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1The First Job [Task] [Open] Empty The First Job [Task] [Open] on Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:48 am

Task in question:

Task Name: The First Job
Tier: 4
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: As Sara wanders through Water 7 waiting for her ship to get upgraded she finds a bank that's being robbed! As she approaches it she sees that the marines have blocked of the area, but with her enforcer level she should be able to enter and turn the tide of this thing, and seeing as this is her first job as a Vice Admiral she might just even get more confidence from her superiors, which would mean that a simple mistake in the future wont instantly debunk her!

Inside the bank though there is a gang of thieves with guns and screams of the highest pitches armed. Will she be able to pull it off to stop them without getting a headache?
Enemy Details: 50 T1, 15 T2, 3 T3, 1 T4 (Boss)
Boss: Yes


Boss Name: David Filch
Tier: 4
Description: David is a quite robust and tall man standing at 4 meters. He is a quite well trained man which is pretty aggressive towards everyone but himself. Or well sometimes even himself..

He loves to order people around and underestimate his enemies. He wears a black skiing mask with a fluffy jacket with a wife beater under it. He has cargo pants. He has black sneakers.

He tends to only use the gun to intimidate people, he tends to use his fists way more than he uses that gun anyways.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: Armament C
Equipment: A rifle with peachy pink wood as some of the parts of the gun, like the stock. It has a single shot and a scope.
Strength: 6
Durability: 4
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

"You idiots, you can't keep yourself safe for one second when I'm gone! I needed to come and fetch you guys, like really? I tried to meditate on the brink of the sea and you guys just sit here and almost get raided!?" Sara said as she let out all her anger towards her crew. The wind blew outside with a cold tint to it as they sat there on the main deck of their ship. "Sorry Sara, like really, but we don't have the same power as you do.." said one in the crowd of the people that she commanded over, supervised over one could say.

"That doesn't matter, those people were easy beans, you people should have been able to take them out, come on guys!", her voice got more and more annoyed and started to get a tone of crying in it, but before any tears could be shed everyone looked up from the floor and onto her soft skin and praised her for being a great captain of their ship, as they roared o'plenty and looked up to her she started to feel better and begun loving herself out loud. "I am great aren't I? Hahaha of course I am, oh well, I'm going on a walk boys, get this thing repaired and upgraded like we decided on. Ahlabo, I trust you with commanding over these guys until I'm back, get a fair price out of those goons" She said as she jumped down from their ship.

Water 7, an island filled with shipwrights and adventurers coming by to get supplies and upgrades to their ship, home off the sea train and temporarily Sara and her crew. Salt could be smelled all across the city as she walked on it's clear pavement of a street. The light gray stone streets and the white and brown painted wood houses surrounding her made her fill up with happiness indeed.

The sky was a clear blue in the horizon with barely any clouds painting the overseeing heavens. As she walked further and further into the city she heard people scream in towards a building, as she started running to the situation she realized that she wasn't a rear anymore, thus probably allowing her to tread onto most scenes of commotion and either stop it or help doing so.

As she got close she saw officers standing outside a building securing a parameter. As she was just a few meters away from them she overheard the officer speaking with one of his superiors in a den den mushi. "We are securing the parameter as we speak but the gang is still in there, and is trying to get out with money in hand. They might even have hostages but we don't know yet, they could just be trying to get a safe and reliable escape route.", the man had a stressed tint to his voice and seemed to be hitting walls not knowing how to do this thing. But Sara knows that the situation could be cleared easily with her skill set.

"Hey officer? Could a merry lady try to attempt a try at this situation?" she said with her sweetest voice to the low ranking marine as he hung up the call with his superiors. "The Lit Fuse? Is that really you? The Rear Admiral?" he said with a surprised tone, her reputation exceeded her it seems thus not allowing her to be all cute and on edge to get into scenes she wouldn't normally anymore. "Well I actually JUST got a promotion, I'm a vice now! But yes this is me, and I think I can clear this thing out. You are just going to need to trust me and give me some information, is this a robbery? Do they have any hostages? How big is the building? How many are they?".

