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26 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:38 pm

Kash should have known Leparo didn't have a plan. When has he ever? Before she could even attempt to scold him for his lack of preparation or having any kind of idea of how they were going to get out of this situation, Rex and his high grade lackeys appeared suddenly forcing them to separate from Leparo. Rex would actually land a hit on Leparo sending him flying while Kash would draw her sword and immediately engage with the pink haired swordsman.

"Here we are again," Kash would say as she pushed her blade against Gigi's.

"I don't know why you're so excited to be taken in but if you really want to show your appreciation, drop your weapons and stand down. I won't say it again." Gigi would say staring Kash in the eyes.

Kash simply smirked in response, not sure which way to take this fight. Old her would just cut the bitch down but Kash was trying to be different. No more killing just for the sake of it. She needed to know it was absolutely necessary. Her eyes would glance over to where Leparo had been knocked away, wondering what his state of mind would be during this fight. Rex didn't look like the type to go down easily and Kash was still unsure of how well Leparo was handling those devil fruit powers. She'd look over her shoulder at Luther who seemed equally unsure of what move to make in this.

The only thing Kash was sure of was that they needed to get out of here alive. All three of them.

Kash Stackz
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27 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:44 pm

No one knows pain, I'll show them

Final Task:
Task Name: Marines of Old
Tier: 3
Location: East Blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Marines have discovered the location of the Gold Leopard Pirates and plan to kill Leparo before his influence grows to higher levels.
Enemy Details: 30 tier 0 Marines l 2 Tier 2 Marine Captains l 1 Tier 3 Marine Commodore

"Good fucking hit Captain!" yelled one of Rex's subordinates. It was the woman from earlier with the guns. She wore really short shorts and had on a black wife beater. She stood at a calm 5 foot 7 and had a ponytail with back hair. After she said that a shot was sent her way from Luther which skimmed her ponytail knocking off a few strands of hair. "I'll show you a good hit if you don't pay attention" said Luther as he blew the smoke off his left gun. "Oh you're a smart ass eh? I'll put you through that house like your captain" At that point Luther removed his red coat and would lift his shades. "Let's see then" with that Luther and Sly went off on a gun party that saw them moving as they shot trying to get tactical advantages over the other. As for Kash she was also engaged in her own spat with Gigi.

As for Leparo, his wounds were still open and getting punched through a building wasn't the best way to heal injuries. "You pirates are all going down, You'll see" said Rex "Your captain is out! Now for you two" he would say once more turning his attention to Kash who was fighting not to far from him. At that point you coud hear a shift in the debris from where Leparo was at. Rex's head immediately shot back towards that direction "Not yet dumbass" uttered Leparo as he began to stand up pushing off the rubble. After spitting out some blood Leparo smirked "Good hit, should've got the job done with that punch."

"Oh, you got some grit to ya I see! You new kids, I thought you all folded easily. Don't worry though, I'll break you" said Rex who had the cheering of all his soldiers. Leparo began to walk forward as all of his wounds were starting to seep through his bandages. Leparo would ignore his wounds for the most part right now as he had a task in front of him. This Rex person wanted to keep him from leaving Logue Town which meant missing his trip to the Grandline. "Let's go" a running Leparo would say as he cocked back his right arm going right for Rex who would meet him with his own fist but it wasn't that of a human. It was that of a Tiger, this Rex guy had a zoan devil fruit.

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28 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:25 pm

Kash could see that everyone would have their hands full with a marine. Her with the pink haired Gigi. Luther and his shooter counter-part were going at it, while Leparo challenged Rex. This really was what those treasure hunters had mentioned before they had arrived here. The marines were increasing their presence in the blues and wanted to put an end to any pirates trying to rise up. If this was the case, Rex wasn't here just to lock everyone away. These marines were intent on killing them.

Kash would look Gigi in the eyes as their swords pressed against one another. "So, you and your pals here to lock us up?" Kash fished for a confirmation of her theory.

"Why? So daddy can bail his little girl out?" Gigi said with a smile. "You wish."

Gigi would push hard creating space between her and Kash. Kash would stand, lowering her sword for a moment. She would take a deep breath in, even closing her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, it was a glimmer of her former self in them. Kash would raise her blade toward Gigi, pointing it actually.

"Because I refuse to die today or let any of my crew die, I will not be holding back anymore," she declared. Kash felt it was right to do since she had been trying so hard not to kill anyone. But considering that it was life or death, she was choosing to live.

