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1No more parties in Abfall Empty No more parties in Abfall on Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:40 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Task Name: He who falls
Crew, Team, or Personal: -
Description: Abfall is a absolute mess. The only way to end it is by taking out the head. For the Revolutionaries it is Ren that needs to be killed, but for the Marines it isn't the Fleet Admiral. As no one is enough to take him down, but rather the Cp0 agent that is going straight for Ren.

Marine Side: Nora along with the Vice Admiral( if she survived) gather a team to take out Ren and end this war. You all infiltrate the large base without being noticed right away, but Nora break away once you enter. The goal of the group is to eliminate Ren. But, Nora asks you all to dwindle the forces of Ren before trying that. As once the fight with Ren happens all those forces in the base will come running to assist him. You don't have to do this and make it to Ren and fight him. There is another way to avoid having them all swarm you when you fight Ren, and that is cause them to come out. How that can be done is only by having someone powerful enough draw the large force outside to fight. If you go with this option you will be assisted by other Marines called in to help, but it'll take them time(three posts) to arrive there and help. Still that force won't survive such a battle.

Rev Side: Ren has put himself within a stronghold. All you have to do is kill Nora when she arrives with the help of Ren, as he can't take her alone. He won't die, neither would, if they are left to fight it out. But to give himself the edge he will need you assistance.

Everything is in favor of the Revolutionaries, but can they keep it?
Enemy Details:Unending T0 Grunts(Various Weapons) | 600x T1 Grunts(Various Weapons) | 15 T3 Grunts (General's Bodyguard)

Marine force: 300 T0 Reinforcements
Boss: Yes


Nora Neko + Vice Admiral( if not killed in last task)

Ren Actimel

Cyrus Kincaid will assist Ren

Fleet Admiral and Revolutionary Commander is also within the task.

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2No more parties in Abfall Empty Re: No more parties in Abfall on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:17 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"With how things are presently going on Abfall, the Marines have been showing they are no longer able to secure the 'object' that we seek. So, we will be putting this operation in the hands of Cipher Pol Aigis Zero with assistance from Cipher Pol Number 9. We will no longer tolerate anymore failure from here on out. Do you understand that Spard?"
Who it was, speaking, on the other end of the Den Den Mushi must be of a high status within the World Government, from how they spot to the Fleet Admiral. Who it was that spoke wouldn't be revealed at this time though, as they weren't important.

"I understand." Spard would give his response without showing any emotion at all. Once he did the transmission would be ended. It was only him within the room with the Den Den Mushi, which had another so that the transmission couldn't be tapped. A sigh would leave the lips of Spard, irritated at how the situation has changed drastically. Only the Celestial Dragon leaving, even though he should've been here, was the only upside he had. No having to worry about keeping someone safe when they could've easily done that themselves. Spard, was stressed, from this campaign. Being on par with how he had to deal with the previous Pirate King, Wallace. After around five minutes there was a knock on the door to the room Spard was within. "Come in."

A group would soon come walking in. Nora Neko would be the first to walk in followed behind here, clad in white suits, a dozen  (T3-T4 ) Cipher Pol 0 agents. And finally Gruff would enter. He wore, today, a white tee shirt, black dress pants, a black trench coat, and black dress shoes. His clothing was a bit wet, it was raining outside. The Cipher Pol Aigis Zero agents had umbrellas at their side, closed, as they used those to shield them self from the rain. Gruff though didn't do such a thing, as he didn't mind it. Abfall, from the reports, have been having sever storms for about half the time the campaign came. Today was the only time the weather had just a light drizzle, but no one knew how long that would last. There was a large table, a round table, in the center of the room. The amount of chairs was double that of the amount of people now within the room. No words would be spoke as it seemed everyone begin to take seats. Spard would sit alone and Gruff would sit alone. The Cipher Pol Aigis Zero agents sat all together. The Den Den Mushi that Spard had used to speak earlier was next to him, and he'd use it once again. "Please bring in the operation data, enough coppise for thirteen people." Is what he'd say after making a call. He'd hang up right after he would make that command.

A group of Marines, none with a rank probably not even of Rear Admiral, would come into the room a hour later. During that hour there was silence within the room, Gruff taking a brief nap. They all had a handful of paperwork, and would place them to each individual aside from Spard. Why no one spoke was well strange. Gruff couldn't know, or care to know, the reason for the silence and would us that time for the nap he took. Why? Because they wouldn't be having anymore down time during this campaign. Every moment will need to be used in order to win this war.  

"Okay, well let us get started." Spard would say. Him speaking will cause Gruff to awaken from his slumber. Gruff would also open up the booklet that he had and began to go over it. He wouldn't lift his head up unless something notable would be said.

"Presently, we have secured a large portion of the Island of Abfall. We no longer have to fluctuate commander centers, though I still do.  But, recently it seemed more Revolutionary forces have come into and gaining anymore traction has proven to be difficult. We had two individuals that have been proving to be great assets. Though, one has left the Island recently. The other, Stede Bonnet, has gone out to find Vice Admiral and confirm rumors swirling around the Island about two high priority targets that have arrived to the Island."

