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1 The Gold Memorial ! on Wed May 25, 2016 9:30 pm

Task 1:
Task Name: Drink or Drunk
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: The crew arrives in Logue town and begins to explore. However before they can enjoy their peace, bandits start to cause trouble and destruction in town.
Enemy Details: 15 Tier 1 Bandits
Boss: N/A

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

Aboard the ship rested his men who were ready to pillage at any given moment but on the shore were the big three of the crew at the moment. That consisted of Leparo, Kash, and Luther. Leparo was ahead of all as he knew Logue Town most compared to his comrades. He was wearing a cloak as a means of keeping a low profile since he had been quite infamous in Logue Town in his youth. "Oi, Captain." said Luther as he pulled his cloak back a tad bit. "hmm?" said Leparo as he looked back at Luther "What are we doing in Logue Town anyway? Supplies before we set for the Grandline?" said Luther. His guess wasn't half bad. "Actually, a former Emperor of the Sea was buried here. His name is Kenzo the Great. I wanted to see his memorial before we set sail. Let us all take in what we value most as pirates before we leave."

Luther went back to his silence as he was happy by his captains answer. The tone in Leparo's voice showed his excitement to see this memorial. It is something he wanted to visit for such a long time. Kenzo had spent time in Dressrosa which is one of the reasons Leparo was inspired.

Meanwhile in Town....

Bandits have made quite the name for themselves in Logue Town. They pillage whatever they want whenever they want and Leparo hadn't had a clue about that. As of right now they were on the streets of Logue Town barking up a storm with some of the local vendors who make their living off of pirates passing by before their departure for the Grandline. These were ugly vile men who had no regard about anyone but their group.

As for Leparo and his group they had just got into Logue Town. Their were people everywhere and to say Leparo stuck out would be an understatement. He was a large man cloaked up but underneath his cloak rested bare bandages. He wasn't at the top of his health but he was still a dangerous man which spoke volumes to his level of power. Upon his entrance and examination of the town Leparo would find himself the local bar. Once inside Leparo would take seat at the bar itself. As he walked in though one of the bandits who was outside bickering noticed him and decided to follow his group inside.

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2 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed May 25, 2016 10:40 pm

Kash walked with the others in silence. Mentally she had mostly recovered from everything that happened with Niles and Reno but she still had a bit of soul searching to complete. Luther would ask Leparo why they were in Logue Town and they would learn that it was to see the memorial. Kash remembered how fixated Leparo was about it.

The trio would enter a bar and Kash noticed they had been spotted even though all of them were wearing cloaks to prevent that. Her hand slid to the hilt of Levy under her cloak.

"We've been followed," Kash would say in a hushed voice, taking her seat next to Leparo at the bar. She would order her drink, whiskey, and would sip casually while scoping the bar out. There was the expected crowd and a few hoodlums but nothing really that could shake a tree let alone them.

Kash had let go of her little grudge against Leparo, finding it not worth it. They had been through enough together and after Niles, she was short on trust worthy people. Besides Leparo had helped her a bit and he seemed back to normal now. However she still had to be cautious when he would attempt to use those fruit powers of his again.

"I don't see many more inside at the moment but someone like him definitely had close friends nearby," she would say reading the man.

This could get ugly really fast and they just got here so it would actually suck.

Kash Stackz
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3 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Wed May 25, 2016 11:15 pm

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

Leparo had heard Kash mention the group had been followed which simply made him smirk. All you could see from the darkness in his hood was the smile that laced his face. Leparo was hoping for something fun to kick off his last adventure in the blues. On his right hand side sat Kash and to her right was Luther. Both the first mate and doctor of the crew Kash and Luther enjoyed their drinks as Leparo wasn't sure what to get. "I'll take that East Blue sake. I hear its good" as he awaited his drink in came the bandit who Kash was previously talking about. Moments after he came in and Kash surveyed the area more came in. Upon the arrival of Leparo's sake he planned on enjoying it while trying his hardest to pay no mind to what the bandits were doing as they brought an awkward silence to the enjoyment people displayed in the bar.

"Thank you" said Leparo upon the arrival of the sake. As he went to grab the cup he heard a voice as someone reached over him and grabbed his sake "No, thank you" said the voice as he quenched his thirst on the sake that Leparo just purchased. Leparo sighed as he knew what was going to happen next. Before the bandit could do his usual banter Luther already had a pistol to his head as his men watched. "I really wanted that sake" said Leparo. who began to stand up and face the men. Outside of the bar was peaceful until BAM. Flying through the front doors was the bandit who drank Leparo's sake.

