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1 Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:59 pm

Mavis found herself walking in the streets of Water Seven, this brought back memories this was where she met her first friends. They wanted her to join a crew they were creating but she was hesitant. It was her first time socializing with people other than passing by or shopping, other than the Chain Pirates. A smile was on her face as she felt warm inside maybe she would run into them again. The prince and his friend, they were a unique combo. However if she passed by them again and they asked her to join could she deny them?

“Ahh…” She sighed relieved.

She walked to a local hut-like structure it served tons of desserts and warm beverages and such. The aroma was intoxicating her stomach started to grumble.

“Uhm. I’d like a Vanilla-Strawberry coffee, and regular whip-cream on top.” Mavis told the barista.

The Barista smiled, “Sure thing, when it’s ready we will call you up, what shall I write down, someone will shout it when we have your beverage ready.”

“Ms. Lockheart.” She smiled, walking off to the waiting area.

As she sat in the waiting area her head filled with thoughts of the fateful day where she met her previous acquaintances/friends.

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2 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:34 pm

Reina was rather bored that day on patrol, with no one causing trouble in her own sector. As a result she found herself playing hooky a lot, because afterall there was also the fact that much of the island's security came from the world government under the shishibukai's control. Aimlessly she went about her day, setting up shop near the city water ports to watch what came out of them. Most of the time it was just water,but sometimes she could have sworn to have seen a few baby seakings and sharks. However by this time she was in many ways starting to bore these things. She now wanted to know how they worked and see the valve system in action.

But before she could go her friend Lana found her doing her own thing again and shirking her duty. Lana stood over her with her arms at her hips. " You know you're supposed to be on guard duty Reina"? Reina turned back to her slowly and twitchly, with a bead of sweat running down her forehead. " Hahaha well I was jus you know---", she quickly looked around and shouted, " Looking for bad guys from a good vantage point"!

Lana shook her head and dragged her away by her ear, : How are you ever going to get recognized as a real marine if you spend all your time goofing off"? As the two traveled up hill, the pain reina felt got worse. Lana purposefully avoided going on the elevator to teach her a lesson. " Me sowwy, me sowwy" she said with tears streaming down her cheeks. " I prowmise to nevr skip work again"!

At the top of the hill Lana turned back to her with an annoyed look on her face. She continued to walk forward without reina and gestured for her to come. " If I feed you something good, will you be a good girl for a few days at least"? Reina thought about it for a second, mulling over the fact that indeed, she did know water 7 better than her. Reina weighed her options on both hands, raising them up and down silently by herself. " Okay fine, only if it's good". With that the duo ended up going to the back alleys of the city and on the less beaten paths where people didn't often go to.

They arrived at a hut to Reina's dismay,but Lana promised it was super good.

@Mavis lockheart wrote:“Uhm. I’d like a Vanilla-Strawberry coffee, and regular whip-cream on top.”

Upon hearing this Reina ran forward and slammed her hands on the table next to the girl. " I'll have whatever this girl person some--body is having"!

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3 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:47 pm

Mavis found herself staring at the woman who had just ordered the same thing as her, she blushed, she hadn’t witness anyone ever be this abrasive in person since she met that Prince. Even the Barista was surprised, he jumped at the sudden slam. He was so surprised he forgot to ask for the name of the order, just putting it with Mavis’ order, carelessly.

“Oh he-hello.” Mavis smiled, waving slightly.

Mavis continued her polite and shy manner, she loved abrasive people but at the same time she couldn’t help being shy around them at first.

Mavis twiddled with her fingers looking up at the woman every now and then avoiding eye-contact. Anytime their eyes met she would quickly look away, her face completely red.

“I promise the coffee here is phenomenal…” Mavis’ voice was like silk, soft. “I-I like your hair.” She complimented the woman to break the ice, as well as introduce herself. “I’m Mavis by the way…”

Mavis would sit at a circular table with high-stools, her legs crossed and arms folded on the table, much like a descendant from royalty. She motioned for the woman to sit by her, eager to start a conversation as they wait for their coffee.

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4 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:28 pm

Reina was taken aback by the barista's reaction, scratching her chin with a nervous laugh, " I didn't mean to startle you", she said under her breath with slightly flushed cheeks. Seated beside her was a girl whose meek voice in some ways tugged at her heart strings. She looked down to find a pretty girl with long wavy locks and a nice smile. Reina scratched her cheek slightly laughing to cover up her own insecurity as she watched the girl sort of fiddle around and look about. Perhaps she really was a scary person and needed to not be less... well more girl like. This girl with her splendid figure and adorable mannerisms seemed like the perfect senpai.

