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1 Gold Leopard Excursion: Blue Finale [Travel] on Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:38 pm

Most of the crew was stockpiling supplies as Leparo was at the helm of the ship, he was operating the steering wheel since the crew was due to set sail. He had much hope that all of his crew would make his deadline since he had no intentions of waiting. On the boat so far was most of his crew besides LeeAnn and Kash, maybe they were there Leparo just couldn't see them right now. Hopefully Dominick and others would show up in time also. It was time for their last stop before the Grandline.

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Kash would walk onto the boat just in time before they were to set sail. After everything with the marines and their escape, she felt like she needed a shower and made a stop to do so. Now fresh and clean, Kash had on her sunglasses from before and long coat tied around her waist. It was a similar look to her disguise when they were trying to lay low but the difference being her hair not in a ponytail. Kash actually preferred her hair down. Lately however she was thinking about changing her entire look up though. She had been feeling like a new person lately and considering they were about to make way for the Grandline, what better opportunity to change things up?

Kash would take her post on the ship near the railing where she could look out at the open sea. The sea breeze blowing her long silver hair about gently. She felt so at home on the ship now. It was as if everything about being with the crew felt new since she accepted her life as a pirate. Almost as if she was experiencing everything for the first time. She would look at everyone's faces and could see the anticipation and excitement. Did she have the same look? She surely felt something akin to it. The real fun was about to start soon.

Kash Stackz
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Free Agents
Free Agents

It had taken him awhile, but in due time Rooster had come to remember the place he was told to meet up with Leparo and the others in his crew. It was finally time to egress from the Four Blues and enter the Grandline and Ondori was more ready than he had been for anything. Both his blades were strapped securely on his left hip and Bato held the remainder of his items as he stood at the helm of the ship and steered the ARAKHNE out into open waters a ways away from Logue Town. One of his associates wearing his Eye Scope in the crow's nest had his focus pit out towards the Island and he could see the Gold Leopard pirates from where they were. "I see them, it looks like they are fixing to set sail if not setting sail right now!" Ondori was seated in the middle of his ship's deck, his men scrambling about around him doing well to ensure the ship was being operated correctly to perform how a ship should. "Good, we'll wait out here. Our sails don't have a Jolly Roger or the World Government's insignia so we shouldn't raise any suspicion as they draw near. Just be ready to follow 'em at a safe but close distance 'cause I heard the Grandline's currents can be tricky and you can get lost." "Sure thing." Bato called back. He was a great Navigator and had actually sailed boats in the Grandline before, so it was nothing vastly foreign to him, they'd be in good hands as long as the Golden Leopard's were.

When the allied ship would draw near Ondori would stand and walk to the railing of his ship to get their attention. No words needed to be exchanged unless Leparo or one of his crew mates felt the need to relay a message, just Ondori following them into the Grandline where they'd probably sail together for a fair deal of time.

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Running towards the docks, she held the last of her things boarding the boat. She was out of breath trying to make it on time before her crew left. LeeAnn stood with her new crew. The young redhead stood along side the railing as she looked out into the open sea. The water glistened among the light that dances before her eyes. The Gold Leopard pirates were now heading for the Grandline. Her home. The eyes darkened thinking about the marines and her parents. She had some things to deal with on her own. She was so used to being on alone and fending for herself now that she had a crew. This was something totally different. There were people actually willing to consider her a friend or even more like family. Leparo gave off that aura to her considering already family well before he announced her to the crew. What she could bring to the crew. She had no idea, but she will try what she could give to her new crew.

Though, her true goal was to find her brother. Thats all she wanted more than anything other than pleasing her crew. The Grandline was a adventure itself. A spawn of a new chapter into her life. The crew behind her was readying the boat. Clueless, she stood there looking around like a lost puppy. No knowledge of how to prepare a large ship was ever taught to the young woman. She she would quietly stay to herself and shyly walk around slowly watching everyone prepare. Above, she looked at her captain, the only sort of person she knew of. Faith was restored into her life when he annouced her to the crew surprisingly. She owed him her life per say. With a turned to the water as the sea breeze lifted her spirit, she gave a wide smile. "To the Grandline!" she said.

"The worst feeling in the world is to have something and have it taken away from you then to never have it in the first place"

"I am really a sin? Look around you, the world is a sin. Not me"
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Dr Hide


"Shit...Shit....Shit...Shit" , just as he always was he was running toward his dreams and friends. It had been such a long time since he seen Leparo , the one who came to him with an open hand into his Crew. He could feel the tingling feeling on his back where he had his crew's emblem tattooed. He was a Gold Leopard pirate, a proud member at that. As he ran we would look back on his times as a pirate in the blues , he would miss those cherished times , as he bolted over another market stand that stood in his way. For someone who was always late he was quite quick seeing as he could see the docks in view.

"Oi!!!!! Leparoooooo! I'm HERE!" , with a wide grin that could rival the grinch , he shouted toward his captain. He was just in time to board the ship upon noticing a few member he hadn't met until just now. It had looked like Leparo has done some recruiting since he had been missing. In his thoughts we would com-bust at the thought of there man power , they could make Leparo the next Pirate King!

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