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4 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Fri May 27, 2016 8:25 pm

Kash heard the footsteps of the bandit's group come in, practically on cue. When it came to reading people, she was hardly wrong. The leader approached as Leparo ordered his drink and Kash would finish her own, her free hand resting on the hilt of her blade under her cloak still. The bandit was bold enough to take Leparo's drink despite Leparo being much bigger. Kash had to give him his props for that one, he was confident. Which meant, he was confident in whoever was the real leader running things around town.

Luther acted first pulling his gun and Kash simply turned around in her seat and got up and walked outside. No one would attempt to stop her because they weren't paying attention to her despite her being right in front of them. She would step outside and post up to the left of the bar door and right as she did, the bandit came flying out the doors and to the ground.

"Yup..." Kash would say, knowing this would happen.

She was trying to turn a new leaf and didn't want to be in the middle of the brawl, however for every bandit that would try to escape through the doors, Kash would cut them and immobilize them. It was the least she could do. Eventually however, no one will be able to get out without tripping over their bodies. They wouldn't be dead but they'll be dead weight.

Kash Stackz
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5 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Fri May 27, 2016 8:45 pm

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

The wind that came behind Leparo's punch that sent the bandit out the window was enough to knock off Leparo's hood along with Luther's. Immediately people in the bar recognized the face "The Gold Leopard!" yelled one man who seemed shocked to see what was considered a local legend in such a small bar in Logue Town. "What is Gold Leparo doing in Logue Town" yelled another. Leparo baring a smile on his face as he didn't yet realize his hood had been snatched off. Luther on the other hand didn't get recognized. "Well, gosh, my name is Luther! The doctor of the crew! Eh you'll know me one day" joked Luther.

Once Leparo realized his hood was off he would freak out "Shit shit shit, Nothing good happens when the hood comes off" joked Leparo as he rushed to put it back on. As for the men in the bar? As some ran out the others stayed to "fight" as Leparo and Luther laid them all out cold with a barrage of fist and pistol whips. As the last bandit went flying outside Leparo sent him flying with the wind being so strong it would knock off Kash's hood. Leparo wouldn't notice until another man screamed "The first mate of Gold Leparo, KASH KRINGLE!!!" Outside of the bar Leparo and Luther both looked around and noticed the piled up bodies they seemingly stepped on on their way out. "Haha Leparo you left a dent" joked Luther outside of the mayhem.

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6 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 11:20 am

Kash heard her name yelled from a complete stranger outside and panicked. She picked up a beer bottle on a small table beside her and chucked it at the man's head, knocking him out cold. Then she realized what she did and cursed herself.

"Damn it! I can't do this," she would say to herself. Luther and Leparo would finally come out of the bar. Their cover had been blown that quick. There was no way they would be able to make it to the memorial without fighting now. It was THE most notable place on the island. It will be swarming with marines, the whole island.

"Nice low profile Leparo, I'm really impressed," Kash would say sarcastically. Though it was to be expected. Now they had to figure out what to do next. This trip wasn't her idea so she wasn't sure how to handle it exactly in a way that Leparo would be satisfied.

Kash would look toward Luther who seemed to be enjoying himself. She could see that those two were getting along quite fine. Practically the same person if you asked her.

Kash would scan the area and could see the residents whispering amongst themselves, trying not to stare too long. Yeah, there would be marines real soon.

"We have to get out of this area Leparo. They'll be coming soon," she would say, securing her hood on her head.

Kash Stackz
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7 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 11:35 am

NExt Task :

Task Name: Grand Marine Entrance
Tier: 2
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew Task
Description: During the fight between the Gold Leopard Pirates and the bandits Commodore Rex shows up along with his forces to detain Leparo and his crew. This causes a chase through town.
Enemy Details: 30 Tier 1 Marines.
Boss: N/A

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

Through all the mayhem Leparo wasn't quite sure their fun was something that should be applauded. Especially since he was a firm believer of anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It seemed the gold Leopards were in  for a grand finale to say the least. Leparo was hood-less, Luther was hood-less and now so was Kash. Kash with her usually dry voice made a comment about the low profile skills of Leparo which caused him to smirk "Anytime" joked the captain. It wasn't awhile for Kash to say something about them coming soon and Luther confirmed just that "Oi Captain! look" Leparo turned to where Luther was pointing and noticed a wave of marines who were being lead by a group of three.