"If I may." Gruff would lift his head up and raise his hand. "You said Stede Bonnet, but I was under the assumption that he had died." Gruff was confused at this, as he knew the Warlord has passed away. Though this news wasn't world-wide known, it still known by Gruff as well as Nora. But, shortly after he spoke he remembered something from the memories of Gruff. The Warlord he knew was dead had a Father, Stede bonnet Sr. Gruff Bonnet and Derous(Thomas Tew) was the same person. Spard would explain who Stede was.

"Stede is a old friend of mine, we fought together over the years. Currently, he is the main contribute to this war effort that has been pushing us to the finish line. But, I set him to rescue Vice Admiral Marina, as I mentioned before. That though was around two weeks ago, and I have heard any word. That may be due to the other assignment that he has, as I mentioned before."

"Why did you do such a thing?" Gruff would quickly say. He wanted to know more about Stede, as there wasn't any real good memories of that man. Only those of their child-hood.

"Ugh, well. I've personally picked Marina to help me in this campaign,  and she is a great asset to us. I had already wanted Stede to head out and confirm or deny the rumors that we have been hearing. I believe, with the results he has given so far, those two tasks are easy to take care of. " Spard would confidently say. "But, please. Before anymore questions are asked, I will like to explain the situation at hand." Spard would then begin to speak about everything. Going into detail about the entire campaign up to this point.

"Hmm, only thing we are missing is the confirmation of if those two enemies are actually here on the Island. Without that how things are done will be left within your hands, Fleet Admiral Spard. " Nora would say, finally speaking.

"Well, I'll leave you all. There will be two Marines outside of this room. Not to serve as guards but so that, if you wanted, to reach me you can use them. " Spard would say before he would leave the room.

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3No more parties in Abfall Empty Re: No more parties in Abfall on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:56 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"Seems we have been assigned with dealing with a troubling matter." Gruff would say out loud as he would begin to go over the paper work once more. Abfall, in his eyes, was a real mess right now. Honestly, if Spard couldn't figure anything out Derous surely couldn't. Spard was someone that Marines, and anyone that knew of him, that was almost unmatched in battle. The stories of what he has done are even still talked about.

"No, the course of actions is simple. We need to just take out the head of the snake and everything else will wither and die. No more tricks and schemes, direct action is needed." Nora would say. She was no longer sitting in her chair but outstretched on the table, as if she was using it as a bed.

Gruff would eye her for a bit, before shaking his head. 'This fucking Cat is over me....sicking. The World Government sure knows how to make them now. But, her plan is somewhat right. Preparations though would still need to be made though as heading, recklessly, into Revolutionary occupied territory.' Gruff would think more in depth about the situation in his mind more and more. Running through different scenarios that they could possible face by just running in there, with different preparations. Uncertain or too risky outcomes where all he could see, and he didn't like that. Compared to his Old body this one only held a great physique. Derous though did not, at this moment, tapped in the engraved Martial Arts that this body held though. But, he would be able to sooner or later.

There was a loud knocking on the door but before anyone would say come in or anything similar, someone would barge in. "URGENT NEWS! SPARD HAS REQUEST YOU ALL MEET WITH HIM IN THE INFIRMARY! STEDE HAS RETURNED WITH THE ADMIRAL!"

This news instantly got everyone to stand to their feet, "You all stay here. I will go." Nora would say, giving them a order. So, the other Agents would sit back down. Gruff though would not do such a thing. He would stand tall and head to the door, just as Nora did. Following directly behind her, as if they were equals. If they were or weren't was a argument up for debate. Nora was a member of Cipher Pol Aigis Zero whilst Gruff(Derous) was within Cipher Pol Nine. Them giving each other orders wasn't something they could do, as Gruff was in fact the leader of Cipher Pol Nine, whilst Nora was just a member of  Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. What they were, generally, responsible for were different. Gruff was a master assassin his confirmed kills, not counting before when he was Derous, has already reached into the thousands. He was a literal monster that got his kill. Nora wasn't seen as any less than that and handle even more sensitive things than what Gruff has been assigned.

A note that was left out before was that each Agent had on a Mask. Nora had on white tribal mask with a cat whisker pattern, whilst Gruff had on a all black one with a crudely drawn white smile. The others had masks but their descriptions aren't that important.  

"Didn't I say stay back?" Nora says as she snaps at Gruff.

"You don't order me around Stray Cat."  Gruff would quickly respond back with.

"Tch, I do not tolerate insubordination." Nora would say frowning is disgust. If anyone else, that was a CP agent, spoke to her like that she would end them. As she didn't like being talked to like that.

"Like I said. I do not take order from you. We can argue about this later, as I think we are here." Gruff would say with a bit of annoyance.

The two stood close to each to each other as they spoke, so no one would hear them as they argued.

The two would arrive, having been lead by the Marine, to the infirmary. And be lead to where the Vice Admiral was being held. She was badly injured. Covered in blood & mud, they still were cleaning and treating her wounds upon the CP's arrival. Spard though wasn't within the room, like Gruff assumed.

"Where is Spard?" Nora would quickly ask. Not caring about the injured Vice Admiral.

"He is with the other one." A Nurser would say.

"Marine, take us to him." Nora would say. And the Marine would do so taking them to another room, that room being where Spard was. The person he was within the room with was Stede, who was gravely injured. The Man was riddled with holes in varies areas, and missing a entire arm. How he was even standing didn't even make sense, as he should be dead. Another this is that there was no Doctors or Nurses within this room.

