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1 Crafting Garou on Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:03 pm

Chariot had gotten a letter from an old friend. She was slightly surprised how he knew how to reach her but was rather excited about the content of the letter. It was an order for a hand made sword by here and the Mink had just the right idea for what material to use for the Katana. Originally she had planed to use it for her own sword, but Wolf Wing was heavy, so it was not necessary to use said metal to make it, used for a light weight sword like a Katana it was perfect!

First she had to clean the small forge a bit. It was good enough to make horse shoes, but to make a proper Katana in a dirty place as this shit hole, was nearly impossible. So she quickly started pushing things aside, lining every tool up properly so it was in reach for her to use and swept over the floor to get all the horse shit out. Making horses shoes was fine, but why did the stupid animals have to leave their dirt inside the shop? Chariot could not wait to leave the island and travel to a better place.

Next she started heating the oven and started carefully heating the bars of Vinculum she had acquired recently. It was a rare metal, able to absorb most forms of impact to a certain degree. Which also made it somewhat hard to work with. To be able to work on it with a hammer she had to heat it a bit more than the usual steel she was using. Once done she started folding, hammering, heating, folding, hammering, heating and so on. In Little Wano she had learned that a good Katana's material needed to be folded multiple time to get the right hardness to support the incredible sharp edge. It was important to hammer the metal properly, otherwise the folding left air between the layers, but it was necessary to fuse the metal together properly.

Once she was happy with the metal, which would become the heart of the Katana, the forming process started. First she hammered it into the lengthy shape of the Katana's blade. The metal was really hard to work with, she needed far more strength than usual. In the process she carefully cut and hammered, making sure to give it a light curve, so it was easy to pull from the sheath. The only important thing was to get close to the shape of the finished product, then she had to wait for the metal to cool and start scraping of the excess material to perfect the form. She always hated using the metal scraper, it pulling over the metal was almost harsher than swinging the hammer up and down. Last but not least, happy with the shape, she prepared the clay for the temper line, or Hamon line, this was to create a harder edge, yet a softer back after heat treatment.

The heat treatment was a difficult part, she had to be careful to not let all the clay get burned away and as soon as the blade reached the required heat she quickly lowered it into an oil bath. This was the most satisfying part, the blade was then incredible close to being finished. While she gave the blade some time to rest, she started preparing to craft the hilt and sheath. Since she had finished the sharp of the blade this did not take long, she picked simple steel for the inside of the sheath. This would offer additional strength, but if not handled carefully could harm the blade a bit, but she was sure the future user knew how to handle it. Around the metal she added a laced wood covering.

The hilt was just finished as quick and ready to meet the blade. Both put together it really looked like a finished piece, but she still had to sharpen it. If anything sharpening was her favourite, as a just odd looking piece of metal became a weapon for killing with the right sharpness. Even a brick with a sharp edge was enough to split a person's head! Then she was finally done and lifted the sword up. It was so much lighter than Wolf Wing, yet she felt excited holding it. Like a kid with a new toy she had to run out of the forge and with a wide swing split a wooden pole in half. “No more horses for you mister pole!” She chuckled excited and swung the blade once more, this time cutting clean through it horizontally. Then she held the blade up and looked along its edge. “I name you Garou, the hungry wolf.”

789 Words

Support Skill Used:
Tier 2 Skill Name: Sword Expert
Tier 2 Skill Range: -
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown & Duration: 3 Days (Real Time), 1 Sword
Tier 2 Skill Description: The user may craft or upgrade a sword/katana/sabre with just half the usually required word count.  
Word Count Preparation: -
Servings: -
Effects: -

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