She said her questions just in time for him to answer all of them separately. "Uuhm, this is a presumed robbery, they might have hostages as we are unsure of this moment, the building is big enough for about 200 people to squeeze in, it also has two three different floors, the entrance is on the first one, then there's two that goes underground, the lowest one being the vault. From the surveillance den den footage that we received when they stormed the place it can be anywhere from 40 to 80". That's Manageable she thought to herself as she looked onto the building.

The tougher people should probably be at the bottom huh? Since that's where the vault is, I wonder how they have thought of escaping, maybe a tunnel? she pondered in her thoughts as she glanced towards the building heavier and heavier.

"Okay I'm going in, tell them on the den den and ask for reinforcement in case it's needed.", the sound of her heels clanking on the stone pavement ringed in people ears, as she ran towards the door she saw people at the entrance, behind the shattered windows that was the only thing left of their glass walls.

Guns had been pointed out towards the public and right as she approached she got screamed at by the people supposedly arming the guns. "Stop RIGHT there lady, or else you'll get blasted till there's nothing left of you!". As she took charge she ran in and did a strong right jab right in one of the men's faces and almost shoot him straight through the building through several help desks and the like, and on the way he seemed to have attracted his companions as they stood behind him, getting clustered into a mob and getting flown into a wall.

As she glanced towards his companion shaking in his boots she went over and roundhouse kicked him, sending him right through two help desks and bringing some of his other accomplices with him.

Then she just stared towards the rest of the not yet defeated grunts looking towards her with fear. "Who's next?" she said as she raised her fist.

End of post summary:

Sara is now in a bank that she has seen getting robbed, to stop this she braves herself and charges into it, defeating a few goons in the process, but she has a lot more in front of her than that which needs to be tackled.

WC: 1023 (not including the task linked in the beginning nor this summary)
Total WC: 1023 / 2800

Goons Left:

T1 - [35 / 50]  
T2 - [15 / 15]
T3 - [3 / 3]
T4 - [1 / 1]

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2The First Job [Task] [Open] Empty Re: The First Job [Task] [Open] on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:26 am

"Shoot her god damn it, this won't ruin our plan!" she heard from the corner of the building as she saw an elevator going down. The goons then proceeded to raise their rifles and started having a whole other look in their eyes, the eyes of someone that knows that they're out of their league but tries anyway, cause death is ensured.

"Alright then maggots, time for me to finish you guys off and ensure that you get some cozy prison time in your lives with those guys down stairs. I'm going to try to not rip you guys apart completely." she said as she looked pissed to the core, her eyes being more intimidating and her grin filled with a lot more feral energies.

As she ran towards the other goons they started blasting shots towards her, but as she got hit a few times they just flew off of her, grazes if nothing else seeing as how durable her body is and how much damage it can sustain. As she got closer to a pack of about 10 people she prepared to make them go out with a flurry of punches that she prepared as her momentum increased, making her come closer and closer. And right on impact she sent them flying backwards towards the other fallen goons.

"Come here"

"You guys are going to be beaten by me, all of you, my name is Sara Dooperman, remember it, I'm the one who's gonna put you people behind bars the cold bars of justice! she screams towards the grunts, which at this point is close to soiling themselves knowing that death might be imminent.

As she started running towards the last mob of 20 grunts keeping the elevator protected she tries to accelerate faster and faster, and as she got closer and closer she started to go further and further, further and further. Right before the tunnel vision broke in of her moving too fast for her eyes to register she put her arms straight up to the sides, she was gonna ram them all down in one motion hopefully.

As she sprinted, almost turning invisible to the grunts at this time 12 of them got caught on Sara's stampede, which resulted in them getting smashed right into the wall. When she turned around as her vision returned to her the grunts charged towards her. As she flurried more punches and kicks towards them they all went out one by one, and it was time to proceed to the next floor of merciless (and honestly probably pretty scared) goons.

As she tried calling up the elevator she understands that they zapped it with something as it wouldn't respond to anything, they had turned it off maybe? Or just ripped it out if they are really hard core. But she wouldn't know until she checked she thought to herself. She went down by a near staircase. As she looked down further and further below the descent of the circular stair path she saw several goons trying to escape to the second floor as fast as they could. "Oh know you did-n't" she said as she slid down the handrail with her legs in right above the stairs.

