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1A Man Amongst Amazons Empty A Man Amongst Amazons on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:24 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
Task Name: A Man Amongst Amazons
Tier: T4
Location: Amazon Lily
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: In search of the shichibukai Nico Moretti, Gerard finds himself on the island of women Amazon Lily. Being not only an intruder on the island, but a man to boot, Gerard needs to employ all of his tricks in order to survive.
Enemy Details: 20 T1 kuja warriors, 10 T2 kuja warriors, 5 T3 kuja warriors, 3 T4 kuja warriors. Defeat not necessary. Only survive.
Boss: No

A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

The seastone hull was working like a charm. It had been a week since he had left Briss after getting the ship retrofitted with the new hull, and so far the entire trip had been peaceful. No seakings or anything of the sort. Either the seastone really was working, or the rumours of the Calm Belt were greatly exaturated. Either way, it meant safe sailing for Gerard and his ship.

Now, with the matter of getting through to the Calm Belt settled, now another problem was surfacing its head. They had come to the Calm Belt for one particular reason. To find the shichibukai Nico Moretti, whom Gerard had formed an alliance with. He had heard he had gone to the Calm Belt and he planned to meet with him to make good on their partnership. The problem was, however, the matter of finding him. The information had been rather vague.

"Just how many islands could there possibly be in the Calm Belt?" Gerard grumbled as he and Alisa looked over a map of the belt stretched out before them. There weren't that many recorded islands out on the Calm Belt, mainly because very few people actually lived there, let alone travelled through it. After all, who could live on an island surrounded by Seakings. Though this also brought up the problem of where Nico could have possibly gone.

"There can't be that many places he'd have gone to," Alisa mused as they looked over the map. "Maybe he has a secret base on a deserted island or something? Went back there to plan or something like that?" Gerard suggested. Alisa shook her head. "I believe he would have told you if he had such a thing." Gerard leaned back in his chair and grumbled. "I swear, if he got himself killed or eaten by a Seaking..." Alisa chuckled again. "Again, I doubt that. He's a shichibukai after all. I'm sure he can handle himself just fine. We'll Find him. Don't worry." Gerard nodded slightly. Alisa was the more level headed one of them sometimes.

There was then a knock at the door, and both Gerard and Alisa looked over. "Come in." Gerard called. The door opened to reveal one of the crewmen. "Mr. Sinnet, we've spotted an island not far off. It appears to be inhabited." Gerard smirked as he rose to his feet. "Well, finally something's coming around."

Gerard and Alisa stepped out onto the deck, indeed seeing an island some distance off. One of the crewman handed Gerard a spyglass and Gerard took a good look at the island. The island seemed covered in jungle, but through the trees he could see some sign of civilization. And not the ancient, ruined kind either. Gerard's smirk widened as he handed the glass back to the crewman. "Well, Nico's out there somewhere, and this is a good place to start looking." he said to Alisa before raising his voice, "All hands, set course for that island! Full speed ahead!"

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2A Man Amongst Amazons Empty Re: A Man Amongst Amazons on Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:23 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

It hadn't taken them too long to reach the island. The place seemed pretty well grown, with a nice climate to boot. Not a bad place to go, if Nico had indeed gone here.

Rather than try to find a dock or anything of the sort, Gerard had set the ship some twenty or so meters off the shore of the island. No sense in paying to dock if the one they were looking for wasn't there. And if anything were to happen, the steamer would already have a good start on any possible threats. [Color=orange]"Wait for me here,"[/center] Gerard instructed, before turning and leaping off of the ship. His body took on a gaseous quality as his Devil Fruit allowed his body to fly across the water and land safely on the sandy shores of the island. Gerard glanced back at his ship, safely out on the water before beginning to walk into the jungle.

-----Five Minutes Later-----

"Nico! Nico, are you out there? If you are, do something awesome, or give me some sort of sign. Hell, a 'hello!' would be nice!" Gerard wasn't exactly sure why the hell he thought simply calling out Nico's name was going to get any results. Hell, he wasn't even sure if the guy was even on the island. But Gerard didn't exactly have any better ideas and was thus stuck wandering around the jungle like an idiot. Well, at least nobody was here to see him make an utter ass of himself.

And then came a small rustling which just HAD to prove him wrong. Gerard glanced in the direction of the sound, but couldn't see anything. Was it an animal? Well, there was one way to find out. Gerard closed his eyes, tapping into the haki he had learned back on Minion. He mentally reached out to see if anything was around.

