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1 War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:13 pm

Task Name:Double Agent?
Location:Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Due to a recent string of encounters, involving both the evacuation of an entire island and her work with a world noble, a new opportunity has landed at her feet. Marina Samarin is looking for someone to infiltrate the ranks of the pirates and wage war on behalf of the top brass in the Marines, without the backlash of the public. Should Reina accept the task, she must first prove her worth by taking the heads of an infamous criminal working for kiretsu. However, Marina won't just accept Ivan's word for it. Nor will killing these fellows be enough to win her trust.
Enemy Details:
30 T2 Fishmen: Novice Fishman Karate
20 T3 Fishmen: Kenbushoku haki,Titanium gauntlets
1 T4 Fishman: Kenbushoku haki and bushoku haki, titanium Trident with 3 points

10 T3 cyborgs: Armed with gatling guns, Seastone skin, and homing misses. Binocular vision and heat vision
1 T4 Cyborg: With a dual arm gatling guns, titanium skin. Binocular vision and heat vision

100 T0 grunt pirates with rifles
50 T2 with steel swords and rifles
30 T3 with busho haki and swords. flint lock pistols
2 tier 4 over seers with Kenbusho haki, bushoku haki

1 doctor with freaks of nature
Tier 2 freaks of nature(zombies) that dont feel pain. they want to eat peeps. die with their heads chopped off or electricution to short their generators located in their hearts.
Boss: Yes

Boss Name:Devlin dirk
Tier: 4
Devil Fruit: -
Haki: All 3
Equipment:Poison gas generator, gas mask, different potions, augmentation potion, proton ray gun
Strength: 3, 5 with potion
Durability: 5, 3 with potion
Speed: 3, 5 with potion
Perception: 5, 3 with poison

Boss Name:
Tier: 5
Devil Fruit: None
Haki: Kenbushoku, Bushoku
Equipment: Proton Sabers
Strength: 6
Durability: 4
Speed: 6
Perception: 4

40 points spent to meet Marina Samarin:
Link where I spent the points:
This is following the storyline from my event task:

It is also right before my current arc:

My goal right now is to earn the trust of some of the Marine top brass and become their Corazon mole for taking down the shichibukai.

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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2 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:52 pm

" it'll be okay sassy pants".
That was probably the last thing Reina would hear her old Lieutenant say as Ivan's soldiers stormed up the small apartment complex they were in. Reina's eyes glowed fiercely. She went to go pick up rodgers when he nudged her away as much as his body would let him. Although he had no use of his arms or legs, he pulled himself away from her as best that he could. Reina panicked a little, trying to pull on his arm. " What's wrong sir. Let's go they're coming". By now his breathing had settled down, mind cleared as well. " What are you doing sassy pants. Just wait patiently on the side". Reina shook her head. " We can get cha fixed up and out of here sir. I'll bring ya to those revs and we'll get the cap buried c'mon".

Rodgers laughed ever so slightly for a moment, looking up at his now superior officer. " sassy pants, was this the reason why you betrayed me at alabasta? Following your own justice even if it kills you...heh". As he spoke the sound of ivan's force drew ever nearer, their boots sounding like a steady stampede. " Leave this old man to die. his entire purpose was to kill you using your attachment". Reina shook him at his shoulder, "What cha mean sir"? Rodgers became solemn for a moment as he turned on his side. He took a deep breath and calmly looked up at her. " I was bait. All I had to do was pull the cord and boom! you and I would've exploded...sassy pants don't be too trusting. Never stop believing in what you believe in. Even if the world hates you. fight on".

Ivan's men shouted regimented orders, roboticly entering the floor they were on and sweeping the place for anyone else or potential traps. The man of the hour was not there, leaving reina with nothing else to do but fulfill her job as the one in charge. Rodgers was loaded up on a stretcher and in hand cuffs just in case. The dead from the fight were all rounded up on a makeshift barge and sent out to sea, as per orders by Ivan himself. Night fell soon enough and Reina was sitting alone in her old hotel room, still stinking of sea water and rotting fish. In the moon light near the window she pulled out a blood stained piece of paper, which was neatly folded into a square. She unfolded it, as it was from her captain. Even with a gaping hole in his gut, he managed to slip it in her pocket.

Barret wrote:If you're reading this little girl, then you won. It also means Rodgers didn't have the gall to pull the pin. Your life is about to get harder little miss. The line between enemy and ally is going to blur the farther you go along. Keep your chin up and don't trust anyone. Even my most trusted rev allies ended up in kiretsu's web.

anyways good luck girl. I'll see ya in hell


My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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3 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:46 pm

A month later

Things were finally starting to get back to a sense of normalcy after the incident with her old comrades and Ivan. Whenever she tried to reach the prison Rodgers was located in via Den den mushi, should would always be given the run around. As if she didn't have enough paper work, the prisons would demand formal requests as to what she wanted to know and why the moment Rodger's name came up. Notarized letters, coupled with signing documents with her secret passcode ended up eating days of her life. Waiting for the documents to mail, followed by a classified information response. Sometimes the response would say he was not in that prison. The response was never quite the same,but the results certainly were.

