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Task Name:Leaving the den
Location:Pirates den
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Jimbob wakes up to read the news about jaya, then decides to mask his rage and frustration with a sudden trip down the grand line. He meets up with his friend akane and convinces her to come along, but to get to twin capes cove they gotta get on a shitty pirate ship.
Enemy Details: 10 Tier 1 pirates, 1 tier 2 pirate
Boss: No


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It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Jimbob awoke in a familiar dingy room, with its same old musty smell and water stained wall paper. Still assailed by the same harsh spring based mattress as before,but this time with a dingy pillow. He grinned at the gesture while shaking his head at the disgusting state of the room itself. It still reeked of bodily fluids and had a terrible draft. " What can I ex--", he jerked his hand back after trying to lean on it and fell back on the opposite arm. He raised his arm to find it was wrapped in bandages and still slightly stung even without leaning on it. At his window was Dog with an Extra G, who was growling at the news carrier pelican who was mocking the dog. The same one from a while ago, but instead of dropping a let it spit out a paper and flew off.

Dog with an Extra G held the paper in its mouth and dropped it before jimbob, before glaring at him again. " haha don't hate me boy...Now then let's see what's in da papers". His dog had other plans though, a low growl with teeth brandished for its master to see, it nudged at his leg to get going. " alright boy, lets get a move on". The two exited through the same door he had a few weeks prior, with its same loud obnoxious creak as it almost fell off at the slightest of pressure applied to it. The doc on the other hand didn't give him the same nod,but instead had his two grungy pot bellied nurses set up another patient in his room. He was actually a little more lively than jimbob imagined as he left the hospital and went onto the streets of the den.

Everywhere there was chaos as far as he could tell, no one was sure of what to do after finding out about El Niño. However their was something else stirring in the air. A deeper sense of dread as jimbob licked his fingers about his open his new coo paper. As he was passing by a cafe on the way back to his humble shack, a familiar face popped out of nowhere. She placed her hand over it and looked at jimbob with a look of distress. Before pulling back with a forced smile, " hey yer up already jimmyboi? How about some coffee"? Jimbob nodded and followed her the road side stand's outside picnic area, with Dog with an Extra G following close behind".


It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Zanji sat outside on the terrace of that very same cafe, it so happened. He sat beneath a umbrella stand sipping on a small cup of coffee. After arriving upon this island with his crew he was not very amused with it, in fact it was completely chaotic. there was no leader on this island and crime and chaos were rampant. He sighed as he reached out a gloved right hand and grabbed a newspaper he had been carrying with him. He unfolded it and looked at the front line his eyes blazing angrily. his fists shook as he read the headline.

The paper shook violently  in his white gloved hands  and he bit down on his lip hard. On the front page of it was what remained of jaya the navy saying it was annihilated by the hands of the navy. He angrily began to ball up the paper in his hands crushing it and swearing and muttering insult "Damn,fact covering covering piece of shit NAVY!" he then threw the news paper ball out into the street. He was extremely pissed at the world governments not full detailed account of the buster call. Perhaps it was time the world knew the truth form a true perspective of someone who had been there.

He quickly chugged his coffee not even feeling the sting from it due to his unique ability. He pulled the umbrella up from the stand and tossed it to the side and stood atop his table. He stood tall and demanding his posture radiating his ambition. His voice spoke angrily but with the absolute fullness of the truth. "People of this lovely cafe My name is Captain Zanji D. Ryotoji, Now I'm sure you all have read this mornings paper well I would like to inform you that the government did not release to the public." He paused for a moment his right hand still balled up into a fist.

He took a calming breath but still spoke firmly honesty never leaving his tone. "Jaya was indeed destroyed by a buster call to try and catch one single enemy but they instead wiped out the entire population of the island, they did not chase Vega away with his tail between his legs he made a subordinate fight instead of himself and left by underwater submarine. Now I bet your asking how does this man know about what happened on the island well folks Because I was there I saw it all and tried to stop it from happening." His hands trembled as he griped as tightly as he could into his gloved hand and slowly looked out into the crowd "If you want more details i can fill you in for those who seek to hear from a eye witness, and for those that wish to silence me well come and get it you world government loving blind idiots."

