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1 Leaving Abfall on Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:26 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


ooc: Using escort service. And waiting the time

He would have requested they stop, his ship, so that he could visit a small Island that was not that far from Abfall. Those in charge of the ship protested but due to the status of Gruff they had to listen to him.  At this small Island Gruff made his time their brief, as he didn't want to fall to far behind the other ships. The ships that held the Leader of the Revolutionary Army. Gruff knew they would stop at certain points so catching back up to them and arriving shortly after hey did to Impel Down wasn't impossible. Soon Gruff would return to the Escort Ship, his agents wheeling barrels onto the ship.

"Bring them to my room. Also, bring a razor. Time for this beard of mine to be gone for a bit." Gruff would order as he would head to his quarters. He was wounded but not in a position that he couldn't protect himself. He was recovering fast, hence being able to move around as he did. Once he returned to his room he would sit at a desk and open the first barrel. Revealing that the contents of the barrels were books and scrolls. These were all of his that he stored on this small Island before arriving to Abfall. He hadn't read them at all, but now he would. He had time to get the information that he was after whilst he waits to arrive to Impel Down.

As he had already gotten his next assignment. Something was going down at Impel Down, that was predictable. The person that was about to be there would draw out people of interest for sure. He had wasted so much time with that War, and he didn't even get to read the thing they had got. So Gruff planned on picking up steam quickly.

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