Someone didn't want her knowing what happened and soon she found out the level of command she would need to proceed further really was Vice admiral. She was stunned and rather frightful during recent days. Someone was covering their tracks and they were keeping her down, stopping any attempt at learning anything new. Buried under paperwork that seemed to be printed out needlessly and assaulted by newspaper journalists every time she left her office at least once a day. What little patience she had was wearing thin. As she sat there scribbling notes and skimming through the paperwork needed for the rebuilding of the south districts docks, a faint knock came from her office door way. With eyes wired and bloodshot she looked up to see Lana timidly knocking at her doorway with shrugged shoulders and an uncomfortable expression. " h--hey there stranger. lunch"? She waved at Reina with an uncomfortable smile.

The red head stood up, the slight motion caused her massive stack of paperwork to fall upon her desk like an avalanche. She let out a hearty laugh and approached her friend and grabbed her hand. " Aight it's on you this time". The nervous blonde nodded and followed her Reina with a sense of relief. Or rather a sense of cautious optimism. The red head has been stiff lately and the resentful vibes she's been giving lately were becoming more pronounced as the days went on. The spookmaster was gathering algae, her bingo book halted at page 23.5 and her overall curiosity about the world diminished. No longer did Reina long to play hooky or look to find out new things in the world. The previous day she wanted to show er the fighting dewgong, but Reina didn't want to go see them.

As Lana looked forward, it felt like she was looking at a solemn figure who was becoming more closed off from the world with each passing day. " umm is everything okay"?


My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
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4 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:05 am

Reina nodded, " Yea ofcourse. Just busy doing stuff". Her blonde friend tugged on her to quit moving forward. Her grip tightened, " Hey that's not the reina lynhart I know. Yer su'pose to be irresponibil and absent minded and have curiosity 'bout everything"! Lana held her hand with both of hers with all her might, trying to get through to her friend. The red head stopped in her tracks and turned to face Lana who was tensed up and in a slightly balled posture. Reina didn't stop though, continuing to go forward with or without her. It was only a little further from that point. A small little burger joint that she had grown fond of since coming to water 7, salty burgers.

As the duo sat down there was a sense of trepidation pervading the scene. The people behind the counter treated her like a criminal, a monster, and a demon. Too afraid to look her in the eyes or to even hand her the food she ordered. They slid the duo's food across the counter like she had a disease. Lana didn't say anything as she sullenly stared at her burger and fries. "my name's synonymous with destruction and chaos lana. Even if I wanted to go back and be normal people already know who I am". The blonde didn't answer as she slouched over sniffling, but at the same time gritting her teeth in frustration. "it's all my fault isn't it..? was it because of what I said that day"?

Reina paused, looking to her with a puzzled expression. " What did you say"? Lana's eyes became slits, seemingly becoming enraged with her as her temple became wrinkled and her brows furrowed. Till she began laughing as she remembered how hurt her friend was back on the day of the Aqua laguna. Remembering how her quick thinking and actual forethought made the island's worse laguna their safest one yet. Reina had a puzzled expression,but for a moment she forgot everything wrong with her life at that moment. Although at the back of her mind she was truly curious why the heck her friend was suddenly so cheerful about.

That's when a newcomer came onto the scene. The sound of wings flapping in the background and dust being blown up in the air that was now settling around them.


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5 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:49 am

Looming over the duo was a winged woman with raven black hair and white orbs for eyes. Her wings shed a few feathers, that blew into the area when she landed. There she stood, solemn with a sketchbook, before approaching the Reina and lana. " Are you two Reina Lynhart and Lana Dresden"? The two of them looked at eachother and gulped in surprise, before turning back to the woman and nodding their heads. Reina stood up to introduce herself, extending a hand out. " My name is Reina and this is Lana. How may I help you"? The winged woman in turn accepted the gesture and shook her hand. " The name's charlotte and I've been sent here to offer you two an invitation to meet my captain, Vice Admiral Marina Samarin at the north side docks. It's about your encounter with Ivan Windsor".

Reina tried to respond,but charlotte bent her knees and leaped back into the air with great speed, causing a powerful current to follow in her wake as it shook up the dust and debris in the area once more." that's so cool", Reina uttered under her breath,but loud enough for Lana to hear. " What's so funny"? The blonde shook her head and wordlessly gestured her to sit back down and finish her food.

On the way back from lunch Lana paused. " Hmm, what's up"? She had a worried expression, pensive and a little frightened. " Why does someone important want something from us, or rather me of all people? I've heard she is a scary murderous beast. killing people all willy nilly. yer not seriously going to answer the summon"? The red head looked back, but was rather vexed herself. " They know who we are. It'd be foolish to not meet the summons". Lana stepped forward with a hand held out,but retracted it when she realized there was nothing she could say to rebuke that.

