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1 Contacting cyrus[social] on Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:56 pm

Jimbob sat in the candlelight for a few minutes, mulling over his words carefully. At, "the den" he had been asking around non nonchalantly for information about a certain rev. Jimbob was curious about the grandline's worst,but usually out of curiosity more than anything. However he stood out simply for his occupation. The others in some old newspapers were martial artists and gung-ho swordsmen. A bother if they tussled for sure,but no one of particular interest to him. Cyrus was a scientist and if there was any reason to be learned from him, jimbob would gladly at least reach out to the fella.

That night he found himself holed up by candle light, trying to think of what to say. " What does an outlaw rev scientist want?..." It was at this moment he felt a little down realizing he didn't have much, sitting in his little garage. He flipped through his notes and blueprints, obsessively looking for the best ones. He figured the one thing he could do was at least show potential of his ideas, since as a novice without a proper lab, there was little he could do. However a good hypothesis should be better than nothing he thought as he separated his blue prints and revised his best ones. With a relucatant sigh he said, " Anyways let's get this over with".

Dear Cyrus...

no no

Dear Mr. Reaper person guy,

My name's Jimbob and I'm an aspiring scientist and hoping to expand my horizons. I saw your name in a newspaper and looked into the rumors surrounding you. It it's true what they say, then at some point I'd like to work under ya and learn what I can. I'll do whatever's necessary to make it worth yer while, whether it be swabbing the poop deck or leveling a marine base. As a show of good faith, I'm also enclosing my current blueprints to show I'm not completely worthless!

uhh jimbob


With that Jimbob enclosed some of his newer and tried and true ideas. His punchit's projected schematics, his bomb ideas, and rocket propulsion systems based off of some marine bazookas he found at the black market of the den. In the morning he caught up to the carrier pelicans and hurredly dunked his letter into its pouch right as the bird took flight.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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2 Re: Contacting cyrus[social] on Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:33 pm



Being the new ruler of Drum and a highly wanted Revolutionary Captain you didn't exactly get fan mail all that often, or any mail at all for that matter, unless of course they were orders to follow. So, while Cyrus was sifting through various Revolutionary task orders and reports, the little, crudely scribbled letter from a man named "uhh jimbob" caught his attention. To be honest the letter's formatting and word structure read like that of a six year old's and for a moment he was tempted to simply smile and throw away the letter. It was only when he noticed the schematics attached to the envelope that he decided this jimbob fellow might actually be worth some trouble. The first was a gauntlet type weapon-invention of some sort and while interesting, Cyrus had no personal need for such a thing. That being said, it was a great way of showing him this boy's potential. Next came the crude bomb blueprints and while rudimentary, they showed someone who clearly knew what they were doing and Cyrus was in desperate need of a bomb maker. Hmm looks like we have a prodigy 6 year old on our hands, you my boy have my curiosity. Cyrus mused to himself as he penned out his own letter.

Dear Mr. Jimbob,

I have received your letter and while truthfully your penmanship leaves something to be desired, its your blueprints that got my attention. As luck would have it I am in need of a bomb maker in the not too distant future. Please excuse me for assuming but I gather you most likely don't have transport to my island, otherwise I'd expect you at my front door asking for my services rather than through this letter. If that is true, please let me know where I might find you and I'll be around shortly to pick you up. I believe we have much to discuss. Keep in mind I haven't accepted you yet, but I'm a man who would rather work in face to face dealings than through a bird with a satchel.

Cyrus Kincaid


Please see to it that this letter gets to the next mail pelican available. Thank you. Cyrus said, sealing the envelope and handing it off to one of his grunts who hurried out of the room in search of the nearest messenger bird.

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3 Re: Contacting cyrus[social] on Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:22 pm

It was early morning when jimbob was awoken by the snarling of his beloved pet wolf, dog with an extra G. The sound of its rattling chains and otherwise fierce,but strained movements stirred jimbob who found him staring at the window. There a pelican swaying back and forth teased the hungry predator,but before jumping back to attention when it saw jim was up. It hurriedly dropped the letter and flew out in a flurry of feathers and frantic low caws.

Jimbob rose drowsily from his slumber to find his letter had indeed been recieved. Cyrus' by contrast was formal and not covered in sea water. It even had a fancy seal on it, something he sneered at. Upon reading the letter he was both ecstatic and rather perturbed. " penmanship I gotta get a den den or make something long range so I don't gotta write fancy letters". With a frown he immediately got back to writing.

He sat for a second realizing that his parchment was all messy and his own pen and ink were in disrepair...pen broken and ink nearly dried up. He frowned at this,but remembered how expensive these things were at the den. Bunch of dirty bastards price hiking.

Dear Mister Reaper person guy,
That's great! I'm glad ya found something of interest Mister raeper. I can't go to drum,but if you're coming willing to pirate's den to meet face to face, then I'll be at 5th dock. It's one of the smaller work yards here,but one of the busiest so you can't miss it! If'n you'll s'cuse my honesty,but I'ma approaching this with hopeful optimism too. I sincerely hope that we can work together and that it'll be peachy!

uhh jimbob

Just as jimbob was going to seal the letter he remembered that he hadn't told him what he looked like.

p.s I'm a tall blonde guy in a tux and got a giant wolf dog pet.


With that he sealed the letter gathered his belongings. Out at the dock he tied dog with an extra G at a stump, started to heat some noodles while he began waiting for cyrus while he buried himself in his blueprint designs. " Okay okay, not I need something cool. Something explodey,but not too explodey. It needs to be sneaky..sneaky...". Just as he was getting into his work, he held his letter out for the carrier pelican as it flew by and snatched his letter.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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