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1 Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:23 am

Task Name: Best friends and Betrayal
Tier: 2
NPC or PC: npc
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description:Having been backstabbed by what would seem to be an overseer of the infomation Synda and elisa were seeking, they will find themselves escaped from the trap of death but their foe would be remaining outside the tree having a gut instinct that they survived. The Fight begins.
Enemy Details:1 boss
Boss: yes

Boss Name: Lauthric of Carim
look see picture

Weilds a book with multipal hidden weapons inside from small knifes, yo-yos and even a metal hook though he often simply uses the book, which is made from hard Iron. While he hasn't developed into any real forum of haki he has unconiosuly started developing into observation haki in order to feel the current directly behind his head.
Devil Fruit: None
Haki Aura:Eagle Eye
Equipment: book
Hand to hand 3
marksman 1


When he two ladys and a bear escaped out of the labirinth of the ruins they found their way to the small village of Ohara where they rested and gathered their strength. While resting they discuss what to do. Syndra wanted togo after the man who tricked them into the ambush. That night Syndra was more scared of losing Elisa then ususal and they shared the room they rented. Syndra hugs her sister. Nothing will take you away from me ever Syndra alls asleep while holding Elisa. The following morning she wakes up next to her sister ELisa. Dress myself and eat breakfast then she gets outside and is ready to look for the man. Syndra leaves the decision to go with her up to ELisa.

Her pet is near her and the hunt fro the librarian began. First they walk around in the village. Looking around at all the possible spots someoen could hide. They buy also some food and water to keep their energy. The moment they found him they probably had to ight him. Having enough energy was important.In the end it doesnt matter.Elis a Syndra and Yury searched the whole village with no sign of the librarian. So they go to the big tree. They walk around and ask other librarians about him. They inform them that the name of the older man is Lauthric of Carim. Still none of them know really where he is nor did they see him for a while now. Their are rumors that he is maby dead or went mad and lost his mind maby. Syndra loses hope and sits down to think. WHere could this man be? WHo was he really and what was really going on between Orlando and Lauthric?

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2 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:15 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Time would pass as the sun moved across the sky and beneath the ocean's line with Elisa and Syndra failing to locate their prey but alas the simple reason being he was behind them the entire time waiting, waiting for the perfect moment to strike them as he couldn't leave such informed ladies alive in fact he had planned to kill any witness to their presence here entirely. After cleaning Ohara he would follow their steps seeking aids of his comrades to hunt down anyone connected with them in order to keep the secrets he held hidden and non existent.
This man's mistake was not contacting anyone thinking Elisa and Syndra were weak

A few moments before the sun had finally set as both Elisa, Syndra and Yury watches its wonder lower into the ocean before them glissing of the ocean tips dazzling them with a grand sight, Elisa face would grow into a warm smile as she turned to pat Syndra on the head before heading to bed…...In the corner of her Eye she spotted him but had decided to get Syndra to safety first not wanting to risk her new friend.

Night had come and syndra and Elisa had return to their rooms but before syndra could tell Elisa had dashed into the night of Ohara heading towards the Librarian not losing a grip on his location from the moment she spotted him, using counter surveillance tactics in reflections, doubles stepping and most importantly the smell a guy cannot hide.

……...2 hours later.

Onto the grand tree of Ohara spread among two very strong and secure branches stood Elisa and Lauthric facing each other as if they had only just reached this location gazing eye to eye with murderous intent; Elisa for her friend safety, a tad of revenge and the hatred she had for corrupted individuals and Lauthric for his people, his secrets and the code of vowels he swore to guard the darkness. Two powerful notions clashing ontop the bed of wooden nature, green cushion without a bottom and the clear night sky above their heads lit by the bright full moon and distant stars. Wind was blowing smoothly from the back of Elisa Towards Lauthric as they both would say a single line before engaging in combat “There is no Corruption Yet you're here”, “You are corruption and I am here”. Opposite statements symbolising the same thing.

