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1 [Time Skip Task] Battle not the War on Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:33 am

Task Name: Battle not the War
Tier: 1
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Emil meets up with his old friend Riko Ameno at a Marine base at the shore of the country. However they are soon attacked by incoming revolutionary troops. The battle eventually ends with  Emil becoming a prisoner and taken away.
Enemy Details: 100 T3Revolutionary Swordsmen  10 T3 Snipers
Boss: No

Emil frantically walked about the room with his hands behind his back. His marine uniform over his combat suit pressed neatly with a single crease. He smelt of some cheap cologne that wasn't too overpowering. Today was the day Riko transferred over and the pair would be united. His master and closest friend Emil couldn't but grow a smile as the memories of their time together replayed in his mind. "Oh and what dirty thoughts are on your mind." A seductive purred in to his ear sending chills down Emil's spine as he turned his head."Riko.." He choked out as the woman hugged him close. "How is my little pupil doing?" Hugging her back as she crushed his spine." Oh you know still a Ensign and all. No big cases or anything but I have been training." Emil casually replied in the tight embrace as he flexed to get out the hold. "Oh my you've gotten pretty strong." Riko replied with a giggle taking a step back observing him up and down. "Got a girlfriend yet?" She suddenly asked as Emil blushed his darting away."Wha- what makes you think that?"  He stuttered hating when she teased him like this. He never knew how to act around her or woman in general."Now that your 18 you are ripe for the picking I'll wait just one more year until you'll be mi-n-e." Riko would say grabbing his chin and forcing his gaze in to hers with a lick of her lips.

However they were interrupted as a explosion rang out forcing the two of them to instinctively jump back and out of the way leaving a whole in the wall as yells wcould be heard from below. Emil ran to the opening in the wall looking out to the sea. A lone ship a revolutionary one at that as he turned to Riko."Revolutionaries!" He yelled to her before whipping his head back seeing as they stormed the shore. A few hundred of them at least as he bit his lip.  Emil wasted no time jumping out of the tower like base as he fell towards the incoming enemies. "Emil wait!" Hearing Riko call after him he turned to her giving her a thumbs up before turning back and spinning mid-air.They were easily out numbered and the best thing he could do now was try and take out as many as possible on his own. Nearing 14m from the ground Emil would have whipped both his legs forward sending out two 7m blades of air towards the revolutionaries below. Before he could hit the ground a well placed geppo allowed him to recover and safely drop to the ground in the middle of the oncoming enemies who had now encircled him.  Emil wasted no time on asking them to surrender as he dropped in to a low heavy stance.

He closed his eyes listening to the charges of the men. Emil's eyes burst open as he dashed forward to a man in front of him throwing a knee in to the swordsman's stomach as he turned with a spinning kick sending back more people. They were more wary now not all jumping in at once as Emil stood staring at them all. 4 stepped forward with weapons however they were all martial artist like him it seemed. One with a claw on his arm attacked first with a swipe to his head as Emil jumped over the man with ease before turning to kick him in the side of the head. The other rushed him as he stuck out his arms and leg to intercept the strikes. Emil acted quick moving to grab the arm and leg of two attackers before hurling them towards the ground. He dealt with the final one by grabbing his head and slamming it in to the ground. Emil needed to wipe out more he wasn't doing enough.

It was time to rely on one of the new skills he had come up with his Impact. Clenching his fist  and activating tenkai he stood strong swinging with all of his might towards the enemy. At the last moment he would have used his shigan to accelerate his fist creating a shockwave the resulting effect sending force a 2m wide air blast that plowed through 15m of the enemy bodies sent flying everywhere. Part of Emil felt relief until a bullet flew past him. Luckily it grazed his shoulder as blood flowed from the wound. Ripping off his uniform he was left only in is combat clothes finally taking the situation seriously. His previous two attack had drained his stamina somewhat so he would need to take it easy while dealing with the snipers.

This time it was his turn to take the assault running dead in to the crowd before him. The person in front swung at him with his sword as Emil danced around it before smacking it to the side with his forearm before punching the man and grabbing him throwing him in to the people behind him as he kept up. His speed alone was allowing him the current advantage of the numbers.  Another bullet came flying buy grazing his side this time leaking more blood from his body. Emil quickly punched a nearby revolutionary in the throat smashing his wind pipe causing Emil to wince at his own savagery. He then used the body as a shield as more bullet came firing at him. When the barrage stopped he tossed the body aside once again trapped inside a  circle of the remaining revolutionaries. It was harder for Emil to keep up so most of his efforts were focused on dodging. He swum past the men flowing with their movements to make use of their attacks against each other all the while slowly gathering his bearings. Emil was no doctor but he could tell that his wounds weren't serious.Stung a little but other than that he was completely fine.

The fight had continued on as Emil effortlessly took on the remaining adversaries all up until he heard her voice. "Let me go!" A gun shot the boom ringing in his ear as he got distracted taking a blow to the face before jumping to his feet. "Riko!" Emil cried dashing through his enemies ridding of anyone in his way like a bull on a stampede. Damn it he needed to move swifter he was taking to long. Emil's body acted on it's own when he used geppo to travel through the air he quickly scanned for her crimson hair but the moment he did guns were pointed at him and fired. One missed as the other hit him in the side forcing him towards the ground.

Emil grabbed his side as he coughed up blood. Even injured however the soldiers still were cautious in not approaching him. "Emil run don't let them take you prisoner!" Riko screamed at him but he looked up meeting her eyes with a glare. As if answering with his eyes she avoided his eyes with tears. Emil moved in to a bowing position although he struggled from the bullet wound."Take me captive instead leave her alone!" He would yell out for everyone to hear. Like hell he was gonna let her captured and ran off on his own. This would be his punishment for being too weak.  The sniper holding her nodded to each other as one walked towards Emil with his gun trained on him. Another of the snipers would have appeared from the crowd with a pair of handcuffs sitting on Emil's back and forcing them on. " I wanna see you let her go." He added as the men sighed the one standing guard over Riko releasing her as she ran to him."You dumbass your no hero.." She said planting a kiss on his forehead and hugging him as the revolutionaries let the two have a moment alone before tugging her and picking up Emil. Riko immediately burst off running towards one of the cities closest to the base.

Emil being carried along by the revolutionaries watched as she ran off in to the distance all of the snipers having their guns trained on her as he watched them fearfully. However he felt relief when they lowered their weapons once she was out of distance. All of the soldiers he had taken out started to rise up one by one or were carried by their allies. Made sense considering he didn't kill a single one only hurt them. Before entering the ship he was blindfolded and eventually drown in a cell somewhere. Part of him started to wonder if it was really ok that he let his enemies live. Being too soft always had its repercussions.

Word Count: 1,457

Stamina: 130/250 Haki 75/75
Skills Used:

Skill Name: Geppo
Tier: 1
Type Speed
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Description: The Geppo allows the users to actually jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. While the technique itself affords several advantages both in and out of battle for the user, it has but one major weakness: since its usage depends heavily on the user's legs, restraining, damaging, or pinning down any major parts of their lower body can significantly disrupt Geppo. The amount of distance it can cover is reliant on your speed stat.

Skill Name: Impact
Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 10m
Speed: 2
Description: The user activating tenkai in their forearm and up  swings with all of their strength before using shigan with their arm to create a shockwave and send 2m air bullet flying towards the intended to deal massive blunt damage target.

Skill Name: Tempest Reaper
Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 15m
Speed: 2
Description: The user takes a low stance before jumping high in to the air rapidly spinning forward before reaching maximum height. They will then whip their legs forward in a X formation sending off two 7m blades of air to slice through the target.

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