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1 Grinding for the Revolution on Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:17 am



  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Vision Dial
  • Baby DDM

Total Equipment slots used: 6 (dials count for half so they equal 3)

Another day another beli, that's what Ataru would be thinking as he got out of bed. His sound dials were playing some odd music that his navigator liked, she had really taken to the sub. It didn't bother Ataru much she was always close enough to the DDM that he could call her, he was receiving another Minstrel later this week. It'd be Sebastian, one of the few slaves in the network that he trusted as a scout. He is the closest thing to a friend Ataru had in the present. Getting his usual hygiene routine done with exemplary speed, Ataru was dressed in his casual outfit.Eating his oatmeal with no rush he packed a sandwich for later in the day . He didn't particularly like the food in Baltigo it held to bad of memories. "Tell Enryu I'm out for the day we'll still be leaving soon though.

He had little information about the man he was meeting, just that he was a captain in the Revolution. That often seemed to be the case when meeting with revolutionaries remain in the shadows and all that jazz. Ataru was fine with it, because it also meant that people didn't generally pry into each other's business. Which was perfect for an Underworld Broker, he planned to expand his network but he needed more item diversity if he wanted to achieve the sales results. That's where the crew came in they provide the substantial base credit he needed. It wasn't life or death but they could definitely use another heavy hitter.

Not wanting to have another potential meeting in a closed area Ataru had arranged for it to be out in the open market of Baltigo. He personally felt at home in a place like this use to the rhythm of the people moving about in their rushed hurries to turn a profit. Not to mention with Wayland gone the inevitable increase in crime from a regime change was evident. Every now and again you'd see little boys and girls pick pocketing some of the merchants. Ataru was careful to avoid them as he sat down on the agreed bench, he wanted to sit there first to instill trust in situation. Plus he was a little hungry he was chowing down on the sandwich he had packed back on the ship. Not to be confused he was still scanning the area for any potential attacks. He just wanted to give off the appearance of being interested in his sandwich.

Ataru was also developing a strategy in his head for if he had to take on the task solo, which was always a possibility in the field. The real problem would be separating the bodyguard from the master he knew that both would be to much for him to stand a good chance of winning. He chuckled for a second as he saw a girl steal a man's purse but was then to weak to carry it and the coins spilled in the street.

He received the call from his DDM, from the Ministrel that the mission had failed. It was time to cut ties and find a new job.

WC: 500/400

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