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Task Name: A New Ship.....why do they have a phoenix?
Location: Reverse Mountain
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description: Defeating the crew wasn't so hard only to find out the men guarding the ship were pretty weak but also that their leaders were just getting some treasure so it would be a pain to take care of....they had a bird that was on fire two.......THAT IS ON FIRE?
Enemy Details: 2 Tier 2 Tribal Warriors

Warbird of the red tribe:

Boss Name: Warbird of the red tribe
Tier: 3
Description: A rather strange species of large bird produced a special liquid on it's feathers which when it becomes angrier, it's body will light on fire for a period of time. The Warbird of the red tribe are extremely violently and predatory so they are very difficult to have as pets or beast of war.
Devil Fruit: -
Haki: -
Strength: 3
Durability: 2
Speed: 4
Perception: 3

As Draco flew through the air, he then suddenly noticed that a large shadow above him as massive bird appeared out of nowhere and cawed at directly at him, the caw was deafening as he had felt that he had lost his hearing for a bit which made him grab his ears  in pain only to suddenly be knocked down to earth, he managed to kicked the air as a makeshift geppo before he hit the water. Breathing heavily as most of the wind in his system had suddenly been knocked out of him, Draco stared right at the bird. It was....well huge and powerful as it flapped it's wings, small shock waves appeared that blew away considerable amount of air to keep it's monstrous fram up in the air.

Gazing at the seemingly powerful creature, Draco V. Zephyr smiled as he roared at the beast only for the bird to caw as loudly as he roared back at him. it flew at him at greater speeds while Draco did the same by kicking harder using his geppo more effectively,the two then meet just above the water and slammed directly into each other cause a explosion because of the force and power that the two rammed into each other, Draco had no dealt with something this big which had this amount of strength as he was then suddenly knocked back and far away from. Smiling through the pain as he then geppo right back over to the Bird before he slammed his fist into it's skull which knocked it back just as far.

The bird seemed surprised by certain feathers on it's face lifting and shift in moment which made it have a confused face, Draco grinned before he said "He, didn't expect me to be strong huh?" Knowning that the wild animal couldn't understand a single word that he had said but he knew that it wouldn't be happy with the smugness that he gave in his voice as he was right as it gave a loud roar in his direction,
he held his hand into his face to prevent the air but also a unknown substance from going directly into his eyes as he had suddenly noticed that strange globs liquid was seen on the feathers of the bird, Draco didn't like the situation that he was in at the moment and that bird seemed like had something up in it's sleeve....well, wing.

Word Count: 427/250

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It was quiet through the mist only for a explosion that was caused by two very strong beings crashing into each other and they were Draco V. Zephyr and the Warbird of The Red Tribe, the force that the two had generated against each other was rather impressive while the ability to brawling in the air made it even harder than most thought it was. The rubbery fishman used his Geppoed to launch himself closer to the large bird with his fist cocked back where it suddenly began to stretch backwards. Ignoring the actions of it's opponent, the bird charged forth with peak opened ready to bite the fishman in half where it then halted as it heard the fishman's warrior-cry like yell. "Gomu Gomu Flintlock" A fist slammed directly into the jaw of the fighting beast which then sent it flying out of Draco's max range/reach, the power of the attack sent it flying a great deal away from him but the attack wasn't strong enough to defeat the creature.

A very loud Tch came through the razor sharp teeth of Draco, he wasn't having this bullcrap right now and he isn't going let some bird shrug off his punch like it was nothing. The warbird then speed up and vanished for a second only for it to appeared right behind Draco where it then slashed his back with it's talons leaving a rather deep cut into him which made alot of blood drip out of his body, Draco turned right around with a enrage smile as he then slammed his fist into it's stomach which made it punk up the bile in it's stomach.

They are started to falling only for them to kept themselves up with their respective flight abilities as they blasted off towards their respective counterparts only for them to then slammed against each other, Draco's large fist and the sole of one of the Warbird's Feet. Pushing as hard as they could where the fishman managed to be superior in this situation as it blew past the huge foot and slam it the bird's jaw once again.

