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1 Devil Power! Flashback Ability! (Flashback) on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:19 pm


On the outskirts of Alabasta. The Kuja, Aurum had been running away from the royal guards. It seemed like they wanted to kill her for taking a fruit or something. She had only plucked an oddly colored fruit off of a tree and was about to go trade it into the market for some food. Seeing as she didn’t want to eat the fruit. Being born a Kuja she was thought all of the poisonous colors. Red, Black, and Yellow. Those were the colors of the fruit they were always told not to eat under any circumstances. Unless they were certain non toxic fruits like apples, lemons, etc.

Though as she ran. She could feel the fruit emitting some sort of power. She didn’t know why, but she had felt this kind of power before. Almost as if a dark energy was trying to be released from the fruit. Then something would click in her head. The power that was emitting from her when the bandits had forced fed her that Devil Fruit. Could this mean that the fruit that she was holding in her hand was a devil fruit as well. Staring down at it she would realized it wasn’t poisoned at all. Gawking in surprise, she would quickly shove the fruit into her waist pocket. As it touched the hilt of her katana from inside of the pocket.

Unknowingly to her, as she ran the fruit and the hilt of the katana would glow. Both of them fusing creating a unique weapon that was very rare to the world as a hold. A Devil Fruit Weapon. Still running she would hear the royal guards spat vulgar words at her. Words that made her want to kill all of them from where they stood. Gripping the hilt of the sword that was on her back. Her Elucidator. She would scream saying “Now, if you keep chasing me I will not hesitate to kill you all one by one.” the seastone edged sword would send out waves of power as the Kuja stared down at her enemies. One of the guards would stare at the sword that seemed to absorb the shadows around it “G-guys. T-th-that sword is made of seastone. And the woman that is holding it is Auru Seito, The Devil’s Champion.” All of them would freeze at the name and drop their weapons as they took off in the opposite direction.

The Kuja would smile as she would once again sheath her sword and place her hand in her pocket looking for the Devil Fruit. Though she would quickly realize that it had disappeared. “Dammit, all of that running for nothing and I drop the fucking thing.” grunted the kuja as she frowned like a little baby. Deciding to go back to the kingdom. She realized she needed to take a nap.

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