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15 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:02 pm

Mavis nodded at Reina’s sudden action, in all honesty Mavis didn’t wanna waste any more time trying to find the secret trigger to the entrance. She just figured neither one had the power to break the roof below them. However since Reina could this would be much quicker, Mavis smiled, as Reina was quick to cause trouble so was Mavis.

“Alrighty then!” Mavis smiled ready to fight, holding the gun in her hand.

A voice chimed in Mavis’ head. “No, do not pull this trigger.”

Mavis gasped, it sounded like the voice of her mother, she nodded. She would take this as a sign she’d have to use the Slavers’ guns.

“Time to say goodbye, princess.” A man’s voice chuckled.

Mavis back flipped grabbed his right arm putting it behind his back, then giving him a high kick to his crotch from behind. The man screamed in agony. Leaving the man useless Mavis picked up his pistols. Then she fired a circle around her falling to the next floor down. As she fell men surrounded her their hoods down ready to attack her, however being agile and nimble she dodged their grasps for her, jumping over their heads and turning to face them.

“Beg for mercy.” Mavis had shot rapidly at each Slaver in sight, each bullet going straight for the heart. "Oh wait, I meant enjoy your trip to hell." Mavis chuckled at the sight she had bestowed upon herself, happily.

One after another would fall to their knees and then to their death. She counted twelve.

Mavis would look at Reina seeing she had made quick work of her group. “I’m assuming the rest are on the final floor down, I assume you can handle them and I’ll handle these cages.”

Mavis had pointed out a dozen people in three big cages, in chains. Mavis winced as this brought back her past and she almost passed out, but she could feel her blood turn to ice.

As she freed the slaves they thanked her and ran quickly down the stairs and out the door. They’d be unnoticed because of Reina.

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16 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:31 pm

Reina stopped dead in her tracks, lowering her hostage to the ground but still grasping him by the nape of his neck. Mavis had already taken her fun and then some, killing off the others in the room. A tear came to her eye, as she sniffled. " Next time I won't ask you to have fun too", she said pouting on the side lines. The red head wiped her boogers on her hostage's robe and nodded, " alright I got dis". With one swift motion she threw her arms up in the air and raced for the stair well ahead of the others. Bouncing off the wall with the man in tow, she rolled into the room with a bunch of slavers with thier victims as well.

Reina smiled and held the man up as she charged for the first slaver, the shots just barely missed her exposed legs and her flailing hostage who screamed in agony. Using her gargantuan strength, she sanwiched her hostage and newest victim into a wall, then tossed the man toward another slaver. All the while the slaves from the second floor came bolting down and more enemies were on their way. So she willed fire into sword, its tip erupted in flames and slowly it engulfed the jet black blade. Without a second thought she slashed the door in front of her, burning the man who was coming through the door, setting him afire. Without a second thought she kicked the man down into the ground and used him as a stool to charge the others in the next room. With fire still imbued into her blade, she swung horizontally to bathe the area in front of her with eruption of a roaring flame.

The slavers in the closest to her ducked out of the path of her blade, only to leave themselves to her relentless assault as she swiftly and mercilessly cut down everyone in her path. Each man that tried to strike her was easily parried, a quick frontal block was usually followed up by their torso being flayed like a thanksgiving turkey.

The last man in the immediate area, cowering in the corner of the room bathed in fire and corpses, tried his best to become one with the wall. Or so Reina assumed as she kept pushing up against the corner, looking to her and back at the wall which was obviously betraying him. " Hi ya, you're coming with me".

Hmm, I wonder how mavis is holding up?

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17 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:42 pm

By the time she would finish freeing the slave from her floor, Reina should’ve nicely finished off the rest of the Slaves. Mavis noticed two men race off up the stairs, escaping, she shrugged it would be no biggie it was only two. However she already prepared to tell Reina that none of the slavers had survived. Mostly because she could picture the Reina chasing after them.

Mavis smiled walking down the stairs waving at Reina with a few slaves who were too afraid to go alone behind her.

“How was your fight Reina?” Mavis would ask, “So should we go finish up our coffee and go find Lana??”

She smiled thinking of the coffee she hadn’t gotten to enjoy this morning it was almost dusk by now, they got so caught up in beating up slavers and freeing the imprisoned citizens of Water Seven, they had used up half of the day.

“Also…” Mavis whispered quietly into Reina’s ear, “I wanna give you a token of gratitude.”