She slid faster and faster and soon made contact with several goons, tripping them over and making them hit their head on the staircase. Plus this whole idea made her get there faster. As the sliding doors opened to the second floor she saw many people that seemed a lot stronger than what she had just encountered, but it seemed as if it wasn't everything yet.

Come on people, let's fight! I'm Sara, the newest Vice Admiral in the marines arsenal and I'm here to stop this devilish behavior!" she said as she cracked her knuckles looking toward the majorly confused, albeit tiny mob of people that loaded several guns and such as they glanced towards her presence.

As she cracked her knuckles further she readied her body in a sprinting like stance and then looked towards the mob with a grin on her face with the same intimidating eyes from before. As she started sprinting her speed overcame that of her perception, her eyes started almost shaking and couldn't keep up, so she shut them for now. Her arms armed standing up almost at her sides to make her a human battering ram.

She hit the wall really quickly, catching a few of the goons, and ending the ones that successfully escaped her wrath earlier. But there where still a few left. A few escaped her wrath this time and saw her as a blurred streak thus being able to react and succumb to defenses in the right time, or just you know, rolling away.

The ones that escaped was a lot more confident then the scarred goons she had faced off against before, having tables flipped and aiming towards her with their guns from their "safe" range with something to hide behind. "Cute" she said as she looked towards one of the four tables. She walked there with a tired tone to her voice, she opened her mouth and gauged the simple and clear message. "I win" as she lifted the table one of them hid behind, lifting him up in the process, almost scooping him up from there.

She then proceeded to toss the table like a frisbee towards the other two to her side. And the last one she walked up towards and kicked right under his chin making him fly up and hit the ceiling before falling back down. As she looked back on the other three that she had left to momentum and a not so calculated air travel she saw that they had been knocked out from rolling around getting batted by the tables surrounding them.

Hopefully the wooden interior and everything doesn't cost her more than the cost of saving this thing, and her payment, that would just be a buzzkill to be frank she thought to herself as she looked around trying to find the passage to the next floor. Another staircase, and this is the last one after all.

End of post summary:

As Sara proceeded deeper in to the banks lower floor she fought more of the goons occupying her search for the true leader of this heist. She throws a few tables around and over all wrecks the second floor of goons and prepares herself to go down to the last chamber, which leads to the vault.

WC in post: 1035 (Not including the summary)
Total WC: 2059 / 2800
Goons Left:

T1 - [5 / 50]  
T2 - [7 / 15]
T3 - [3 / 3]
T4 - [1 / 1]

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3The First Job [Task] [Open] Empty Re: The First Job [Task] [Open] on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:33 am

She cracks her index fingers using her thumbs as she looks towards the staircase, it must be made in solid steel at least. Not bad she thought as she looked down the spiral. It wasn't that far to get down.

As she wandered down the stairs her heels clanged on the steel stairs making haunting noises which loomed all the way in the stair house. The walls being of Titanium sure had ensured the safety of this place, she was even unsure if she could break it. She wandered further and further down in this descent of a place. The lights was stuck on the bottom of the stairs being light dials. Her bling made her look like a portable disco as she walked down towards the final chamber and the vault in the prestigious facility.

As she got closer she heard strong cries of stress and agony, and something that sounds like a ... drill? It must be a drill she thought as she heard the sounds of something getting penetrated into the titanium walls, a metal screechy sound as if it was going to break asunder any second. She started to pick up the pace as it was further down than she originally thought. Now she was almost running downwards the spiral of descent into the banks lower region.

She started seeing a light. As she passed through it her eyes became dazed, she couldn't see a whole lot for the first few seconds but then it all returned to her. As she looked towards where the sound was coming from she heard a loud bang sound. They were in, and as they were a few of them retracted inside of the vault whilst most others kept guard outside of the vault doors in the final chamber.

