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2 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:50 am

Early to bed, early to rise was the motto most marines held themselves to. This was especially true for cadets and other enlisted soldiers. Reina tended to fall asleep at lights out and was awake one hour earlier than most of her assigned battalion. Logue town was a place she found herself in after being too exhausted to choose the right ship, thus she ended up in a different blue rather than the grand line. Although it was perfectly fine to her as archipelago allowed her to swim from island to island as a form of training and release during her down time. Today on the last day of October, she found herself in the company of her commanding officer, a woman named Cerulean Faith.

Reina didn't know the rear admiral well, but a part of her was intrigued by her standing alone. The rest of her was on guard against her, as she expected the woman to be a prude. Nothing worse than a sellout, was one with an air of superiority in her eyes. Cerulean however, was the exception which she'd come to realize in the coming night. Reina was supposed to formal wear for this excursion,but she felt no compulsion to do so unless it was at the threat of punishment. Thus she wore the same uniform she never took off, today it reeked of salt water and algae from her swim.

Cerulean was surprisingly laid back, but she started off serious as she proclaimed herself to be their chaperone. Reina rolled her eyes at the premise, they were adults in a territory where marines have a great influence over. Nevertheless she simply observed her and quickly realized that she and her fellow ensigns would be the ones watching over their tipsy commander. Reina's tune changed when the woman announced that she would be drinking everyone under the table. The corners of her mouth budged ever so slightly, forming a lowkey smirk. " Aye is so Rear admiral?" she asked, pulling up a chair with two mugs of ale. Reina reconsidered her decision, pensively staring at the cup she ordered, massive and bigger than her head with a handle that was 2 inches thick. " Bottom's up"! In one motion she downed the entire mug and slammed it on the table. " Bring it on, si--er Mam"! her eyebrows furrowed, gaze affixed upon her commanding officer.

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4 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:41 pm

Reina's interest was slightly peaked when no more than a split second after she finished her mug, that the clank of another heavy mug followed suit. As if the mug meant nothing to the veteran marine, she gaze Reina a slightly interesting look, registering the "sir" comment a few moments late. With the same fervor she called out for more booze, the atmosphere slightly shifting with her demand. Both the men and women in the bar reacted to her enthusiasm. However for a group of young men waiting to be served, they'd be in for quite the surprise.

Reina's jaw dropped slightly as she watched the timid barmaid stutter when the slightly inebriated armored woman not only approached as quietly as a mouse despite the armor,but also handling the drinks she wiped better than herself. One of the men stood to say something. However, he was stopped by a familar face. Another cadet from the base in civilian uniform shook his head and smiled back at the barmaid, asking for another tray.

Caught up in the scene Reina didn't notice the Cerulean sliding back into her seat, a pair of lonely drinks sat in front of her. She picked the shot glasses up and obliged the rear admiral's toast before guzzling them down with the same fervor as her competitor. Reina sat there stunned for a moment with her eye gaping wide, fighting the urge to vomit. Don't let it get to ya girl. FOCUS she coughed for a moment, wiping her tongue off with a nearby napkin. " Yoo cquazee goil", she said as she wiped the taste from her mouth. " That was a bit more than I could handle", she said scratching her head; wobbling to and fro.

As Reina regained her composure she noticed Cerulean lean in slightly, with slightly inquisitive gaze. Reina straightened up, heart thumping and leaning slightly back in her seat. With one glass still in her hands, a slight sizzling started to come forth, the glass starting to splinter in her the palm of her hand. " Tis a loaded question. buuuuut, if'n i had'ta pinpoint one reason"? Reina broke from cerulean's pace for a moment, to look upon the bar she hadn't really given much thought.

Smiling back at the rear admiral, she gestured at the scene around them. " This is what I'm in da Navy fer, to save the w'rld so that errone can enjoy this small slice of happy. To create a world where Pirates don't havta resort to crime to be free. N so the civilian populashin don't havta liv in fear of either marines r pirates". Her energy dipped for a moment as she sat back in her seat, with a slightly melancholy tone, " to create a world where the pirates could join us too. It saddens me liberty comes at the such a great cost". She chuckled slightly then looked back at Cerulean, " What bout you? Your motivations"?

