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1Damn Wildlife Empty Damn Wildlife on Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:42 pm

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
Task Name: Damn Wildlife
Tier: 2
Location: Zerene
Crew, Team, or Personal: Group (Gerard, Valentine)
Description: Construction on their little island home's going smoothly. However, there's on small problem. The local wildlife have decided that the group look like a tasty snack. Time to show them otherwise.
Enemy Details: 20 T2 wild animals
Boss: No

A day had passed since they had arrived on the island of Zerene. And to be honest, construction of their new estate had been going surprisingly well. The crew had been working like a well oiled machine, getting the ground flattened and ready for construction, and had now started putting up the framework for the building. Gerard had intended for the building to be a two story feature, plenty of rooms and space, and thankfully with the lumber they had been able to acquire, it looked like they had enough materials to build the house and then some. Gerard thought about possibly expanding the grounds as well. Maybe put a nice garden or something. Though that might have to wait. For some reason the soils didn't seem capable of growing anything but that tall grass that covered the island. He might have to import some fertilizer in order to set up a garden. Another issue was that the placement put the building in full view of the sun with no shade. Gerard was sure he could come up with something to cool the building when it was complete.

For now, they had been living on the ship, living rather comfortably due to the food Boris was able to cook up for them. Some of the men had even gone hunting and took some of the wildlife around here for some extra meat. Though there seemed to be a lack of proper vegetation around here, a little bit worrying because one could not simply live on meat alone. Hopefully they could find something further inland, or they might have to actually leave the island in order to properly stock up on food. And Gerard wasn't too keen on the idea of leaving a half finished project out in the open for someone to steal. He mentally cursed himself for not getting proper supplies before they left Tundra, but it couldn't be helped. They had had to leave in a hurry.

Gerard had been busying himself with supervising the construction, looking over the plans and making alterations when he had to. But so far, things were going smoothly. He only hoped his dear wife wasn't bored while they worked.

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