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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:32 pm

Island Description: Noroul is a winter island situated in the New World with a chill that will suck the life out of you. From massive glaciers to rolling tundra, the land is harsh and unforgiving to locals and visitors alike. Every day, Noroul is hit with massive earthquakes, pushing massive peaks of ice and stone up into the air, only for the next one to bring it crashing down and form new ones. The resulting skyline looks like a bed of nails, splitting up the beautiful aurora that fills the sky once a year. Blizzards are a normal happening, and can sometimes drop five metres of snow in the night. When people get lost out in the wilderness, they are barely ever found again. The white blanket smothers them and then the earth opens up and swallows them.

Still, people have found a way to adapt, with a decent population of humans and a smaller one of rather hairy minks. They hunt the massive mammoths as big as houses that roam the lands and forage for whatever hardy weeds can grow in the tundra. Sometimes, the fissures in the ice open up temporary lakes that allow for plentiful fishing. Although a tempting food source, a lot of people stay away as the fissures will close with the next quake, crushing you in between. The first lot of people here were a pirate group who washed up ashore here. Without anywhere to go, they did what they could to survive, managing to build a stable existence after they lost more than half of their men to the beasts and elements. Although not outwardly threatening to the world around them, the people of Noroul live under a rule of a captain, much like an old pirate crew except without a ship. A breed of huge dire wolves roam the lands, hunting the snow rabbits and foxes.

Species: Packs of dire wolves t2-t3, mammoths t3-t4
Influence: Pirates
Status: Claimed - Raphael Aleksejev
Log Pose Point Requirement: 23

Population: 3

Housing: 2

Army: 2

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 1

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