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1Island Description Empty Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:33 pm

Island Description Fantas10
New World
Island Description: Fillory is a rather enormous Spring Island in a remote part of the New World. Due to the nature of Fillory and its wild history, The Island is one that can’t be traveled too via a normal Log Pose. The magnetic field of the Island has long disappeared and left the inhabitants of the large island to live in a sort of medieval era styled place to live.  The Island’s weather cycles through various spring forecasts. The Island is a large island of grasslands, rolling hills, and robust forests. The temperature is perfect for growing various crops, plants, and herbs. The only kind of weather that is different from the brilliant sunshine is the wonderful spring rains that come in every year. The raining season is perfect for anyone that loves a warm and great smelling rain.

Fillory was once the hub for class and nobility before the start of the site. The Fillorian Kings and Queens were the embodiment of a perfect ruling class. They all lived happily for years before the start of the site. The Fillorian lands are vast and absolutely beautiful in their essence. The structure of the island is pretty simple for its size. The North is controlled and maintained by the forest of Fillory. The abandoned and hilly East is the location of the long lost Fillorian Castle, known as Castle Whitespire. The Castle has long been abandoned and left to fall apart and fade from history. The West is dominated by huge grasslands, farms, and small towns that scatter across the vast amount of land. The south of Fillory is somewhat unique. It is home to The Flying Forest. This forest is a lot smaller than the one that dominates the north. The Flying Forest is more special. The forest has kept people from the South shore for thousands of years. So the south of Fillory is largely undiscovered.

Island History: The history of Fillory is a story that will be filled with some great happy moments and some horrific moments as well. The beginning of the Fillory Story has been completely lost to the world, because this island has been inhabitants and ruled by them since the beginning of the World Government. What we do know is that Fillory is ruled by Four Royals, which are The High Kings and The High Queens of Whitespire. The High King of Fillory is always chosen from the inhabitants of Fillory, or they had been before The Great Massacre Event. The Other royals were chosen from outside counsel or dominating invaders, which would pop up on the shores of Fillory from time to time.

Visitors to Fillory often told, sang, and wrote tales of the wonderful landscape, mystical myths, and bard told legends. Every time a visitor lands on the shores of Fillory, they had caused either great happiest and peace or caused great destruction or chaos. The last Visitor to grace the shores of Fillory was one of chaos and death. The Great Massacre was the outcome of this visitor in Fillory. The High Kings and Queens of Fillory were cursed to turn against one another, rip each other apart, and make sure no one comes after the thrones of Whitespire. This caused the very magnetic field that brought visitors in would soon disappear and the ruling class of Fillory were all killed. The events left Fillory abandoned from textbooks and maps. This would make Fillory almost a mythical place that couldn’t be traveled to because it doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that all maps or ways to the island are gone. (Arc for map or guide)

In Modern time, Fillory is still a medieval era island that is largely populated by commoner classed people, but since the times of The Great Massacre, the inhabitants have learned to live and trade in peace. They have created a sort of utopia for the lucky few that wash up shipwrecked on their shores.  

Abandoned Castle of Fillory:
Island Description 2f27f310

The Castle Whitespire has long been abandoned in the Eastern Rolling Hills of Fillory. The hills that hide Castle Whitespire are vast enough to completely hide the Castle from anyone’s eyes. The appearance is vastly horrific with outer appearance gradually chipping and breaking apart from the Ivy growing up all around it. The top of the castle and roof are still intact, which ensures the contents of the Palace for now. The Castle Whitespire is stocked with a vast library with untold amount of knowledge within its wall that hasn’t seen a visitor in a thousand years. The Castle Whitespire also has a wonderful standard forge and kitchen. The Throne room of Castle Whitespire seats four large thrones with their crowns sitting in each of them. The throne room is vastly destroyed with banners, chairs, instruments, and various other objects thrown around it, some smashed and others are only slightly damaged. The most important aspect of the horrific throne room is the four skeletons of the last royals to rule Castle Whitespire. These skeletons are from The Great Massacre. The Massacre ended with the royals dead and everyone within the walls of the Castle Whitespire trapped within. This puts hundreds of skeletons all over the rest of the class with the four royals skeletons in the Throne room.

Raphael Aleksejev's flag flies large upon the island these days, though no one knows why, it seems as though it is part of his territory and has sent a warning to not disturb the wild life of the island.

Species: T2 White Stags | T4 Great Eagles | T1 Foxes/Rabbits/etc etc | T4 Mountain Lions | T2 Rams | T1 Stallions | T4 Wild Boars | T5 Bears | T3 Coyote | T1 & T2 Numerous Species of Rodents and Birds | T5 Sea Kings (Southern Waters only)
Influence: Raphael Aleksejev
Status: Claimed
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25 Points

Population: 5

Housing: 4

Army: 2

Weaponry: 3

Technology: 1

Lore of Fillory:

  • The Ruling Class of Fillory: The Lore around the High Kings and Queens of Fillory are tales of legend. They ere always very capable fighter as well as rulers. They would be chosen by the one True High King of Fillory who would either be tested by the Island or be from the Island itself. Once the High King is Chosen, they get to choose their Queen as well as the rest of the Ruling Class. The True High King of Fillory is the one that gets to leave the borders as the High Queen and the two other Rulers will stay to maintain the stability of the Kingdom/Island.

  • The Flying Forest of The South: The Flying Forest in the South is one of the special features of Fillory that help make the Island mythical in whispers or tales told by Bards. The Forest has a natural safeguard to keep people from making it all the way through to set their sights on the south shore. The Forest Defense is one of the mind clouding attraction. The natural fog of The Flying Forest gives the individuals wandering through it a kind of mind clouding high that results in the individuals to walk around in circles before walking back out of the route that used to enter it.

  • The Southern Waters: What needs to be said about the Southern Waters is simple. They are inhabitants by a wide variety of aggressive Sea Kings and ship destroying rocks litter the waters close to shore. This is why The Flying Forest is the only way to make it to the South Shore.

  • The South Shore: What exactly lays on the south shore is completely unknown to any of the Common inhabitants of Fillory. In the decaying Castle Whitespire lays a library that might hold a book or two about the exclusive Southern Shore. What exactly lays beyond the Flying Forest is an Old Personal Mine of a Long Forgotten Blacksmith. The Ore from this mine is one that has also been lost from books and lore alike.

  • The Fairy Tale: The tales of Fillory in the rest of the world are often simply myths and Fairy Tales told of a magical place that has fawns, centaurs, magical beasts, and heroes that stop big bad villains with ease. The Tales are wonderfully created and often hold pieces of clues that could give the location of a Eternal Log Pose that can get you to it's beautiful western shore. There are some that still look for maps, poses, and everything possible that could give them a lead to where the Great Fillorian Island is.

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