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1 Creating a Partnership PI | [TSK] on Wed May 17, 2017 11:15 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: Creating a Partnership PI
Tier: 2
Location: Pirate Den
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: The team has to figure out where the bandits are first before adressing them. They find themselves looking around Pirate Den for someone who knows anything about them.
Enemy Details: x10 T1 Grunts x5 T2 Bandits
Boss: No.

Feitan B. Retero
As Feitan recently landed in Pirates Den alongside Viktor, the two began to walk around the city acting as very malicious figures. Both wearing full black outfits, with Feitan also covering his mouth as if he had something to hide, walked in the middle of the afternoon as the sun began to gently set. The two continued to walk around the city until rain began to pour down heavily.

Due to reflexes, Feitan swiftly opened his umbrella and held it upwards, as to shelter him from the rain. Viktor being the large long-legged brute he was stood in the rain and continued to trot forward. While they traversed the small city, the more they did the more they realized that there truly was nothing for them to do here. Feitan sighed and looked at Viktor then speaking, "There truly isn't much for us to do in this city is there."

Viktor managed a smile at his younger companion answering his question, "Don't all cities have a tavern? We could always find fun there." Once Viktor answered Feitan couldn't help but nod and they moved towards where they thought the tavern was. As they continued to make their way to what they believed to be a tavern they began to hear screams and yelps coming from an alley near them.

The two would swiftly take a glance at each other, then rapidly making their way to where they heard the shouts. Feitan was ready to see what they heard and he began to run thoughts in his head as well as simulations about what it could be. "What if it's a woman getting beat up by an abusive husband? Then Viktor and I can swiftly kill the husband, then giving the wife a chance at life and then throw his away; swiftly discarding of her. What if it were two separate groups of bandits fighting each other and Viktor and I came to not separate it but kill them all. Oh so many possibilities, oh so much fun!" Feitan's expression swiftly changed to a smirk under his clothes, as the two continued to make their way to where the sound was coming from.


WC: 380

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Everything that my character(s) thinks or says, is purely RP. In no way should you relate the RPer to the Character, thank you.
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2 Re: Creating a Partnership PI | [TSK] on Wed May 17, 2017 1:47 pm

Trill Sameal





I don't seek peace, I seek pure chaos.

Let all the pussy fall from the heavens and into my lap rejoice

The benevolent being known as Sameal or Sam for short strolled through the worn out city, as it was filled to the brim with sex, murder, betting and some other sort of freak deed. Obviously being the person he was, Sam would get looks left and right. He could feel the blood desire seeping into his body. Every one of these Pirates, all of them....well possibly not every one of them wanted his head. The little Super Nova, would breathe in and out, he needed to calm himself down before he would accomplish something he may lament.

The young fellow would be at a to some degree byway. As he haven't been here for a while he doesn't know the path around the place. He wouldn't like to wind up in a circumstance he can't escape. Conceded there wasn't numerous circumstances like that. Gives only a chance to thank these magical paws on his palms for that. However, generally, Sam could deal with himself, he may appear like a child, yet it was difficult to do as such any longer. He used to trick individuals all the time with his age. In any case, with- hello there well coincidentally, similarly as Sam was pondering  about his Bounty, there it was, as an afterthought on a building.....with a cluster of darts in it. Sam immediately dismissed and started walking rapidly to make tracks in an opposite direction from the range. "no battles for me, no!"

It appears there is a divine being on the grounds that the way he picked the correct path. It prompted a prostitute house. Hey, he said the place was filled to the brim with it, didn't state he didn't care for it. Furthermore, perhaps with his high Bounty he could pull the women. Sam wasn't a virgin, a large amount of females believed that his appearance was engaging. Enough about sexual relations, association with the Whore House was a Bar. Are they attempting to get individuals tipsy and afterward sufficiently free to pay for a tad bit of insidious time. Sam wasn't generally great with liquor yet he could drink a bit. Sam sat down in the back that was close to the entryway, ensuring nobody saw him, as he had his hood over his head. He anticipated a server to get his request.



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