"What? Is that supposed to mean something?" Gigi said, amused by Kash's noble stance.

"If you know me as well as you think you do, it should."

Kash would then toss her blade up in the air between her and Gigi. Gigi obviously would look up making sure she was not in danger of the blade falling on her before looking at Kash trying to figure out her game. Kash began to run toward Gigi then did 2 front flips before launching herself into the air toward her sword like a cannonball. Kash would meet her blade and plant her feet similarly to how a surfer does a board. She and her blade would come down from the sky together toward Gigi who would hold her blade up in defense. The impact was massive, Kash's momentum, full weight, and gravity backed her sword as it came crashing down on Gigi.

Gigi was caught by surprise by such a strange technique and the strength behind it but she was still holding her own. A shockwave of air blew about as a result of the impact and the earth beneath her feet even cracked. The surrounding marines were in awe, like watching 2 gladiators fight. Gigi would throw Kash off of her using all of her strength, sending her flying back.

Kash would fall back into a roll, blade in hand, and onto her feet. She would waste no time charging at Gigi who would do the same. The two would wield their swords with unrelenting force where one false move could easily be the end. Each clash sounded as if their swords were screaming for an end.

Kash Stackz
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29 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:58 pm

No one knows pain, I'll show them

"Oh shit, you got one of those?" Joked Leparo as he tried to match the strength Rex presented against him. "Something like that, I heard rumors you had one too, Show me" with those words Rex's tiger fist would open causing Leparo to lose his balance falling forward for a slight second as he was pulled in and thrown by Rex. This throw would send Leparo upwards placing him on the roof. "Playing it safe is not gonna get me a win here" thought Leparo. He was too scared to use his fruit and it showed here as he wouldn't even use it to level the battlefield against a far superior opponent.

It wasn't a normal thing for Luther to be outgunned but this woman was good. "Shit, if I keep playing this back and forth game with her I won't win. She's fast and smart" thought Luther who was hiding behind a pillar in a bar near the breakup point. Sly was firing before Luther could even attempt to peak his head out, her shots weren't accurate and that was what she wanted. She wanted Luther to know at any given moment she could take his head effortlessly if he poked out from behind the pillar. A shot from Luther would go off hitting a metal container which would cause it to ricochet towards Sly where it grazed her shoulder. "Fuck" Sly would yell before Luther came out guns firing off towards Sly which caused her to get on the defensive. Luther would find a new spot to take shelter in being behind the counter which offered various exit points and places to keep an eye on Sly along with more cover.

As for Leparo, he would come down from the roof, blood staining what was left of his bandages. He shouldn't be fighting right now but that wouldn't stop him. Kash was busy fighting her fight and boy was it getting quite loud over there. As for Luther he was having a shootout inside some adjacent bar as Leparo was hearing. Looking down in front of him Leparo saw not a man but a full fledged tiger. It was Rex and he was drawing out Leparo, he initiated it with a roar and Leparo was reluctant to accept but he too would embrace his fruit and transform into a leopard. Going from the sign of the building to the floor Leparo would circle with Rex, both big cats sizing each other up for the kill.

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30 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:37 pm

The fight between Kash and Gigi was probably one of the most tense fights Kash had been in awhile with no emotional attachment behind it. With each hit, it was like she was waking up out of a dream. That feeling of readjusting awareness. Kash and Gigi were dancing all over with their blades, each step taken followed by a swing. Neither was trying to avoid the other, they took each hit and retaliated with their own. The wind whipped about them violently, kicking up dust. However if this kept up at this pace, they could probably be here for days.

As Kash fought and moved around, she could catch glimpses of the others. Luther and Sly were in a shoot off and it seemed they were a match as well. Leparo too. Rex looked completely different from the last time Kash had laid eyes on him, roaring like the beast he was. Another devil fruit? Kash looked to Leparo anxiously. He would transform also and the two were animals, literally. Her eyes would return to Gigi who seemed to be enjoying their fight a little more than any other law abiding opponent Kash had fought.

"Worried?" Gigi would ask, pausing their fight with a clash and distancing herself.


"Your boyfriend?"

"Why do people keep saying that? I would actually kill him before I would know what, why am I telling this to you." Kash would say, completely annoyed by the assumption. It was happening too frequent for her comfort.

"A girl like you with a stud like him? You really expect me to believe you don't have a thing? I'm not stupid."