WC 478

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Jimbob went to unfold the paper once again when Akane placed her hand on his paper with an uneasy expression. " What's up? I just gotta skim it really fast. 5 minutes tops I promise", he said in the most assuring voice he could muster. As he tried to brush her hand aside, he looked up and saw a troubled expression written all over her face. " well ya see the thing i--", she winced when a man seated at a nearby table started to rant and rave at the top of his lungs. He seemed to be quite the character he thought, talking about the navy all of a sudden. They were good people and allowed people like him to live in a world where he could say such things.

Shaking his head, jimbob turned to akane who was mesmerized by what he was saying, her fingers curled around the paper.
zanji wrote:Jaya was indeed destroyed by a buster call
Jimbob let that sink in for a moment, his eyes widened as he listened in disbelief to the raving man named Zanji. Jimbob calmly pried Akane's fingers from the paper and gently set her hand aside. " Jimmy boi I didn't mean any harm when I didn't tell ya". However he didn't respond to her right away, almost as if he was in a trance. His eyes widened as he unfolded the paper to find jaya destroyed. There was south forest. There was no mock town, rivers and grass filled valleys. There was only destruction, ruin. " S'okay akane..I'm sure you had yer reasons".

Even Dog with an Extra G backed away ever so slowly, his hairs at rest. Its ears lowered and tail between its leg as it whimpered and lied down behind akane. Jimbob had a shred of insanity boiling within him, before he snapped out it and approached the man who offered to give his take on the story. Others tried to approach him, but when they saw jimbob, they seemed to back away as he approached the pirate captain. Despite this he simply stuck his hands in his pockets and looked up at him. The rage subsided, he calmly stated his name and purpose. " The name's Jimbob and I grew up on Jaya. I left the island the day of the attack...I remember those explosions I drove into the back of my mind vividly now. Please tell me about the attack. I want to know what my aunt went through in her final hours".

WC:427(418 without quote)

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Zanji looked about and saw sa few onlookers were looking at him. He smiled and crossed his arms as he saw a few began to move towards him and he would of welcomed them happily be they friend or foe. He was itching for a fight to relieve some of this pent up stress and aggression. however the people who moved towards him returned back to there seats as a young man began to walk towards him. He raised a eyebrow quizzically at the young man.He looked down for a moment with his left eye and spotted the canine companion of the man. Oh he loved dogs they were a wonderful animal. He cleared his throat and looked at the boy " If it's any consolation the people did not suffer it was over in a instant for them so they did not suffer needlessly.

Zanji smiled politely at the young man and slowly pushed the chair across him open with his left leg gesturing for the young man to take a seat. His eyes went wide as he heard the young man state that he had grown up on jaya. He felt sorry for him losing his entire island he didn't know how he would actually react if the marines were to buster call his own hometown. Perhaps it was shock the young man was in he wasn't sure, he wasn't a doctor.

There was sadness and pity in his eyes as he looked at the young man. his tone of voice was respectful yet there was sadness in it, he really did feel bad for the young man. "I am Truly sorry for your loss, i can regale with the gruesome details but first lets get you and your animal something to eat or drink. He looked over and signaled the waitress to come over y raising his hand and motioning towards him and the table.

He lifted his left leg and crossed his legs and let out a sigh. " However they should never have had to die in the first place, it was that damn vega's fault he planted dummy ships and loaded the islanders into them each ship had a jolly roger, so the navy without thinking just blatantly attacked them no question asked i feel for those lost souls." He paused and licked his bottom lip and looked at the young man "However it is fortunate that you left the island the day of the attack, There were a few of us who fought to protect jaya myself and one other pirate by the name of Bazel D wiggins, however with the islands constant bombardment we ad to leave we were running out of room to fight."


