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1 [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:33 am



Task Name: Cleaning the dawnbringer
NPC or PC:npc
Location: east blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: crew
Description: The dawnbringer has become filthy from lack of proper cleaning. Its up to Zanji and his crew to give her a nice cleaning on the top deck.
Enemy Details: none
Boss: None

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2 Re: [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:41 am



Zanji woke up early the  the sun had risen all was quiet except for the sound of the rushing waves that rocked the boat as it lay anchored for the night.  He yawned and stretched inside his bed and looked around his marbled tilted quarters. The suns rays reflecting off the white marble which made it seem to glow. It was about time he gave this ship a good and proper cleaning for now.

After all a well maintained ship was a happy one. He got out of bed and quickly got dressed but instead of his usual dress attire he put on some shabby black pants and a white shirt and pair of black boots.  He cracked his neck to the side a few times and slowly walked out of his room and headed towards the deck. He would open a hatch that led to the second floor of the ship and walk towards a closet he grabbed a couple of buckets and mops and shut the door behind him He climbed the ladder and walked over to the kitchen area and filled up the the buckets with some soap and water and went back outside.

He dipped the mops in the buckets and began to scrub across the deck slowly. He was still somewhat tired but he was going to put his heart into his work he loved his ship as if it were a living breathing person to him it was more than a home it was a trusted friend.

WC 253

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3 Re: [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:57 am

Clint slowly woke up as he heard the boat rock as well as mops scrubbing the deck. Wait, what the fuck? Who was awake at this time, and cleaning the ship. That is my job, Clint thought as he rapidly jumped out of bed. He was still really dizzy, so he started to stumble as he wore his clothes. Instead of his normal attire, all he wore was a white shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He exploded out of his room and screamed at the person cleaning,


He ran down to the lower deck only to fall off the stairs. Clint could be so clumsy in the morning, especially if he didn't get a good nights rest. As he stood up from the ground, he saw Zanji cleaning the deck. Clint shrugged at Zanji and walked to the ship's kitchen, only to come back later with another mop and pale of water. He looked up at Zanji, giving him a competition type look in his eyes. He then grinned and said,

- "How about we turn cleaning the ship into a competition between us. hmm?"

Right after his phrase, Clint rapidly started to clean the ship; yet cleaning it very well in swift time. He didn't care about the others, when he was in a contest all he thought about was winning. God was Clint a sore loser, he hated losing. He had to beat Zanji, he had to.

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4 Re: [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:12 am



Zanji chuckled as he heard the very pissed off tones of his vice captain screaming at him to stop doing what he was doing that was his job. He shook his head and continued to mop the deck even when Clint had come up from his room. He looked over at Clint never ceasing his swabbing of the deck each motion he took to swab the deck he filled with love and compassion and it showed in his body language. He ceased his swabbing as Clint had just proposed a challenge to him with cleaning the ship. He had already gotten a head start. He smirked and looked over at his vice captain and leaned upon his mop. "Well good morning to you too Clint hehe rough night i take it?"

He chuckled and returned to swabbing the deck he dipped his mop into his own bucket and spun it around  like it was a bow staff. He had some skill in using weaponry which showed as he handled the broom and was very careful as he did not splash  his vice captain with any water. He looked at his ship from end to end and then looked back at clint. "All right you take the right side of the ship and ill take the left first one to the middle is the winner lose does the dishes in the kitchen for a week." He smirked and picked up his bucket and headed off to the left side of the boat with his mop hung over his shoulder he would get to work.


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5 Re: [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:30 am

- "Well good morning to you too Clint hehe rough night i take it?"

Clint looked up at Zanji with a death glare --very scarily-- and said,

- "How'd you guess bitch."

He then laughs so hard and starts to franticly clean the ship again. Clint looked up at Zanji again and saw him doing some fake-ass kung-fu moves with his broom, like he was some kind of sensei. He cleaned a lot of the deck when Zanji said,

- "All right you take the right side of the ship and ill take the left first one to the middle is the winner lose does the dishes in the kitchen for a week."

Clint laughed at him and announced, " Well I guess like it's my turn to beat you!" Right then he started to run around like a hyper active 5 year old child. He barely stopped, he was so quick for a guy of his size. He really didn't want to be the one to clean the dishes, or be the one losing in general. As he frantically ran around, he cleared his mind. All he thought about was the broom, the bucket, and the deck. He swiftly moved from spot to spot, looking like a samurai with the broom. He got in the moment and then started to play around with the broom only to splash Zanji with a bit of water on the back of his neck. It must've felt bad.

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6 Re: [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:56 am



Zanji was given a death glare by Clint and was spoken to rather rudely. Normally that kind of show of disrespect Zanji would of cut off a arm. But since this was Clint he knew all well enough that this was just his normal demeanor. He would need to get more use to the rude behavior he was sure if given enough time spent together. He shook his head in disapproval at being called a bitch. "Now now Clint no need to name call were not school children."

He chuckled and dipped his mop down into his bucket and began to scrub the left side of the ship moving at a similar fast speed pace as clint. He was not going to lose this fight he hated doing dishes. Plus he was a competitive man himself he was not going to lose to his second in command. He smirked as he felt something cold hit the back of his neck as apparently Clint had showed a more playful side even if it was just for a split second. He chuckled and returned a playful splash back at Clint's own neck and whistled innocently as he scrubbed his side of his ship.

He was moving at full speed now the mop dragging across the hard oak wood floor planking giving it a gentle shine as he wiped his forehead and leaned up against his mops handle as he stood in the middle whistling as he had completed his cleaning. he blew on the back of his hand and smirked at Clint playfully. "Looks like I win this round Clint i'll be in my room cleaning that while I'm at it." He chuckled and picked up his mop and bucket and headed towards his quarters his door wide open as he kicked it behind him closed as he just really decided to go back to bed.

(Zanji Exit Task complete)

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7 Re: [TSK]Cleaning the DawnBringer (Task) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:20 pm

- "Looks like I win this round Clint i'll be in my room cleaning that while I'm at it."

Clint was pissed. So pissed... HOW COULD HE LOSE TO ZANJI. He picked up his broom, broke it in half and walked to his room. He punched his door down, and moved inside. God was he angry. He took every single possession in his room and threw it out of the window. He started with the chair, then the desk, then his lamp. He started to punch himself. When it was said that he was a sore loser, yes it was very a sore loser. A few hours later, he was on his bed with a bunch of purple bruises all over him. He wished he didn't get into this. Did he really have to wash all of the dishes.

- "Ugh, now that I'm over my temper."

Clint decided that he had to rebuild everything he broke. He jumped over to the ocean, and started slowly gathering every single thing he threw. He then picked himself up and jumped back on the ship. Slowly but surely he rebuilt everything back on the ship. From the desk to his chair, and then his lamp. It might've taken some time but it looked even better now. He polished everything in his room, which looked much better than before. He then moved to the kitchen, and worked on it as well. He polished every single thing in there as well just in case.

[Clint Exit]

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