The two of them left for the north side docks, where in the distance one could see a small fleet of warships in the distance. Bearing the marine and wg emblems on the ship's masters, the giant azul colored ships were an intimidating presence all their own. " Lana stick by me and don't make any sudden movements. We're going in and out, that's it k"? Her friend nodded and the duo proceeded to head for the ships teeming with marines busy at work and a small army of winged people patrolling from the sky.


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6 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:19 pm

At the drawboard leading to the ship's deck was a commodore and pair of commanders. The center one held his hand out, a commander likely in training. " Halt registration information please". Reina pulled out a small notebook and began answering his questions, giving strings of code that not even lana fully comprehended. There were a lot of events going on lately that were compromising the security of government activity. So they had to speak in code that was not only written in code,but also taught orally to weed out the spies and interceptors. So far they have actually caught several defectors trying to use wire tapping and recorder den dens to try and get into sensitive information without the oral codes.

The trio tried to stop Lana from boarding,but a mere look of rage darted from Reina which made them back down.Her eyes possessed a slight glow which made the officers look away in fear. She was becoming quite the infamous marine, the crimson ruin was becoming more and more common place. Most didn't want to cross her simply because people reckon'd you couldn't fight her without losing something in return. Despite her actual demeanor, people already assumed she was just being a phony. No one had faith in her as a kind hearted person, but rather they saw her for the radical things she tended to say in anger. Windsor's words really made a lot of sense to her as she traveled across the poop deck, where people backed away from her instinctively.

Standing before the captain's quarters was Charlotte, who gestured with a nod to enter the room. There on the opposite side of the vast cabin was a lone desk  occupied by a beautiful woman lazily going over paper work. The wall behind her was stained with fairly fresh blood. Reina could tell just by looking at how it slowly seeped down the wall that it was still drying. Meaning someone had been shotdown within the hour. Out of reflex Marina pulled a pistol out and took a potshot at Lana, but just as casually the red head drew her own blade and deflected the shot without any effort on her end. The two women's wills clashed at that very moment, the wood around them while being treasure tree adam started to creak. On reina's end, a black aura resonating from her started to react to Marina's. The two of them stared each other down, their respective scowls seemingly imprinted into their faces. Until a slight smile slipped from the vice admiral, which threw the duo off more than her killing intent.

" it's been a long time since someone lower on the ladder challenged me, spineless cowards who make my job harder by not having any guts. But you hehe, willing to start a fight with me regardless of rank". Reina had activated her own haki because she was afraid of the rumors she had known about her before hand. " The crimson ruin, the red devil, and the bloodletter... turns out you're just a mother hen. You are the first person since charlotte to treat me as your equal, regardless of rank in so many years". Reina lowered her weapon,but did not sheathe it. Her eyes never taken off marina's hands even for a second.

" Windsor you say? What of him? What do you want from me"? Marina daintily brought her hand to her mouth to hold back the laughter she was so trying not to let loose. Reina on the other hand didn't appreciate the change in demeanor, she preferred the demon who didn't smile rather than the woman clowning her just now. Marina got her composure back within the snap of a finger, her eyes once again become solemn and hardened at stone. " Windsor wants to use you as a plaything. I'm inclined to agree that you seem useful". She picked up a sealed envelope and tossed it to reina like a disk.

Reina looked back at her superior officer who nodded to her. The red head sheathed her blade and opened a file with pictures of grisly murders, grotesque experiments and the picture of a man with a cross across his chest. Even someone who has been battle hardened like reina looked away at some of the pictures, while lana damn near fell to her knees and was unable to keep her composure at first glance of the photos. " Wha--".

Marina stood up straight and looked onward to Reina, " Kiretsu pit you against your comrades". Reina threw the envelope to the ground anger rekindled, " What. of. it"? Marina crossed her arms, but scratched her chin at the same time." prove your salt by taking care of the man in the envelope. My mole died a few days ago, so I need a new one". Reina's eyed the woman, picking up the picture of the man she was targetting, staring it down before lighting it on fire. " What do I get out of this"?

Marina closed her eyes and sighed, " Not enough to work for me huh? If you succeed I'll sponsor your growth and help you destroy this world. At this rate I won't get to retire if those government dogs protect pirate scum". Reina approached her with her hand held out, which in turn was accepted by the vice admiral. "deal". A black aura emitted upon their hands upon asking the gesture, causing sparks of energy to swirl around the room.

Haki: 120
activated ken haki and busho haki

My character sheet:Link
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7 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:03 pm

Just as Reina and Lana were about the leave the cabin, Marina whistled back at them to stop them from leaving. At the doorway was charlotte who was wearing a grin on her face, which formed a great contrast to the setting sun. " Since you're tentative members of the crew, I'll be watching over your friend Reina". The red head nodded and walked past the winged woman only to find Lana had grabbed the base of her shirt. "Don't leave me here Reina".  Charlotte rolled her eyes as Reina was going to try and reassure her again, " The fact that you left the room means you're tentative members of the crew. While you have our captain's approval, you're both one of us". The winged woman held out two baby den dens for them to take. " Take em, you can can communicate this way if you're so frightened". The two cautiously took the snails and exchanged information. " Lana either way you're in danger. At the very least, you have stronger people to protect you while I'm off doing my duty. Please be patient, I'll be back".  With she let go of Reina who disappeared into the night. Lana on the other hand was pulled by a smiling Charlotte, who was half happy to have someone to dress up like a doll. " Not to worry girl. We'll take care of you"!

