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1Bad News Birds Empty Bad News Birds on Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:31 pm

Dressrosa was a very beautiful place but right now it couldn't be enjoyed. Kash and Nick walked the island in search for someone, this someone was someone who was already hard to talk to but under these circumstances he would be immensely hard to talk to. On Kash's back was a large bottle of sake, the last one of their Alabasta haul and Kash really didn't want to be handing this over to Taisen, especially with these circumstances going on right now. He would be furious to learn that Bazel was imprisoned and more than likely going to be rotting away in there for years to come. Kash didn't want that and neither did Nick which is why they sucked up their pain and decided to talk to one of the two people who could help that situation out. "You think he's going to be pissed or calm? I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for him now." said Faust who was trying to break the aura of attention between him and Kash who lugged the sake on her back. "He's going to be angry, that's what happens when your son and number two to your army gets locked up."

Kash's words were rather stern and serious as she could only imagine the rage that went through her fathers mind when Asher himself had gotten arrested. Even Kash who wasn't fond of her brother had the slight urge to help him just because it made her reputation look bad if her brother was rotting away at the leisure of the world government. After journeying through Dressrosa for such a long while the duo had reached a large castle which is where the Yellow Beard Pirates resided. Kash would look over to Faust and sigh "You know we might not be leaving here after we tell Taisen what happened with Baz right?" and Faust being himself gulped and almost shat his pants "If he's going to do anything to us, it'll be after we redeem ourselves and help him get back Baz." said Faust with his usual smile. The castle was littered with Yellow Beard's all over and it certainly felt just like Bazel's culture he established with his crew, it seemed that Baz was more like his old man than he let on. Reaching the roof Kash and Faust wouldn't even walk through the door that took them to the pool area no, the giant bottle of sake would come crashing through it rolling to the adjacent Taisen. "Pops."

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2Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:41 pm

On a normal day the entirety of the crew would be having fun drinking the things they had pillaged from the marines and other pirates, but today was not a normal day. There was a solemn tension in the air as the Yellow beard pirates lazed around the castle, many seemingly in a mix of anger and resignation among the ranks. All most all however would notice the First Commander's men as they arrived and started moving through the castle, mainly getting indifferent stares. The more the two continued through the castle, the more men seemed to litter the halls, the air having more and more tension as they ascend, like a rising heat. 

When the giant bottle of Sake would be thrown, it wouldn't even get within five feet of the door as it was stopped by someone partial hidden by the Sake bottle. As the person who grabbed the bottle drops it onto the ground, it would reveal the EX first commander, now second commander and first son of Taisen, Jeremiah J Cross. Cross is rather well known in the new world stage, having fought with several major pirates and marines usually coming out on top, even surviving a fight against Bellona which is how he received the scar across his left eye. His best known feat besides surviving Bellona is how he slayed an entire crew of giants by himself, without so much of a scratch, receiving his moniker as 'Giant Slayer Cross' soon after. Personality wise he is known for his short temper and lust for battle, picking fights with everyone he could. 

Jeremiah J Cross:
Bad News Birds Tumblr_ougbehKuCI1rqe0rbo1_500

Today however he has a solemn and pissed look on his face as he regarded the two mates of Bazel, a man he was slightly annoyed with as he lost his first commander position, but he didn't really care as he had more important things, like finding more people to fight. Holding the top of the sake bottle by his left hand, he sports a dull katana in his right hand, leaning it on his shoulder. "Pops isn't available at the moment, so fuck off and get lost." Cross would say looking down at them from his 9ft height. "Or if you would rather take up your business with me..." Cross would add, taking his sword off of his shoulder to point it at Kash and Faust "I'll happily hear you out as I cut you to bits." Cross says as he flashes a blood thirsty smirk.

