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1Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Empty Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] on Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:10 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Task Name: Yotsuba Reading materials
Tier: 2
NPC or PC: Npc
Location: Yotsuba Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal or Crew
Description:Elisa will be singled out by a Shoaling monk who is interested in teaching Elisa his ways mentally and Physically by not only showing her what he can do but what she can do without using her other skills and thus for her to not only to gain his blessing but the materials she will need to learn the ways of the shoaling she must beat this monk while only using her standard abilities
Enemy Details: 1 tier 3 Shoaling Monk
Boss: (No)
The meeting of two forces 

An old man with white short hair a ragged coat with clear signs of wear and tear but it was what was underneath and hidden from those around that made this man unique. A very thin cloth colored in a fragrant black yellow and blue with a very mysterious pattern across the garp one that would not be easily forgotten but as it stands none in the world of the living bare the blessing of remembering let alone forgetting the meaning behind it.  The three colors patterned like this represented an old group of monks which were born in the waters of the new world and stood as a pillar of power before the Yonkos, the marine and even before their conception and yet while they were said to have long lives and power the collective no longer truly exists. Despite the fact of their demise this man walking through the darks of Yotsuba Island didn't just bare their mark but was, in fact, the weakest member of the Shaolin Monks and has lived for a long long time.

The monk was looking to pass on his skills and knowledge as it was only a matter of time before he had to leave for a duty based endeavor that would most likely end in his existence and just by chance Elisa would be the perfect candidate. The two would meet in the center of a nearby fountain as Elisa had just successfully stopped a bandit from robin a young kid doing his daily shopping for his ill mother.  “Excuse me, youthful woman, could I interest you in some meditation,” the monk by the name of snow said to Elisa has he approached her from a dark alley in which he was relaxing. Taking a few steps forward towards Elisa as she turned to face him “I saw how you dealt with that situation, you easily could've killed him, injured him or even used mental attacks” He places one hand in the air with his index finger pointed out as his shoulders rotate backward “BUT!” “But you didn't, you accomplished your goal without inflicting a single injury”. “Sorry, but I'm not interested in meditation..Have a nice day”.  

Elisa would start to walk down the street after declining the old man's invitation to be his underling “Are you sure, you could greatly increase your skills if only you focused your cells”. Elisa would turn to face the monk with a slightly annoyed face as her eyes lifted and forehead was slightly flattened, with a slight breath leaving her lips as she placed her hands together[palms facing upwards]. “I am sorry but with no disrespect, no amount of sitting on my ass will benefit my skills”.

Word Count 455

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Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Rzw76K1
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2Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Empty Re: Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:57 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Almost instantly after the two had exchanged final words would the monk have not only of knocked Elisa unconscious but in a manner that made no sense; within 1 seconds he had managed to reach Elisa, grabbed Elisa face and somehow by gently placing her head on a pillow he had placed on the ground during this entire motion knocked her out. Though this was known as an art of the Shaolin causing no damage but controlling their consciousness to a high degree; during one's training, they would learn about specific points in the human body that if pressure is applied the most mundane things could happen as one falling into a dream.

Elisa would awake inside a religious church a few hours later feeling better than she had in a long time; it wasn’t that Elisa had been stressed, unnaturally staying up long hours or even just having an uncomfortable sleeping area but due to how the monk had put her to sleep had left a very warm calm in her body and soul; Inside the church Elisa would be laying flat on a grass meadow part of a custom made garden inside the church with a warm sunlight gaze as the monk sat cross-legged 4 meters away from her with his eyes closed and hands on his knees gripped tightly. Normally after being kidnapped, one would instantly grow to be defensive of their own safety or angry at the penetration of their pride but with the smell of sunflowers and a strange lemony scent in the air, this would not be the case Elisa awoke in a strange positive mood.

Once she had lifted herself up she would be the spot the meditating monk with her eyes falling into an annoyed curious and somewhat confused snake eyes stare look as her full attention had grabbed the entirety of the monk. “Ahhh I see your awake” “Your eyes are closed” “but my mind is open” “Not if you don’t tell me how and why” “All in good time, you must first understand” “Understand what” Why your senses, of course, oh and the brush of nature” hmm hmm”.
Elisa wasn’t sure what to think of this situation but she did know one thing, it would take more than a day to learn what the Brush of nature could mean nor was she really interested in learning this monk's secret”

Now before I take this any further a test must take place, for me to prove to you and vice verse, we must fight each other without any of our personal abilities above the normal human, just mono on mono” “Did you really just say Mono on Mono” *The monk would take a strange battle stance as if he was a Imitating an animal of sorts, and thus Elisa puts up her fists like a boxer*.


