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1 Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Mon May 30, 2016 7:42 pm

Bare feet could be heard upon the ground as a young pinkette ran through the town. She wore but the simplest of outfits, a silver bikini top with a black, ruffled skirt. Yet, she seemed so confused and conflicted. Her heart pounded as she ran continuously looking over her shoulder as she did. A few times her eyes would fill with hope only to be washed over with fear. The woman didn't care if people stared at her or yelled because of her carelessness. Eventually, the girl would stop running and duck between a small gap in two shops. With one hand on her chest and the other on her mouth, the pinkette would stand in wait as she tried to breathe softly but enough to replenish oxygen. After a while, she felt that she was safe. She felt that it was ok just to take a single peek around the corner.

"Found You," an angry voice would say as he stared dead into blue eyes. The pinkette would begin to scream before her mouth was covered and the two disappeared around the corner. The angry man would hold a hand over her mouth and wouldn't release no matter how hard she tried to free herself. "Now, here's how this will go. I've seen your picture before. You have to be her, which means I could make profit. You're gonna come with me and you're gonna behave," the man would grin his words causing the young woman to stare wide eyed. 'How?! How did he know? Where did he see my picture?! Was he hired? I can't go back! I can't!' With fear in her eyes, the woman simply hoped that she could find the opportunity to flee.

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2 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Mon May 30, 2016 8:13 pm

KeeNan was simply just enjoying like me it was.any other day. It was.strange eatingnthr.Nemo Nemo no mi Zoan fruit. Its was.weird picking up strange sounds and smells she bad never even known before. It was like.her senses took some major steroids. Though changing forms would not be wise especially when she couldn't control herself. Nothing was going on. Until the end smelled something strange of course there a lot of strange smells with having the Niko Niko no mi fruit. There are a lot of things about her new powers that still need to be explained but she had instincts are telling you something bad was about to happen.

It was not a normal for her to go out of her way to help someone that she didn't know. Her distrust and people made a very apprehensive for Words everyone she was very cautious of what she said how she acted and what she thought around people one wrong move could lead to her death. It was a cruel world out there after all. No I can trust Nakamura as a popular opinion. Grabbing her swords instead of using her devil fruit powers, she knew using those Powers will probably end in a bad result so for now she won't use them until the time is right. Like Leparo, she wouldnt use them. Following the sounds of muffled screaming a chattering, she could hear heartbeats and one in particular was.rapid in fear. What she was doing? Even she didn't knew but beast took over more than human in one format. Both swords pulled from their cases visible to the light.

In a silhouette figure, she held them.out as she stood with her back to.the sun. She could smell something horrible like fear or someone.hadn't.showered in a while. The girl was on the roof peering over everything. "I would think your mothers taught to treat a lady".she interrupted.

"The worst feeling in the world is to have something and have it taken away from you then to never have it in the first place"

"I am really a sin? Look around you, the world is a sin. Not me"
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3 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Mon May 30, 2016 9:27 pm

Blue eyes would look everywhere but the man's face, even when he was simply mere inches from hers. All she wanted was to get away. All she wanted was to run. All she wanted was to go back to her room at a nearby inn and lock the door. All she wanted was to feel safe again. With a small motion in the corner of her eye, the pinkette's eyes would focus upon something. The woman could see a dark figure that appeared on the roof opposite of the wall she was pinned against. Fear filled eyes would turn to eyes of confusion. Was she to be relieved and happy or was She to feel something else. With the shape of two weapons appearing in the figures hands, the young woman's heart would stop. Who were they?

Within the next few moments, the figure would speak revealing it was a woman's voice. The woman seemed to be chastising the man who handled the pinkette so ruffly. Fear filled eyes would soon calm and turn to eyes of hope and joy. Then, the man would speak, "And who the hell would you be, Little Bitch." He seemed even angrier than he did before. He seemed to be becoming quite frustrated with today. "Ya know what? I don't care. Run along so I can finish my work. This here belongs to me now and she's gonna make me money. Get in my way and you'll be eating dirt before you know it," The pinkette would stare in fear once more as the man turned towards her. A grin spread across his face that sent shivers down the young woman's spine. 'Please help me...' her thoughts would plead, even if the girl couldn't hear them.

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4 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:07 pm

A small narrow of her sharp cat-like eyes. She could sense they were evil. The surroundings around here were heightened as her inner predator came out. A low growl came from her lower throat showing her sharpened canines. "I'm a shadow. Nothing more, nothing less. Picking up little girls off the streets like this, why not pick on someone with a fair chance. Looks too frail to make any money off of" she said. A small smirked came from her as she squatted down tilting her head even more curious as these guys. She would really like to piss these guys off. This would be fun.

The males became a bit irrtated. A smart person wouldn't tell a total stranger their plans and most of all trust her with them. "If I were you two, I would be running far from her. Oh and leave the girl to me! If you don't You each will have no legs. I will give you two to the count of three" she said. Seeing the looking confused, they probably didn't believe this act she was putting on, but she was actually tell the truth. LeeAnn wouldn't hesitate to cut off a limb, but she wouldn't kill a person. "One...Two....Three. Still not believing me?'re funeral" she said. She jumped down from the ledge and while doing she she threw one of her swords at one f the men. She was careful to not hit the girl. The man's arm was sliced off. "I said to run, but did you believe me? Not! You both will pay the price" she said. A darkness lied inside her eyes staring at the other man shaking his knees off. He handed the girl off to LeeAnn as she held he girl gently and looked at the other man. She spat at him. "Assholes. Come on, lets get you out of here" she said. Silently, she placed grabbed her sword and guided her out of the alley.