Right as she thought she had come in with a sneaky approach one of the goons looked towards her and got an expression on his face filled with fear. "That's her, that's her guys! She has almost wiped us out! Please, take her ou... AAARGH" he screamed as she got close and grabbed his throat, which she then proceeded to use to throw him into a nearby titanium wall. When contact was made he coughed blood and gave up on ever trying to beat her, subjecting to his fate and staying put on the light brown treasure tree adam flooring.

The rest of the 11 people armed themselves and sat themselves down and started shooting towards her, with her blind arrogance she thought she could just take it and leave with no significant damage, but alast these bullets actually hurt her quite significantly. She got shot in her shoulders twice, each shoulder thus making her retreat to lay behind a close counter as they sprayed bullets towards her. She knew that her fists would be harder to use now thus resulting in he needing to rely on her legs, which might be her preferred thing anyway in something like this, more area damage so to speak.

As the bullets slowed down she realized that they needed to reload, as she jumped over the counter again and started running towards them she let her arms flail in the air for awhile. As she came close to them she kicked several of them away towards the titanium walls as the blood ran from her shoulders.

5 of them were left, but they had luckily for them been able to reload their rifles in time thus aiming at her again. As she realized this she grabbed the rifle at its front of one of the men as she threw it to the side before making him her personal human shield holding him with a police grip with his arms behind his back.

And they didn't hesitate.

Several shots when through him and on to the other side of him, and some of the bullets grazed her skin and gave her small, almost cut like wounds. As she closed the distance between her and her enemies she threw her worthwhile shield on the ground as she charged them, seeing as they were just a few meters away from her at this point. She drop kicked two of them in one and then retracted back to her feet, she then grabbed them both by their throats and threw them one after the other into the titanium walls where the stairs had been located to get down there.

As the last two aimed towards and shot a few bullets she tried to gracefully dodge them, but it turned out to more or less be her doing stupid avoidance techniques and different poses whilst she got closer and closer which made the men even more irritated.

"Game over fellas" she said as she rushed them and raised her arms. She punched straight in their stomachs to make them fly toward the titanium walls like their allies had just mere moments before them.

She approached one of the unconscious men and ripped both arms of his shirt of to bandage the bloody wound that the men had inflicted on her. As she sat down to rest a bit before going after the last of the goons she realized that these things weren't to mess with. Even if she had assumed them to be right before entering, this was the grand line after all, anything could happen.

End of post summary:

Sara descends even lower, now approaching the lowest chamber. She kicked the asses of 11 of the goons that had stayed to protect the leader and his personal assistants going into the vault, but she gets shot in both of her shoulders in the process. Now she's resting and preparing to storm the vault with the leader in it.

WC in post: 897 (Not including the summary)
Total WC: 2956 / 2800
Goons Left:

T1 - [0 / 50]  
T2 - [0 / 15]
T3 - [3 / 3]
T4 - [1 / 1]

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4The First Job [Task] [Open] Empty Re: The First Job [Task] [Open] on Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:17 am

The vault was big... like really big. It was separated by several different corridors where the walls was deposit boxes. It was one of the main banks of Water 7 after all. As she stood in the entrance of the bank vault she loomed and glanced towards all the places they could be at. The deposit box walls was at least 50 meters tall, but as long as one got up there, they could stand there as from the wall up to the roof was about 50 more meters. This got her to think about getting up there to be able to locate them.

As she got grips at the locks of the deposit boxes she used them as climbing rocks on a rocky wall sort off deal allowing her to climb further and further. As she got to the top she looked over the quite dark vault. But as she looked closer she could see a ray of a flash light getting pointed up at times, several actually at different positions. On her left and right was two and one was straight in front of her. Damn it, there's a few left. Guess I'll take the right one then the left one and finish of with the middle. This will hopefully go smooth. she thinks to herself as she balances on the wall. She turned her body right and prepared to jump from wall to wall, each was around 3 meters apart from each other and if she was gonna get this thing finished quickly she was going to need to accelerate her speeds a bit.

As she jumped from wall to wall she got closer and closer, and soon she could hear the man talking to himself as it appeared to only be one. A faint sound of boxes getting opened forcefully by a small drill could also be heard. It came closer and closer as she jumped, her heels making noisy sounds as they clanged on to the iron deposit boxes heads.