And discovered that he was surrounded by many, many people. "Aw crap," Gerard muttered under his breath as he slowly opened the same time, the people who had surrounded him were now stepping out to be seen. Did they know he sensed them, or just figured they didn't need to hide.

One thing Gerard immediately noticed was that they were all women, in various shapes, sizes, and degrees of attractiveness. The second was that they were dressed in a flowery, almost tribal sort of style. And finally, they were all armed, carrying either spears or bows and arrows. Oh, and they didn't look happy to see him.

"Erm, hey there," he said, trying to break the ice, "I'm a little lost, looking for a friend of mine. Maybe you could help my find him?" The woman standing directly before him, a lean women with brown hair tied into a ponytail, glared and brought up her bow. "There are no other men on this island, intruder." As if on cue, the other women brought up their weapons.

"Son of a bitch..."

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3A Man Amongst Amazons Empty Re: A Man Amongst Amazons on Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:36 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

With Gerard surrounded on all sides, the dapper gas man was really left with only one direction to go. Up. With a burst of gas, Gerard launched himself skyward, trying to put as much space between himself and the women as he could. Hopefully the burst of gas he let out upon take off should obscure their sight and give him a few extra seconds.

Well, it SHOULD have. Instead those that had the bows simply looked up, took aim, and before Gerard knew it' arrows were flying through the air at him at high speed. Gerard's body was twisting about in the air, doing his best to avoid the hail of arrows shooting up from the trees. Normally arrows wouldn't have been a problem for the logia. But his haki, his senses, were screaming at him to avoid them like crazy. There was only one possible explanation for it, as well as their impeccable aim. One arrow narrowly missed him, grazing his sleeve, as if confirm his suspicions.

Haki! Shit!

There was a bit of fortune on Gerard's part. He had haki of his own, his heightened senses allowing him to feel the arrows coming and take the chance to avoid them. It was still a difficult task, due to how fast the arrows were shooting through the air. Those had to be some powerful bows. But they would have to run out of arrows eventually, right? It was only a matter of time.

Well, fate at that point decided once again to slap Gerard square in the face. As he ducked and twisted amongst the arrows, he felt something coming out of the trees. At first he thought they were birds or more arrows, until he saw women leaping out of the trees, armed with spears. And not just jumping from the trees, but seemingly jumping on the air itself, closing in on him.

Gerard's face fell in shock. So they could use haki, AND they could fly!? This was just ridiculous!

Gerard let out a burst of gas, propelling him away from the incoming warrior women and with that burst of speed, began flying at top speed away from his hunters.

The chase was on.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, Alisa was standing on the deck, looking out at the island in worry. She knew she had to put faith in Gerard, that he would be alright, but something about this was bothering her. Maybe she shouldn't have let him go alone.

One of the sailors noticed her anxiety and stood by her side. "I'm sure he's ok Miss Schultz. Mr. Sinnet's a tough one, you know?" Alisa nodded, agreeing with his words, but she knew Gerard had a small habit for getting into trouble.

Then she saw it. She saw Gerard's aura, far in the distance shooting up into the sky, twisting around in the air for a couple of minutes before taking off. And plenty of other auras around him. Something had gone horribly wrong, and now her boss was in trouble.

Without a word, she pulled off her had before suddenly diving into the water, much to the shock of the surrounding crew.

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4A Man Amongst Amazons Empty Re: A Man Amongst Amazons on Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:28 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

Gerard shot through the air at top speed, weaving through the haki infused arrows shooting up from below, and being pursued by the spear wielding women hopping through the air. Thankfully the amount of arrows had died down, the archers below being forced to run after him, and shooting an arrow and running at the same time was a very difficult task.

The drop in pressure on Gerard gave the gas man some breathing room, but there was still one major problem. In running away from these crazy women, he had begun to move himself away from where his ship was. And he figured if he turned around now, he'd lead them right to the ship. The crew there were NOT fighters in the least, and these crazy women would eat them alive!

Ahead of him, Gerard could see a large village, no doubt the home of these women attacking him. Most people would find running into a city os hostiles suicidal. But this could be what Gerard needed. Those buildings seemed close enough together that he could slip through them. And all those women couldn't stay in a large group in there. If he could give them the slip amongst their own homes, he could double back, get to the Grand Steamer, and get the hell off of this island! It was clear Nico was either not here, or dead. Either way, no point in sticking around.