"The worst feeling in the world is to have something and have it taken away from you then to never have it in the first place"

"I am really a sin? Look around you, the world is a sin. Not me"
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5 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:37 pm

Lilliana would continue to stare into the man's eyes. They were dark and scary but they didn't hold simply that. In his eyes, Lilliana could see hurt, pain, hope, and sadness. She saw what she wished was less than the best in him. She wanted to help him. She wanted to free him but she couldn't. She couldn't free others from their emotion. She couldn't free others from the lives they lived but she could try. However, this time she was put into the worst situation and luckily she wasn't alone. The pinkette would listen to the woman's voice as she spoke. Although the woman seemed interestingly wonderful, she would berate Lilliana, which she would have to listen to. At this point though, the woman could say whatever she wished, as long as she helped the young marine.

The man in front of Lilliana would turn his body back towards the figure. His eyes seemed to want to pierce through her but they certainly wouldn't. His anger seemed to be more present as she spoke. Soon, their faces would fill with a confused expression as she threatened them but would soon laugh it off. They didnt believe a single bit that a woman could take them down, especially not after the many girls they had captured in their lives. As the woman began to count, the men would grin and chuckle to each other. Soon they would realize their mistake as the man holding Lilliana lost an arm by a sword thrown by the woman now standing on their level. The woman would stare wide eyed as his arm fell to the ground. She would bring her hands up to her throat and mouth as he let go. Within a few moments, the young marine would be handed off to the mysterious redhead, who would take her away from the scene and the men.

With a story like this, Lilliana would have to do something about this woman chopping a man's arm off. Then again, she did just save the pinkette. She owed this woman her life. Perhaps, she would let it go this time. "T-Thank You for saving me. I wish I could repay you somehow," the young marine would say with a soft voice.

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6 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:57 pm

An eye for an eye. She had seen kidnappings many time and dodged the bullet a lot from shady characters like they had just saw. There was a reason why she invested into weapons and self-defense mechanisms in the past. Her eyes adverted to the girl sensing some fear and hesitation from her. Wondering if Leeann could be trusted or not as LeeAnn thought the same. She had saved people's lives before and been stabbed in the back before. Though, she continued to do it because of karma. Something might happen to her where she could find her brother. At least shew as apart of a crew now.

"Its what I do. I don't kill, I leave a scar. Its better to have your criminals suffer because it leaves a reminder of what happened and the results" she said. She stayed reserved as she was cautious of this women. Her body language was confident, but cautious.

"The worst feeling in the world is to have something and have it taken away from you then to never have it in the first place"

"I am really a sin? Look around you, the world is a sin. Not me"
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7 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:20 pm

Lilliana would listen to the words this woman spoke but would begin to wonder if they were correct. Did she has to cause them pain and leave them scars? Were words not enough? Could she not simply try new ways to help those that were in the wrong without hurting them? The young marine didn't exactly understand why everyone felt the need to plunder and steal. She didn't understand why everyone was so possessive and greedy. She didn't understand why the world was the way it was. What joy came from senseless killing? What benefit came from watching others suffer as you cared for only yourself? Her mind would flood with confusing thoughts and questions before switching back to this woman.

"I find it very admirable that you don't feel the need to kill. You see I don't think that killing gets the world anywhere. It's an endless cycle that causes nothing hut heartache and pain. Obviously, since its a cycle, it simply causes more death. But.. have you ever though of trying to find a different way to teach a lesson? Do you have to go so far as to completely sever someone's arm? Are words not enough?" The thought of what this woman had just done would send a shiver down her spine. Of course, Lilliana had seen the killing, the maiming, and many ways of torture. However, it still brought pain to her heart and a horrid, twisted feeling to her stomach. Why couldn't the world be peaceful?

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8 Re: Let's Be Friends (LeeAnn) on Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:21 pm

The words from the woman before her struck her nerves. Something she hated was people trying to change her ways. It may of seem to be trying to help, but LeeAnn hated suggestions. A halt came into her step thinking about everyone who killed her parents, stole her brother, killed her spirit and love, and the man she had married cheated on her. A cold look came into her eyes flashing back the horrible memories.

She could tell by this girl's behavior that shew as innocent and hadn't really experienced the shit she had gone through. "Most of the time, that never works! If they were animals, they wouldn't reason and kill you. You can try to reason with some people they will listen but some just don't care about that. I can tell you're innocence is really showing. Its not all puppies and rainbow out here. My style is simple. I give you a warning. If you don't listen and if I can smell the scent of evil scarring it is. Depends on the type of crime and how severe it is. Your case, treating women like that is a offense" she said extremely cold, but held a lot of truth for it. Her eyes reflected personal suffering and experience that most should of had at her age.

A few moments passed, she grew quiet staring at her. All creatures wanted peace, but in this world it couldn't be given at any cost as a permanent effect. Growing more frustrated and slightly angry, her inner beast started to show the instant mood swings. Luckily, her captain experienced th same exact thing since they both had the same devil fruit. "Peace can never obtained for everyone. You have to work hard to get it and even then its never even garenteed. Take a word for a prime example" she hissed. A cat like growl came from her throat thinking of the painful past and how cruel people have been to her. She remained her back turned to the woman to prevent further rage at her.

"The worst feeling in the world is to have something and have it taken away from you then to never have it in the first place"

"I am really a sin? Look around you, the world is a sin. Not me"
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