Reina began to mull over the possibilities should could take when addressing this issue. Clearly there were parts of the island she didn't mess with, places were the sun never shined. Ever since she came here, she found that what lied beneath the veneer was grotesque. Like a monster out of a children's story, the world which lied beneath her feet was probably maddening. Her first instinct though, was to gather information. If she was going to head into the abyss, then the least she could ask for was directions.

Her first instinct was to check out, le cougaaarrrr. A quaint little joint as far as what you'd expect from a strip club. Loud music with an undercurrent of sexual undertones, blaring through the brick walls. Two bouncers with muscular upper bodies guarded the entrance. Sunglasses, arms that looked like cannons. They loomed over her projecting an air of intimidation, but reina didn't pay it any mind. To her right were people lined up along the street waiting to get in themselves. A bunch of thugs, hood rats and whores all were waiting for their turn when reina simply approached the front.

The bouncers stepped forward, hands out with a layer of jetblack forming over their palms. Reina on the other hand, formed her own layer of jetblack and swiped first guard's arm away with a simple push. As he stumbled over, she connected a hard right into his stomach, causing him to fly toward the other bouncer and through the wall behind them. Her hand steamed from the strike, slight bits of energy still resided in her palm as she approached the club. The room froze as she entered the strobe lit chamber through the cloud of smoke. A woman approached her as if to form a wall between her and others. " What do the marines want with a small place like us"?

Reina slowly walked up with an expression that had no weakness, solemn and stern with eyes which radiated power. " I'm here for information. You can give it to me the easy way or the ha--", was all the time she had to say before woman came running at with with a specialized claw which radiated danger signals to her. As the woman took a swipe for her shoulder, reina ducked and threw a punch to her gut, causing the ground to break beneath her. The attacker's gut too was protected by haki,but only for a short time.  With one fluid motion the red head pulled her  attacker's face into her knee and then pulled her back up to a standing position. Arm wrapped firmly around her neck, the woman gasped and tried to struggle futily. Reina was surrounded by a whole swath of angry people at this point. She was picking up guns, knifes and haki from all over. With a grin she held two fingers over her hostage's eyes. " If you know who I am, then make yourselves scarce and bring me your boss". Closer her fingers came to the woman's eyes, so close they seemed to flirt with the corneas, dancing on her eye's filmy surface. " So difficult", she said as she tore one of the woman's eyes out. Her index finger plunged into her eye before she dug in and ripped it out.

One of the men who spurred on the attack roared a fierce battle cry as he dove toward reina. She expertly sat her hostage down, who was in all honesty too shocked to even scream and in one swift motion parried his blackened blade. Unfortunately for him she too had this ability, the sword started to tremble as it became jet black as well. Sparks of black started to emit from their clashed, but they were short lived. With a simple downward motion she forced his blade down and grabbed his lower jaw between her thumb and index finger, crushing it in one swift motion. As another came to charging forward she grabbed his temple, slammed his face into the ground and in one motion grabbed his collar as his body rag dolled and tossed it toward his allies. Causing the two of them to get tangled up with eachother.

One after another Reina tore apart the bar's constituents while maintaining her control of the first hostage she had. That is, until a haki infused bullet came streaming toward Reina. She managed to parry it with a single swipe of her blade, causing it to ricochet into one of the bar's men just to add salt into the wound. It was a short fellow, probably only reaching 4 foot 5 at most. " you crazy bitch, what do you want"? One of his dancer started to try and kiss ass to him, running to him like a helpless little girl. " She just busted in he--". A bullet planted in her skull as well, sending the stripper toppling over. " That goes for the rest of y'all fuckers. She could have killed us all if she wanted. Now speak bitch. What do you want"?

With that tempest of rage that was the strip club now was out out almost instantly. The patrons gave way to the miniature owner who held his pistol close to him as he reloaded it. Though he was short, the man held himself up like he was twenty feet tall. " Ahh short stuff so you're finally here to talk? Nothing much, just need to know where I can find a dude with a cross on his shit. spikey maple hair, scowl. You know of him"?

The short boss laughed and put his gun away. " There's tons of people like that little girl. Get out of here with that shit". Just as easily as he came down, the shorty began to head back into the depths of his hang out. " if--".

There she was, with her blade in his shoulder blade. Foot pressed against his blade and blade stuck into the concrete floor, she didn't say anything as he grunted in pain. " Grrrrr ragh, stupid bitch. That's one of fucking kiretsu's men you're messing with. But what would a stupid cunt like you know?....try the damn badlands. It's been off limits for the past 10 months"!