One of the three was a large man who made Leparo look small in comparison "REX, THE VICIOUS!!!!!!!!" yelled one man. "I heard a pirate has never made it out of the East Blue if he runs into them" spoke another man which didn't really bother Leparo. He wasn't here for a fight but he wasn't all for running either. A pink haired woman next to who Leparo assumed was Rex would speak "Give it up Gold Leopard. You and your crew stand down" a middle finger from his right hand shot up directly towards the woman. "Not today" said Leparo with his signature smile. "Your call captain" said Luther who had his pistols drawn.

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8 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 12:46 pm

Kash saw them on the town's horizon and Luther confirmed the sighting. The marines were already here. Kash drew her blade again, holding it like a cane. She heard the name "Rex the Vicious" and she thought about it for a moment. Doesn't he work close with her dad? She wasn't sure but it was possible. Just another way for her dad to hear about her latest ventures. His blood pressure had to be quite high these days. Asher was at least sly about his dirt but Kash has been making quite the commotion and it wasn't a good look.

A pink haired woman would demand they stand down and of course Leparo gave his typical reply. Kash smirked. It was the same thing every time these days. They go somewhere and people make demands of them as if they were the type to ever follow commands. Won't be long before they stop making demands and try to kill them instead. At least that's what happens when you become a big fish.

Luther would draw his pistols, waiting for Leparo's orders. Kash on the other hand knew what she wanted to do. They couldn't stay on this island too much longer. Even if they were to fight and win, more would just be on their way. They needed to get moving.

"Time to get going," Kash would say stepping forward in front of Leparo and Luther. She would swing her blade several times toward the marines marching forward. Her eyes staring down Rex and the pink haired woman. Kash let off several waves of air with each swing that would strike down in front of the marines prompting most of them to halt for a moment. Each explosion causing dust to rise up, creating a cloud in front of them so they couldn't see.

Kash would sheathe her blade and turn to look at Leparo.

"Fight if you want, but if you want to actually have time to see the memorial, you should probably let this one go," she would say before walking past him at a brisk pace in the direction of the memorial.

Kash Stackz
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9 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 1:09 pm

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

The standoff wasn't really needed as Leparo knew in the back of his mind he was setting sail for the grandline soon so a war with the marines wasn't something he really needed to get himself into. Preparing to speak Leparo was stunned when Kash walked in front of Luther and himself saying it was time to go. The wave of marines who were ready to pounce on the Gold Leopards halted their movements at the waves of energy released by Kash as a means of building a dam. She spoke about Leparo's urge to see the Memorial as one of the key reasons he should get out of here "I guess you're right"

said Leparo as he looked at Luther "I'm guessing we're about to run" looking at Kash who was already moving Leparo nodded as the woman with Rex spoke once more "DO NOT LET THEM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!" she yelled as she waved her giant blade in the direction of the Gold Leopards. Running the gold leopards were clearly heading in the direction of the memorial. In pursuit of them was a mob of marines. Leparo remembered this same thing happening to the crew when they ran during the pirate parade. It was Leparo and Melissa back then. Now running Leparo had placed his hood back on as the mob of marines chased the dynamic trio.

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10 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 1:45 pm

Kash's brisk paced walk turned into a sprint once the marines began taking chase. This was all too familiar. How many times have they done something like this? Kash found herself jumping and leaping on barrels and tables in town to rooftops. Her movements were like a cat's, quick and seemingly light. She would look down and see that the marines were starting to get close to Leparo and Luther, so she started to slow up.

Kash would jump off one rooftop and land smack in the middle of the group of marines closest to Leparo and Luther. She came down like an angel and unleashed a series of strikes with her blade to immobilize the marines. Normally she would have killed them but she was trying to be better. She had struck down about 5 and was about to catch back up to the others but she heard a blade coming from behind her and turned to block. It was the pink haired woman. She was fast enough to have snuffed Kash out amongst her own men and strong too.

The two would engage in a small bout while the other marines moved past them. As the two would clash swords, Kash noticed that she didn't see Rex. Where was he at a time like this? Kash was falling way behind now. This wasn't a part of her little plan.

"Look, I'd love to stay but I have to catch up to my friends," she would say to the woman before her blade lit up with blue spark of electricity and upon the next clash with the woman a surge would go from one blade to the other. The pink haired woman's body would lock up as she would become paralyzed.

Kash would throw the woman's body into her own men, slowing them down enough for her to get out of the herd and back to the rooftops. She was trailing behind but she would catch up eventually.