Thus the fight begun once more with Elisa being on the offensive throwing punch after punches while, reasserting her direction every few attacks having learned how this man fights, spinning his book around vertically to adjust blocking every punch thrown and having the awareness to use his spare palm to blow elbows, knee or any kind of double attack Elisa threw……. Double uppercut --- Blocked… Rotating backwards elbow and extending punch… Blocked and Palmed….. Right Right left RIght .BLock Block Block Caught,,, Counter Knife thrown towards Elisa ..Dodged with a limboing motion as she catapults her foot upwards towards his head….Blocked.

The two of them had been battling for quite some time before even reaching the tree top and had learned each other's fighting style at the cost of wound or two shown on both of their bodies but neither had really unleashed their true arsenal of weapons as logic suggested one mistake here and it would be all over.

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3 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:09 pm

After a another failed attrmpyt to find Lauthric and a another day wasted. They stand on the the beach and watch how the sun goes down. Syndra doesnt look around at her surrounding like ELisa does. So she never noticed Lauthric was right behind them. Syndra was just too much caught up by the sun and the increddible view and enjoying the feeling to be with her friends Yury and Elisa. WHen the sun is down they head back to their room but without saying a word Elisa disapeared. Syndra doesnt notice it. Syndra is as ussually talking alot thinking ELisa is just listning. THe two got close and started to learn to know eachother. ELisa was more the quiet and listning type while Syndra was more the one who kept talking and doesnt know when to stop. Sttill after some time repeatable talking Syndra wants to ask ELisa something. WHen she turns around she is alone in the room wiith Yury. I look down at Yury.Where did she go? Do you know maby Yury? Yury looks confused back and acts like he doesnt know what she means. The reaction of her pet atleast confirms that ELisa isnt in any danger. I lay down on my bed and wait thinking ELisa is on the toilet or something. Yury did curl up on her bed near her pillow and sleeps in.

After 15 minutes Elisa doesnt come back. Syndra checks the bathroom but no sign of Elisa. I walk to the window. Somehow its open but it was closed when they got here. Syndra gets a feeling and goes through the window too. SHe is on top of the roof. The tavern where they did rent a room is near the tree of knowledge. I hear loud noises of a fight above me. THe top of the tree shaked int he light of the full moon. On top are two people fighting. A man and a woman. Syndra realizes what is going on. Elisa was fighting Lauthric but why didnt she say anythign to me.

The fight in the moonlight makes the fight look like a dream. Syndra s thougths stop and she stares at the fight. It looks kind of epic but after some tiem passes Syndra gets rid of the spell of distraction. SHe jumps down on the road from the rooftop and runs towards the tree. Her instinct is telling her to go there as fast as she can and help her sister. Then a little devil pops up on her left shoulder. A voice in her mind starts to talk. Why would you help her? She let without sayign a thing. She didnt ask for your help. She doesnt need you. She doesnt need you you are just a burden. A thrid wheel and if she dies so what? You already lost everyone you care about. THis woman did you just meet a few weeks ago and you already act like she is family. SHe got herself in this mess. Go back !!!. Synda stops climbing. THe voice distubs her with the truth. Should I really help. Then some moments I shared with Elisa pop up and show why it is worth saving Elisa or atleast help. She starts climbing again in the huge massive tree. Her weapon is on herback and she uses her chain to shoot it in the tree and go up faster. Its a huge tree and a huge climb but then I am finally there. My head pops up on the top of the tree, SHe watches the two fighters who are using all the space they have to fight. Syndra quickly ducks to avoid a kick that flew just over her. Lauthric and Elisa were right above her for a split second. WHen theyt are gone Syndra peeks up again and watches the two fight. It seems liekthe two are equal to eachother. I decide to wait a little longer and see if i really need to help or not

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4 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:03 am

Elisa DarkWalker


The fight between me and this man was taking quite some time with every step, every attack and even every extension of myself seemed to be matched and it went both ways this is what I would call a test of stamina between the two of us though for some reason my foe was starting to speed up his attacks being more aggressive adjusting to parring my punches over his straight attention was captured.

