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1 A Time to Brew on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:47 pm



Limi rolled over still sore from her training with Ira yesterday. I should start making this before Anubis comes I would be bad not to have at least started or not having a working prototype of this. She thinks as she sits up in her bed and puts on her lab coat. She takes out her note book and sets it out on the table along with her Lab equipment. She then heads down to the kitchen and grabs various cleaning agents and cooking compounds and returns to her lab. she starts sorting out the various chemicals by compound and then cracks her fingers as she prepares to start the dangerous task of mixing them together. First some Sodium Hypochlorite with water. she thinks as she mixes the bleach and water together and puts it on the Bunsen burner, quickly adding Mint extract, and some Ammonia, to make a quick little chilling poison, she then starts the Bunsen burner to evaporate everything into one mixed gas, putting a lid on the first container to keep the gas from escaping. allowing all four compounds to mix together, as she lets the first step boil away, she turns and starts collecting glass vials, to store the poison and keep it from leaking. I should see about getting some test subjects. though that is dangerous as it would expose the plan to some. I should enhance the potency later we need people to feel truely sick. She thinks as she watches the new poison evaporate into the second glass bulb. She sighs as she watches the last of the compound boil away before turning off the burner. this poison in gas form has a slight green tint, probably from the mint extract. She notes this in her note book as she reaches out and puts her hand on the bulb containing the gas, the glass starts to form a layer of frost as the air around Limi's hand turns cold. The gas begins to condense, slowly dripping, into the vial she put beneath the glass bulb. Each drip that same light green color that the gas was. Interesting, I could make the poison more clear by adding more water, but that might cause the poison to be diluted and less effective, though adding more of the mint and ammonia, but that's dangerous, as Ammonia is very hazardous to one's health, I could add ether. make it semi addictive... She turns to look at the compound and curses, Shit the ammonia didn't mix. Ether it is. She thinks pouring the vial of poison back into the first container and adding some ether, starting up the burner again to let it evaporate and mix together. as she starts making a prototype antidote, taking some chili pepper oil and mixing it with egg yolk and some water, compounding it into a mixture, then adding some flour so it makes a paste, allowing it to be consumed safely. She then turns to the Poison, as it finishes evaporating and she nods, the gas being a lighter shade of green She then lets it condense normally after turning off the Bunsen Burner as she scoops the Antidote paste into a jar and seals it, coating it in a layer of frost to keep it from spoiling. She turns back to her lab, the poison slowly dripping into the vial. Well this is a good Start,
I believe a Poison that makes one feel cold and frozen to their bones is a suitable poison to mimic a plague, How ever as it its now it will not last very long, I'll need to figure out how to not let the body break it down, but still absorb it into one's blood stream... I will need to think on this.
She thinks as she begins to write down the compounds used and how much was used of each in her journal, before reaching out and chilling the bulb again to allow it to condensate quicker, she puts a cap on the vial, and nods to herself, the new poison she sets in a rack, and sighs, watching it evaporate back into a gas now that its corked. Am I doing the right thing? Is it worth doing this to these people, am I that scared of Anubis that I would allow my inventions to be used to intimidate and bully people? But He is such a hansom Mink, it's hard not to be lost in his charisma and aura of authority. Why am I thinking of such things. Limi, Limi, Limi, You're a lowly Marine, Why would he ever look at you as anything but a servant? Why do you think you would ever have a chance at making him love you? Because, Love crosses all boarders and bridges all gaps. She thinks blushing slightly to herself as she starts doing the math for the next part.

Putting in a temp pic of carrot, cause I'm going to draw my character soonish
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