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Jimbob nodded and pulled out a chair for himself, leaning back while gesturing akane and Dog with an Extra G to come over as well. She took a seat next to him timidly with her gaze fixed on the ground. His dog lied next to him, trying its hardest to be out of sight of its owner despite its size. " It's alright akane, I'm sure you had yer reasons. But anyways this girl is my best friend and this wolf dog is named, Dog with an Extra G". Akane smiled back meekly to mask her uneasiness.

He reflected on what zanji said though, about it being vega's fault. It wasn't entirely his fault though, for the marines who laid waste to my home were going to unless hell on my people either way. They were connected to pirates and supported them openly". Just then the waitress zanji called came over, but neither akane nor jimbob were really hungry. They did however order three shots to be polite.

Jimbob looked up the sky as he let the reality of his situation wash over him. He closed his eyes momentarily as the world drowned out, before cracking a smile. He slammed his fast into the table and rose. " I set out from jaya to show my aunt cool things. She would slap me silly for dwelling on this. I'll just make cool things and kick vega's ass". The fist he made shook,but it still trembled. That however is when one of the bystanders in the crowd ran out of his blind spot and shoved him out into the open and away from zanji and the others.

He stumbled a bit, as another pirate came out and whipped out a pistol(tier 2 damage vs my tier 1 natural defense), its iron sights set on jimbob who was stumbling forward. The bullet shot out faster than he could react as it hit his stomach. Jimbob fell backward, seemingly dead, " Haha serves you right piece of shit. You ain't nothing special little jayan. say hi to yer pissant family for me".

Out of the crowd others started to come out too. Dog with an Extra G stood over a seemingly unconscious Jimbob as they closed in on zanji and akane. "Now if'n you don't mind, you'll be coming with us poppet". The sound of another pistol being cocked filled the air, its being trained on akane who was backing off slowly.

" Get em...boi", jimbob said as he regained his composure. Dog with an Extra G pounced the nearest gunman, its bullet deflecting off of its even tougher hide. As for jimbob he quickly rose and whistled, signalling his dog to throw its blood toy over to him. Jimbob's eyes became black as the aura of a turtle surrounded him.  " Pirates".

With that he sprinted toward the nearest enemy he could find using its ally as a hostage, and let loose an upper cut that knocked the thug up into the air and over into the ocean.


Note: I have a natural tier 1 defense. Natural defense blocks damage of the same tier or plus one. Site rules put ordinary pistols at tier 2 damage.

2 pirates taken out.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Zanji nodded his head politely at the women known as akane and smiled cheerfully at Dog with an Extra G. "It is a pleasure to make all your acquaintances I would tip my hat to each of you if i had one hehe." He smirked and looked at the waitress as she came around and licked his lips as she got the order from this new acquaintances. "Just a coffee for me and a glass of water."  he watched her go but with his left eye he watched the surrounding area around his table. He was sure he had upset someof the navy supporters at his words for leaking out the death toll information.

He honestly didn't give a damn he was going to fight any navy officer he met up with or had anything to do with the desturion of jaya, he already knew about the giant oh how he was going ot make that big man cry in pain. the admiral on the other hand would prove to be a much more troublesome foe. He was not as strong as a admiral but he would make that man pay one day oh yes indeed he would make him pay dearly. He watched as the boy slammed hsi fist on the table angrily.

The young man had passion in his heart, he liked that. But what intrigued him most was the fact he wanted to go after vega. His lip curled into a great smile. "I am also planning on going after that worm vega he has to pay dearly perhaps we could work together to get him I'm sure it would be mutually beneficial for the both of us, if you want to your more than welcome to join me im leaving this excuse for a den and heading to the twin capes your welcome to hitch a ride or follow me choice is yours." Just as he finished saying his invitation to join him however there was a gun shot and the young man known as jim feel over seemingly dead. He looked over and saw a man holiding a pistol smoke emnating from its barrel. the waitress screamed and threw up the tray with the drinks. moving at full speed he quickly grabbed the his glass of water in midair and landed on the opposite table. He smiled and then glared at the man after taking a sip from his cup.