As she arrived to the deposit box wall right before the robber she looked down and saw him. He was dressed like everyone else of the goons, brown-black attire with a robe and a skiing mask with a hat on top of it. As she jumped up and aimed straight for him she fell towards her targeted goal. Having her heels as her weapons in this case. And right as she crushed down the heels penetrated his shoulders and crushed them before he could react. He tries to bolster himself to try and deny any more of him getting destroyed. When Sara noticed this she jumped away from him by a few meters and looked towards the gravely injured man. His screams filled the air and if one were to listen his pain could probably be felt on oneself.

As she approached him again he could barely lift his arms, if anything. So he resorted to kicks. If one was to look at the situation from afar it could almost look as if they sparred. Clashing kicks after kicks, loud notices of pain filled the air around them and as she got an opening she kicked him straight in the gutter, making him fly at least 25 meters away into a deposit wall, and because of the overwhelming amounts of pain that he had received thanks to the crushed shoulders of his and the now received gut kick he passed out on the cold stone floor.

One out of three done. Now the left one is to be dealt with she thought to herself as she climbed back up on the deposit boxes. She looked over everything again and looked over the overwhelming amounts of distance that she had to cross. But she saw it there in the horizon, the left flash light. As she ran across the walls she got closer and closer once again, the chilly air made her shiver as he bloody bandages got more red by the minute. She should have reapplied it with that mans cloth-like wears she thought to herself in between pants and coughs as she got closer to the ray.

She was finally there she told herself, after standing right above this one she thought that she needed a new strategy, as the others screeches of pain could probably be heard from all across the giant vault. A result of this is that the man below her looked a lot more alert and prepared. As if he was almost ready to be jumped.

As she noticed which deposit box he was opening next she went down quite fast by latching onto the locks whilst falling and found the corresponding one to the next on that he was going to open and by charging her fist straight into it as she heard him opening it up she grabbed his hand and pulled it straight through with his arm to the other side making him stuck there.

"Being alert didn't help you much huh?" she said to the now panic driven villain of sorts. As she quickly jumped up to the walls top she flew down next to the man, crushing the stone below her. With a quick and successful kick to the mans stomach he was out of the action, or well a few kicks to be precise.

"Only... one... left.. ough I'm too tired of these kinds of things. I need a bit of rest she says as she lays herself down next to the passed out man. She ripped the cloth of off him to reapply the bandages to her shoulders with her limited medical knowledge to try to keep her from extensive blood loss.

After a few minutes her body felt a bit better, and thus she decided that she needed to go out with a bang, she needed to finish this, she couldn't fail the first mission she accepted (unintentionally almost) as a vice admiral now could she?! As she started jumping up towards the wall she sat and looked towards the last rays of light. Two at the same place.

This could prove to be more difficult than she thought. As she stood up and started running towards them she felt that her stamina had returned, at least enough so to dish out the justice these people needed in their lives. As she got closer and closer she could hear an angry voice, quite the masculine one too, ordering around someone that sounded really scared right under her. It was someone that looked to be the same as the others, and someone really big, with a black skiing mask, a fluffy jacket of sorts and black sneakers. The jacket was fully closed so she couldn't see the content under it but he was armed with a rifle and was looking out for anything that might disrupt their plan it seems.

As the boss as she would come to call her walked away from his lacky to investigate something Sara took the opportunity. She flew down towards the man which quickly dodged her and walked a bit away from her before arming his rifle and aiming it straight towards her.

"Guns are for actions, not threats, are you going to pull that trigger? Could you take someones life and have the consciousness to live with it for the rest of your days?" she says to the small scared goon that didn't seem to want any part of this what so ever.

"Yes, or, do I, no, I don't.. Know" he said as he got a crying tint in his voice. This man has a honest heart she thought to herself, maybe he was worth the pleasure of having her as a captain and being lead towards the light? "I tell you what, I can help you out of here, you won't have to take any charges upon you, but then you gotta be guided under my supervision, I can turn you to the light. Sounds good?" she told the almost crying teen standing before her, he wasn't even a man yet, but is still forced to do these types of things.