"Stede, you need medical attention now." Spard would say to Stede, concern within his voice. This was a medical facility and this room had everything needed to keep Stede going, but Stede refused to allow anyone but Spard to enter. And also the CP agents after Spard told him they were here. Only other thing he allowed in here was a bowl of a few fruit.

"No, there isn't a point. I've already knocked on the door, but I have a few things to say before I walk through it. And now that those two are here I can. The rumors are true. The Revolutionary General Cyrus Kincaid is on the island, along with Ren. But, that isn't the only person.....Chie Mayumi is also here. As you can see from how I am, I wasn't able to defeat them. And that is all i have to share....I do have a question, why do keep that mask on Gruff?" Stede would talking as he would be able to tell who Derous was, even with his mask. Everyone was shocked from the information that Stede was able to give them.

"Yes." Gruff would say as he would remove his mask, even though he isn't supposed to do such a thing. Only Spard, Stede, and Nora were in the room so he felt it was fine. The two were brothers after all. How Stede knew who he was though was strange, but he had to be Haki.

"Spard can I have a moment with him my Brother please." Spard would nob his head and he and Nora would leave the room. Those two would head back to the room where the other CP agents were, as they need to form a battle plan quickly. Now it was only Gruff and Stede within the room.

"Come closer, Littler Brother." Stede would say and Gruff would do so, now only being a few feet from him now.

"I haven't seen you in such a long time Brother, sad that this would be our Reunion." Gruff would say. Derous felt weird as he knew the memories that Gruff had of Stede, and also began to slowly feel the emotions like Gruff would. It was strange as Derous and just like last time.

"It is fine. I don't mind it at all, it is good to see family before you go. " Stede would say as he would place his, only, hand on the shoulder of Gruff. "I almost didn't recognize you. Your aura is so strange if mixed up or changing. If I didn't have haki i'd probably not be able to see you. I love you brother." Stede would say as he would smile at his brother.

Gruff would look Stede in the eyes and notice, he was blind. Or he at least knew one of his eyes were, as it was gone. 'How can someone walk around with such wounds, what is he. He is just like his son.'

Suddenly, Derous would hear himself begin to talk. " I'm sorry Brother. I didn't want to do it......I couldn't control myself. Brother, I'm sorry. It is my fault they are dead....I shouldn't have failed....If I was stronger I wouldn't have let him do it to them. I didn't want to kill your family..." Derous was star struck at what he just said. Only stopping himself from saying anything else by placing his hand on his mouth.

'Are you fucking serious! I get a side-effect would be use sharing memories and some emotions, but why the fuck did he get control. Why the fuck am I crying!?! Is he still in there!? I going to die now!?' Derous would think as he would just be waiting from the attack from Stede, but it wouldn't come. Stede had passed away after he said 'I love you brother'. Derous would remove his hand from his shoulder. Honestly speaking if he fought Stede he'd lose. He just gave off the aura that his son had, but he also had experience and wisdom, which made him even more dangerous.

"These Bonnets are scary." Derous would mumble to himself as he would move Stede over to the bed within the room, it being actually large enough for him. It felt as if he wasn't even himself as he did this, but if Gruff took over again. He didn't know if it was or if the memories and emotions of this man had begun to mix with his own too much. Derous would then close the eye of Stede and sit in the chair next to him.

'He died standing on his feet, just like his son. I need to talk to the Doctor, as this is troublesome. I was supposed to get all the memories of Gruff at once, so I could repress them. But there were a lot that I got once I saw Stede, same when I had saw his son. There was a plus to it all though, as I never knew those two trained  so intensely. ' Derous would stand up and go over and pick up his mask, as he dropped it on the ground earlier. He would pick it up and then go over to the bowl of fruit in the room.

"I guess.....I actually am sorry about your son." Derous would say as he now felt bad. And would leave the room. He would arrive back to the room with the other Cp agents, and take his previous seat. Placing his bowl of fruit in front of him, and removing his mask.

"Is he..." Spard wouldn't ask but those in attendance knew what he was asking. He showed great concern. You could tell from the expression on his face and the tone of his voice.

"Yes, he has passed." Gruff would say as he looked down.

"Sorry for you lose." Spard would say as he clenched his fist. he has lost so many people during this war, the most he has even lost. He spends most of his nights writing letters to the families of those that have lost their life. And the list seems to just keep growing more and more.  

"It is fine...let us just proceed on with the new knowledge we have."  Gruff would say even though this was eating him up inside. Which he didn't like. These emotions of two widely different people wasn't mixing.

"Yes, I agree." Nora would quickly state. She didn't feel anything about the man that died. She was grateful that he got them the information they needed but that was all he was good for.

"Okay, well as I was saying. We need to act soon, Nora has already sent the other agents to scout ahead. So, after they return with the locations of the target we will act swiftly." Spard would say. Even though he didn't like how Nora spoke, he didn't comment on it. But would push their discussion further.

"I agree. But the Reaper has been quite for some think he'd revel himself after what he did to the Warlord. And the Revolutionary Leader also being around is also troubling. But, taking them all out here and now along with retrieving that object will be great to your legacy Spard." Nora would say. The foes they now had on this Island weren't small fry. They were strong and shouldn't be taken lightly at all.

