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1Welcome to Funland(open) Empty Welcome to Funland(open) on Tue Nov 08, 2016 4:18 pm

The room fell silent, as Reina and Lana brought the unconscious man into the room. The people present were all good friends of Lana's, people who raised her since birth. Their eyes seared into the blonde who couldn't bear to hold her head up high as she brought a wanted criminal into their house. Reina on the other hand looked forward with her head held high, there not being an ounce of hesitation in her eyes. The wife of the household directed the two girls to a nearby guest room where Reina dropped the pirate on floor, leaving a loud thud in the process. The room they were in was ten by ten, just enough to accommodate a single person and their needs. The soaked redhead turned to her friend who was shutting the door. She had a pensive expression and still could not raise her head or make a single utterance.

" You're supposed... You're supposed to keep me in check Lana Dresden. How can do you do so if your head is lower than the floor boards?", reina said. Her gaze affixed upon her friend who instead of being her better half, was now not able to even speak her mind. " wh--w-what do you expect to accomplish?", she muttered in a faint whisper, biting her lower lip. Without hesitation she stomped forward and pinned Reina against the wall by the collar, " If the Navy finds out about this mess, what do you think that'll make you"?

" I'd reckon a traitor. A deserter. A pirate sympathizer", she said. The red head's gaze never once left the blonde's. " Instead of getting frustrated with me or only telling me to leave him for dead, how about helping me out here. The government is now after me. They'll use you to control my actions and take my freedom". Lana's grip loosened on her commanding officer's collar, " I don't know what to do. Am I nothing more than a burden?"

Reina picked her friend up in a bear hug and twirled her about for a bit, before letting her back down with a smile. " I know yer a lilly livered coward, but you're my shipwright. We're going to build that ship one day. But first we have to fucking teach these guys a lesson". She said, walking toward Bazel as her cloths started to dance around her arms, a thick black coat which almost looked like metal forming over her arms and hands. " The question is, do I live by my principles and give every person a chance, or do I end this pirate before he can be a threat"?

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Welcome to Funland(open) Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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2Welcome to Funland(open) Empty Re: Welcome to Funland(open) on Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:43 pm

OOC: Something came up will inish soon

Bazel wasn't in the best situation right now regarding his health. He had got punched in the chest which ended up knocking him clean out. To add insult to injury he ended up going over the ledge on the streets of Water 7 which resulted in Bazel being nearly drowning before being saved by Reina. Now though, Bazel was in a sleep state where his mind gained its strength which replenished his body. In his mind Bazel was in a white space, he couldn't see up,down,left or right. Everything looked like infinite space. Bazel himsel wouldn't respond to the thud his body made against the ground but it did start to register with his body that he needed to wake up. Still Baz continued to remain unconscious. His body was healing with all of the water still in his body. Flashes in Bazel's mind showed him getting brought to the surface by a shadow. It was a woman but he couldn't make out in his mind who it was. He continued to wonder before his body began to function properly by oozing water out slowly to the side of his face as it slid down from his mouth.

It was all the outsidemovement and noise that broke Bazel up/ He couldn't stay sleep through all of this noise. It was then Bazel would gag on the water he currently had stored in mouth. Directly in the face of Rea the water from Bazel's mouth flew and instantly the water covered the woman standing over him. She would have been drenched in the water Bazel had coughed up. From there the firebird himself would take a deep breathe as his body was in dire need of air. He'd roll on the ground having all fours against the surface of the ground. The deep heavy breathing Bazel was experiencing had him thinking about the punch and how he was thrown into the water. He remembered Reina bringing him back up and to shore. Bazel who was soaking wet would turn his head upwards towards the woman. "Thank you, If it weren't for you.. I wouldn't be here right now" said Bazel who was more angry than anything else. He needed to get his revenge on that man when they crossed paths again. Hopefully for Bazel's sake that would be soon.

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3Welcome to Funland(open) Empty Re: Welcome to Funland(open) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:08 am

Reina stood silently for a moment with a twitching grin which slowly formed over her face as the saliva and sea water slowly dripped down her face. On the one hand he seemed to be able to at least thank her for her efforts. On the other she had this rage building up inside of ehr as she watched him try to get back on his feet, still spewing up water as he desperately tried to clear his lunges.

She brought her blackened thumb to her face and wiped a wad of flem from her cheek before quickly approaching Bazel and taking a seat on his back. Her sword while it was sheathed, was still half seastone and would probably unintentionally mess with his body and start to sap his strength slightly. Casually she looked over herself while patting his shoulders, gesturing Lana to sit as well. The blonde looked back at her and shook her head, still slightly fearful of him. She shrugged at Lana with a nonchalant expression and turned her attention back to firebird, whom she now had her fist planted at the nape of his neck for support. " So mister firebird, at least you have manners,but what's with that tone of voice? Don't you realize the situation we're in now"? She crossed her arms and sighed heavily, pushing up her breasts. " EHHHHNT, too late. Likely the whole island will now converge on us. You for picking a fight with cipher pol and me if I don't turn you in".

Lana started to nervously laugh and stepped forward to interject. She sat just before the dripping wet Bazel, back straight and eyes dead ahead. " What was that all about at the tavern? Why did you antagonize a man who can make the whole island suffer? Don't you realize that even if you get turned in, his rage will not subside? He'll end up going slum to slum looking for you and in the process, taking more slaves and forced concubines", she said, desperately trying not to avert his tear filled gaze. Among the three in the room, it was Lana who'd suffer the most from this move. Even if Reina abandoned the marines and Bazel got his revenge, it would be her family and friends who would suffer at the hands of the world government and their puppet leader. " What are you going to do now mister firebird"?