Beside reina Lana took her seat next to her, ordering a her own icecream and resting her head on her flexed arm to see what the hub bub was all about. Reina on the other hand stuttered, " haha well um yea it's the one thing i try to keep--uauha clean and stuff... and um the name's Reina"! She shouted, instinctively saluting as her commanding officers had drilled into her head during training camp back at Alabasta.

Lana leaned in forward and gave reina a good slap on the back of the head and gestured her to sit with a scowl on her face. She turned back to Mavis and said, " Terribly sorry about my friend here. She tends to be a bit, well loopy unless fighting is involved". Reina reluctantly sat down with a defeated looked on her face, nodding and agreeing with her blonde friend.

She turned to mavis and stared at her for a few seconds, scratching her chin before finally pulling her prized sword off her hip and into their field of view. Gotta make her comfortable! Everyone likes cool swords! "uuhhh ah want to see my super awesome sword that I had commissioned recently? It's got sea stone and titanium". Lana rolled her eyes and flicked her head with a disappointed look on her face. " No dummy, not everyone is a weapon nut. Try again, think about what she just said".

Reina thought for a second while she put her sword back at her hip and hit her fist into her palm after a few seconds. " You said the coffee here is super good? Betcha I can outdrink ya". Yes, everyone likes a good competition, she thought with a confident smile. That was how Rear Admiral Cerulean was like. In the background Lana facepalmed and shook her head.

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5 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:51 pm

Mavis instantly could tell that Reina’s friend was the more serious one, Mavis found Reina’s salute adorable. As they sat their still waiting on the Coffee Mavis just watched in amusement as Reina’s blonde friend kept her in “line.” She even apologized for Reina’s actions, Mavis was confused but made sure to let her know it was no problem.

“Oh no no it’s fine. I found it uhmm,” she giggled. “Cute.”

Reina went on to show Mavis her sword, which Mavis was impressed by, but she was too slow to open her mouth, her friend had smacked her again disciplining her. Then Reina had challenged her and declared she could out drink her, interesting.

Mavis’ hummed surprised, “You would down your coffee even though it’ll most likely be burning hot?” She chuckled, “please don’t. I rather you not hurt yourself.”

The Barista had brought Mavis and Reina their Strawberry-Vanilla Coffee with Whipcream, the strawberry and vanilla had been mixed into the coffee, it was their special creamer they were known for making.

“So that’ll be thirty berries,” He bowed, “Anything else ladies?”

Mavis was excited to finally get her favorite coffee back in her hands she had nodded her head, “no.” For the both of them and paid for the drinks.

Mavis heard commotion outside but thought nothing of it taking a sip of the hot beverage.

“Mmm! Soo Yummie!! What do you think Reina?” She smiled, asking Reina with a rosey-pink red creamer on her upper lip, like a milk mustache.

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6 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:30 pm

As the barista put the final touches on their orders reina finally settled down when with a rather defeated posture when mavis said it was fine. Her ears perked up and she sat back up scratching her head. " Haha I guess sooo coffee hot and um not very good to drink fast". Set before the three girls was a trio of fancy looking coffees for the type of shop that it was. They had a gourmet feel to em, steamy with perfectly even and symmetrical cream twisting and rising from the cup. As reina took a hold of the cup it twisted and rocked ever so slightly as she brought the cup to her lips.

Just as she was about to drink she winced, accidentally spilling a bit on her fingers when she heard a loud commotion outside. Mavis on the other hand seemed to be slightly pre occupied with her drink, daintily taking a sip of her coffee with an adorable smile. She herself took a sip of it, wincing again at the heat. With a few tears in her eyes she said, " Haha it's good, but it burns something fierce".

Lana on the other hand tapped her shoulder and whispered in her ear, " I'm a go check outside reina, you stay here N make sure these two don't panic till I get back, ya hear"? Reina nodded and turned back to mavis as she exited the small hut. Reina watched as lana exited, timing her next move as soon as her friend was done looking both ways before exiting the shop.