As the Librarians changed his style having a feeling someone was behind him even in such a secluded location in the dead of night thus he wanted to make sure his book was always in a fluid motion not caught blocking one of Elisa punches or Kicks. Seeing through Lauthrics style Elisa would use it to her advantage. ..Punch Right parried left….Punch left parried right,,,,,, Double barrel punch with both arms side by side would be parried up as Elisa eyes open wide “GOT YOU”. I raised my right leg fast upwards for a knee attack which would be parried up with my arms; i extended the leg for a superkick to his chin. Lauthric would quickly thrust his book to parry Elisa superkick but with one option in terms of directions [Down].  My arms were in a perfect locations as this time i used both to forum a giant fist linking my fingers together and hammed down hard on the book itself, it was out of play.  Diving forward over Lauthrics weapon Elisa headbutts him direct in his nose following up with her shoulders pushing him down as she rotated over him into a cartwheel landing two kicks to his falling face before landing.  

Lauthrics nose was broken and he was in a lowered position slowly going back to his feet, but yet before Elisa could launch a finishing blow 10 blades had come from nowhere, and had forced her to take a jumping ball position to avoid and thus Lauthric and herself were back facing each other on an equal standing position. The only difference to when the fight had started was Lauthric nose was broken with blood pouring out quite steadily. “Well young lady...good job but now i got nothing to lose” Opening his book Laughtirc places his palm on the first page and thrusts it forward…..10 darts would be launched at Elisa at high speeds.

Elisa most likely would be able to dodge but the branch she would stand on would properly lose stability Forcing her to lose balance "Do I really have to use my six powers on this man" she whispered to herself as the wood beneath her feet started to break up.

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5 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:01 pm

Syndra keeps hidden and watches the whole fight. The fight between Lauthric and ELisa seems intense and Syndra is also captured into the fight. Every punch of ELisa got blocked and every attack. In her head Syndra wonders what will happen if Lauthric would go offensive instead of blocking all the time.
As time progresses Elisa did keep up her speed but Lauthric got faster and faster somehow.

Somehow still Elisa knows to throw him off guard as she did a suprise kick. Lauthric did block it with fast reflexes. Syndra was suprised that the older man could do that and put up such a fight. Still Elisa got him where she wanted hima nd breaks his nose. Syndra holds her temper and excitement. She didnt want to be discovered. Not yet. Besides it would maby distract ELisa and gove Lauthric a open window for a free attack. As the two went down deeper intot eh tree Syndra finds them back quickly. Using the leaves and her lower position to stay hidden. From beneath I do think of a way to help ELisa without causing problems.

The fight contineaud and somehow Lauthric opened his book and darts were shot towards Elisa. Syndra is confused. How did he do that with a book??!! The branches were thiner here and the darts were more dangerous here. Also dropping down from this heigth would translate into death. At this monet Elisa was just above me. Elisa whispered somethign about six powers. Syndra didnt know whatshe meant but if I kept watching I might will find out what she meant. Still the branches under Elisa and above Syndra started to crack and break. Quickly Syndra moves branches under ELisa s fweet and used her hands to help Elisa keep her balance. Syndra does this quickly and fast and unnoticcalbe. This will help ELisa to keep her from falling off.

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6 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:30 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


As the foundation beneath her feet started to shake both herself and her opponent expected it to fall but alas it held “I knew this tree was a marvel of the world”Elisa smirks as her respect in this great tree had payed off as it may of just saved her life not knowing that Syndra was holding it up below her. Though this was no time for such notions as her foe Lauthric was flicking through his book launching wave on waves of flying blades towards Elisa some with considerable size. With enough distance between the two and the random nature of their projectory implementing one of her powers Kami-e she would be able to dodge. With her body going limp she moves like a leaf in the wind dodging each attack with ease as she closes the gap between them before letting her body fully fall forward still avoiding the attacks until she was beneath his blades trajectories completely.