Mavis had leaned in to kiss Reina’s cheek. After the kiss she would pull away smiling, ready to follow Reina and get Lana, ready to really enjoy her coffee this time.

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18 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:06 pm

Reina began walking back into the previous room, slashing the small flame in front of her as if it didn't really matter(flame splitter). With her hostage pulled by his collar in tow, she'd give him a good kick to the back with her heel if he started complaining out of nowhere. " Quiet you, a little fire never hurt anyone", she said with her teeth gritted and a scowl on her face. Well that is till she saw Mavis happily waving to her. " Twas a good work out,but I didn't really get to bust out any of my moves", she said with a nervous laugh. She nodded at the suggestion to finish her coffee and began walking toward the door. " So uhh I kind of forg--". The girl would be interrupted by the slight peck on the cheek. Stunned for a moment at the fact that it impacted her even in the slighted, silently cursing her haki while bopping her own noggin. Why didn't you warn me stupid brain!

Her hostage started to squirm, as if he was going to reach for something in his robe's inner pockets. Without hesitation, she squeezed hardly on the nape of his neck while dragging him forward. Cheeks slightly flushed as she rubbed the spot for a good two or three minutes. Upon finding the street, she was met with Lana and a squad of Marines. They quickly rescued her hostage and Lana bopped her on the head as well. " I thought you were gonna play nice"!

Reina laughed and scratched her head, " He's alive ain't he and all the peoples and Mavis are okies too. Ain't that all dat matters here"? Just as swiftly as she uttered such words, Lana grabbed her by the collar and started shaking her violently, " And you got a civilian involved too? IDIOT"! Without warning a loud growl erupted from Reina's stomach, one followed by Lana's own. Just as Reina had been dragging her own hostages, she turned to mavis with her own as well. " Well shall we go finish that coffee Mavis? My treat".

Reina with her arms cross glared at the two of them, " You mean my treat"? She said, grumbling all the way back the restruant with her two buddies. Still rubbing her cheek every now and then. " Such a bother stupid stupid", she said under her breath all the way there.

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19 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:24 pm

As they walked back Mavis couldn’t help but think of the chains and how she too was once like them, however lucky for them it was only hours versus Mavis’ whole childhood. Mavis tried her best to clear her mind of such things and continue enjoying herself but for some reason it just didn’t settle with her. She could’ve sworn that her gun had spoke to her in her mother’s voice. However they did free the people and help out that was all that mattered this would be something she’d have to dig deeper into another day.

“Yea, totally I’d love to go get coffee.” Mavis nodded at Reina’s question.

On the walk back multiple families would thank them and throw bags of berries at them. They were practically heroes to the locals.

“No, no I don’t need the money.” Mavis smiled, returning the bags.

Although she kind of did, however she wasn’t one to accept money for doing a noble deed on her own time. As they arrived to the Hut, which now dusk the sign outside had illuminated a bright blue that said, “Tropical Love.”

Mavis had ordered the same thing as last time and sat at a booth this time resting her head against the window pane. Waiting for her drink, along with Reina and Lana.

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20 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:45 pm

As the two sat down back at their normal spots, the barista greeted them with much glee. The place itself was somewhat jumping due to the arrival of the local's heroes. Lana was a bit uncomfortable, twirling her hair with her face planted into the menu. Reina slumped onto the table in a daze gurgled from her position, " Just get me one of everything mister".

Feeling rather confused, exhausted she turned to mavis with a curious look in her eyes. " Hmm...what are your plans from here on out"?


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21 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:04 pm

As Mavis drank her coffee which had been delivered to the group each their own. She looked at Reina and Lana. She could tell they were exhausted. She chuckled it was cute. All the excitement had certainly taken a toll on Lana she probably was the one most frightened today. Which wasn’t a bad thing it just meant she was afraid of action and violence. Then again she didn’t mind making Reina a punching bag though… oh well.

Mavis had answered Reina’s question with ease, “My plan is to find a golden ticket to Skypiea. I’ll even smuggle myself on to a pirate ship, marine ship I dunno but I’ll find a way.” Mavis smiled, “What about you.”

As Reina told her, her plans she smiled and nodded fascinated. “Well that's cool, and this is farewell. I'm sorry.”

When Mavis stood up she walked over to Reina and gently placed a kiss upon Reina’s lips, quickly she turned away before Reina could react. This was a way for her to hide her now blushing face, as she walked off.

“Take Care…” She whispered, waving goodbye with her left hand.


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22 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:54 am



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