"What object?" Gruff would ask. He had been wondering what it was they wanted here since he was assigned. As the CP9 specificity wasn't assigned to things like this.

"Hehe, I knew they didn't tell you."

"Just let me know so I can keep an eye out for it."


"Just tell me. Kitty."


"Come on Kitty Cat, tell me."


"Will you two just stop. What we are after was a Poneglyphs."

"Thank you."

"Ugh, Okay whatever. We need to figure out who we all are taking. As I don't think it'd be wise to send our entire force to the location my agents find, as that'd leave this place vulnerable."

"Not if we leave most of our forces here and just sent our strongest out. Though, it may be risky if we act swiftly we should be able to take the heads of the leaders. And thinking it over if we take out Ren alone the tide will move into our favor, and the Reaper and Two Hand Chie may call fr a retreat."

"I doubt it. Unless Chie is the one to go down, none of them will back off. We have to eliminate them all. "

For a couple hours the three within the room would go back and forth on what should be done. None would come to a clear agreement, due to their personalities. As they spoke more and more Gruff also ate between the arguments. Not wasting the fruit he took from the room Stede was within. He finished it all, even the bitter one he ate, and continued on like normal.  

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4No more parties in Abfall Empty Re: No more parties in Abfall on Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:04 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Finally, they had returned. Information was quickly distributed to those that needed to here it, so that their plans wouldn't be found out before they could've been executed. Two locations will needed to be hit. As the targets that the Marines, and CP agents, were after needed to be eliminated. There though was one problem and that was Gruff. He isolated himself within the chambers he had, and didn't let anyone in. Even when other CP agents, under Nora, were not able to get him to come out. Simply breaking down the doors would be enough to get in, but no one did that. Time was of the essence. Waiting on someone to get their shit together was one thing no one had time to do, nor would do. This War has been taking long and the list of names of those dying also grew longer. Hopefully, by the end of today or at the most tomorrow all of this fighting would be over. And the victors, the World Government, will be standing up high.

How they would leave was in one large force, to the first location. Who was within that location was the Revolutionary Armies Commander, Chie Mayumi. Spard was leading this force himself as he would end this today. Within the middle of that force was Nora and her agents, and as they traveled they would secretly leave the approaching army. By now Chie will have gotten word of this and was preparing to fight, or escape.Another that didn't make it, like Gruff, was the Vice Admiral. Though she was also determined, to end this, hopefully with her own hands. But, who she was after wasn't Chie as there was someone, within her eyes, that were more powerful and dangerous. As he was the one that Stede had the most problems with when he saved her, she learned a lot from and about Stede. She didn't share this information though as she would make sure this person wouldn't make it off of Abfall. Nora felt as if taking out these targets, after speaking with her superiors a hour before, that there was one thing that she needed to make sure was gained from all of this; and that was the item to be in their hands.

Nora and her agents were quickly making ground, heading to the building Ren was located at. Hopefully he would've also gotten word and sent his forces to assist in the battle Chie was about to do. They knew he couldn't leave due to what was located within the building he was within. Hopefully the forces that Ren would send over, if he actually did, would make taking him out easier.

Back at the Headquarters that held not that many men was Gruff, still within his room. The room looked like a tornado had went through it; as everything has been flipped or tossed in some way. Why? Well, it was simple. Gruff or well Derous had lost his shit last night and did it, in the most controlled way he could. It was just hard. He heard everything. It was overwhelming and he didn't know what was the cause of it. And then suddenly he would unleash a large amount of energy outward, that would shake the entire building. Immediately Marines still here would head to that area, and find Gruff. They were confused on what was going on, but one person wasn't. Vice Admiral Marina Samarin stood there, all geared up, looking at Gruff.

"Everyone, go back to your posts. I will speak with him about this accident." Marina would wait till they left and then walk over to Gruff.  

"What do you want?"

"You have his power now...."Marina would say as she would look at him. Gruff's entire arm was made out of electricity, and she saw the same thing with Stede. But, he did it for a attack that helped them escape. She also heard that Stede died, so his Devil Fruit was in deed something she knew would be on the island. Part of her felt she should've been the one to have eaten it.

"Power?" Gruff would ask her.

"Stede, had a Devil Fruit. The Goro Goro no mi, and from what I can see you have it now." Marina says as she pulls out her sword, and begins to walk toward Gruff.

"I don-" Gruff would feel weak all over after Marina would place her SeaStone blade onto him. And that will cause him to gather himself and stop hearing the thoughts.

"Yes, you did. But, no more talking about this....we need you to get your shit together. THE WAR IS NOT OVER! You are a Marine? No, you don't have a unifom on or anywhere with in this room unless it is under something. Who are you? SPEAK!"

'This bitch needs to relax. But, with this sword on me I can clearly think now. So, I actually got one. No more tricks to imitate having a Devil fruit. No more fake poison devices that get me more. '
Derous would begin to allow the information, about his Devil Fruit, to course through his mind. He was given the name so thinking back about all the fruits he has read about he will figure out his new abilities. If he hadn't been obsessed with Devil Fruits this wouldn't be something he could do. But, he would soon recall the information on this particular Devil Fruit. "I am a Cipher pol agent." Derous.