"What is this? Are we suddenly BFFs talking about boys and braiding our hair? Bitch I'm literally about to cut you." Kash would say readying her blade.

Gigi's demeanor would shift suddenly back and give off a rather dark aura for a marine. "I'd love to see you try."

Kash got the strangest feeling of Deja Vu when she said that. She stared at Gigi for a moment and tried to read her. "You're not a marine are you?"

Gigi would giggle slightly before suddenly charging Kash and entering another clash. "Shhh....dead people don't talk."

It then dawned on Kash that Gigi was probably crazier than herself or even Asher. She was a killer and a resourceful one at that to have infiltrated the marines. Actually, her and Asher probably the same. Epiphany! That's why she felt like she was having Deja Vu, it was almost like fighting her brother.

"I get it now. You're one of Asher's toys," Kash would say laughing to herself as she would push Gigi away.

Gigi would blush at first then take offense to be referred as a toy. Kash clearly struck a nerve this time. Gigi would rush Kash recklessly this time. She was about to crack it seemed. So Kash would play defense for now.

Kash Stackz
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31 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:54 pm

No one knows pain, I'll show them

The two big cats were scrapping and drawing blood from one another. It wasn't helping that Leparo's human injuries plagued his body in this form giving him large drawbacks in term of effectiveness when he was transformed like this. One of the tangles that had Leparo hurt involved a fang on his left lobe as Rex was trying to rip Leparo in half. Half of the problems Leparo faced stemmed from his fear of using his powers and sadly he couldn't overcome something so simple. Even if it meant he wouldn't be as effective on the battlefield. A whimper from Leparo sent him back to his human form scrambling to get his standings on the ground. Rex would follow suit and transform back to his human form also "Wow, for you to be "The Gold Leopard" you sure aren't so fearsome with that fruit"

He wasn't lying. Leparo didn't look like that of his namesake but instead a cub who wasn't sure he knew what being a leopard was. Looking over at Kash, Leparo was trying to shake the fear he had of transforming and performing. He was scared that the fruit would overcome him again and that wasn't something he himself wanted. Rex would come charging towards Leparo and the two would engage in a series of sequences in their respective fields of martial arts which didn't get either the upper hand over the other. Leparo was starting to understand that Rex overpowered his enemies with brute strength and his constant taunting that got to them. If Leparo could just ignore the taunting he would have a chance to secure himself a victory for him and his crew mates. "Okay" said a focused Leparo as he began to grow and expand. It was his fruit going into its hybrid form. "Finally kid" said Rex as he himself started his hybrid transformation also. It was at this point he and Leparo would stare each other down.

Luther was still stuck in deadlock with Sly and he was starting to accept that he couldn't defeat her. Nor could she defeat him for that matter, but for now they just played with each other. Luther was looking for ways to end the stalemate and came up with something smart. He noticed his location and he saw the stove near him and it was gas operated. A jingle on the left would alert sly as she began to shoot towards that area but it was just a bottle of sake, Luther was on the right running from the bar "You should ru-" an explosion went off blowing up the bar and sending both Luther and Sly flying. Sly was flying towards Leparo's location and that lined up perfectly.

Leparo didn't turn to hear what was going on with Luther but Rex did, Leparo was too focused on the news he just heard from Kash's fight. That woman was an agent of Asher's which meant he was watching them, or working on something much larger. Anyway Rex was distracted which is why Leparo jumped him with a flying punch which stunned Red. A follow up round house kick would send Rex wobbling to his right and Leparo smirked because he knew what was coming next. The flying Sly would come towards Leparo and he just grabbed her by the arm and spun her into the body of Rex. The duo would go flying towards where Kash was knocking Gigi down in the process. As those three began to regroup Leparo went to pick up Luther "Oi Captain, you really turn into a leopard ahhahaha" the laughter Luther displayed made Leparo laugh also "kahahaha told you I'd show you one day" after that the duo would line up next to Kash "Oi, you know what I'm thinking right?" said a wayward Leparo to his crew members who stood to his right.

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32 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:31 pm

Kash had been blocking every one of Gigi's mindless attacks. It was sad that such an opponent who started off so strong could become so ineffective over a few words. Kash felt bad for her almost. Asher used Gigi the same way Niles had used her. In fact it was because of Asher that Niles had been sent on the path he was on. Asher was to blame for a lot of Kash's misery in life to be honest. That's why he too was on her hit list. He would pay for everything also.