With a burst of speed, Gerard shot himself downward, descending into the trees as he made a beeline for the village. The branches should provide some cover for him from the arrows, as through the foliage, the village came into sight.

Meanwhile, back on the shore, Alisa pulled herself out of the water and onto the warm sand. She had never swam like that in her entire life. The fact that she had been wearing a dress the entire time didn't help, the black garment soaked through from the sea water.

But Alisa couldn't worry about that now. Right now, she had to find Gerard. Her boss was in trouble and she needed to help him. He had flown far enough that she could no longer see his aura, but she did know the direction he had flown. Approaching the jungle, Alisa lept up into the trees, the long legged woman leaping from one branch to the next, and her mission to track down Gerard. She only hoped she could reach him before it was too late.

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5A Man Amongst Amazons Empty Re: A Man Amongst Amazons on Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:55 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

Alisa lept through the trees as quickly as she could, thought taking care to make sure she didn't get herself lost amongst the trees. The long legged woman's haki was flaring, keeping her eyes out for any sign of Gerard, or any of his attackers for that matter. So far there hadn't been really any signs of fighting or destruction, but then again she had seen Gerard take to the air before she lost sight of him. She had known her boss to be able to fight many opponents at once without any real issue. So seeing him running without even putting up a fight disturbed her.

"Hey! You up there!"

Alisa paused and looked down, seeing a young woman on the forest floor, looking up at her, bow and arrow drawn. Upon seeing that the one in the tree wasn't the man they were tracking, and was in fact a woman, she lowered her weapon with a curious look. She could easily tell Alisa wasn't from around here. "Who are you?" she asked, more curious than hostile.

While Alisa would have loved to have chatted with her, right now she had more important things to worry about. "Tell me," she said, trying to keep calm, "Did you by any chance happen to see a man around here? Possibly flying around?" The woman blinked and nodded. "The man? Yeah, we saw him. The others are tracking him down now as we speak. Last I heard he was heading towards the village." Alisa let out a groan. This was bad. If Gerard got himself cornered. "I got to find him!" she said more to herself as she continued her jumping. The woman on the ground followed behind. "Hey! Wait a minute! Do you know him? What's going on?"

Meanwhile, Gerard was shooting at high speeds through the numerous buildings of the village. Normally, Gerard would have taken the time to appreciate the place, but when you have an armed mob chasing after you, sight seeing wasn't exactly something he could do right now. As he had suspected, with all the buildings and such in the way, the women weren't exactly in a good position to fire their arrows at him, and there were plenty of twists and turns for him to slip through the avoid them. Whenever a group of them got him cornered in an alley, Gerard simply flew over the buildings to lose them. Even with those able to walk on the air coming after him, Gerard was proving more slippery than a damn eel.

But he knew he couldn't keep this up for long. The major problem with his plan was the haki the women possessed. Simply hiding wouldn't do it, they could sense him, especially if they had the same aura sight that Alisa possessed. And the women were soon starting to spread out, trying to keep eyes on every bit of the village. Gerard would need to spread them out a little further before he made his dash back towards the jungle. Hopefully their regrouping would give him a good enough lead to reach the ship and get out of there.

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6A Man Amongst Amazons Empty Re: A Man Amongst Amazons on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:32 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

The metaphorical noose was beginning to tighten around Gerard's neck, as the women began to close in on him. The gas man had made an attempt to slip out into the forest, but unfortunately had been spotted by a couple of women on the outskirts of the town. Still, the women had been spread out enough that a significant portion of them had been left behind by the time Gerard had disappeared amongst the trees. He could still sense some of them following him through his haki, but the smaller their number, the better.

He could sense a number of them were the ones hopping through the air, which meant simply flying over the trees was not the way togo. He would have to keep amongst them, at least providing some degree of cover for himself, and at the very least preventing himself from being fired on. Though being up there would give him a good chance to see where his ship was. He had gotten a bit turned around in the village.

All of a sudden, he burst out of the foliage, finding himself in a clearing, near the massive mountain in the center of the island. Dammit, Gerard must have gotten himself more lost than he thought, and now he was out in the open! He needed to get back under cover and quickly. But first, he could at least get his bearings on where he was. He rapidly took in the surrounding area.

And then he saw it.

It had been obscured when they approached the island, but now he could see it clear as day, painted on the mountain. A massive jolly roger, depicted a skull between a bicep and a saber.