"Cipher pol? That isn't a excuse. Regardless, I need you to get it together and move out with me now! There is someone on this Island we have to eliminate." Marina would say as she would remove the blade from Gruff.

"Lead the way." Derous would tell her as she would stand to his feet. He didn't freak out now as he kinda understood what was going on with him and this hearing. And quickly he began to get a hold of it, also using it to his advantage. This was a lot of information that he was taking it, but he was dealing with it better now. He would then inhale deeply then exhale, as he was now back in control. And he would follow Marina to wherever it was she wanted to go.

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5No more parties in Abfall Empty Re: No more parties in Abfall on Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:53 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


No more parties in Abfall Tumblr_inline_n8weqtsVfk1sk9369

Marina would outstretch her haki across the area as they traveled. Closely behind her was Gruff, who didn't have the haki she used. He allowed her to believe he relied on her to get to that place without much trouble. As Gruff was listening in to everything, keeping tabs on all battles unfolding. Traveling their yielded no problems right away. They would stop for a few reasons. The main one was because Marina had noticed a large force in front of them.

"We won't be able to get through them without trouble. I could get in through the sky, but I can't without a distraction. Or be able to carry you." Marina would say.

"Just go. I will handle this and meet up with you." Gruff would tell her as he would step from out of the cover they were behind. You could see the series of blockades, they didn't want anyone to get through.

"Idiot! I wasn't going to suggest that! There are over three-hundred of them, and more in the building." Marina would try to whisper to Gruff. But, he wouldn't listen and keep walking without caring. Marina would shake her head as she would head back, wanting to take to the skies from a  safe distance.

Gruff would make sure his mask was on tight and wouldn't fall. He wished he had came into this place with a Gi on instead of his usual attire, but he wouldn't head back now. He'd be able to fight with this on, he just hoped it wouldn't hinder him in anyway. Gruff also didn't have any snacks, but that was a minor problem. Gruff has taught everyone within his unit that as a Cipher Pol agent heading head first into a situation like this was always out of the question, as that wasn't what they did. But, today he was going to break that rule. He could hear the chatter from him being spotted, they weren't going to shot him. So in response to that he would go intangible. He took a total of ten steps before bullet fire rained down on him, but he didn't stop walking. This was the advantage of being a Logia type devil fruit user. Those that went against such power though would see this as a cheap move, which in ways it is. As if you didn't have Haki, Seastone, or the Natural weakness you wouldn't be able to touch them. Soon, the rain of bullets changed to explosions. Gruff had begun to run after the first bullet went through him. He could hear that they believe he was dodging them and they needed to pull something bigger out.

"He has a devil fruit. Just like that guy from before." A Man standing in front of the building Gruff was trying to get to was. There also were twelve others behind him. This group wasn't just comprised of Mink, but of all of the races. "Spread word to halt fire we are going to engage the target." He would then pass the Den den mushi to the person directly behind him.

'So, I guess I'm about to face off against some cocky people.' Gruff would think to himself as he kept running, as he didn't plan on stopping. Even with them no longer firing at him. The building came into view and now he knew why they made it their headquarters. It as honestly and those that owned it before, the Vinsmokes, there would most likely be something else there. Gruff would stop as the group of thirteen would stand proud. He wouldn't say anything at all, as there was no need for talking on his part.

"We know you aren't one of us. And aren't just some random here on the Island. You can peacefully give up now and tell us everything. Or you can get beat to a inch of your life by us and then be tortured. All of it is u-"

Gruff would seem to disappear from his location, and before that could be realized or even reacted to he would reappear. Striking with a punch at the man in the front and sending him backwards, that though wasn't all that would occur. As just like an actual lightning strike after the flash was seen the thunder would follow. Gruff heating the air around them right upon arrival, creating a decent twenty-meter sized explosion. After that explosion he'd hit the Mink and send him, and the person directly behind him, backwards. Then around three seconds they began to fly backwards there would be another explosion the creation of a bird was being done with the free hand, the one not used to deliver a punch, that had seemed to form instantly. Though, it only formed as quickly as lighting moves. And after it's creation he'd have it explode, but only after the second explosion would occur.

It was catastrophic damage to not only living being, but the surrounding area. The first explosion being used to stun those around just a bit longer, after moving closer to them, and the second was used to put them out of the fight. Killing or paralyzing them was fine with Gruff, as long as they went down. Gruff after his attack would though keep moving forward, as there was no immediate resistance after his attack. Strangely, the building only took superficial damage. He would make it inside, but he wouldn't be listening in anymore. So, keeping his intangibility up was all he could do to stop any sneak attacks. Well, that and his predator like senses. He was focused as he was deep in enemy territory.  

It must have been pure luck but he would spot a Cipero Pol agent coming toward him, but they were severely injured. Honestly, from the amount of blood that covered that man's white attire the amount of damage he had couldn't even be figured out. Gruff would rush over to him catching im before he fell, as he used the wall as support. "Where are the others." The man spoke in a different language, going to his native tongue due to the damage he has taken. Gruff, as a historian, as studied many different languages and the one this guy spoke was one of them. He'd understand everything and once the guy finished speaking he'd pass away. Gruff would toss his body to the side, as he served his purpose. There was something off though and as he turned around he would see, the Mink before, about to attack him. But, the Man didn't. Gruff would backpedal as he could've lost his life. He would though see a blade being through his chest, piercing his heart.