Reina pulled her blade out of his shoulder with ease and swung her blade out to clean it. " Thanks sir, now was that so hard"? At that moment several of the patrons ran past her to go to their boss' side. Unlike most people on water 7, most didn't even bother with anything that was directly tied to kiretsu. It was a death sentence to do so.

As the group brought brought their boss to the second floor, the room itself was cleared out with the exception of reina's first victim. The short boss was in agony, biting on his belt to endure the pain as the woman slowly approached him. " hey make yourself use--hey what the hell are you doing"? he cried, wiggling away from her. Her eye full of tears as her right eye seeped blood. From her bra's pocket she pulled out a needle.

" I'm sorry boss,but you know the rules".

-20 for maintaining both types.

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8 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:49 pm

Reina began to head out to the badlands from the street's end. It was a simple but easy enough crossing. The badlands represented the parts of the island that may or may not get flooded with the money high tides. Out here it was not unusual to find disembodied remains or an abundance of dead sea life. Out there it seemed as if there was nothing but an endless expanse of battered bedrock and the smell of the ocean. The moon's light was nearly blacked out by the migratory clouds, lighting the place up before giving way to darkness once more. In truth she wasn't too worried as signs of light were nearly all gone. However in the distance she heard the sound of moaning in the distance. Although she had kenbushoku haki on, there was a moment when she genuinely did not sense this presence before her. These were people who clearly shambled across the waste land, much like the photos she saw recently. However they did not give off any signs of danger, or rather it was so minute that it was almost like they weren't even there.

In between the intermittent moon light she noticed they did not have a strong sense of smell, nor did they have a strong sense of hearing. They seemed to be shambling about in the target relying on sight alone. Just like a child without much of an attention span, they would chase her with high speeds when they could see her. But the moment the darkness overtook them once more, they would trip over themselves and behave as if she was not even there.  While she was out there she tried seeing how they reacting to being attacked. Just as she imagined, they were not alive nor were they dead. Though they had hearts which glowed with a mechanical hum, slicing a limb off  did nothing to phase them. Stabbing them did not harm them them either, which was dismaying to her.

A few times she would have to literally rip their arms off because the moment she was grabbed by one in the dark, its lack of pain meant they'd lock in like pitbull jaws and not let go.But since they were useless in the dark, reina only have to navigate her way through the badlands and occasionally toss a few away from her. However the annoyance of dealing with their persistence when their persistence lead her to play doctor with them.

Sometimes during her time out there she'd find out that they go down easiest when their heads are torn off. They also were weak to water, falling into a puddle and getting their electronic hearts lead to a sizzling sound before leaving the creatures limp. Reina would simply cover her nose at the rancid stench before finding a building in the distance.

During this low weekly tide there seemed to be the remains of an abandoned part of water 7. Mostly a level swallowed up in the past, it was covered in algae and the smell of fish pervaded the air.So much so that even breathing through her mouth, she could taste the strong salt air and rancid smell of dead fish.Normally one might end up glossing over this building she found in particular, but something was strange coming from below her. She scoured the place for clues while occasionally taking care of a zombie by flipping it over her shoulder and smashing its skull with a hard right.

That is until she came to a door leading into a basement. She pulled her Katana out and held it forward, illuminating her path with the fire of her sword, small embers just enough to light the way. The floor boards creaked and the sound of dripping water was the only thing she could hear with the exception of her own footsteps. Somewhere along the way she came across a console, metallic in nature. It was like a podium made of steel with a bunch of knobs, buttons and a big lever. With nothing to lose she reluctantly pulled it, leading her into the depths of the earth. She noticed the floorboards she stood over were actually made of steel and the railing which the platform she stood on lead her deep into the maw of the earth, lighting things up with an eery red glow and a rhythmic horn. Whoever resided her, knew she was coming.

The platform ended its descent into a small cell. The platform descended deeper into the earth, steel girders which seemed to spring back into place. With nowhere to go she headed toward the sound of gears turning. A metallic door began to crank open. This leading her into a round chamber with other cages. Behind them were fishmen who roared at her with a primal bestial growl. Multiple figures glared at her with deep yellow eyes, with a black pointed iris fixated upon her. she could see their webbed hands gripping the bars which caged them, teeth which jut from the bars. As she reached the center of the room, their growls seemed to communicate with eachother. As if the Jeering growl of one spurred on another bloodthirsty response, causing the fishmen to get antsy with anticipating.

" hahahaha so you want din din my pretties"? The fishmen started to pound at their cages and roar louder in response, causing the chamber itself to tremble. Reina noticed bits of rubble were falling from the ceiling. With no choice she extended held out her blackened blade and sprinted toward the nearest cage. The fishmen started to reach out, but were met with the song of their flesh being rended. She effortlessly slaughtered anything that tried to reach through the cage without thought.

" HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MY BABIES"! The sound of gears turning filled the air, the fishmen in response started to push up on the steel doors and slip through even if it meant cutting themselves in the process. Even though they were full of blind rage, the fishmen lunged toward her with great fervor. As the first two thrust toward her, she was pushed back with great enough force to tear the ground below her apart. With a single push she rejected them and concentrated her focus into her blade. It sung a deathly song along side the coat of jet black.

As each fishman came to attack her, she spend a second dodging them before lunging below their attacks and dicing them with powerful slashes that tore their bodies in half more often than not. Their attacks were numerous,but ineffective. Lacking the discipline of real fishmen karate masters, they would wait for them to group before cleaving an entire swath of enemies. With the occasion need to grab individuals and strike them into the ground with a good right hand.

"MY BABIES MY BABIES FUCK YOU MY BABIES"! The red head continued on into the chamber until she found an exit leading into a metallic lab of sorts. " Where the hell am I.."?As she walked through the room she saw glass tubes with fishmen floating in them. Hands in jars, floating eye balls, and chambers zombies. As a strong contrast to the atmosphere of the lab, there were slogans on the walls such as, MIX not swirl. She imagined the voice on the intercom, sounding like a squeeky rubber ducky while performing live experiments on all sorts of people and other living beings.

The more she stared at the victims, the more angry she became. She would begin tearing the lab up with her bare hands, smashing tables vials and other instruments using her explosive strength. By the time she left there was one lone light flickering in the background. As it flickered the remains of sparking electronic devices and a variety of substances oozed on the floor in her wake. The only thing she left in tact was a mask of sorts, one she tried on that actually filtered the air so she didn't have to smell the stench of the lab. As she moved through there were corpses of other people lying about, but these were not those who were experimented on. With a cursory glance Reina noticed they were actually the experimenters, all wearing the same kind of mask she found. Must have been some sort of gimmick she though herself as she made her way through the narrow corridors.

Whoever came through there left bodies in their wake, large crevices left behind by the what looked like jagged claw marks in the steel walls. Blood and guts strewn about carelessly, no as if someone was playing with the scientists she came across. Slowly but surely she made her way through until she came across a large chamber left mostly like a cavern unlike the lab she just came from. With a ceiling of 50 meters and a cliff with a drop off that seemed to have no drop off, she could hear the wind howl from below. A deep whirring which resounded throughout the chamber. There at the otherside was a gang of fishmen questioning a group of scientists.

Reina did not react to the site, assuming they were the cause for the atrocities she had witnessed. One called out to her, " Hey!! hey!!! are you one of dunkirk's mercenaries? If so good come and help us out hun! These filthy fishmen need to be taught a lesson"! The sound of flesh being rended filled the chamber again, along with the screams of terror and agony as the remain scientists were torn apart by the fishmen. " Now who's the filthy one? HUH HUMAN. ALL OF YOU. SHOULD DIE"!

The red head shook her head and continued into the chamber not paying any heed to the fishmen. " Where do you think you're going, human"? Reina turned to them and just shook her head. She pulled the mask down so that it hung around her neck. " It's none of your business. You've no qualm with I, for those people and I have no connection to one another". The fishman bared its grimy crimson stained teeth, " Do I look like I care human? You are all the same". The fishmen started readied their claws, water from the gloves they had on starting to form a sphere levitating over their hands.

These fishmen were faster and more coordinated than the others, the first thrust its palm forward to send a bullet made of water. Even through Reina preempted the attack, they managed to leave a cut on her cheek. It was as if they understood she was using haki too. Each time she would try to fight back, a fishman would keep her suppressed. His arms bearing the same jet black as her own, each clash sparks of blackened energy erupted in their immediate vicinity. Each time she'd fight back he'd retreat and leave to her to dodge and defend against a hail of water bullets.

Pushed back until she was cornered, she was beginning to run out of breath and room to run. Systematically they boxed her in, slowly encroaching upon her as if the kill was all but theirs. She smashed the wall behind her, causing the bedrock to splinter and dust to fall upon her. " Silly human, what do you expect to accomplish getting mad? C'mon and figh-- GET OUT OF THERE"! The leader roared, but it was too late. The fishmen were certainly attune with their haki,but not as much as reina who had used it her whole life. With speed much greater than she had showed off previously, she darted from the corner in an explosion of rage. The fishmen more attune with nature than humans saw the skull with even greater clarity than she would have herself. A screech enveloped their senses and even though they sensed the danger signs, the fishmen didn't know how to read them properly. With one swipe Reina from a range outside of her sword's range cleaved half of the fishman blockade. A small swath managing only to survive because the leader was able to react and protect them.

But his other comrades were cut down before his eyes, leaving only him and the two survivors from the first assault. As she approached them with with an almost instantaneous sprint, she kept him pinned down by slashing at his head. He sensed the increased range,but didn't know what to make of it as his last two remaining men were cut down as well. He sensed his gauntlets were reaching their breaking point, her blade singing a deathly song was reading itself for the kill.