"Now you boys just screwed yourselves you just shot a possible friend of mine  thats one thing that i will NOT tolerate. he  smashed his glass on the table and ran at full speed quickly drawing his sword with his righthand  and slicing the mens throats that had threatened himand the lady. Oh how the blood spilt from the clean cuts from there necks as he tossed the glass onto the ground as it smashed into pieces. He quickly watched as the two rmen fell gasping there throats. He saw several men stand up quickly while the cafe evacuated leaving only him and akane and jim and jimbobs dog with a extra g.

he watched as the  dog took down one of the pirates and smirked adn said "good boy." he quickly fired off four precise shoots at the t1 grunts hitting them in there heads with little difficulty. while he then growled and pulled his fist back igniting into flames as he said "You are poor excuses for pirates and human beings, let me show you how a real pirate fights now begone!" He then fired off his most powerful attack his fire fist straight out he smirked as he had it curl around the cafe exterior incinerating the remaining grunts while leaving him jim and akane and his faithful wolfhound completly unharmed turning the enemy into powder. He bent down and looked over at jimbob his flames extinguishing themselves. " I suggest we leave post haste jimbob before the locals get involved." with that he headed towards the dock walking completely calm whistling happily to himself.

(Zanji exit)

Wc 676
Twc: 1,610/1200

tech used plus stats remaining:

Skill Name:- Hiken (fire fist)
Tier:- T3
Type- melee/df
Range:- 30 meters
Speed:- T3
Description: - Zanji covers his fist in fire, before punching forward releasing a column of fire at his target that can reach a maximum height and width of 30 meters. This attack is so incredibly powerful that it is able to plow through several normal wooden ships in one shot. Should a living being be hit by it they will receive 3rd degree burns.

Stamins used:45
Stamina pool:440
stamina remaining 395/440

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Jimbob, akane and Dog with an Extra G all ducked out of the way during the commotion. He put his arm around his friends and covered pushed their heads down as the fire let loose from zanji. The fire was surprisingly accurate as it flew toward their attackers without so much as a ember touching them. His victims lying on the ground with blood gushing from or fire running over the edge as fire engulfed their bodies. Jimbob smirked as he forgot about jaya for a second.

Akane tugged at Jimbob's sleeve, " yer not serious are you"? He was muttering to himself, things about weapons and inventions and bombs he could make with an invention based around fire. She shook him again as he glanced back at her. " I'm going akane. Come with me". She frowned at him, a little annoyed at his suggestion. " That. GUY. CHARRED. THOSE.GUYS. Are you missing some brains jimmyboi"? He grinned, " then protect me with yer common sense, I'm going now".

As he pulled away from her grip she looked away as he started to walk off. Even Dog with an Extra G got up and left her sitting alone. Growling at jimbob who was now tailing zanji. She quickly caught up to him and jabbed him in the side as hard as she could. " Is that it? Is that all you care about? Stupid inventions? What about jaya? MIO"?

Jimbob stood still as he used one arm to prop himself up against the railing. A tear trickled down his cheek as before he used his sleeve to wipe it off. " I can only deal with it by moving forward Akane. If I don't find something new, I don't know what kind of stupid thing I'll come up with sooner or later. Please come with me". She stared at him long and hard, before pushing his back toward zanji. " Let's go then". The three of them followed zanji to whatever ship he claimed to own. In the back of their minds they knew they had broken a cardinal rule on the island, that which was not to start fights on the main ship. Jimbob once again stared up at the clouds with a toothy grin. " I ain't no stinking pirate though". He suddenly had an urge to light a cigarette and run up to zanji with the intent of getting one.



It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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