"Marina?" Gruff would ask.

"Keep your guard up." She would tell him as she would remove her blade and reveal herself. If she wasn't here Gruff might've lost his head.  

"Thank you. I also know where the others are. I need you to use your haki so we can avoid anyone else." Gruff would tell her.

----(Lvl II): The user can become their element and go in a direction of their choice instantly at the speed of their element for a total of 15m. The initial sudden burst is free. But, with constant use(within the same topic) a stamina price of 20 STA must be paid each additional time. As the user grows in tier the distance they are able to cover also increases.

Skill Name: Touch and feel
Tier: 2
Type Devil fruit
Range: 20m
Speed: Own
Description:Instantly the user heats the air around him with his Goro Goro no Mi powers until it explodes in a thunder clap. This is used to avoid and neutralize non-material attacks. Though, if someone is within the range of it they will experience a tremendous shock.

Skill Name: 40,000,000 Volt Vari
Tier: 4
Type Devil Fruit - Offensive
Range: 40m if used as a explosion
Speed: VI
Description: The User sends out a large volt of electrical energy into the body of a target(s). The User can just release this is a wild fashion like a blast from his body creating a 40m explosion. Or the user can send it all into one person by having having them in between his hands, or touching something conductive with them, as he sends out the energy

Tier Two- 25 Stamina
Tier Four- 60 Stamina



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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


No more parties in Abfall Tumblr_inline_n8weqtsVfk1sk9369

They'd arrive to a door that Nora, a familiar Haki aura, and Ren where behind. There where a few more within the room, but not a lot. Outside of the door, where Gruff and Marina were, laid many bodies. Nora had carved a bloody path to get here, but there was something off. 'Why would one of the Cipher pol agents be coming from this area? And what kinda of battle is going on behind these doors? I don't feel or hear anything.' Gruff would think to himself, but he would indeed feel something. A large quake would happen cause not just this area but the entire Island to vibrate. The battle the Fleet Admiral was having with the Revolutionary Commander must be on a large scale. Gruff wondered who it was that was winning as whoever did lose would receive a large blow.

"Why do I feel like this." Marina would say out loud as she gripped the hilt of her blade tighter. She was obviously nervous, but didn't know why.

"What?" Gruff would stop and lower his hand, as he was about to push the doors open. He was ready as this war needed to be put a end to. He had plans he wanted to take care of and before he can do that he'd have to win this war, or help win it.

"I don't feel as if we should open the door." Marina would say. Maybe it was the large quake they just felt that made her like this. That though wasn't the reason. The reason was because he felt 'that' man's Haki aura behind the door.

"You told me to keep my guard up, so do the same, and you will be fine." Gruff would say and he would push the door open. And he see Nora standing face to face with Ren. The room had many bodies. All of Nora's agents were dead and all those aside from Ren and Cyrus were alive. Battered and injured were Nora and Ren whilst Cyrus was unscathed.

"Room." Cyrus would utter as he would outstretch his dome across the entire room. And instantly switching Gruff and a corpse that was before him. He would then, his blade already unsheathed, attempt to thrust it through his chest. But before impact Gruff would become intangible and allow it to slip through him. Cyrus would notice this and remove his blade and switch places with another corpse within the room. To avoid a punch that Gruff would throw right after the blade passed through him. A quick maneuver that would cost his him weapon. Gruff would remove the blade and toss it to the ground.

"So you are the Reaper?" Gruff would ask. The trick he used, or well Devil Fruit ability, might have been what he used to take out many of the agents around. And from the looks of everything Nora had been fighting Ren, whilst Cyrus fought the other agents. But, the two different fights must've been different. Whilst one was a standstill the other must've been a completely one-sided battle.

"CYRUS SWITCH ME!" Ren would yell as he would finish a exchange with Nora. He did this when he was actually getting a leg up in the fight. Cyrus would switch Ren and his sword, placing Ren right beside Gruff.

"I can't believe it. You really are alive, but your aura is strange. No I will defeat you like I did before. Remember Cyrus stay out of my fight. But, you can kill those two. " Ren would tell him as he would pull something out of his pocket and toss it into his mouth.

"Make this quick. We need to assist Chei, that last tremor put made me uneasy." Cyrus would say to Ren.

The two Revolutionary Generals were cocky, and had all the reason to be. Cyrus was someone extremely powerful and he could take on both Marina and Nora if need be. Ren wasn't as powerful at his base. But, with the pill he just took he was above his limits. They planned on ending these fights quickly and go help Chei. Why Marina, Nora, and Gruff didn't attack as the two spoke was because they couldn't. The didn't see any openings even with these two speaking, and it was intimating. They were literal monsters.