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9 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:59 pm

The fishman looked as if he was seeing the light and he didn't like what he saw. He struck the ground and roared at her. Reina calmly approached the fishman with inhuman focus, a lack of emotion coming from her. The fishman lunged one final time at the red head, but he was met with a slash that cleaved his body in half. The fishman determined to strike her even without his bottom half swung desperately for her, but was met with a hand that gentle redirected his fist to the side. Sending him careening to the right while his legs flopped to the ground lifelessly. The fishman was nothing more than a pool of blood and his own entrails spilling on the floor,but he still roared at her. Rage and hate filled reverberated through his final cry. Reina didn't react, for there was nothing to mind at this point. It was her or him she thought as she continued further into the base.

That's when an actual wall in the base began to shift back into the mountain, revealing an extended chamber. At the other side was a cargo elevator built into a mountainous incline. The chamber stretching around 100m, it was a guarded by a small army of men. Each of them armed with rifles, they began to extend actual busho haki to their guns. A giant station robot standing at 30 feet tall with giant gatling guns as its arms loomed over them. Among them was a scraggly man with an enlarged gas mask and mechanical devices sticking out of his back. " Well well well missus stupid face. I expected to see those stupid irritating fishmen who were killing my buddies! Only to finnnnnddddd you. While I must thank you crimson devil, I must bid you adeiu~ ".

Reina began to feel the danger from the line of soldiers began to radiate profusely. Without hesitation she ran to the side and clenched her fingers a steel crate. "HAHA WHAT CHA GONNA DO WITH DAT LIL GIRL"?!?!? Reina smirked at him and ripped the side of it cleanly off, letting of a loud bang that reverberated throughout the chamber. With a blackened arm, she punched into it and clenched it until it formed a crude shield before her. The layer of jetblack extended to the plate of steel.

" WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR FIRRREEEE"! roared the scientist. Reina darted toward them as a hail of bullets struck her shield. The scientist's voice over the intercom was sounding more panicked as she approached them. A line of cyborgs opened their chests to reveal missiles similar to the ones she met with Windsor, they let out a hollow hum as missiles flew at her. With great ease she managed to dodge each missile or in a few cases, deflect them without making them explode with a slight love tap.

Then a slight hum and the sound of gears churning started to loudly roar in the chamber. Bullets of immense power forced reina to Slam her shield into the ground, shattering the ground to make a stand at the gun. Sparks lit the room up and pieces of the steel was giving way. The army of men in the chamber clamoring and cheering the giant robot on. " yea screw the crimson devil! yea she's nothing compared to master dirk"!

Just as she was about to despair, there was a loud clash resounded in the chamber. The army all looked at the robot, jammed in all its glory. With what was left of her shield she closed the final gap between the army and herself. " AHHHH"!

The cyborgs to their backline started to fire into the army while trying to kill her. Using their pattern against them, she whirred about as dirk ran away in the process. " Stupid girl, we'll meet again"! Their morale at that moment ran out, leaving them like lambs to the slaughter as a mixture of blood and lead decorated the chamber. Reina's blade started to sharply spark, as electricity started to roar from her sword. At close range she slashed into their bodies with one sweeping horizontal slashed, causing the machines to short circuit. Their heads sputtered and shook violently, before falling to the ground. As for the big robot, it kept trying to turn to face her. But its gears couldn't keep up and due to the friction its heavy body was putting on its gyrating base, it started to whir slower before finally shutting down itself. Reina would slash its base and send it careening down the shaft the elevator.


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10 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:07 pm

Reina turned to the elevator still untouched by the fighting, to the backdrop of the smoke and flames of the fallen robot. As she went to find the control panel, a gunshot rang from the distance. Without any hesitation she turned and slashed the bullet down the middle, sending two halves flying past her head. One fighter holding its side after the cyborg attack, blood gushing from his side and a hand gun trained on reina. The other armed with giant scythe, with eyes staring reina down." you stupid bitch, you ain't getting away". The duo began to attack her with a coordinated effort, the scythe wielder sending a swipe toward her head while the other firing shots high in low to keep her from dodging so easily.

Reina recognizing this lunged forward and dove just above the lower bullet and the scythe, before rolling forward and slashing down at the scythe wielder. He took the brunt with his coated scythe handle, sending sparks flying and making the ground tremble beneath his feet. As the sparks of the buso haki collided, the scythe weilder threw the red head off with a strong thrust with both hands while she was in mid air. With great fervor began slashing like a madman, making it difficult even for his partner to make the shot. His vision becoming blurry, the wounded gunman fired one last time.

Almost like a spray and pray, reina and the scythe wielder detected it at the same time. While he retreated, she covered her shoulder torso with buso. Just barely making it, it defended her rib cage from being shredded by the bullet,but it left a few fractured ribs because the sheer force of the enhanced bullet. Although in that one moment she was able to lunge forward and stab her last standing opponent. Feet planted on his belly, sword barely planted into his stomach, she thrust it in with all her might.The resulting impact created a 10 feet crater in the cement ground. Again she thrust her blade into his chest causing the immediate vicinity to tremble. Again and again until it finally pierced the man's heart. Sweat coursing down her cheek, she walked picked her blade up and walked away from the scene. Once again back on the elevator, she took it down to the ground floor where the closer she got to the end of the line, the more danger she felt.

