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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:23 pm

Island Description: Abfall is a small spring island situated in Paradise. Most well known for it's occupation by the Germa 66 for near on half a century. The old international capital for scientific research, those at the top of their field gathered here to further their research while being funded by Germa. Ten years ago, Abfall was a bustling metropolis of technological growth. Even though the Germa 66 was outside of the World Government's control, it's wealth and influence kept the industry and people of Abfall safe. Technologies such as oil refining, discovery of plastics, applications of electricity and radio waves were developed here. It was like this little island was a hundred years older than the rest of the world.

When Duke Vinsmoke was defeated, his empire fell. And with it, the support for the island. Abfall descended into chaos as it's people became the target of strikes by the marines. The city itself did not really have any military and could not defy the marines. A month later and all industry had stopped. Residents were deported and those in positions of leadership were imprisoned. The island had come under the control of the World Government and it was left to it's ruins.

Years passed and Abfall went mostly untouched. metal rusted and buildings fell apart. Scavengers picked out the last pieces of salvageable metals and wildlife began to reside within the walls of the refineries and factories. A shadow of it's former glory, the city was abandoned. A group of old dreamers came back to Abfall one day, deciding to start out from scratch. Currently, a small community of around fifty people live on the outskirts of the city, slowly piecing the utopia they knew and loved back together.

Species: Wild dogs and various other scavengers t1-t2
Influence: N/A
Status: Claimed - Rokuju Vinsmoke
Log Pose Point Requirement: 18

Population: 5

Housing: 2

Army: 0

Weaponry: 0

Technology: 2

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