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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:22 pm

Appearance at Surface:

(Appearance at Surface)
The surface, which sits above Gubo is characterized by its bizarre and irregular landscape, one of the reasons which keeps Gubo away from the trouble of invaders and unlawful intruders due to it's unique geography and strategic location . The surface is symbolised by the presence of rather elevated structurres, particularly pointed hills, composed of nothing but rock-hard stones, which are water-resistant and are the main cause for the scanty vegetation present in the area.. The pools formed by the torrential downpour of water from the elevated surfaces are roused and are never calm, this is due to the presence of stones that stick out and impede the way the water is to flow, causing the water bodies to rouse at such points and prevent navigation..

(Underground appearance)
Island Description:
This is an underground island located beneath a waterfall present on a rocky landscape.This area has little vegetation, due to the velocity of the water being far too high for any plant to withstand and the seeds saltated vigorously and broken although plants are ablebto grow underground due to the availability of light and the presence a of a calmer river.. However, the river formed is rich with aquatic life and usually brings attracts birds to the area. The entrance to Gobu is through the entrance of the large cave, which seems to be the most appropriate way of entering the kingdom but is heavily guarded, and the second way is by passing through the underground drainiage, which is more dangerous due to the presence of aquatic life that are ready to eat anything they see..
   The underground island itself, beneath the surface is a technologically advanced kingdom, even though it is found underground, it still like luminated, this is due to the presence of extremely narrow dolines which light passes through to get to the underground kingdom, with the surface tension of the water being too high to allow iit rain down.However, when rain falls on the surface, the water increases in velocity and speed, disturbing the surface of the water and reducing the surface tension, allowing water to slosh down the dolines albeit in drops, creating an "Underground rain".

Species: Fighting fish(T1-T3)
Giant bats (T3)
Various aquatic life(T1-T2).
Influence: N/A
Status:  Claimed - Elpheba Hurozona
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25

Population: 5
Housing: 5
Army: 4
Weaponry: (4
Technology: 2

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