"Yes.. *sniff* Ma'm" he said while looking up towards her, a smile formed on his face before Sara told him to climb up and then she would meet him there after dealing with that radiant beast that he was with earlier.

He did as instructed and climbed his way up on the wall whilst turning off his flashlight and waited patiently for his new found captain to return. As she saw this her senses told her to go and make this boy free, to beat up the leader of this whole operation. Before thinking she ran towards the general direction of where the man had gone. Before seeing the flash light ray, she went into the corridor and saw him before her, about 25 meters away. "Hey sorry pal, but I don't think you own this. " she says as she encloses on him in a sprinting speed. As she jumps towards the 4 meter man she readies her right fist and gives it all her strength to try and deal as much damage as she could fathom in one punch of her remaining strength. As he tried to dodge the sudden conflict that had risen he got punched straight in his right shoulder, making him dazed for quite the while before he's ready to look upon his opponent and recognize her as a force to be reckoned with. Whilst he's dazed she dashes backwards and looks upon her new opponent, she had already dealt quite the major wound to him so she should be able to take him out she thought to herself.

As he readied himself he ran into the fray and tries punching her with a solid left swing, but it connected with her right one, thus creating a kind of a stalemate, they went back and forth like this before Sara gave it her all and smashed him back resulting in his forearm and left hand being broken before he gets pushed back a few meters.

As she dashed back again she sighed and panted as she looked upon the heaviest challenge she had encountered yet. This person is just mere steps away from her abilities in the same areas. His strength was far from futile after all. As he charged her again she realized that she could block it and got jabbed straight in the stomach and got sent flying backwards and right into the iron deposit box wall behind her. As she coughed up a bit of blood she looked towards him, the man that stood before her was quite the power house.

Her body being stressed enough she was thinking that this might be the moment she lays off, but no, inspiration from all her crew members filled her mind, her goals, her destiny, it all filled her heart and as that she stood up and raised her body proudly in a straight posture. She started running towards him and as her speed increased further and further she soon disappeared for him, and in an instant her fist connect with his face. As her fist intertwined with his masculine face she prepared to customize it to her liking forever to come as she sent him flying with a fist imprint spanning his entire face.

As he flew he crossed straight into the iron boxes behind him, making quite the mark out of it. The extensive damage he had taken took a toll on him and right as he was about to stand up his body forced him down again. Sara could barely stand either making this a sudden death match so to speak, one against the other, the last attack wins. And as Sara started sprinting towards the man he raised himself just barely and she got the last kick in on him, making him fly over her head and last straight behind her. Right after landing an onyx black sheen engulfed his head, as if he was too slow to apply it for him to be saved and make a comeback against her.

Panting and coughing blood became usual for awhile after the fight, she had won. She rested a bit before asked the boy to come down. As he climbed down carefully he saw her injured on the flooring. "NOO, woman! Are you alright? Do you want me to carry you out of here?" he said with a tone of distress in his voice.

"That *pant pant* would be lovely *pant cough* dear. I'll *pant* describe directions *cough* " she said as he carried her out from the building. After the several floors of staircase walking she was finally out. The marines had followed her footsteps in there but they saw as Sara had taken good care of it until now then why would she dissapoint now? The pair met the officer halfway through the first floor which thanked her for her service there today. She said that she didn't need boasting, but her paycheck could definitely need some loving.

They laughed as they parted ways and the boy carried her all the way to the ship. As she rested on her ship the next few days and close to it while it got its repairs handed to it, she recruited the young man to her crew, as well as comforted her crew by retelling the epic tale day after day until the ship and herself was back in a working shape.


End of post summary:

As she enters the final chamber she takes out the leaders of the operation as well as recruits a boy to her marine division as she fights for her life to make it out of the building after the dramatic events that followed.

WC in post: 2236 (Not including the summary)
Total WC: 5192 / 2800
Goons Left:

T1 - [0 / 50]  
T2 - [0 / 15]
T3 - [0 / 3]
T4 - [0 / 1]

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