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3Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:27 pm

The bottle of sake that Kash and Faust had brought along to give to Taisen was taken by one of his commanders and Kash could simply do nothing but sigh. She was the sister of Asher and was use to men and their need to show bravado but even this would make her brother cringe as the man was trying to hard to be tough. The sake looked real cold in his hand and Kash didn't intend on letting him drink it since his name wasn't Taisen nor Baze. Faust looked at Kash than at Cross and then back at Kash. "Uhh Kash, that guy is big as hell. What you wanna do with him?" said the navigator as he wasn't really much of a fighter but could do what needed to be done for his captain to be assisted on the battlefield. That's when Kash smirked "Nick we don't respond to idiots, you should know that you've been riding around with Baz for years. If he were here he'd simply keep on walking." said the first mate of the Firebird Pirates. Kash was a lot of things but scared of a battle wasn't one of them.

"Cross, listen." said Kash as she removed the blade from her face with her right index finger. "You wouldn't know what to do against a woman like me in combat anyway, trust me." said Kash before she tipped the edge of her hilt with her left hand. "Now, you need to call Taisen immediately. We have something grave to tell him. But since he isn't here and you seem content with wasting time we don't have. I'll tell you all right here. Bazel was captured by the Marines. And you and I both know he won't be getting released any time soon." Kash's tone should have let the giant fool know she was serious but hopefully he was dumber than Kash herself believed, she'd love to tell Taisen she had to beat up one of his commanders.

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4Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:17 pm

Cross regarded Kash with an increasingly annoyed look as Kash spoke seemingly to have completely written him off as some low ranking trash. When Kash first insulted him by calling him an idiot a vein would visibly appear on his forehead, causing some of the nearby Yellow Beard Pirates shuffle a few feet away from the three way stare down. Cross continued to stare down at Kash until she moved his blade out of her face, which he would cut her off. "It seems you haven't realized you're talking to then. Last I checked you're just trash coming out of paradise who are only in the first division because your captain is a favored son or somethin." while talking Cross reaches up to grab his eye patch with his left hand "Lets get this straight, you're out of your league and im going to show you the different between Paradise and the New world." Finishing that sentence he would pull his eye patch off his eye.

But before he could he would be hit in the side of the face by a leg that came from behind him. Cross would get sent flying to his right with  enough force to skid off the roof before hitting the railing that goes the edge of the roof and going over. Standing just a bit behind where Cross was standing is Doc.

Bad News Birds Latest?cb=20160301094022

Doc looks to where Cross was sent flying with a hand above his eyes to shade them from the sun. "I wonder how far I hit him this time." Doc would say to himself aloud. A pirate from behind him a ways would shout towards him shaking a fist and a hand covering the left side of his mouth "I Think its a new record Doc!" which the gathered Yellow Beard Pirates would laugh about. Doc would turn his attention to Faust and Kash, looking them over for a moment before speaking "So what trouble did Bazel get into? I'm assuming its bad if you're here without him." Before Faust and Kash could reply Doc would hold his hand in front of him, silencing any words. "Hold that thought." Doc would grab hold of the large sake bottle beside him and start walking inside the double doors he came out of. Before he enters he looks behind him and says to Faust and Kash "Well? You commin?" before continuing inside.

Inside, the pool area was a traditional styled pool with deep pits full of crystal water but no steam as the water wasn't heated. All around were some of the most notable members of Taisen's crew, most seemingly looking angry and solemn just as the men that were inside the castle, but on there faces was also a look of amazement. In the center of the pool area sat Taisen, towering over the surrounding men and women surrounding  him even while sitting down. He was holding a large sake bowl, big enough that Taisen could hold it comfortably. In front of him was also a small table that looked fit for someone normal sized to use to place drinks on. Across the table however was a small red haired women dressed in a Wano Country styled kimono that had a short skirt. She had on white stocking and sandles. She was also short, even when compared to a normal sized person. She held a large sake bowl that wouldn't look out of place if Taisen held it. Taisen and the women were staring each other down like they were about to break out into a death match. Surrounding the both of them were large kegs and bottle, presumably were used to hold alcohol. A man was standing between Taisen and the women looking between the two with both arms held out in front of him. "On the count of three." The man would begin. "One. Two. THREE!" on the count of three he would throw both hands up into the air as well as Taisen and the women start drinking their respective bowls. It was only a few heartbeats later before the women slammed hers down first into the table first, followed shortly after by Taisen. Everyone would look in disbelief for a moment, before all of the men around the room would shout "And she does it again!" all of them laughing their asses off.

