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1Cleaning up the mess (Task) Empty Cleaning up the mess (Task) on Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:07 pm

Kibo Yamanaka


Kibo Yamanaka
Task Name: Cleaning up the mess
Tier: 3
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: During his stroll around Water 7, Kibo stumbles upon some pesky pirates that are giving these wonderful citizens a hard time. The Rev makes work of them quickly which soon alerts the rest of this pirate crew along with the captain himself!
Enemy Details: 20 T1 Pirates 1 T3 Captain (Boss)
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: Captain Bob Richards
Tier: 3
Description: Standing at 6'0" and weighing 150lb with Elvis like hair as well as light skin riddled with scars, Bob is a muscular fellow who is never seen with a shirt on, on worn out black jeans, and a greatsword strapped to his back as he is a man who focuses on heavy sword attacks.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: N/A
Equipment: Basic Great Sword with blade made of iron
Strength: 4
Durability: 2
Speed: 2
Perception: 3

The Rusty Nail....

A bar located here in Water Seven. The exterior of this medium sized building shows obvious signs of age like most other buildings in this location. The interior however didn't fair any better. It was worse in fact. There were cracks on the walls, and floor as well other obvious signs of damage. One would probably wonder why such a run down looking bar existed in such a beautiful island, but once one got a look at the customers usually found at this location they would possibly see why.

The people normally found in this particular bar were the rougher bunch of this island, mainly pirates whom docked here waiting for their ships to be repaired, bounty hunters stalking their next prey, or just plain criminals mostly out to pickpocket the unsuspecting drunks. Kibo sat at a table in one of the bar's corners, a glass of water on the table as he wasn't in the mood for getting himself intoxicated this afternoon. In his hands was his scrapbook which he looked down at with a somewhat bored expression on his face. He flipped the page, looking at his pieces of art as there was nothing else to do, and no word from is superiors. One of those bar fights started to break out up at the counter between two drunks which of course led to the other people here who weren't passed out yet to start cheering like fools until the bartender jumped in, and knocked those two out, returning things back to normal....or at least as normal as things get in this dump of a bar.

Even while all of this was going on, Kibo kept his eyes glued to his scrapbook, not paying the mess any mind. He extended a hand out to grab his glass until her heard a drunken, "Hey b-b-babe." followed by a hiccup. With cup in hand, Kibo looked up confusingly at this obviously drunken bald man who was giving Kibo a very seductive look....or at least tried. "Wha-" before the rev could finish, the drunk quickly slid into the seat with Kibo and pulled an arm around him, the scent of booze strong with this one. "" The man went on, smirking at the irritated Kibo. It appears that the man mistaken him for a woman, something Kibo wasn't all too fond of having happen to him.

A few minutes later....

The double doors leading out of the bar opened with Kibo coming out with his sheathed katana in one hand, and eyes closed. Before the door closed, one could see the drunks in there cheering again like fools as the bald male laid face first on the ground with a large bump on that shiny dome of his. After walking a few feet away, Kibo finally stopped to smell one of his shoulders, sighing as he got the scent of that drunk's booze on him. There was nothing wrong with smelling of liquor, but to have the smell come from someone just felt unsettling. Just then, a scream could be heard from the distance, causing Kibo to perk his head up alarmingly in the direction with an eyebrow raised.

"What the hell....?"

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2Cleaning up the mess (Task) Empty Re: Cleaning up the mess (Task) on Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:25 pm

Kibo Yamanaka


Kibo Yamanaka
As Kibo continued to hear the screams, more citizens caught on to the noise, and curiously ran towards the direction of it, Kibo following their lead! Kibo arrived close by the docks where the others have stopped as they watched in fear, and anger as two pirates stood over a bruised up man on the ground. A woman was kneeling down by the beat up man with tears in her eyes. One of the pirates snickered as the other one started to speak.

"Ya see that, people!? That'll be you all next if ye don't cough up any dough!" Just as he finished, the pirate lowered an arm and grabbed the woman by her long blonde hair, causing her to scream more as the downed man attempted to get up to rescue her, only to get his chest stomped on by the second pirate. The crowd of people started gasping at this horrible sight, not sure what to do about this. Sure, the citizens had numbers on their side, but these two pirates were just....intimidating. People were obviously frustrated, seeing two of their in such a horrible state. Some of the people grit their teeth with fists balled, wanting to do something, but their bodies immovable.

"Excuse me...." Kibo politely said as he maneuvered around the crowd to get closer to these two pirates, gaining their attention. "The hell do you want, lady?" the pirate demanded Kibo, again the poor artist being mistaken for a woman while the other pirate kept his foot on the downed man, snickering up a storm like a Hyena. Kibo closed his eyes, annoyingly pinching the bridge of his nose before letting go. "What is with everyone calling me a....You know what never mind." the rev walked up a bit closer to the pirates, enough to annoy the one still pulling on the woman's hair. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave these two alone, and go elsewhere. I'm not a fan of violence, but if I have to I-" the pirates then burst out laughing at the man's polite threat.

"For a lady, you sure have a deep ass voice! Tell ya what? Hows bout you stay there looking pretty, and we will deal with ya after we done with these tw-" before that pirate could finish, he was met with a forceful foot to the face, hard enough to break his nose, leaving it a bloody mess as he fell to the ground, letting go of the woman's hair in the process. The second pirate's snickering slowly died after seeing this, looking down at his unconcious comrade before quickly looking up at Kibo, just about ready to pull out a weapon only to get jabbed by the artist's sheathed katana, causing the pirate to drop his flintlock which was quickly kicked from the thug's range while the pirate coughed up some.

The second pirate looked at his gun while holding his stomach with one hand before looking up with Kibo who had a very unforgiving expression on his face. Intimidated by the man, the pirate managed to to grab his friend, and run out of here with his tail between his legs. Kibo watched them for a second before kneeling down at the beaten up man, the woman next to him looking up at Kibo. "Are you okay?" she asked him, just as he lifted the man up over a shoulder with the intentions of getting him to a hospital as the crowd around them started to cheer over the young rev's victory!

Though unknown to the artist those two pirates weren't alone....

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