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Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Slashed up, and bloody following his previous encounter with a Marine Commander, Joey managed to sail his way back to Lvneel, to "home", an amazing feat for someone of his current condition. The moment the injured country boy docked, and got out, he would only take a few steps until finally falling to the ground. The wounds that were light at the time he first gotten them began to be more dangerous to him at this point. Fortunately enough, Joey was found by some of the local knights. "Kid, are you alright!?" One of them would ask, fearing for the worse. Upon closer examination, they would see that he's still breathing, and sigh in relief before picking the teen up, and rushing him to one of the island's hospitals.

Thankfully, all Joey needed was some stitching, and medical bandages which were visibly wrapped around his arms, around the top part of his head, under his attire still easy enough for him to move. Joey laid there in a medical bed, just listening to the constant beeping of that monitor. He just sat there quietly looking at the wall in front of him until his eyes shifted up to the ceiling. The injured boy then closed his eyes, wanting to get some sleep only to be haunted by the "images" of Commander Richards previously slicing the blond's body up, but in a more violent, and gruesome fashion than how it originally happened. Joey's eyes remained shut, but one could easily see the pressure coming from his closed eyes, how he tightened his lids in a squinting fashion.

"Why....did you leave? You abandoned me!"

Joey started getting visions of Charles, a friend of his who helped him through a lot, only to end up getting arrested in the end due to Joey's recklessness. "How could you do my baby?""We trusted you!!" came the voices of Charles' crying mother, and furious father. The voices, and images taunted the already broken boy, tormenting him as he tossed, and turned in his bed. They were like phantoms with their voices echoing in the farmer's mind. "I-I didn't want to, I swear..." he attempted to reason with these "phantoms" only to just hear what they were saying over, and over like broken records. The "phantoms" and echos disappeared shortly after, leaving Joey in complete void, and silence.

"You are no pirate, Joey." came another chilling, and familiar voice. The blond's amber eyes opened wide with a scream as he sat up quickly, breathing in, and out quickly. He looked to his left then to his right as his hands clenched the sheets. His heavy breathing finally stopped as he came to realize that all he was just experiencing was all in his head. Still, this guilt ate away at the poor farm boy. Joey threw the covers off of him, and got back onto his feet, removing himself from whatever medical stuff they had him attached to. Joey then picked up his clothing, and straw hat that rested on the chair beside him, and proceeded to jump out of the window!

Thankfully, it was within ground level as Joey was sure as hell not considering that...

Some civilians walking by looked in surprise as they saw the patient jump out then run. "The hell was that all about?" one person would say, leading to another to shrug in confusion. Joey didn't come back to Lvneel to get checked at some hospital...He needed to go see her, the woman who raised him, his mentor on the arts of cooking.

Joey would continue running for a bit until he found himself on the outskirts of the town where a barn, and a farmhouse rested with various livestock. As Joey walked past the familiar looking field, he just stopped, and listened to the sound of the cows mooing, the pigs squealing, and the chicken's classic "bawk bawk." All of this brought a huge grin to the teen's face. The smell of hay, the familiar was good to be back home.

Enough reminiscing....Joey walked up to the house portion, and knocked on the screen door before stepping back a bit. "I TOLD Y'ALL FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME, I PAID ALL OF M-" could be heard from the other side loud and clear. Finally, the door opened and there she was....

Tabitha Jones, a woman who prides herself in her country based cooking, but what Joey likes to call her is...

"HEY NANA!""DO I LOOK LIKE A NANA TO YOU, CHILD!?" She'd quickly say before punching the top of Joey's head, causing him to groan, and rub the newfound bump on his head. "Wait...Joey?" she'd say in realization. "Why put me in a tutu and call me Sally, if it isn't little Jojo." she'd say in her country like accent, similar to Joey's. She'd pull him into a hug only to realize his attire. "Why are you in a patient gown, boy?" she'd ask, backing up and hands on her hips, along with an eyebrow raised. "Oh! Uhh...."

Minutes later....

Joey, and Tabitha were in the kitchen located at the back of the home. The two were in the middle of making one of their favorite dishes, hush puppies. Tabitha had the pan prepped on the stove while Joey had a large bowl, containing various ingredients which he mixed. "I don't know what on this good green Earth possessed you to want to become a pirate, or get into some fight with Marines." she scolded a bit. "Boy, if it weren't for those injuries, I would'v-" she'd turn over to look at Joey, her expression obviously angry until she noticed the look on the teen's face as he stirred. It was a mix of daydreaming, and grief written all over his face. Tabitha walked over to the boy, placing her hands on each of his shoulders which caused the teen to look up.

"You made the right choice coming back here Jojo....From what you told me, there was nothin ya could've done for that little friend of yours." her words only made Joey feel worse. "O-oh..." he looked back down. She'd let go, and get back to the pot. "Well, nothing you could do right now I should say." she added, prompting Joey to look up again. "Tell me, Joey. What is it that cooks like us should NEVER do?" Tabitha asked with her back still turned away from her. "Give up..." the blond answered, Tabitha following it up with a nod. "No matter what anybody says about our cooking, we never give up. We keep tryin and tryin until we succeed. One does not come out with a mighty good meal by just given up. Practice, and adapt if the way to go, boy." she claimed right as Joey walked up to her, shaping the batter into ten small balls before placing them into the pan to fry.

"That doesn't just fall under cooking either. You will keep gettin better so long as you don't listen to what any lowlifes have to say, and keep tryin. Practice, and you will be as strong as the food you make, boy." she'd continue, causing Joey to smile a little as they continued to cook. "Thanks, Nana. Ya always just know what ta sa-""WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT CALLING ME THAT, CHILD!?" she'd bop him on the head against much to his displeasure. After rubbing his head, Joey went over to a cabinet, and got out another pan with a grin on his face. "Let's make some more, Na-I mean, Tabitha!" Joey proposed as the woman simply laughed. Joey was more than just a student to her, but a son as well.

The smell of hush puppies filled the area as they cooked. Joey was feeling a little better about his run in with the marines, and what happened to Charles, still was still something that wasn't just going to go away.

Like a spirit not at rest, the thought lingered....


Skill Name: Cook
Skill Type: Crafting
Skill Cooldown: 1 Day
Skill Description: The user cooks a beastly Dish out of their recipe book.
Word Count: 500 words

Skill Name: Muscle Memory
Skill Type: Supplementary
Skill Cooldown: 3 Days
Skill Description: After crafting an item, the user can immediately make the same item again for half the word count.
Word Count: N/A

What I'm making:
Name: Hushpuppies
Description: A side dish, and one of Joey's favorite snacks. These small fried ball shaped "puppies" are rather delicious and can be quite addicting to some. Just eating one of these saliva inducing bad boys is enough to keep one on their feet, and wanting more!
Effects: Replenishes the consumer's stamina by 10
Range: N/A
Servings: 10
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points: 0
(Making 20 of these)
(Link to registry)

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