" Okay so now I get to show you ma sword grill"! Reina happily grabbed both blades. She first pulled out her marine sword, full of chinks and cracks in its blade. " This is ol'reliable. We've been together since I left the north blue and home. It also was my master's weapon". She sheathed it and pulled up her katana, holding it at the sheath and pulling it out about 6 inches to show off its worksmanship. " This one is uhhh umm, a katena? No no katana. It's a katana. Look how it's wierdly curved and has these indentations. That's the metal folding at work. It's so cool that they needed it the blacksmith flame to be like 40000 bajillion degrees Fahrenheit". She sheathed her blade once more and sort of scratched her head. " Sorry I got a bit wordy there. hahah"

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7 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:43 pm

Mavis watched Lana get up and go check the commotion, leaving an excited Reina and curious Mavis. Mavis admired her blades as Reina showed both to here along with wordy descriptions. She smiled with a hint of a giggle.

“Wow, well if we’re doing a show and tell, this is Gōruden Tenshi a type of gun I’ve had for many years, I’m careful not to ruin it though,” she stated. “It was my mother’s gun and I just could never bare to even dent it, it’s the last thing I have of my mother.” Mavis sighed, obviously the topic had depressed her.

However like a puppy with it’s head down she sipped on her coffee using a provided straw.

The commotion outside only got worse, men began to grab people left and right they were in hooded cloaks, far too many to stop alone or to stop all at once. They began to go for Lana but a man had yelled and order, this order had caused all the hooded-cloaked people to run off leaving a shocked crowd of people who remained outside.

“C-Come on Reina.” Mavis yelled, getting up pushing the table which caused the coffees to spill hopefully not on Reina.

Mavis joined Lana and the remained crowd outside, “Did you see that?”

Mavis was confused, could it be who she thought it was, Mavis began to zone out as memories of her past came flooding in. Leaving Reina and Lana with a zoned out Mavis.

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8 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:10 pm

As Reina put her blade back at her hip she noticed Mavis pulling out her own extravagant weapon, a fire arm at that. Reina found herself in a bit of a trance, slightly reaching out to poke it with her index finger when she started to shake her head, pulling back. She nodded her head at the weapon's history, even tearing up ever so slightly at the mention of its history. " How tragic, your mommy's last heirloom", she said wiping her boogers on her sleeve. As reina tried to keep her composure not only at the story,but at the increasingly bad situation outside. The barista had left them to their own mechanations and mavis herself was getting antsy too.

That's when she heard Lana cry out, her eyes becoming focused as she threw her cup off the to side and roughly got up without much regard for anything else. She nodded to Mavis who to left in a hurry and bolted outside without a second thought. She found Lana on the ground with tears in her eyes, gasping and trembling. She tugged on Reina's pant leg, " I--i-i um sorry reina. was too scared to do anything. thought i was gonna die". She kneeled next to her blond friend and pat her head to reassure her that everything was going to be alright.

Reina's eyes darted from one side to another, finding robed figures darting away in all directions. By this time they were already taking off in all directions and there was not much she could do even with kenboushi haki. She slowly placed her hands on Lana's and grasped it to try to reassure her that everything was going to be okay. " Lana we gotta investigate the situation. Please try to get ahold of yourself, I'll take the group in front of us. You take the one to my left". The blonde haired girl's grip lessened every so slightly till she looked downward, making her way a what looked like a splintered family. A man and his boy were calling out toward a bunch of robed men leaving the scene in the distance.

Reina turned to mavis, " Don't take this the wrong way,but I gotta gather information on the situation. If you're feeling up to it, can ye ask them for any sort of clues"? With a slight gesture Reina pointed to a group to her right and then began heading to a group of people in front of her.

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9 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:28 am

Lana seemed terrified, Mavis felt guilty for her, this was her fault. Mavis looked at the people around her, their terrified faces brought memories of her past.


“Kehehe. Listen girly, I need you to scream for help, to gather a crowd for us.” A hooded-figure would cackle.

A smaller Mavis would scream doing as told, in fear, if she wouldn’t it would cost her friends’ lives. Soon a crowd of brave men and women surrounded her, most likely from brave pirate crews or marines trying to do their duty. As soon as she was surrounded and and regular people gathered by on the side trying to see what was happening, a barrage of hooded-figures jumped out. They would stab and wound anyone and everyone and grabbing them and retreating. One man had grabbed Mavis, returning them with her.

This was at Alabasta, her most haunted memories came from that beautiful island. Sadly her memories made Alabasta an ugly place.

“My sweet Mavis, such a brave girl.” Her father would lick his lips, his finger tracing her jawline.