At this point Elisa would charge into the man's stomach as if rugby tackling him with her skull winding him and causing him to fullback as blood spurted out of his mouth. At this moment i was almost curtain i had won this conflict but he had a remaining trick up his sleeve ……. … underestimating a trickster was a big mistake for me. The blood from his mouth wasn’t due to Elisa attack in fact Lauthric had bit his own tongue to unravel a flint substance in order to ignite a tooth he had installed filled with a flammable gas and within a moment as Elisa face was in front of Lauthric in order to pin him down to spare his life for Syndra “ Surrender!”.    A flamethrower like attack squirted from Lauthric lips furring into Elisa eyes.

While still using her Kami-e she would be able to minimise the damage but would misstep and begin falling backwards as she called out in pain as her eyes were burning. Despite Elisa in a dire situation she would have indeed already won this fight as the man's attack would surely kill himself in due time because of the flames reaching his own lungs.

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7 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:03 pm

Beneath ELisa Syndra holds up the branches. Sadly ELisa would never know it was actually Syndra who saved her that day. Not the tree. The fight keeps going and the weigth is starting to sting at her arms but she doesnt give up and holds the branches. Elisa dodges the blades wave after wave. It is impressive and she is able to get close to Lauthric. The fight seems to be over. Everythign seems to be all over when Elisa gets close and she charged in. Lauthric pukes out blood. Syndra is impressed that a single tackle can do so much damage but it was all a trick and ELisa walked right into it. Somehow Lauthric brreaths fire. The flames burn into ELisa 's face. She got lucky cos of dodging most of the flames but the sudden trick what caugth her off guard did its trick and ELisa maby dodged the fire but she also dodged the tree itself. She started to fall. If Syndra does nothing ELisa would die. Without thinking Syndra lets go of the branches. The branches the was holding up collapse when the pressure of Syndra from below is removed. They collapse and fall down the tree. Lauthric is caugth up in it too and eh falls down too but he gets luck to fall ona branch what saves his life. Still it break some of his arms and limbs. Elisa is less lucky and so Syndra rushes forward through the tree but she had no choice. Syndra jumps and thanks that she was at a lower level before. SHe is able to catch up to ELisa. Syndra stretches her arms and grabs ELisa. Elisa doesnt react still caught up by the pain in her face. Syndra presses her lips on Elisa s left cheeck to maby comfert her a little. THen I hold out my robotic arma nd shoot my chain at the tree. It gets stuck and Syndra simply uses the chain to stop them from falling then uses the speed to swing on the chain towards the tree. I pull on the chain to get it lose from the tree when Syndra lands with ELisa in her other arms safelty in the tree. I lay her down on the thick brench. THey fell alot o meters so the branches wertre thicker here. Syndra kneels next to ELisa and goes with her hand through her hair. Her hand rests behind Elisa s ear. Why did you go without me? You could have died A tear drips in ELisa's face. The spot it lands cools off the heat of Elisa s face. Syndra bends ofer and hugs Elisa. Syndra's cheeck wett of tears is pressed agaisnt ELisa s face. Taking away the pain the flames caused earlier.

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8 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:57 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


With the fight over and Elisa life saved my syndra they both stayed there as the moments passed of Syndra caring for Elisa as she recovered though the more Elisa recovered regaining her sight and losing the pain it wasn’t thankfulness she found herself feeling but rage. She hadn’t heard syndra's question as it was masked by the sound of pain within her mind. As she opened them once more finding herself in Syndras arms her emotions were bubbling and mixed “ What a cowardly trick” her enemy was within the sight of her newly open eyes and she wanted to kill him for such a premeditated dishonest way of fighting. Though with syndra right before her her anger was kept at bay as she stood up placing one hand on syndra's head as she looked towards the broken body of lauthric “To risk one's life is easy, to risk a friends is impossible but for one to commit their death to an act of murder is insanic”. Elisa would turn back to Syndra as her senses had came back “He is all your syndra, do what you like but don’t forget to get the information…”I am going to take a shower”. *Elisa looks down of the branch “ Which ways is home?