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Welcome to Funland(open) Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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4Welcome to Funland(open) Empty Re: Welcome to Funland(open) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:26 am

Granted Bazel wasn't usually the nicest person around this woman Reina had earned some compassion from the fire bird. She probably had her own reasons for saving Bazel which we would hopefully find out sooner. Bazel would attempt to stand after noticing the face of Reina but before he could that the woman began to charge towards him "Wait, wh-" he was cut off by the woman taking a firm seat on his back with her sword touching his body. He began to feel incredibly weak with the object pressing against him. It was clear she had seastone in her presence. Bazel's eyes opened wider than normal as he began to spew fire from his mouth with his words out of anger "WHAT ARE YOU DOING REINA. GET OFF OF MY BACK" this is how Bazel probably earned the reputation of a fire breathing dragon like creature. He looked like a demon the way he was casually flipping out on Reina. She began to talk and basically ask Bazel about his decisions "The entire island isn't worried about me! I'm only worth 17 million beli!. I'm not even that important. What is important is that I find that bastard and punch his face in before he leaves the island for good" Bazel meant his words and was going to knock that fool's teeth down his throat.

It was then Lana sat in front of Bazel across from him. "You guys are really enjoying this aren't you" said Bazel as he was growing more annoyed by the second. Lana wanted to know what made Bazel lash out earlier in the bar against someone who could hurt them systematically and physically. Bazel didn't care about all of that, not right now anyway. He had bigger fish to fry in the form of Banshee. "I don't care about a cipher pol, a World Government.. A Banshee" said Bazel as he began to stand up causing Reina to slide off of his back. A fire in his eyes Bazel was definitely charged up right now. "Banshee and his friends have something important to me, they won't give me her I'll just take her. She would do it for me and for that I must return the favor. My sister is in the hands of this fool. Either you're going to leave now.. or You're going to help me protect my sister. The choice is yours"

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5Welcome to Funland(open) Empty Re: Welcome to Funland(open) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:07 am

As Reina was speaking, she looked on to him with a look of dismay, his passive fire spewing from his mouth like some sort of beast. This firebird wasn't one to scoff at she thought, even under the influence of seastone he was still able to exert his fruit powers passively. As she sat there, she thought hard about this man and his words, as he expressed a selfish and ignorant perspective when began to made her blood boil over. " You don't care abo--", she began to utter when the man stood up and caused her to slide down on one knee.

As she listened to him further, her mind started to go blank. She lunged forward while drawing her black blade as it sheared through the floor boards and stone walls like butter. Wind from the force of her blade zipped past Lana's hair and stopped a hair's width away from bazel's neck. She was standing in between the two, with blackened skin crawling up her neck. Her eyes trained on him, yet a calm and collected expression on her face. " You ignorant fuck. You scum", she said as her eyes started to glow as if heat was radiating from them literally. " You think what you did at valcan was going to go unnoticed? You destroyed half the island over night you piece of shit".

Lana put her hand on Reina's shoulder, trying to calm her down with a nudge. " Pirates, revs....government---they're all the same. The government justifies its tyranny through the vehicle which is justice and order. Pirates and revolutionaries all do what they want and hurt other people in the name of dreams and liberty. All of you are scum". Lana tried harder, pulling on Reina's arm to try and make her pull back the blade. Try as she might, her efforts would go in vain as the redhead held her blade out strong and steadily. " If I must go down the path of destroying the world starting with a paradise pirate worth 60 plus million beli, then so be it. If you are going to make my friend suffer, then---".

Just then Lana step in front of Reina with tears flowing down her cheek. " Your words hurt more than fire bird's Commodore...watching my friend plunge into madness hurts more than anything Cipher pol Xing Jao could do". For a moment Reina's eyes widened before going back to normal. She slowly withdrew her blade and gentle sheathed it.

"The one who needs to leave is you, firebird. You have your life, now go".


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Welcome to Funland(open) Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra
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6Welcome to Funland(open) Empty Re: Welcome to Funland(open) on Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:04 pm

Bazel had gotten tired entertaining the shenanigans of Reina and decided to finally reveal things were getting serious in regards to his situation with Banshee and his sister Elizabeth. There wasn't any room for games when it came to someone as precious as Bazel's family. The movements of Reina were powerful yet slow. Bazel was able to see them a mile away but elected not to move. He wasn't scared of what the woman was capable of doing, for one his haki was stronger than hers and the woman besides her. His neck was coated black as he continued to act as if she never launched an attack at him. The room itself began to melt with the two releasing their heat related ability. Reina began to yell as the passion in her words became evident. She truly meant it when she called Bazel scum. She went on to bring up his previous fight with Leparo and how it didn't go unnoticed as Bazel would hope. That probably explains this large bounty that he didn't know he had. He grew a smile as he heard Reina let her emotions out. He was more surprised the woman wasn't crying after getting herself so worked up.

The Lana woman was between them and all Bazel could do was hope she remained safe if the two went at it in here. She was trying to defuse the situation and rightfully so brought up how all three major parties worked to their benefit and just that. She wasn't entirely wrong and Bazel knew that. She even began to cry as she went into detail why the duo doing this right now would be a bad idea. Bazel continued to smirk because he was ready to cut loose at a moments notice. After the talking from Lana it was clear Reina didn't want to do this anymore. She thought over her actions and retracted her sword. Bazel snickered "So, all it took was some soft words for you to change your mind?" joked the fire bird. It was then Reina decided it was time for Bazel to get a move on and leave. He began to work forward towards the entrance of the room before stopping halfway through it. "Though, I won't lie to you.." said Bazel before he turned his head halfway back to Reina and Lana "I'm not leaving Water 7 without my sister. You can try and stop me all you want.. But Banshee has to pay" said Bazel before he kept his exit.

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