Kash Stackz
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11 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 2:02 pm

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

"You know, for you to have the name leopard.. You aren't that fast!" yelled Luther as him and Leparo were getting close to being caught by the swarm of marines. To say Leparo was in the business of getting caught would be a lie. Unless he did it on purpose he doesn't get arrested. Now while they were running it seemed something slowed the group of marines down. It seemed to be Kash from the sounds of everything going on. She had engaged them which caused Leparo to slow down and look back "Luther, you know we are gonna have fun today right?" the blonde haired captain smiled at his doctor "I expected so captain"

Leparo noticed Kash made her way to the rooftops which caused him and Luther to pick up the speed again before a large crash in the ground in front of them followed by debris and dust caused Leparo and Luther to stop and shield their faces. Through the dust settling it was clear this was Rex in front of the duo "Oh, he's big" that response from Luther was probably how Kash felt because it was definitely how Leparo felt. The duo would try and turn left and run but a barrage of bullets rained down on the duo stopping them from going any further in that direction. Looking up they could see a woman wielding two pistols "Not today boys" this wasn't going to turn out well for the gold leopards. Leparo looked at Luther and then the roof where Kash was at. "Up" Grabbing Luther by the arm Leparo would take off activating soru which carried him and Luther up to the roof adjacent to them. From their the duo fled even faster.

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12 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 2:24 pm

Kash would catch up and see that Rex had appeared in front of Leparo and Luther causing them to suddenly turn sharp and get stopped again. Kash on the other hand was having it easier running being up high and as she caught up, Leparo and Luther would do the same. They would all be back together again, jumping from buildings and structures alike.

"This is not going to be that easy like in the past Leparo. He's got some good soldiers with him, the best i've seen yet honestly," she would say glancing back. The lesser marines were now having a hard time keeping up since they were forced to move through the streets and around buildings. However she saw a few bodies on the rooftops as well.

"We're going to need a much bigger lead if we're going to get away," Kash would say. She would rack her brain for ideas as they all ran and jumped but was coming up empty handed.

Kash glanced around to see if there was anything they could use to their advantage to escape. Bang! A bullet would whiz past Kash's head and she would look back to see that they also had a sniper.

"You have got to be kidding me! We are way too exposed up here," Kash would say before spotting a much taller building to their right. Kash would suddenly have an idea.

"Leparo to the right. We need to go through it," Kash would say nodding toward the building.

Kash Stackz
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13 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 2:45 pm

Set Sail, Grandline Awaits!

"Yea, I've noticed" said Leparo in reference to Kash speaking on his soldier amount. To say Leparo wasn't impressed would be a lie. He valued strong opposition and this was certainly living up to the hype. Hopefully his crew lived to tell the tale. They were now looking for a way to clear space between both parties and nothing shot up about that immediately until that same woman from before tried to snipe the crew clear off the roof and Kash followed the motions of the bullet and noticed something. Leparo and Luther instantly saw what Kash was looking at. It was a much larger building that had an entrance on the same level of these buildings.

Kash would motion towards the building first followed by Luther than Leparo and as the three of them reached the building Leparo would do a few motions with his hands releasing a large wave of energy that down down the previous buildings in their way. This would send them crashing down giving them a few minutes before the marines could catch up to them "I bought us some time.. Now we need to get out of here." Removing his cloak and placing his coat hood on Leparo looked around "We need new clothes or make a run for the memorial"

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14 Re: The Gold Memorial ! on Mon May 30, 2016 5:13 pm

Leparo picked up on what Kash was talking about and the three would head for the building while Leparo also knocked down some buildings to slow down the marines. Kash looked at Leparo for a second as they ran, happy to see that things were feeling like old times despite everything else.

Leparo would remove his cloak and Kash would follow suit. "I don't think we have time to shop for new clothes so I believe running is our best option," she said. Luther nodding in agreement. So they would make a break for the memorial.

Kash would glance behind them to see if they were still followed and she noticed a few moving around and over the rubble.

"They are quite the persistent bunch."

Kash would pick up her pace and figured everyone else would do the same. Then she suddenly got an idea.

"We should split up," she would suggest. It made the most sense to her at the moment. They'd have a hard time being three serious looking people running around and reports of their sighting would be coming from one place.

"If we split up, it'd be easier for us to move around even if spotted. Right now they think we're all together but one more diversion and split, it won't matter if anyone notices us. There'll be at least 2 separate sightings reported and they'll have to divide their forces to find us. It'll take time for them to regroup also. I say we split and meet at the memorial," Kash would say looking toward Leparo for his response.

Kash Stackz
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