torn off, he decided to try one last gamble.

The fat man cocked his right fist, but jim ducked the blow and slid backwards to grab his invention. Pain was coursing through his body as needle nearly tore his bicep apart upon entry. His blood started to fill the chamber, letting out a noxious steam as the pistons on the glove powered up once more. The pain and desperation written on both their faces, jimbob braced himself as the fat man lunged at him with the intent to end the fight.Pulling his own arm back, he just barely managed to sidestep the giant's full blow. Despite being struck yet again, he punched back with all his might. Steping to the side, he threw a punch straight into the gut again. This time the audible sound of bones shattering reverberated throughout the ship. At the base of the slope where Pirate den's harbor lied, the fat man fell overboard. Leaving jimbob in the out of control ship which ended up crashing into the bay.

4 charges on the power gauntlet used. 3 normal ones and one emergency use.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob lied on the deck of the ship, barely able to move. His arm was stuck in his gauntlet and his bleeding wouldn't stop. So he lied there with an anchor attached to his arm. All the while a few stragglers from the enemy crew came out of hiding. Brandishing their weapons with scowls painted on their faces. " I hope you weren't thinking of leaving her alive, you--", the man who stuck out from the crowd fell. Gunshots started to pelt the ship and what was left was left cowering as they looked for cover. Multiple pirate ships encircled them without a moment's hesitation, one of which was akane's. " Hey idiot, don't make me tell aunt mio what a moron you are"!

Jimbob was speechless at how stupid lucky he was. Apparently those guys were the equivalent of highway bandits that were making the devil's mouth more dangerous to traverse. What was left of them was taken into custody so they could meet the pirate queen's lieutenants for a "lesson" in civility. Jimbob himself was taken to a hospital to deal with his arm.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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