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As Draco was mending his wounds from the fighting that Cheiftain guy and his tribe of weaklings, Draco had done bit of pirating...He learned some cool things over the bit of 2 weeks....He kinda robbed some marines and blew up quiet a bit of was fine....Nah...It wasn't just Fun......IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Draco slept like a baby until the roar of a rather hungry Sea King woke him up, a large vein appeared on his forehead as he then jumped while he roared "GOMU GOMU SNIPER!" His fist stretched back as he brought it forth before he then punched it right into the cheek of the sea king send it flying with a shattered jaw, he then landed right onto his boat with a much calmer face as he then dropped back and landed while he looked into the distance before falling back into a deep sleep.

His sleep wasn't interrupted for quite a bit of time as he had been drifting for quietly through the rough and tough sea filled with rather violently beasties that wanted to eaten but they got eaten instead. Draco then awoken as he could no longer sleep as he then began to paddle his ship, he did this but he had a feeling that he was being followed....'Who the hell could be follow me?' His question were answers as a cannonball was blasted right at his boat which shook it greatly.....which annoyed the live hell out of the Megalodon, Draco then jumped up as he yelled "Geppo!" The screams of shock and horror was heard as the crews of 3 ships were heard. Draco wasn't happy and they were gonna pay for pissing him off.

Word Count: 310/250

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Draco kicked off the air rapidly, one powerful kick after another as he traveled right over one of the ships. He wasn't enjoying this a single each bit, they destroyed his traveling boat....he like that boat.......Those damn bastards were gonna pay dearly for what they had done, Draco dodged any and all cannonballs that were fired at him. It was getting quite annoyed that he couldn't close the distance until he snatched a cannonball out of the air and whipped at one of the ships, it slammed into the hull of the boat and that pause in time allowed Draco to finally get in their.

He then kicked the air so he would travel directly down and slammed into one of the ships, putting a large hole into the rather medium ship.  The ten man crew stopped and peered into the bleak hole into their ship, only for a large hand to stretch forth grab one of their masked heads and pulled him in as Draco beat the crap out of the him before he punched the masked tribesmen right out of the hole as he leaped out with a happy go lucky grin as he began to beat the crap out of all tribesmen surrounding him.

Draco the threw them all of before he let out a devil-like roar as he yelled "I'm Draco V. Zephyr.....Like Hell, you'll beginning me down!" The entire group of tribesmen then got extremely worried as the powerful warrior beginning to get very....very angry but they then realized that Draco was the man who was handling their tribe...and their chief......they were screwed.

Word Count: 289/250

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His roar of defiance was responded with gunfire, arrows and anything that the people on the other ships could launch at him, He said to himself "Kami-e" dodge out of the way of all the projectiles that were launched at him before he said to himself "Soru" And with a burst of speed, he vanished.

Confusion ran through out the remaining groups of tribesmen, they looked around the best they could as they only then noticed the a shadow in the sky as Draco then feel down like a anchor and plow through the hall of the second ship as he then jumped out before it started to sink as he then did the same while yelling "Tekkai!" which made him hard like iron and fall straight down on the deck and plowing through the hall of the first ship he attacked. He had been completely annihilated them and he was having fun do it, it was always fun to mess around but it was also gave him some more experience in using his Senshi No Michi Rokushiki which was still sort of new to him.
Draco then looked at the last ship as a bloodthirsty grin appeared on his face as he jumped over to the ship as he then began to beat the crap out of the remaining tribesmen.

Draco V. Zephyr then looked at the ship, it was sea worthy and it didn't need alot of people to actually handle it....Perfect...He then searched the bodies of the tribesmens who were unconscious.....or dead, he couldn't care if they in between both. He was gonna throw them overboard for pissing him and destroying his best friend....little boat....Ship gods bless, little boat.
Finding a strange contraption that seemed to be a compass but was a was too small for his wrist he would wear it for a ring.

The more he looked at it, the stupider it appeared to be but not a care could be given to at Draco's thought process as he tossed everything that had been part of the previous crew out and that included them as well. to Reverse Mountain...and to deal with this person that caught his interest.

Word Count: 393/250

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