Post count 476
Total = 931

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Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Rzw76K1
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3Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Empty Re: Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] on Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:51 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Elisa charges forward leading of her right foot as she attempts to end this quickly by kicking the monk in the right side of his skull, though the monk avoids the attack with a simple lean back though with a rapid adjustment she strikes down on the monk's foot but yet again he dodges moving his foot back. Elisa attempts to rotate her body in an elegant manner away from her attack to recalculate the situation but. As if the monk was reading every move she was making had to speed to her final position landing two palm strikes to the stomach launching her back. "Your moves are so loud". 

Elisa jumps of a nearby pillow for an aimed right kick as she, bounced off the ground once more before landing her own attack of both her feet making contact with the upper abdomen of the monk snow before catapulting herself back Kicking him twice more in his chin, on Landing she would charge forward like a rhino with a barrage of punches "It doesn't matter if you can hear me coming, if I'm already there".  Snow would block every punch of Elisa with an open hand as he was forced to take multiple steps back. Just as snow reached the church wall behind him as he continued reacting to the speed of Elisa he would place one foot on the wall to pushing off for acceleration.  Snow would land an overhanded punch right into Elisa forehead; a small moment of pause would take place at the moment of contact as if time was stopped while the camera rotated behind Elisa and just as it started to continue Elisa would be sent flying. 

Elisa would land on a glass window of the church behind her and yet despite her velocity is able to elegantly secure her position bringing herself to a halt without crashing into the window or causing it to crack, nor when she pushed herself off it to once again charge towards Snow as she sprinted fast with the goal of ending this with a single blow but Snow ran in a circular manner to end up behind her knowing she would be tunnel vision but Elisa had the instincts to know he would be behind her. and as she reached the last pillow Elisa would go into a rapid backflip kicking the skull of the snow monk in the process.

Word Count 406
Total = 1337

Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Rzw76K1
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4Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Empty Re: Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] on Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:24 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
While the fight could go on significantly longer between Elisa and the Monk Snow he had determined that he was right she is the perfect candidate to be his pupil and thus bowed his head with one arm across his torso as if to conceive his defeat to Elisa while Elisa would consider it a draw as one blow isn't enough to defeat a Master of any forum of combat.  "Well madam may i please have the honor of knowing your name?" an annoyed look would form on Elisa face streaming a negative feeling towards snow "Madam?"Miss?"?"Woman" Her eyes widen as her anger grows "Mmmmm you". While Elisa wanted to punch him she withstrained herself and simply gave her name "I am Elisa, and you are?". "I am Snow Monk of the Shaolin martial arts and from here on out your teacher". 

Snow turns his back to Elisa as he walks away towards a door at the end of the building, and thus Elisa would follow him and as he walked he would continue to tell her about the art itself and what one would gain from mastering it along with what one needs to learn to fully implement it. Once they were in the next room he would hand Elisa five scrolls with equivalent amounts of information within them to that of books worth of knowledge. Additionally, he explained that for her to grow as a fighter not only did she need to increase her defensive capabilities but more importantly her perception of herself, around herself and the shuttles strings of the perception of nature's grip and her surroundings.

While Elisa still technically hadn't accepted this situation as he did originally kidnap her she was starting to understanding its worth and something like this would be incredibly important considering the nature of her fruit but she did have the usage of her Haki to cover such things but before she could mention this the monk had already moved to this topic and how Haki is good but is required to be activated and is useless during everyday live and long war-like battles and that with her skills and drive a major conflict was unavoidable. 

Elisa and Snow would talk for several Hours before Elisa was set on her course relating to her newly achieved homework of training her body, learning the scrolls and forming her own conclusions and connections and thus they went their separate ways with a meeting due to happen in the grand line.
"I wonder if my crew are ready for such a voyage".

Wordcount = 435 
Total Word count = 1772

Yotsuba Reading materials [Task] Rzw76K1
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