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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


No more parties in Abfall HTTP2ltZy5zdGFubGV5bGllYmVyLmNvbS9zcmMvMTcwMjIvaW1nLzE0MTI4Mjg0MjguZ2lm

The explosion that would occur would have the potential to envelop the entire Island, but it wouldn't. What it would do is shake it to it's very core. The first battle had been concluded and shorty after the others would as well. The Gray War had finally come to a end. The winners had finally come through the darkness as the beckon of light. Those lost would be honored and those able to survive would, depending on what they did, be praised. There though, on both sides, be long lasting scars that may never heal. In the midst of it all was Gruff, or Derous, who didn't even plan on being brought onto this campagin. All achievements he would receive would be pushed around to the appropriate people, due to his allegiance Cipher Pol Nine as it's director.

Derous could feel all of the memories that Gruff had of Ren. The utter defeat he had suffered, years ago, that allowed Derous to be put within the body of Gruff. Ren also remembered Gruff as Gruff gave him a large scar on his back. Derous was looking Ren directly into his eyes and saw them change from brown to red. That pill that Ren took was taking effect. His fur began to stand on end and his will would being to manifest all over his body, until it completely covered him.  Not only that but the wrath from his will would begin to push outward. Derous though, due to not being less than Ren, wouldn't be knocked out by the wave.

"I was wrong....they both were monsters." Marina would say as Cyrus would go and pick up his blade. Nora not attacking him as he did this. Nora in fact would move to get next to Marina. She was injured, but she hadn't given up. She, after getting next to her, would begin to speak and tell her what they needed to do. She planned to get out of this on top.

Derous would take in a deep breath, as he needed a plan. So, he would try something. If he could become the embodiment of his element and keep it constant he could be nigh-invincible. He knew that what he was about to do could harm his comrades, but he couldn't think of them. Ren was the World's Greatest Martial Artist, and he will display his skill today. Quickly his movements a blur to most would lash out twice, to give a taste of what he could do. His index finger out as he slashed out. Everything before him, as he had grown a whole meter in size, downward would be obliterated. And Marina, looking over, wouldn't see Gruff. And she had feared he had been taken out in one go. The attack Ren had used was compressed air slash. The length of it though was over 30m whilst the width was .5m, but the distance it traveled was staggering. It left a 'X' on the ground.

Right before the attack cleaved through his face Derous would vanish, going upward. It did make contact and would make a 'X' on his face, luckily not taking his eyes. Not really high up at all, but right above Ren. He would then, from his position, strike downward at Ren. But, the outcome he would receive was something he didn't expect. Ren would catch his fist, but with his mouth. And as quickly as he caught it he bite down, and took a large portion of the hand of Derous. Following that a spinning kick would be done by Ren that'd connect to the same arm, large swelling being seen upon impact. Derous also, from the kick, would be sent flying towards the wall of the room. There being a cracker created from the impact.

Ren, at this moment, had gone primal. His instincts were on another level right now. Added to that he had a new form of Haki, which he learned after fighting the Light Logia months ago, that would allow him to keep up with those speedy bastards within the world. His Ultra instincts added to his precognition made him someone that could be untouchable. There though, just like Bishop, a drawback from taking a pill that pushed him passed his limits. There was a time limit. And from the reports that the Marines that fought Bishop gave Derous knew this. But, surviving till the time was up was going to be difficult.

"Marine focus!" Nora would say as she pushed Marina out of the way of a attack from Cyrus. She was more focused on Ren fighting Gruff. But, with Nora saving her life she would snap her back to reality. Gruff needed to handle himself while they took on the Reaper.

"Is that really all you got? Come now, beast. Show me all your power!" Derous would say as he would stand up, his hand leaking blood. He would see Ren's eyes wide after being called a 'Beast' and he would begin to have electricity being to dance around him. The Mink had used his ability he was saving. Added to his instinct, precognition, and body clad in haki. Someone getting close to him would receive a maybe a same potency of damage that Derous could produce. Ren would rush forward the ground below him barely able to withstand his stride.

Derous, as Ren ran, would inhale and exhale slowly as he relaxed his entire body. And then he would speak, "Ikkai no ugoki" He would say right before impact from Ren was made. A loud explosion would occur and the sound of thunder would echo through the room. The area where Ren and Derous were was covered in smoke. Ren had missed his attack, but just barely. Behind him was Derous who, in that second of moving behind him, would place his hand directly on the back of Ren and send out a powerful blast outward. He wouldn't, like it has been shown, just stay in one spot and let the attack play out. No, he would keep contact and keep pushing Ren forward. And once Cyrus, Nora, and Marina would look over to what happened they would see nothing. The entire area that Ren and Derous was gone entirely. The building had a large whole, everything within it scorched, and it didn't stop there. The distance the two would put them miles away from the building, and in a abandon town. The fight from this attack was not over yet, as Derous stood over Ren who was still alive. Only damage he had taken was his entire right arm was gone. He had given up on his haki in that area and focused it more on other areas of his body. So that he could withstand the attack.  

No more parties in Abfall E8nF3

"I AM GLAD THIS ISN'T OVER!" The Bonnet blood still coursing through this body made Derous feel their desire for battle, a glorious battle. And he would attempt to slam his fist into the chest of Ren, but Ren would attack right before Derous. Punching upward himself so that he would meet the fist of Derous causing a shock wave that would send Ren sliding backward and Derous going upward. The state that Derous was in was something he didn't think he'd be able to maintain. Derous, from his appearance and mode, could now be put in the same category as Cyrus and Ren(with the pill).