Elisa had forgotten how she got all the way up here let alone where up here exactly was in relation to the trees location and thus would be dependant of syndra brain “Wait what are you doing here anyway...weren't you sleeping?” The concept of Dream tree climbing entered Elisa mind as she smiled at her friend.

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9 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:28 am

Syndra smiles but her tears give a diffrent impression. Still Syndra doesnt care and hugs her sister. Im so glad you are alright I was so worried. Syndra ignores Lauthric for a moment and is caugth up in the momnet of her sister being alright. Syndra kisses ELisa s cheecks a few times. I couldnt sleep and wanted to ask you something. It was nothing important but when i turned around you were gone. So I went looking for you and im glad I did. PLease ELisa why did you go without me? You almost died their a few times. Syndra is not sure if Elsia is able to walk home. After tonight she felt like looking after ELisa. So Syndra grabs her and lift her up with my robotic arm and help her as Syndra gets to Lauthric. Syndra kneels down and uses this to put ELisa on her back.

Why did you try to kill us? WHy ? WHat doy uo know about Orlando? Were you really his best friend? Was it you who shot him? Tell me why did you take my home from me!! With her human arm she grabs Lauthric and lifts him up to ram him into the tree. Lauthric starts talking. Orlando and I were friends yes but he was always the best. He found out inventions and secrets I was chasing. Still he was always first always the best and I was always in his shadow. It had to stop. Here on the island he found some ruins. He discovered it before I could. He showed it to me and said he wanted to find the secrets within. Somethign tells em he found it but I will never know. Still those ruins are mine now and you two had to stay out of this. Orlando s secrets  would be discovered by me. Yes after he disapeared I wished he was dead and send out some criminals to kill him. I dont rememebr who but it doeswnt matter to me who it was. They were some secret assassin like organization that hides in the shadows. Thats al i know about the murderers but they never returned to me to let me know tha tthe job was done. Still Ont hat island he took a secret with him. I wanted it. Still maby you are his last great invention. His last research was about replacing limbs and reviving a human. Maby you are his last master piece.  It has to be inside you that is the only thing that will make sense also it would be really Orlando s style. Farewell and goodluck  WIth those words Lauthric left the word of the living. The light in his eyes was gone and his body stopped breathing. His tempratue became icecold and Syndra lets him go. With allt he new information troubling her mind she carries ELisa back home.

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10 Re: Best friends and Betrayal (task) on Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:15 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Having been returned home via the aid of syndra who for some reason felt the urge to carry her the entire way home despite Elisa easily capable of carrying herself though she wasn’t bothered by this for some reason. Comfy with Syndra as a companion their relationship had advantaged Further than Elisa had expected never before would she let someone carry her like this let alone not care for the notion at all. What is with this person and why am i so relaxed...whatever the reason i'd tag along for the journey for now at least. Elisa really needed to turn her attention to the world and the presence of activity by the revolutionary army but Syndra's path into a web of mysteries, secrets, organisations of assassins and even a potential lost island was too much for a historian to pass up and thus the two would be set on a path together as fate intertwined for the time being.

On returning to their venue Elisa dismounts syndra and pushes her away as she headed off to the shower as she really desires warm hot water rivering down her body and was the only thing truly on her mind. Syndra would land on her bed and roll over to fall off the other side creating a small bang, Elisa spoke quickly “Are you okay” though she wasn’t really concerned as she locked the bathroom door and turned the taps to unleash the flowing hot steaming water wriggling down her entire body.


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