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6 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:39 pm

Not knowing what to expect Reina scratched her chin pensively as she pondered what Cerulean meant by her story being common knowledge, but she nodded and returned the smile when she heard mention of her new family. Perhaps it was the alcohol or a mix of getting caught up in her commanding officer's pace again, but she was about to ask a follow up question about her past. Curious about her past in particular.

However she was interrupted when the issue about her choice of dress came up. Reina felt slightly dizzy, her mind a haze as she was also accused of putting the cat face on cerulean as well. " well uh you see there be thi--uh thing about funny thing when---", left without word Reian reached for the shot glass and downed it with reckless abandon.

Using the pain and actual action of taking the shot to buy some time, she coughed and rubbed her throat. " Well funnyyyy st'ry, uh I was gone till 1800 hours. hav'nt been back to base in almo's two days", she said scratching her head. " Annn as for your face...umm the guys bet me a couple hundrid beli ta do it. since i thot ya were one of them sticks in the mud. was like okay".

She postured herself to Cerulean by clapping her hands together to form a bridge with her arms. Head bowed and voice a little crackly, " fergive me siiii- I mean Lady Mam girl". Reina didn't believe an easy going woman such as herself could be anything but law abiding. Although she'd come to rethink that in a few moments.

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8 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:05 pm

A Halloween party, it didn't exactly sound like the most entertaining thing in the world, not by any stretch of the imagination. He had been to these things in the past, parties where all anyone did was sit around the wall and discuss work, the most exciting thing being when someone accidentally knocks their drink over. Still, here he was, another cog in the machine of morons who thought this might be at all interesting. Perhaps it was the promise of free drinks that had brought him out here, something he would soon find to be completely untrue. Glancing up either side of the street, as if searching for something better he could be doing, there was a deeply concerned look on the young mink's face, as if someone had just threatened his dog or tried to boil instant noodles with the flavoring in. Despite his regret in showing up to this place, he did have to admit that all he would be doing at home is cutting his toenails and having some alone time with his pinup calendar. He would be right fucked when he had to change over to September, the whole thing being stuck together a if it was a dumbasses collage book.

He was wearing only a pair of speedos, the rest of his body spray painted a deep orange with several black lines going over his back. He was supposed to be Garfield, but his anorexic figure didn't do the costume any favors at all. Gingerly, he pushed open the door, heading into the pub.

It was a lot more packed than he expected, but he didn't exactly know how many of the people in here were marines. What he was certain of was that the girl in the Marine outfit had a particularly offensive pattern on her face. She shoved his hands on his hips, legs spread, trying to make a dominant stance. Something that didn't work out all too well considering he was shorter and skinnier than almost everyone in here. "Hey bitch!" She shouted across the pub, obviously directed to the Marine who was dressed up. Strutting across the bar he prepared to give her a killer speech about cultural appropriation and that he was more than a costume, however it seemed like that would never happen as he dripped on a foot during his journey. Falling onto a table littered with drinks, his weight brought it down with him, the sound of crashing glass and broken wood filling the pub as he found himself soaked with beer, beginning to wash away at his body paint. Pain filled his body, ringing from every nerve like a direct message to his brain. "I hate Mondays." He grumbled to himself, waiting to get thrown out by security.

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10 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:58 am

Reina shook her head profusely, eyes scrunched shut and arms floundering about toward Cerulean. " No no no no--there be no way I would be with anybody or be able to pa--"  she stammered, before being interrupted by a certain loud mouth. Slowly her arms settled down and her eyes peeked toward the direction of a man who not only made more of a scene than cerulean,but was now approaching the pair of girls. He had no slur,but certainly was out of his damn mind. The weight of his naked body fell upon the table, making reina flinch as glass flew about and table itself was splintered and strewn all over the bar.