An explosion where Luther had been fighting would catch Kash's attention and Gigi's as well. The two would stop and watch. It seemed that everyone had been distracted and Kash could see that Leparo would seize the opportunity sending Rex and the other girl in her direction. Kash would move out of the way quickly as the three would crash into each other.

Kash, Luther, and Leparo were now standing next to each other in a line. "Well, I'm glad you have a handle on things in there," Kash would say lightly jabbing at Leparo's transformed body. She would watch on as Rex and the others would try to collect themselves. Kash would get an idea and it would seem that Leparo and Luther were on the same page. Kash would smile and let out a slight laugh.


Kash would make the first move, running down the middle fast toward Rex. It seemed that this perplexed the marine commodore because he was expecting Leparo, not Kash. Kash would swing her blade six times in his directions as she ran letting off waves of compressed air. Each blast would hit Rex's large body easily and cut deep, but not deep enough to gravely injure alone but deep enough to stun and hurt nonetheless. Once Kash had closed in with a rush of air, she would swing her blade as a wave of energy shadowed it. She would cut Rex at a diagonal from his waist to his shoulder, the impact causing blood to spray and sending his body flying into a building this time. Kash looked as if she had just hit a grand slam, her blade held in the air toward the sun.

The building Rex had flew into would begin to collapse on top of him for the final touch. Being that large and sturdy, Kash knew he wasn't dead but he was down for the count which was good enough for them. Now Leparo and Luther just had to do the same with Gigi and Sly and the crew could be on their way. Kash would sheathe her blade and wait for them to finish things up.

For the first time, Kash actually felt like she was a part of the crew. She could finally call herself a pirate. She could be just as free with the Gold Leopards as she was on her own.

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Kash Stackz
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33 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:33 pm

No one knows pain, I'll show them

As the three performed their switches Kash was the first person up switching off with Leparo taking up the battle against Rex. All three of the Leopards were matched against people with almost identical skill-sets and that did no one any favors. Leparo was now matched up against the slick shooter Sly and Luther was now matched up against the smooth and rude swordsman Gigi. "Oi Captain, I started watching Kash and I developed a move against her... You know Just in case" Leparo turned from the two women in front of them slightly just to see what his subordinate was talking about "hmm?" said Leparo as he was trying to read between Luther's words.

"Eh.. I'll show you" it was then Gigi rushed Luther and he would side step her attack and engage her swords with his guns and they were actually holding their own against someone like Gigi. Kneeing her in the gut before pushing her away sent her into a fit of rage. As for Sly her bullets weren't helping her when it came to Leparo's perception. "Show me already" said Leparo who was getting bored toying around with Sly. "Fine, fine" and just like that Luther aimed one of his guns at the sword which was downed of Gigi. He shot a single bullet which would pierce her directly in her right hand. Leparo smirked "Someone's good at math" joked Leparo.

"My turn" joked Leparo as he cocked back his right arm and shot it forward ejecting a wave of wind. A crying Gigi and an annoyed Sly watched on "Wow, so strong" spoke Sly with a sarcastic tone. After five meters Leparo watched the wind expand and show a gold hue to the five blades of wind that came from his palm. They would engulf the duo. All that was heard was their screams as they went through a building which was equally destroyed by the attack. They were done, and judging by Kash so was Rex. "Captain I never realized this but you're crazy" joked Luther.

"Well, now that I'm probably dying from blood loss and a swarm of marines will be here soon, Lets sound the horn and get back to the ship" said a smiling Leparo as the three of them stood together "Arrest the pirates!" yelled a marine as a swarm of soldiers stormed the area to arrest the Gold Leopards. Leparo looked at them and smiled before he would take off running towards the ship. He and his crew had to leave now. "Oi Captain! we have to treat your wounds" yelled Luther "yea yea, later we're running now" Leparo enjoyed being a pirate just a tad too much, it was starting to show here.

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34 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:44 pm

Kash watched as the two, Luther and Leparo, would engage with their new opponents. Luther's handling of Gigi was actually comical to Kash and she found herself laughing as he shot the woman in her hand. But still, part of her kind of felt bad for her. Then again, she was crazy so Kash found it hard to care too much. Leparo had it easy with Sly also, dodging her bullets and finally ending it with a gold hue claw of air. Kash was in awe of the power behind it. More marines would arrive not too long after, so Kash would run off with Luther and Leparo for the ship. It was finally time for them to get the hell of this island.

Kash Stackz
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