The roger of the Yonko Bellona.

Gerard was stunned. He had entered into Yonko territory without even realizing it, and was now being pursued by who he could only assume where her subordinates. In searching for his partner, he may have accidently crossed one of the most powerful people in the seas.

Then, there was a rush of air, and an explosion of pain in his shoulder. While he had been distracted, one of those haki infused arrows had found its mark. Gerard let out a sharp cry and stumbled to the ground, gripping the arrow sticking out of him. His body was still trembling from the shock, both from being shot and his horrific discovery.

Meanwhile, the women started coming from the trees, surrounding him.

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7A Man Amongst Amazons Empty Re: A Man Amongst Amazons on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:33 am

Gerard Sinnet

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gerard Sinnet
A Man Amongst Amazons Tenor

Gerard was down on one knee, clutching his shoulder and trembling lightly from the pain and shock. The women who had been chasing him had surrounded him, their weapons drawn and pointed right at him. Gerard could try to take off again, but he doubted he would get far before being peppered full of arrows. Plus being wounded didn't do the gas man any favours. No, it looked like Gerard's luck had finally run out.

The lead woman from before, the one with the brown hair, stepped forward, levelling an arrow towards Gerard's head. "No more running for you, intruder."


Everyone stopped and all eyes turned to the clearing's edge. Gerard looked over and spotted a young woman stepping out, followed by, Alisa? The lead woman turned to them. "What's this about? And who is she?" The younger woman gestured to the long legged woman. "This is Alisa. She's the one who brought him here. He's supposedly an offering of some sort!"

The women all blinked in confusion for a moment, and even Gerard was confused before he realized what was going on. Alisa was lying to them. Even now he saw her glancing at the jolly roger on the mountainside. The leader took a step forward towards her. "You brought him here?" The long legged navigator nodded. "Y-Yes I did. This is the home base of the Yonko Bellona, correct? I had thought of capturing this logia and bringing him here to prove my worth." Gerard was a little impressed by her ability to spin a tale like that. He just hoped that they would buy it.

The woman studied over Alisa with a critical eye. You don't look like much, and even if you did manage to capture this man here, he managed to evade you once you got here. I'm afraid you're not what we're looking for, but thank you for the effort regardless." She turned her attention back to Gerard. "We'll dispose of this man, since he has no place here. He's good at running, but not much else." "W-Wait!" Alisa spoke out, "What if there was some way to prove what he could do? After all, catching him wasn't exactly easy."

The leader glanced at him. "And how would you suggest we do that? Letting him go will just cause him to run again." Alisa tried to think of something, anything! "Hey, what about Rusukaina?" the younger woman spoke up, "We could dump him there and see how long he lasts." The women all paused and thought about it for a moment, many of them amused at the idea of the gas man being chased around by the beasts that dwelled on the island. The leader thought about it for a moment. "Very well. Sounds fair. Though we need to make sure he doesn't run away in transit."


The women, whom Gerard learned were now called Kuja, had brought him back to a nearby port village. Gerard hadn't tried to run. He knew he wouldn't get far, and he didn't want to put Alisa in danger. Upon arriving, it became clear what they intended to do to keep him from running. A cage forged from seastone.

Gerard winced as he was tossed inside rather unceramoniously, wincing from the pain in his shoulder. As the kuja locked the door, Alisa took the opportunity to approach the cage, leaning in to whisper quietly to Gerard. "I'll try to get back to the Steamer and follow you to the island. I'll pick you up from there. Just...try to stay alive until then." Gerard couldn't help but give a small, grateful smile, and would have responded had some kuja not approached and forced Alisa to back away.

"Alright, let's get this guy on the boat," one of them said, and in a rather impressive display of strength, the two of them lifted the cage over their head. Gerard yelped as he was tossed around inside the cage, the uncaring women carrying him up the gangplank towards their ship. The cage was dumped onto the deck and tied in place, to make sure it didn't slide about and possibly fall off. From inside his prison, Gerard could see Alisa standing on the docks, trying to hide her worry before she began to slip away amongst the kuja. Gerard hoped that she would remain safe, and that she and the steamer could get out of here alright.

With all the preparations made, the shop began to pull away from the dock, with some of the kuja on shore cheering them off. It wouldn't be long before Gerard would arrive at his wild prison. All he would need to do was survive.

And so far Gerard had proven to be quite good at that.

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