Bad News Birds 4992fef2ba4347f988eb39511f0e4e43--manga-comics-history

Taisen would throw his head back and give out his own bark of laughter, laughing so hard tears were coming out of his eyes. "Damn Bellona, when we aren't tearing each other throats out you sure do know how to throw down a few drinks!" he would shout out between his laughter.

Bad News Birds 2d5c1656a953561aedd9beaf542b2847--anime-art-anime-manga

Bellona, The World's Strongest Monster, known for fighting everyone she came across and having lost only three fights in her life, was hard to picture as the small women sitting across from the man of almost a million victories. Bellona wore a confident smirk across her face as she look challengingly at Taisen, seemingly unaffected by the amount of alcohol she just drank. "I told you old man, im the best damn drinker in the grand line!" She would shout at him before she herself would start laughing.

Doc would walk up to the table where Taisen and Bellona were sat at before putting the Sake beside Taisen. "Father, I got more sake and Bazel's crew is here to see ya." Doc would say throwing his thumb over his shoulder to point at Faust and Kash before going to stand beside Taisen with his arms crossed.

Taisen would turn his head and regard Faust and Kas with one open eye as he came out of his laugh. With a happy smile still on he would grab the bottle of sake and start pouring himself another drink "Well then, what has my son done that he can't even come see me himself hmm?" Taisen, while speaking, would hand the bottle of sake to Bellona would would lift it with just as much easy as Taisen would and begin filling her bowl.

Bellona wasn't paying attention to either Fause or Kash, instead just watching the sake pour out of the bottle with eagerness and excitement like she couldn't wait to drown it all.

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5Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:59 pm

It was evident that Cross wasn't over Bazel's status as first division commander but he must understand that he was nowhere near Baz's level in power which would make Cross come off weaker than he really was. Kash was an easily annoyed individual and that showed here as she was near drawing her blade to chop Cross down but then it was Doc who stepped in and knocked Cross across the area. That actually garnered a snicker from both Faust and Kash which would quickly fade as they realized how serious the situation was. After Doc asked the duo what Bazel had done Kash was about to answer before she was stopped by Doc and he grabbed the sake and started walking through the door that Cross has blocked previously. Kash and Faust would look at one another confused as to what was going on. They knew Taisen's sons fought a lot but Bazel never actually mentioned how bad it would get among the top sons himself included. This really made Kash think how Baz got so strong having to fight these individuals most of his developmental years. Doc had turned back snapping Kash out of her daze asking if she was coming or not.

They came into a resort looking area which awed Kash's eyes and thought of her former captain Leparo who was originally from Dressrosa. She now understood why he longed for his homeland as beautiful as it was. Doc would go over to the large chair that rested the body of Taisen and he seemed to be drinking with another, this woman was gorgeous and her strength could be understood from even Kash's location. Make no doubt about it that woman was someone even Bazel couldn't beat yet. As Taisen turned around and acknowledged Kash and Faust the woman would break from her gander at Bellona and speak "Oi Captain, Bazel was taken prisoner by the World Government after an ambush on Fishman Island." said Kash who was clinching her first because every time she thought about it she grew angrier with herself for not being able to save her captain. She would understand if Taisen unleashed a fit of rage against the duo as they were those closes to Bazel and should be the ones keeping him safe.