Mavis winced quietly trembling and crying.

He smiled, “I guess you didn’t want me to kill anymore of your “friends,” here.”

She nodded afraid to upset him.

“They’re just slaves like you, but think of it like this you’re above them. The Slaver’s daughter the big man who owns this whole operation,” he said, chuckling.

-End of Flashback-

Mavis had caught the end of Reina request, she walked up to a group gathering intel, even though she in her heart was confident this was another Slaver Operation.

“They came so quickly, th-they stabbed my husband and just ran off with him and when they took him more came.” A woman sobbed to her.

Mavis nodded, this sounded just like what she had witnessed as a child but they hadn’t used a decoy to gather a crowd it was just naturally crowdy in Water Seven.

Mavis had walked back to the Hut waiting for Reina and Lana. If they were to return she’d tell them her assumptions.

“Okay so please, just believe me but I’ve seen this before I think I know where they went…” Mavis pleaded, “If you're willing just follow me, o-okay?”

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10 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:19 am

Lana in her usual fashion was taking notes as the victims spoke, jotting quick things down as they gve their accounts of the situation. While reina didn't have a lick of experience with taking notes or drawing, Lana as a ship wright could do both and maybe a few composite sketches of the perpetrators. She nodded and took precise notes, Alright so they came out of nowhere and began wrecking havoc..". The boy who was in his father's arms exclaimed, " Ye-yes lady we were just going to get some icecream when it happened". Lana nodded coldly as she jotted down their information. " Okay and what of the appearances? Anything you could tell me in terms of facial features, look, body type"?

The man looked down for a second, trying to keep calm. " Truth be told I haven't the slightest of clue on their faces. There were so many hooded fellows, it was all like a blur I tell you"! Lana was taken aback when he raised his voice, trying not to cry herself. Reina who was conducting similar nodded back at Mavis who agreed to rather reluctantly. Her information that she got from the people she spoke too were also the similar, if not the same.

She noticed there was a bit of hesitation in their voices, as if they were afraid to divulge any more information. It concerned Reina,but she had no choice but to deal with what information she had. She tapped Lana's shoulder at the request of Mavis, " Let's go, maybe she'll know something these people don't. Or perhaps she'll tell us something we missed". Lana bowed to the boy and man she was talking to. " I may not be super brave sirs,but I will find your mother little boy"! The boy sniffled and buried his face into his father's shoulder.

Lana caught up with Reina right as they were about to reach the little hut, flipping through her little notepad. " This is all I could glean from their descriptions". Out she showed both of them a sketch of a broad set man with a robe that draped all the way to his feet. There were no real facial features no symbols to mention, just a hooded human figure. " Sorry it's not much,but that's about as much as they remembered. They said they were like a blur...So what do you know mavis"?

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11 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:34 am

Mavis smiled as Reina and Lana looked at her for help, she didn’t gather as much information but she did have a grasp of what was going on.

“Alright this way.” Mavis signaled with her hand to follow her as she ran off.

Quick on her feet and observant with her eyes she began to pick up a trail in an alleyway. Wet footprints, then a piece of brown cloth hung in between the cracks of a wooden crate.

“They must’ve ripped their cloak running through here.” Mavis pondered, noticing the wet foot-prints stop half-way through the alley.

Looking around she tried to piece it together. She began to run as if she was trying to hide from people hunting her. Stopping at the end of the trail her feet on the footprints exactly. She looked around, noticing a footprint on the walls of the buildings that surrounded them.

“Ahh… so they traveled roof-top after this. Smart…” Mavis nodded, giving them credit. “All right lets try this.”

Mavis completely focused on the task at hand she would look back at Reina, “Please try your best to keep up.” She winked as she told her to keep up, smiling.

She dashed out full-strength, when she got to the end of the trail she jumped on the right side of the wall, dashing a bit before jumping to the other side. When she got towards the end, she jumped again back to the right wall, her hands grasping the ledge as she struggled to pull herself up.

“Rnnn…” Mavis gritted her teeth holding onto the ledge the best she could.

The ledge she held onto was beginning to crack, as the bits of stone broke and fell beneath her feet she quickly grabbed a new area of the ledge. Pulling herself up she’d breathe heavily waiting for Reina and Lana.

