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1Among new friends (invite only bacon) Empty Among new friends (invite only bacon) on Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:27 pm



Zanji Hummed to himself as he stood behind the helm of his ship. He was relatively excited for he had made it into the His first island visit as a pirate captain all by himself. He felt proud of himself yet there was a feeling of loneliness at this accomplishment. He wanted to get some crew mates as soon as possible it was rather lonely aboard this large ship. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a map and checked on the horizon. He wasn't a top notch navigator but thanks to his log pose he had a good idea of where he was headed. The closest island that he was going to visit and possibly resupply at was named Dawn island. A rather unusual name for a piece of land perhaps it had a desert climate to it. He hoped it wasn't in this case he enjoyed the warmth of the sun but desert heat was something all together a different subject. He looked up towards the sky as he heard a all to familiar sound of a sea gull cawing most likely calling out to his little friends.

This brought a small smirk to his face as he drew closer and closer to the island. A particular song kept coming to mind as he hummed a few bars. It was a old pirating song but it was still a good one in his opinion. He slowly began to furl in the sails as a dock came into view. He would let the oceans current drag him into port. He tied off the sails and stretched out his arms and quickly climbed up the ladder and tied off the sails. After tying up the sails he would slide down the polished metal railing  the masts ladder and returned to the helm. He chuckled as he continued to hum along the tune of Bink's sake as he saw already quite a few ships into the dock it was going to be a bit of a challenge to find a free spot but he would manage somehow. His jolly roger in the crows nest of the first mast waved lazily in the air proudly displaying its insignia as he carefully maneuvered his large ship into a free area.

He quickly dropped anchor and tied off the boat to the docks. He yawned loudly and set out the disembarking plank to the dock and slowly walked down it. Today he was wearing black vest with gold buttons along with a white dress shirt as well as a red string tie with a pair of black pants and black leather dress shoes,and long white trench coat. His hands were in his pockets as he felt his stomach growl loudly. He had not eaten yet today he wasn't a very good cook perhaps he could find a inn to stay in and get some decent food.  He was rather happily that the island wasn't a desert climate and he could see the bustling town for what ti was a very productive one.  He saw the streets full of people  various shops. He smirked as he walked into a printing shop and smiled at the proprietor of the shop. He spoke in a calm and friendly tone "Hi there i'd like to make some posters please." The shopkeeper turned around and smiled and wiped his hands down on his apron "Sure sure of course sir of course now how many would you like made?"

He smiled wider and counted on his finger "Hm about 200 copies will do." the shop keeper pulled out a a abacus and began to calculate the berri. " Alright then anything in particular you want on the posters?" He nodded his head and pulled out a piece of paper. the shop keeper took the note and turned slightly white and cleared his throat. "your a pirate... I see well then ughh it's on me just don't hurt the shop or me." He chuckled and nodded his head "You have a deal good sir." The shopkeeper ran into the back and he heard the sound of multiple machines running and printing out paper. He sat against the wall as he awaited his order to be filled his arms were crossed as he continued to hum to himself the old sea shanty binks sake. The shop keeper returned back with the stack of papers and a large roll of tape. "Ok then here is your order now please leave." Zanji narrowed his eyes angrily at the man and took the papers and then shrugged and left the shop and began to walk about town posting them up against buildings lamp post until he had run out. It was about one o'clock when he finished  with laying out the posters around town he was allowed in. He could not go into the noble section of town but he had faith that things would work out. He sighed and walked into a inn where he was supposed to be meeting anyone interest in joining his little crew and took a seat in the back. The posters each said the same exact thing. "Are you tired of the navy and its abuse, sick of those pesky celestial dragons or the world government or perhaps you want to cause some good old fashioned carnage then look no forward come and join the ash pirates. First applicant that is approved gets to become the vice captain so hurry on down, If you seek adventure fame glory and that shiny gold head on down to the goldies pub on main street at one o'clock and set sail for adventure."

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