Upon exiting the complex she was greeted by the rising sun and by the looming shadow of the man she was after. " Devlin called. He said some stupid girl infiltrated headquarters and blew it up. Am I right"? Reina smiled and approached the man upon the badlands, still slightly winded from her previous encounter. " That's right. I'm coming for your boss". Her target began to roll his sleeves up and began cracking everything. His neck, he back, his fingers. It seemed to be his thing right before a fight. Out of his pockets he pulled out tiny metallic cubes, designed to fit between his fingers. From the ebbed an blade that seemed to be made of light. Reina herself slashed the ground, testing to see if she herself was still limbered up. A crater 2 meters deep was left in the wake of her slash. Her torso was being covered by a layer of jetblack and her blade itself took on the same shade as her arms.

As her opponent showed signs of having his own buso haki, the two stared eachother down for a good thirty seconds. Taking slight steps to the right and to the left, trying to get a feel for eachother's openings. "Answer me this girl, what is it that you seek"? Reina paused,but kept her mind and body focused on him. " The fall of justice and piracy". He smiled and readied himself first, thrusting himself at her while tossing his blades at her. She dodged the first set of three coming from his right hand, causing small craters in their wake. Before she could react he tossed another three, but this time she charged forth and parried the ones which endangered her since the third was to put her in an impossible situation. Meeting his conditions she slashed forth, but was met by a casual block from his right arm.

She focused her mind and slashed down onto his arm, causing the buso haki of both fighters to sing a song of death. With her free arm she threw a swing at him, letting him match her punch with his own. The surrounding around them were torn apart by her own swing and being torn apart by the force of their exchange. His being slightly stronger, all she could do was do her best to match him. Over and over they fought and each time he had a slight advantage and kept pressing it. They began to recognize eachother's patterns.

When she swung downward, he darted back a pace and darted forward to try and crush her windpipe. She would lunge slightly forward, causing him to try and grapple. Each and every exchange became a game of chicken, who would make the first mistake. Who was going to back down first. Who would take the first major blow.

With each strike the ruins of old water 7 were sent flying and the two fighters came to a point where they were at a stand still. Her opponent realized she was the same speed,but he was only slightly stronger. Reina darted forward, causing him to dark forward too in order to meet her bluff. As he swung downward she pulled her blade up and shoved it into his fist, causing his protection to break. In the moment he tried to pulled away she darted toward him at full speed and channeled electricty into her blade, causing the current to surge through his body.

He tried to recover,but she kept the coating off and ended up slashing through his arm. But in her gambit he struck her good in the chest, causing her damaged ribs to break. Moving forward she stuck the blade into his stub of an arm, channeling more electricity through his arm. The smell of his flesh burning as he force of her swing traveled along his body. Grabbing his leg at the last moment, she thrust the blade into his arm once more,breaking his buso haki and sending him slamming into the ground. There she pinned him down and began to throw punches down into his chest. All the while he struck her back. The earth trembled before this strength. The slug fest continuing until one could not move anymore.

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11 Re: War against the shichibukai[ Open, PC] on Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:28 pm

There she was, hunched over her opponent's body. Hand on his throat, hatred still flowing through her. One arm pinning his body with her blade, the other with his throat being wrung by the other. She felt his strength waning, until he finally passed out and could no longer fight back. At the moment where she could have taken him out, she pulled back and watched him start to breathe once more. She pulled out her blade and swiped the air with it in order to clean it, as she always had. Hoisted his body up and brought him back to the Vice admiral's ship.

As she traveled through the just barely waking up streets of water 7, reina could feel the glares and looks of disgust she attracted to herself. One arm limp and the other holding onto her target, she breathed heavily and occasionally coughed up blood on her way back. From out of the fog she walked up the draw board, with the salutes of her fellow officers. She stopped right in front of the poop deck and dropped his unconscious body. Marina expecting her opened her cabin door to find a beaten and bloodied Reina with her target in tow. From under the deck Lana came running out, only to find her friend in the worst shape she had ever seen her in. She threw herself at the red head who barely could stand, for the first time stumbling because of something her friend did. " I did it hehe".

Just as marina was going to congratulate her a newcomer came onto the scene. " Norman norman norman, so you got yerself caught eh? CP9 Banshee reporting for duty miss Samarin". In that instant the rest of her crew instinctively moved to form a wall between the red head and her prisoner. " Oh ho ho We're on the same side member"?

The woman moved her men aside and met the cipher in the open. " Hmph, so squinty eyes thinks he's a big shot now? Shall we have you court martialed for not following proper procedure? Or perhaps brought in for not bringing down norman earlier"? The man dressed in formal wear and with a toothy grin nodded his head and acknowledged the difference in authority between the two. " Miss lynheart, Samarin, y'all have a nice day. We'll be in touch".

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