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6Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:47 pm

The general joyous air that was going around the air as everyone waited for Taisen and Bellona to fill up their Sake Bowls to begin the next round of their drinking contest. All of that joyous air left seemingly instantaneously as Kash spoke. It happened slowly at first as not a lot of people were actually paying attention to what Kash was saying to Taisen. But the slowly dawning looks of anger were soon caught by the rest of the crew members as they to joined in with their own anger, before every crew member in the room looked about ready to murder someone. Soon some members were yelling out in outrage, some were saying they should attack Enies lobby or Marineford immediately. They kept shouting out different acts of retribution when suddenly Taisen stomped his foot down onto the ground loudly, to which everyone stopped talking. Everyone immediately went quiet and looked at their captain and father.

Taisen sat where he was the entire time from when Kash spoke to when people were yelling out ideas of what they should do in retribution. His smile slowly drained from his face while Kash spoke, before his eyes became shaded as he simply looked in the direction he was facing, which was towards Bellona. Taisen sat like that for a few moment after stomping his foot. He sat like that for a few heartbeats before standing up slowly. "Bellona" He would say in a neutral tone, his eyes shaded as he looked down at her.

Bellona during that entire time had just sat there on the ground with her left arm on her left knee, where she hasn't moved, just drinking down her Sake Bowl like her and Taisen's drinking game was still going on. Finishing her bowl in just a few gulps sets it down on the table. Looking up at Taisen with her expression looking a mix of bored and neutrality. "What do you want old man." She would say to him, her tone matching her facial expression. 

Taisen and Bellona held their positions there for a few moments like that as they each looked at each other, neither saying anything, as everyone else in the room looked on in anticipation. Then with no warning before hand Taisen and Bellona began engaging in a battle of Haoushoku Haki.

The clash of wills sent everything in their immediate vicinity flying off, the large clouds of dust. Doc who was standing beside Taisen had to cover his face with both arms, and even then he was forcefully sent sliding backwards from the force of the clash. Everyone covered their eyes from all the dust that was being sent flying towards them by the confrontation of Bellona and Taisen, a deafening roar of wind went around the room trying to get away from the clash of kings. Some of Taisen's men were sent into unconsciousness as they couldn't handle the combined wills of the two Yonkos. Cracks also began to appear among the walls and ceiling as the strain of withstanding the very presence was to much.

And just as it had suddenly begun it suddenly stopped with Taisen and Bellona not having moved from their positions. Taisen would look at Bellona for a few moments before scoffing "Cheeky brat." Before sitting down arms and legs crossed "You sure you won't go raze hell at Impel down again?" Taisen would say to Bellona, as they had apparently had a secret conversation during their clash of wills.

Bellona reached behind her and pulled out a flask from her sash that held her kimono around her waist. "I have told you before old man, if you want me to do something then you gotta beat me, and last I checked you almost didn't come out alive of that fight." Bellona would say closing her eyes and rearing her head back to drink from her flask. Taking a few gulps she would give wipe her mouth with her bandaged arms. "Besides thats your fight, i'm honor bound to not interfere." Bellona would say to him with a shrug. Standing Bellona would look up at Taisen "Should you get your kid back and he makes it to the new world, I call dibs on kicking his ass first." She would say with a smirk before walking towards the entry way. "Wish you luck in your new war." Bellona would save as she walked through the door that lead outside.

Taisen would nod along as Bellona spoke, not interrupting anything she said, simply sitting there and allowing her to speak. He wouldn't turn his head as she walked out of the pool area, simply sit there and sigh.

By this time the members of Taisen's crew would start righting themselves, fixing whatever went flying that was theres, and generally just cleaning up their personal things. Doc would go to stand beside Taisen again, though he would say to him "I think you could of handled that better, Father." 

Taisen would scoff at Doc before saying "Its Bellona. Only thing she understands is strength. No amount of money or precious gems would get her to help." looking annoyed Taisen would look at Kash and Faust "Tell me all that you know about what happened, don't leave out the slightest detail... And someone get me some more damn sake!" Taisen would yell out that last sentence to one of the nearby crew members. 

"We cant pops! You and Bellona drank it all in your contest!" The referee from the drinking contest would shout at Taisen. To which the crew members in the room would laugh, letting some of the tension in the air disappear.