The power he was outputting was staggering. And Ren being able to even be able to stand near Derous, while he was in this mode, was a testament to his strength right now. 'The attack must have been weakened due to his haki and electro ability. But, how long will I be able to withstand this.' Derous would think to himself as he would move forward as Ren began to stand up. Derous was attempting to superman punch Ren, but Ren would move just inches away to avoid the impact. This was the hand that was previously bitten by Ren. And Ren would do it again, but this time he would take the entire hand. But, this would come out a high cost. Burning his mouth to a point where he would no longer be able to speak.

Derous would do his best to ignore the pain as he would bring his other hand around to strike Ren. But Ren would drop down to avoid that as well. He wouldn't have a chance to strike back as Derous would unleash another attack. As Derous had evolved quickly in this fight. A ability to sense the movements, no matter the slightest, that Ren would make. The two would either dodge each other's attacks or they would collide. There would be no edge to anyone at this moment. The two exchange for over a hour, and jump back exhausted. They were coming to their limits. Ren was hitting the peak of his pill and would crash hard once it's effects were over, and Derous was expending more energy than he could control properly.

"One last punch...Is that what you want to say?" Derous would ask Ren, who couldn't speak. He could just tell by the stance that Ren was taking that he wanted to say something along those lines. Derous would begin to clad his body in haki, in a attempt to bottle his energy.  He was successful and the damage that he was doing to the environment due to the temperature he was at would subside. The two were only around a yard away from each other. Derous had plan with his attack as he would let all that energy out at one point by removing the haki from just around his fist. Which would allow all of that flowing energy to leave out at one point. And from looking at Ren he probably planned to unleash a powerful last attack like Bishop had done. But, that was fine as no one was within this town but them.

The two, for one last time, would begin to clash with their fists. Letting them be what talks for them, and everyone would feel the effects of it. Though, only two people would be injured from it. The city that they fought in was the size of both of the one Bishop had died in. And at this moment, once the dusk had cleared, was whipped off of the map. Both men though were alive but out of their modes, exhausted. Only one though would be on the brink of death.

"And then it rains...." Derous would say as it would do just that. The rain being not refreshing but irritating to his wounds. He would struggle to sit up as he saw Ren not that far from him, just a couple feet. He would then turn his attention to his left hand, or the stub that was there. Derous had lost a entire hand in this conflict. The other on was broken, since that is what he used to punch Ren's fist. But, his injuries could've been worse. Derous would try to stand, but that was out of the question right now. Even though he wanted to go and assist the others so that he could help them with the other Revolutionary General, he couldn't. And he would soon pass out.

One week later he would awake within a hospital room. He was covered in bandages, "What?"

"Finally, you are awake." Nora who also was bandaged, but not as much, would say. She sat in the chair beside him.

"What happened?" Derous would ask her.

"After your fight with Ren the Reaper seemed to be stronger than I anticipated, but we ended up drawing. And he had escape when he got the chance. You and the Fleet Admiral were the only one able to win your battle. But, I don't think that was the one we truly needed. As Marina was right about that Man, he is a Monster. Oh! We also were able to recover Ren, but he was dead when we arrived. You also were beating his corpse once we arrived, and I had to knock you out. " Nora would tell him and then she would stand up and leave the room. Even though Derous didn't like to hear that she knocked him out, he was glad she took a weight off of his shoulders. As with her defeating him, even with him blacking out it seems, she was the World's Greatest Martial Artist. Or well she was one of the greatest.  Nora would soon come back. "Oh, and we are heading to Impel Down as we speak. To drop off Chie." The two would then have a, not so, romantic dinner for two as they traveled there.

Mode Name: One Motion
Mode Tier: 3
Skill Set Derived From:

[*]SuperBolt: Becoming one with his element for a long period of time =isn't something that is hard, and he demonstrates that with this mode. Becoming a literal bolt of lighting. This grants him the ability to move at the speed of a Lightning bolt(VI), instantly. The by product of moving at this speed is the thunderclap that follows moment later, as well as the other properties and by products of a lighting bolt.

[*]Electroreception: The user, simply, creates a electrical field that he use to detect distortions within it. The field created doesn't do any damage to anyone, or anything, around the user. Just how it is when a electric eel use this. It also isn't visible.

[*]Mode Description: The User becomes a mass of Electricity, use the picture as reference, and takes the appearance of a strange monster.
Drawback: After the use of the mode the user's Lighting base attack will receive -2 in power for the period of 3 posts. 2,500 wc is needed for the User to get over this Drawback.

----(Lvl II): The user can become their element and go in a direction of their choice instantly at the speed of their element for a total of 15m. The initial sudden burst is free. But, with constant use(within the same topic) a stamina price of 20 STA must be paid each additional time. As the user grows in tier the distance they are able to cover also increases.

Skill Name:Hold up
Tier: 5
Type Devil Fruit - Offensive
Range: 100m
Speed: VI
Description:The user unleashes a massive charge of electricity from their hand that forms a wide blast used to devastate large areas. The user though must charge this up and the body part they will use. When the attack is unleashed the user's entire body begin to change to the appearance of their element. This blast is 100m in circumference, and goes outward for the same distance.



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