Word Count: 377/250

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Peering at eachother with fury in their eyes, Draco would then kick air while using Gomu Gomu No Mi to extend the initial range of his Geppo. The Warbird burst forth only for him while it tucked in it's wings to allow it be far more aerodynamic, It then flipped over to unleash it's talons which were ready to impale the rubbery fishman. Draco didn't expect this and ran right into the talons, they pieced a great deal of his body but lucky for him they didn't hit anything vital. Blood pour out of the many holes on his body which ignited the rage inside of him.

He then threw both of his fist back as he then yelled "Gomu Gomu JAVELIN!" The large knuckles of the Draco's fists were suddenly buried into the stomach of the Warbird, it coughed up quite a bit of blood before it pushed the fishman away from it where it tried to shrug off it's wounds but found it much, much harder.

Draco had been sent a great away from the Warbird in which he was then slammed into a landmass which sort off saved him,
he skipped a bit before he managed to reacquire his footing, blood dripped out of the holes of his body while he tried to stand on his feet only for him to fall right on his knees. He exhaled heavily because of the pain that went through his body where he managed to finally got up to his feet where he couldn't see the bird because of the mist was in the way of his eyes.

Word Count 285/250

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The Warbird's eyes managed to lock onto the rubbery fishman, rage enter it's being as was injury by a much weaker and inferior creature that was Draco. Suddenly, it began to scratch it's against each other constantly. it kept on doing this until a sudden spark appeared and it's body lit aflame, a booming cawk came from it's mouth where it suddenly launched itself at it's opponent.

Draco heard the bird and turned to see where it was, he got into his stance as his heavy breathing slowed him down. Out of nowhere the Wardbird appeared before him, covered in flames which didn't hurt but instead made it alot stronger as it then did a kick in at Draco which he managed to dodge but it's power was far great because of a massive hole that was suddenly created from the impact, his eyes widened at the power this stupid animal was able to generate now. Weaving out of the way the sudden increase in fast kicks and talon stomps, Draco blocked a hit only for his arms to scorched by a great deal which made him cry out in pain.

The warbird's rush slowly but surely kept getting faster and faster which lead to more holes into his body and large patches of scorched skin, the pain kept Draco from getting back his focus and momentum. Warbird grinned in which it then chomped onto Draco's shoulder as it's peak almost went to the bone as it flew up with Draco in mouth only for it to throw him down to earth and charge at him, a small earthquake happened when the massive bird crash into the fishman which almost broke the land mass that he was on. It smiled as it then flew away still blazing a trail of fire as it flew away but little did it know that Draco wasn't out of it....A smile, a blood caked and cracked lipped smile appeared onto his face as he opened his eyes with a excited look on his face.

Word Count: 361/250

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A blood filled cough came where the crater the Warbird had put him in burst out as multiple rocks came from the large hole in the ground. The Warbird then turned right around as it heard the noise from the hole it made which then a look of a pure shock and terror came over it as the now heavily injured but furious Draco V. Zephyr. Roaring with rage in his throat before he yelled "SORU!" As burst of speed happened in which he managed to close the distance between them and he cocked back his fist while he then yelled "Gomu Gomu Sniper!" His fist smashed right into the skill of Warbird, he endured the pain of the burns on his hand as he then continued to punch the creature into oblivion where he dodge out of the way of any talon attacks before he then yelled again "Gomu Gomu DaneAxe!" Stretch his legs as he then proceed to do kick the Warbird in it's neck before he then kick it right into guts. Draco had been beating the hell out of this creature but it was part of his last burst if he couldn't beat this damn animal then he was screwed.......or so he thought as the Warbird was being pushed back and back by the rapid attacks before He winds up a big one and slams it right into the bird's beak knocking it back a great deal but also crack it's beak.

Draco breathed heavily as he looked at the beast before him, it was the best fight he has had in whole life and everything was gonna to get beater/tougher, smiling as he yelled to the sky "GIVE YOUR BEST WORD....I WANT TO BE THE STRONGEST SO MAKE ME FIGHT THE STRONGEST!!!" he bird didn't understand him but that voice of determination and conviction pissed it off. so it charged forth in which the flames on it's body burned even hotter and brighter.

Word Count: 356/250

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