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12 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:03 pm

Reina looked to Lana, both looked to eachother with confused looks on their faces. With a shrug here and a tilt of the head there, they followed Mavis who sprint off on her own. Lana as usual sped quickly past Reina, pointing to the ground to indicate where Mavis herself was using as a trail. The two of them followed the girl who expertly used little things in the environment to find their perpetrators. Lana was taking notes as the inquisitive girl that she was even under the current circumstances. " So she made notes of the foot prints in the mud and some stray cloth on a gutter in dis-re-pair. Got it". As she was jotting down notes, Reina was sort of in awe as she never would have thought to look like this. She was so dependent on her haki, that she neglected anything other sort of way of tracking others.

What's more, her movements were much to careful for Reina's tastes, as if she already had experience with lying low but moving swiftly from one place to the next. At the end of the trail
Lana's eyes widened as she tried to slow her friend down. "Remember what we're here for. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION". Reina without much concern bolt toward the wall, kicking off with one foot rather easily and performed a somersault in the air to land on the other side of the all alleyway. " Keep up my ass. YOU KEEP UP WITH ME", she roared triumphantly. That's when a brick came out of nowhere and pelted her in the back. Lana was tapping her foot waiting patiently to be helped up.

Reina sort of laughed for a second and reached down to grab her friend's hand. " Uhh can you give me a hand Mavis"?

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13 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:22 pm

Mavis would helped up Lana with Reina. Reina seemed like she could do anything if she thought of it as a competition. It was… unique, well uniquely stupid if she was to fail it’d get her killed, however it didn’t so Mavis didn’t think much of it and left it at that. As she helped Reina get Lana up she felt them being watched, sort of like a six sense. Out of nowhere a dagger would fly at Reina’s back. Mavis quick to react had used the steel part of her gun to parry the dagger’s blade, it fell to the ground, at their feet.

“They know, we must be close.” Mavis whispered to the others.

Out of nowhere the screams of people in pain could be heard beneath them.

“HELP US, PLEASE.” The voices screamed out in plead.

Mavis looked over to Reina, “Alright they probably have a secret entrance, look around for anything of the sorts.” Mavis also informed the two, “Also watch out for incoming slavers, they want us to run cause we’re close by so the warmer we get the more violent the attacks should get.”

Mavis nodded, searching the roof for evidence of a secret entrance.

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14 Re: Slave Revolt | Open | on Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:36 pm

Reina heard the clang of metal ring off behind her, in that instant noticing Lana was still dangling from below. The both grimaced as a knife slid over in the corner of Reina's eye. Lana's face had a worried expression on it, she held onto Reina with both arms wondering what was going on. " Listen lana, you're not good with fighting are ya"? Lana looked up to her and nodded, instantly feeling a little nauseous at the thought of combat. Reina leaned downward and let Lana back down without saying anything. " Oh okay I see how it is. I'll head to base and try to get some help k"?  Reina shook her head, " Just go find somewhere to hide nearby, I'll be right back". The blonde haired girl nodded and began to run off even quicker than before.

@Mavis Lockheart wrote: “Also watch out for incoming slavers, they want us to run cause we’re close by so the warmer we get the more violent the attacks should get.”
Reina stood up and closed her eyes momentarily, nodding at her warning and gathering all her focus. The world became dark and all the sound in the world faded away, leaving nothing more than an abyss in her mind. This was all temporary,but it was a mediation technique her superior in Alabasta taught her in times of need. When quick and appropriate action was needed, she needed to be sharper than her blade and more conscious than her adversary. She inhaled deeply, allowing the world to come back into focus, then exhaled with a slight air of power resonating from her eyes(kenboushokou haki). She walked forward a bit as she noticed mavis looking around again.

" You've done well in leading us here Mavis,but that kind of stuff just isn't my style once we know where the rats are. If they want a fight, then we'll bring em a fight".  With one swift motion she placed her hand on the hilt of her blade and slashed the roof beneath her, falling down into the room below her in the blink of an eye. There were three of the hooded assailants in the room, so she darted to one grasping his throat and slamming his stomach with her knee to knock him out. As the other two reached for their weapons, she instantly sensed their dangerous intent and held the man as a shield in front of her, his stomach exposed and back bend over her shoulder as she gripped him at the nape of his neck. " ahhh ahh guys please don't" the hostage pleaded, with tears in his eyes.

Reina did not wait for them to respond, still sensing their malicious intent. " If you're going to join in the fun Mavis, now's the time"! She roar as she charged forth with her human meat shield.

-28, executioner's calling
Haki 60/75
Ken haki activated

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