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7Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:05 pm

The information had been relayed to the captain of the Yellow Beard Pirates and it was clear he wasn't too happy about what he was hearing and it showed instantly, slowly but surely his rage grew and Kash could feel that in the air, Bellona would speak once more before the real battle began. Her will vs the will of Yamamoto and it was clear that both were potent, Kash began to gasp under the pressure of the situation, the goggles that belonged to Faust around his neck would crack from what was going on, Kash's sword started to shake on her side as if it were about to break from what was going on to. The air quality began to go down and Kash was starting to look around and realized her and Faust weren't the only two experiencing what was going on. It was then and only then she had realized the gravity of the situation and knew that she wasn't prepared for this level and what came with it. She knew what Bazel had been saying this entire time about the New World and the powers that resided there just from this one moment, it was then her hilt shattered entire shards on the ground which broke the concentration of Kash on which she was using to stand and remain conscious "Their power... It's no way it's that strong. Bazel hasn't even scratched the surface of this power.. Is this what he meant when he said "The Will of the strongest resided in the New World"?" asked Kash to herself as she started to stumble.

Nick would tap the shoulder of Kash breaking her trance and it was then she looked at Nick in a cold sweat "Faust!" she would yell turning to her crew mate and the man smiled at her "Just breathe, Tell Yamo everything we know okay?" said Faust as he looked back towards the captain. Kash looked towards Yamamoto and Bellona and she couldn't forget the images of power she saw behind them, she associated them with their auras now instead of their bodies and it made it harder for her to talk to them as individuals. She wouldn't say she was scared but she was definitely whelmed by it all but snapped from the illusions and started to speak. "We were going from Fishman Island to Dressrosa, this was suppose to be our next stop but Baz wanted to go to the island and grab some sake for you and explore some before we set sail. He caught wind of Junbei being there and decided to pay his friend a visit where he was caught by a Shichibukai by surprise. Now he's in jail." spoke Kash who spoke confidently towards her captain.

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8Bad News Birds Empty Re: Bad News Birds on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:34 pm

The members of the Yellowbeard pirates that were in the room were calming down as they collected their personal items that were scattered because of the power clash that happened not even 20 meters away from where the most of them were they were sitting backs to the now cracked walls. After seeing how furious their captain and father was, and how he took it out with a clash, and then was calmed down enough to actually start thinking of a way to save their comrade and brother. It was awe inspiring to them.

Taisen didn't move from his position as he listened to Kash's explanation of the events that transpired at fishman island. While slightly disappointed from the lack of any real details, he assumed that they were not with his son when he was attacked and thus could only give second hand details, based on the lack of said details. Taisen would stroke his beard as he listened none the less thinking about what would be the best option avalible to them. 

"Is that all that you can give me?" Taisen would inquire looking at Kash and Faust with his right eye, the left one closed. Taisen would sigh but he know that wars were not won on information alone, though it did tend to help more then everything else, after all if you know your enemy you can prepare the best counters to what they can do. Taisen knew where they would hold his son, after all where better to hide one of the most wanted people in paradise then Impel Down? It was quite predictable and obvious, considering the Marine's tended to just throw all the big named pirates they catch in there. Course there was a reason for that predictability, impel down was a piratically  impenetrable fortress that even Taisen's vast armada would have problems straight out attacking... A thought came to Taisen at that line of thought... Yes that plan seemed to have some possibility... He would need to gather all of his forces, contact some friends of his... But yes it could work...

Taisen would look back at Kash and Faust, telling them "Go and head back to Baltigo and secure your power base. Get all of the allies my son had. Meanwhile I shall also gather my strength and I shall tell you my plan." Taisen spoke his words like they were a command and that he would accept no back talk. Nodding his head in a dismissal towards Kash and Faust he would turn to Doc and begin talking to him about sending word to his Armada. Yes, he would need all of his armada before he could truly start his plan.


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