Reina poked his head and found he was still alive, just a little battered and soaked with alcohol. Suddenly she stood onto the chair and pronounced to the bar keep, " Hey bar lady maid chick! Scratch the ale, gimme 3 of yer hard'st drinks and some french fries. LOTS OF TATERS". Perhaps it was the alcohol or maybe the surprise,but right now she needed more. Lots more. Looking down upon Cerulean she said, " I'v no interist in dudes, nor chicks. Mah only loves is Justice and tater tots"! Planting her left palm upon her and flexing her arm with a grin.

Although her fun would be slightly dampened by the presence of an odd person who came in the bar shortly after. She felt this tickle feeling, like there was something else in the crowd. Someone who naturally had a presence which was larger than life. That presence, coming from a baby faced man who she didn't recognize,but was in some ways drawn to. Who's this weirdo?

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

13 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:38 am

Reina stood perched upon the stool,but her muscles were tense and energy was drained. The swim she had taken its toll on her, throngs of pain coursing through her body and pulsating more acutely in her limbs.The high from the alcohol, was now a haze which overcame her senses, her thoughts dampened by the presence of this man. His whistle had a strangely relaxing tone to it, child like and without even a hint of malice. Yet its affect on the bystanders in the bar all but killed their rambunctious mood.

No longer were they cheering on the orange colored minkman, who just a moment ago incited cheers from the crowd. Some even whistling, hoping to see the admiral and him in action probably. Now, they wobbled to and fro in a trance, eyes glazed over and devoid of any volition. She herself was only able to avoid it because of the slight trickle of blood from her palms.

Instinctively her hands were balled into airtight fists, eyes trained upon the man who was speaking to cerulean. Although he said nice things, even pleasant if you will. There was an insincerity in his tone, he came at the admiral with an air of familiarity or even admiration. While Cerulean had a strangely formal tone, laden with irritation and devoid of the glee she had moment before his arrival.

Outside the bar she felt the pitter patter of some frantic movements outside the bar. They were distinct from the rhythmic flow of the crowd. Someone was coming in their general vicinity, and it was most likely due to this guy over here. She leapt off the stool and ran to the barkeep, slapping him a few times." Ey barkeep, scratch that last order. We're gonna need 5, no 10...13, yes thirteen of yer hardest drinks", she said.


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14 Re: Office Party [Flashback Marines] on Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:11 pm

Things were going from bad to worse at an alarming rate. Sure, falling over and almost busting your skull open wasn't exactly a good event to begin with, but compared to what followed it was practically peaches and cream. He knew it was a bad idea to come to this place, that nothing good would come of it. He hadn't listened to his gut instinct, what kinda sailor was he? His mother would be disappointed in him, bless her soul. He steadily pushed himself to his feet, his legs shaky under his weight, his head still spinning from the impact. Maybe he should be thankful, the fact that everyone was focused on something else basically meant that he got off scott free. The situation may have changed for everyone else, but Landru seemed to be completely oblivious of that, carrying on as if everyone was still a pack of drunks. Maybe he was just stupid. There were two things he couldn't stand above all else, the first being treated like some kind of animal and the second being woman. Unluckily for him, he had stumbled into both of them at once.

His hand pushed against the girls shoulder, trying to shove her back, even if her focus wasn't on him anymore. Between the two Marine's, he continued. "People outside my family don't get to touch me there, fuckwad." He spat out, his face getting unnecessarily close to her own as the paint from his outfit trickled away with the beer, leaving what looked like a cat man that had rolled through the compost too many times. "I dunno who the hell you think you are, asshole, try that again. I'll kill you and then myself!" The worlds were final, as if a send off to the whole idea in total. He then spun, jabbing a clawed finger towards what looked like a child with wings and downs. "Piss off kid, the kiddies pool is next door. Can't you see that the adults are talking?" Maybe if he was drunk this could be excused, but as is the man was completely sober, just extremely fucked off at the world.

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