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1 Island Description on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:09 pm


Baltigo is known as the land of white soil and was once the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army; and it is one of the largest Island within the Grandline. For that reason it is heavily patrolled by the World Government, to no avail, though there is reason to believe there are still Revolutionary secrets and factions lurking about int he many towns that dot the Island. It may seem like a wasteland at first, but it is actually a trading hub for not only legal activity but illegal as well. There are many kidnappings going on on the daily from blackmarket organizations that sell people into slavery, drug bust as Baltigo is the hub for a rare drug known as Energy Steroids, and rumor that people can buy stolen goods for low prices. 90% of the time the buyer isn't aware that the goods they are buying are stolen, these things range from ships, to weapons only heard about in legends. Of course there are a great amount of fraudulent schemes behind these vendors and people get scammed on the daily.

In recent years to increase the flow of individuals into Balitgo two Shichibukai have spent a large some of his wealth to build a Kingdom there. And has claim a large section of the Island for themselves, one third in fact. The entirety of the wasteland that he claimed becoming a gem in the wasteland. It had caused most of the small settlements on the Island to become deserted and the majority of the population migrated to the Casino. Or as this area is better known as the Red City. The Red City is called to be a place that anyone can disappear in. This being because of many different reason. The first being that people, daily, are taken and sold as slaves. The second is that they can blend in with the crooks and criminals of the city. And finally is that the Marines send Cipher pol agents to capture certain individuals, though this is rare. Red City is the the true safe haven for those that call themselves criminals.  The size of this city is that of 150 kilometers.

There are in total five main attractions with the Red City. Four in each direction whilst the last is in the middle of the city. Each section broken up equally.

Over the last two years under new management Baltigo experienced some changes to its structure, including the liberation of all slaves and ending slavery overall on Baltigo.

The island is ran by the Four Sovereign, four influential men one from each district who were hand chosen by Bazel to oversee Baltigo in his absence. These four men rule over the lands and handle all Baltigo related business in The Citadel.

  • Colosseum: Within the city there is the largest building. It being twenty-five hundred feet tall and having a total of two-hundred and fifty one floors. On each floor battles are conducted for many different prizes. There being a floor Master every fiftieth floor. Each of them being high standing members of the Shichibukai's crew.

  • Casino: The Casino is surrounded by many fine restaurants that sell many illegal and rare foods. A place where you can task whatever your heart desires. Whilst also being the place where you can win extremely big.  

  • Citadel: Former home of the largest auction house in the world. Upon the defeat of Jane D Punk and Wayland Tortorus Bazel took it upon himself to build a large roman themed citadel. The citadel is large enough to house half the population of baltigo. The chambers make up the upper levels (14 floors) of the 40 floor space.  The chambers are only accessible by the Sovereign of Baltigo and Bazel himself.

  • Red District: In the North portion of the is where majority of the population lives. And where most make their living, almost everyone's home being also their place of business. This is where you would fine many high promises of  

    Currently known are allowed, without special permission, to enter the south portion of the city. It being where the main force of those that rule this city reside. Along with a magnificent laboratory where unspeakable things are done. All that come in without permission are never heard from again. This is where Jane's former lab is which is currently under protection by Bazel and Kincaid's forces.

And finally high above the city is a ship that hovers it. And this is where Wayland Tartorus resides. How he was able to make this contraption being from what he stolen once coming to this Island before. It is also what keeps the most, but not all, dangerous creatures from entering.

Under the rule of Empress Hecate Mágissa new laws have been instilled.

1. Slavery is legal while on Baltigo, as is the selling of slaves

2. All who come to Baltigo must pay a one time tax to enter- the payment is 25% of your soul

3. To sell and broker on Balitgo, one must pay an additional 25% of their life force

4. The Empress's word is law as is that of her special homies and incarnations

5. All property on Baltigo my be seized by the Empress and her government at any time she wishes to be used for homie creation - resistance to the Empress and her rule is a serious crime punishable by death

Influence All factions are present.
WP holders here Bazel D. Wiggins Hecate Mágissa
Species: Man Eating Cactus T4, Hyenas and Dingos T3-5, Predatory Avians T4-5, T1-T5 Pirates, Common Species
Log Pose Point Requirement: 18

Housing: Tier 4
Army: Tier 5
Weaponry: Tier 4
Population: Tier 5
Technology: Tier 1
Miscellaneous: Homies - Balitgo is now filled with homies everywhere ranging from tiers 1-4. These Homies are created from the life force of the citizens who pay a one time tax to live on the island. They vary from animals found on Balitgo, birds in the sky, objects in homes and buildings, to aquatic life which surrounds the island. All these homies are loyal to Hecate and guard Baltigo. All these homies possess the special attribute to communicate with Hecate's soul wherever she is on the island and inform her of anything going on of concern.


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