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1 Erzeal Return{Before Time SKip} on Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:20 pm

Eat The Fruit Already


Erzeal had step off the marine vessel that the Celestial Dragon Acheron had provided for the Noble transport. It was a top of the line vessel that was both luxuriousness, and fit for war. It haven't been long since Erzeal have return back from the Reverie. Even though a lot have transpire at the Reverie Erzeal manage to come back in tact. His mental state was at peace before he had departed his sister gave him a odd fruit. She promise him this fruit would grant him abilities that could help him defend himself. Erzeal was tempt to ask her about her safety. He was thinking it would be best to give her fruit so she can use it abilities to protect herself form harms way but, he remember his Brother in Law Acheron had insure her safety personal at the Reverie. So any attempts to argue with her about the gift was gone. He only hope that Acheron would keep her safe as he promise him he would.

To be honest the journey from Grand Line back to the East Blue was a long one. Lucky he was under the protection of the Celestial Dragon/ Marines so no fool dared attack the ship vessel. While Erzeal was on the ship he spend majority of his time in his room training his abilities{conceal}. It had took them several days for the ship to arrive at East Blue Logue Town . As this is the place Erzeal decide to get off at as he already had someone waiting from him at the docks.

I guess you can say another gift from his sister Ivette Winsor. This one was a guard of some kind that his sister had gave him just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately this guard remain hidden in the shadows until it was time to reveal himself. As Ivette Winsor had instructed him to do so. Erzeal was made aware of this guard by his sister but she didn't tell him that he would remain out of sight until needed.

Taking a deep breath Erzeal grab his briefcase that hold his rifle which was safety secure in the briefcase. As his flintlock wasn't visible but if you look carefully the imprint was still there{Behind his back tuck underneath his suit jacket}.

The dock was crowed with people thus Erzeal activate his intangible ability so he could be on the safe side. As he walk he was sure to avoid bumping into people so his abilities wasn't reveal. He had a feeling someone was following him but he decide to let it be hoping it was his guard his sister had send to watch over him.

It didn't take long for Erzeal to wander into a hotel where he check in for the remainder of the day. It was true that he was being follow, and who was following him was Gearo he remained out of sight from Erzeal but manage to keep up with him. He was sure not to grab any attention from the locals as he was dress in normal attire carrying an katana on his sheathed on his back.

For now Erzeal had retire for the night but Gearo had kept watch of his superior by standing guard outside his door.



*Stamina Condition*:


*Erzeal Equipment*:

~*Hope &Mercy*

Hope & Mercy :
~ 20 standard ammo rounds {Iron bullets for Hope & Mercy}

~Hope Chamber: 6 Iron bullets in chamber.

~ Mercy Chamber: 8 Iron bullets in chamber.

*Techniques Use*:



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